20 Best Summer Jobs For College Students in 2023

How does it feel to take a summer break and spend it all relaxing and spending timeouts with friends and loved ones? Sound appealing right!!

The costs for schooling in college have experienced a drastic increase over the past few years, leading many people to rely on student loans and other financial aid to fund their degrees.

If you want to reduce how much you have to borrow or keep yourself financially stable when going to school, taking on a summer job can be an excellent way to earn money.

But there are tons of summer jobs for college students available, how will you know which one is right for you?

If you’re looking for jobs that align with your passion and career goals or you just want to make as much extra money as possible, then you need to carefully peruse this piece because in this article we cover 20 best paying summer jobs for college students.

Why Get Summer Jobs As a College Student?

Summer jobs for college students may come with lots of pressing demands; however, the rewards are worth it.

Aside from the money, pursuing the best summer jobs as a college student can empower you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and perspectives that will help you to thrive in the real world even after graduation. 

Even after the summer, as a college student, the job squeezes the juice of creativity out of you and makes you more flexible as you discover your strengths, weaknesses and gain fresh perspective out of the summer job experience.

Here are four major reasons why you should pursue summer jobs as a college student.

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It gives you the leverage to build and expand your network:

Here, your summer job is your first professional network; hence, you have people who can point you in the right direction in a competitive job market. 

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It teaches you how to manage your finance:

A summer job lets you realize the value of your hard-earned money. With a paycheck-to-paycheck arrangement, you gain firsthand experience in budgeting, saving, and maximizing your income until the next payday. 

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It introduces you to a new skill set:

College students also gain practical experience and deal with numerous client requests, helping them hone their creative and time management, problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.

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It opens you up to career opportunities:

Prospective college students may be skeptical about which career path to take. With various summer jobs for college students available, you get an overview of the industry.

For instance, if you’re planning to pursue a software development career, working part-time as a freelance developer provides you with the insight, tools, and skills on how to start or convert your skill into a profitable business. 

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What Are The Factors to Consider When Thinking About Profitable Summer Jobs for College Students?

Below are a few points to have in mind when hunting for good and profitable Summer jobs for college students:

1. The Pay

Since the main aim of looking for summer jobs as a college student is to earn good money as such the amount you can make is one of the crucial parts to consider. 

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2. Schedule

During the summer, you want to earn money, but you also want to spend some time with your friends and family.

An ideal job will have some flexibility that still allows you to have a personal life and enjoy some free time.

3. Experience

Besides earning money, you can also gain invaluable work experience with a summer job.

If you’re in a competitive field, work experience and an established professional network can help you secure a job after you graduate.

4. Commitment

As a college student, you likely won’t be able to continue working the same job once the semester starts. When looking for a job, look for seasonal work specifically designed for students like you, rather than positions that want a long-term commitment.

5. Prestige

If you’re planning on going to graduate school or want to work for well-known companies, a prestigious internship or office job can look impressive on your resume or lead you faster to your career goals.

After you’ve put the aforementioned criteria into consideration, below is a list of the best-paying summer jobs for college students to help you handle basic expenses in school.

20 Best Summer Jobs For College Students

We’ve grouped the jobs into various sections to help you easily navigate and spot the one that matches your passion and interest.

Outdoor Jobs for College Students:

1. Lifeguard

If you enjoy being in the water and you’re are a strong swimmer, this job could be ideal for you.

Becoming a lifeguard is one of the best jobs for college students who want to make money, get some exercise, and assist people to get more comfortable in the water.

As a result, lifeguards are in charge of surveying the waters, ensuring the safety of swimmers, and rescuing those who are in danger.

However, you must first obtain CPR instruction before applying. Some pools include it in the rental fee, while others do not. Lifeguards earn between $9 and $19 per hour on average

2. Camp Counselor

Do you enjoy the outdoors, working with kids, and want to develop your leadership skills? Then, being a camp counselor is one of the best summer jobs for college students you can pursue.

Thousands of summer camps exist in the United States and overseas, and all of them require counselors to assist in the planning of activities and the organization of classes. Simply look for a camp that offers the activities you prefer, whether they are outdoor experiences, silent retreats, or even a comedy camp.

Requirements may vary by program, and some camps may require previous experience working with children and/or a CPR certification, average hourly rate for a camp counselor ranges from $8 – $13

3. Landscaper

This is another high-paying summer job for college students, they’re responsible for maintaining the aesthetics of someone’s yard.

Although this career pays well, it can be difficult. Working long hours, hard lifting, and getting dirt under your fingernails are all part of a landscaper’s day-to-day tasks.

It’s an excellent alternative for college students to make some additional money for school if they want a summer job where they can be outside and work alone (or with a small team). A landscaper’s hourly wage ranges from $10 to $19.

4. Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaning is also top on the list of summer jobs for college students, so if you enjoy being outside, you might want to consider working as a pool cleaner this summer.

Working as a pool cleaner, on the other hand, is not a simple job because, in addition to cleaning pools, you’ll have to maintain the pool’s PH levels, clean and remove filters, and perform other pool cleaning responsibilities.

One of the benefits of this job is that as you work as a pool cleaner, you will learn the ins and outs of the industry and will expand your network. As you gain experience, you may decide to start your own pool cleaning company.

However, you must purchase the essential cleaning tools and equipment. Pool cleaners make an average hourly wage of $17

Food Service Jobs for College Students:

Consider working in the food service business this summer if you have a flair for customer service and are ready for some fast-paced conditions. 

5. Food Server

If you’re outgoing and enjoy interacting with people, summer jobs for college students in the foodservice industry could be ideal for you.

Although it may not be as glamorous as other jobs, working as a food or restaurant server allows you to develop a wide range of abilities, including social and time management.

Free meals and learning more about food safety and preparation procedures, as well as new cuisines, are some of the benefits of working as a food server but have it in mind that as a food server you’ll have to be on your feet for lengthy periods. 

Food servers make between $8 and $15 per hour on average. Additionally, students can earn more money by receiving tips from clients, though this differs from restaurants because some don’t allow their employees to do so.

6. Barista

This is another hot niche in the food industry as such there are a lot of high-paying summer jobs for college students for barista.

A barista is responsible for brewing coffee for busy customers who are rushing to work in the morning, similar to restaurant waiters.

Taking a summer work as a barista can help you gain experience in the food and beverage sector, which is especially beneficial if you plan to major in that field.

One of the finest qualities to showcase while applying for jobs is outstanding customer service skills. You can earn $8.30 per hour as a barista, but you will occasionally receive incentives such as free coffee or food.

7. Housekeeper

If you want to make money cleaning houses, a summer job as a housekeeper would be ideal for you.

Being a summer housekeeper could be the start of a positive habit for you since it will educate you on how to keep your own dorm/room/studio tidy. The hours aren’t excessively long, and they’re usually flexible.

Homeowners also expect a cleaning service to finish within a certain timeframe.

The average hourly wage for a housekeeper is $12. They can, however, add a tip if you’ve exceeded their expectations.

8. Nanny

With small children out of school during the summer, families are more likely to hire a summer nanny to look after their children.

We also considered job roles for a nanny to be among the highest-paying summer jobs for college students, with nannies earning between $10 and $21 per hour on average.

Although keeping up with children is difficult if you enjoy caring for them and can endure their behavior, a summer job as a nanny could be ideal for you.

9. Pet Sitter

How does it feel to be able to stroll around with cute animals while also making money? People may not require their entire home to be looked after while they are away on vacation or at work, their dogs do.

Pet sitting is one of the highest-paying summer jobs for college students since you can take on multiple dogs to fill your calendar.

You might just find the right job by asking friends and family back home if they know anyone searching for a pet sitter or dog walker. A pet sitter’s hourly salary ranges from $10 to $27 on average.

10. Babysitting

This is another excellent and popular summer work choice for youngsters. Typically, people look for babysitting jobs in their community. But there are a few requirements that’ll be considered before landing a job as a baby sitter and these are:

You must be 18 years old and above.

Have no felony convictions on your record

Pass the CPR training. Babysitters earn an average hourly wage of $15 – $18.

11. Non-Medical Caregiver

As a caregiver, you’ll provide companionship and accomplish helpful duties for an elderly person, making this a worthwhile employment. You’ll almost certainly hear some incredible stories from the past and gain insight into life outside of your own while still making good money.

Retail Summer Jobs for College Students:

Do you have a knack for selling? Do you enjoy chatting with strangers during the day? These are the opportunities for you.

12. Sales Associate

Although a sales associate’s average hourly salary is $11.32, commissions allow them to earn more. Students must be prepared to develop their communication skills and acquire confidence because many sales associate professions demand interaction with clients.

If you’re working in a bookshop, outdoor shop, boutique, or apparel store, you’ll organize the goods, check out new arrivals, and possibly even recommend a staff favorite for the front. You’ll also be able to purchase delectable goods at a discount.

13. Office Assistant

Working as an office manager could be ideal if you have excellent customer service abilities, a keen eye for detail, and excellent organizational skills.

Office assistants are responsible for the seamless operation of offices by managing schedules, procuring office supplies, and handling phone messages, and they are one of the highest-paying summer jobs for college students.

These jobs pay slightly more than other hourly summer jobs and can help you build your CV by demonstrating that you have professional experience in an office setting. An office assistant’s hourly wage typically varies from $10 to $20.

14. Receptionist

Because the number of people visiting salons and spas, hotels, beach resorts, and theme parks grows during the summer, there is a higher demand for receptionists.

Working as a receptionist is a great option if you enjoy connecting with people. When performing your duties as a receptionist, you must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

It’s one of the most important talents you may learn for your future job. The average hourly wage for a receptionist is $13.23 making it rank among the list of top Summer jobs for college students

Online Summer Jobs for College students:

If you’re among the people that love working remotely then you can consider these summer jobs for college students.

15. Freelance Writer

This is a gold mine in the list of online summer jobs for college students. If you’re comfortable conducting research online and expressing your creativity in writing, then freelance writing might be a good fit for you.

One of the benefits of freelance writing is that it allows you to work from anywhere; all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

A freelance writer might specialize in a variety of areas, including content writing, copywriting, scriptwriting, and resume writing, among others. Beginners freelance writers can make around $20, and the price rises as you gain more expertise and credibility.

16. Social Media Manager

Working as a social media manager is another high-paying online summer job for college students. If you’re tech-savvy and enjoy working independently this could be a fun summer job for you.

As a social media manager, all you have to do is manage, create, and post content for your clients’ various social media platforms. Many organizations prefer to hire young people to offer a fresh perspective to their marketing efforts because most college students are social media experts.

Social media managers earn between $10 and $30 per hour on average.

17. Virtual Assistant

Assisting managers with tiny, different administrative duties remotely is another profession where you can make a lot of money. Working as a virtual assistant is also one of the highest paying summer jobs for college students, with an average hourly wage of $20.

Your day-to-day responsibilities may vary depending on the needs and requirements of your company, but they typically include: answering emails, booking travel, and providing customer service by email, chat, or phone.

Simple social media activities, such as being active on social media, tracking analytics, communicating with the online community, and so on.

18. Freelance Web Designer

Freelance work as a web designer is also another gold mine in the list of highest paying online summer jobs for college students who are skilled in coding. 

A web designer is in charge of creating, maintaining, and redesigning websites. Instead of working a regular 9 to 5 job, you can work as a freelancer and schedule your time according to your clients’ needs.

Web designers assist clients in increasing their online presence, updating an existing website, and installing and updating widgets and apps. Freelance web designers earn an average of $28 per hour.

Driver Summer Jobs for College Students:

To take on the following summer occupations, you’ll need an automobile, as the title implies. If you have one, these may be excellent choices for individuals who enjoy being on the move while working.

19. App Driver

If you own a vehicle and have a clean driving record. You can sign up to drive for renowned food delivery apps in your neighborhood and earn money.

Because you get to work your hours as an app driver, you have a lot of flexibility with your schedule, which is great if your wake-up time isn’t before 11 a.m. during the summer, making app drivers rank in the list of top summer jobs for college students.

20. Food Delivery Driver

Instead of transporting people around, you’ll be carting excellent meals around. Since it’s difficult to ride a bike and carry a pizza at the same time, anyone with a car is eligible for this position.

If you enjoy driving and having a flexible work schedule then this role might be for you, the average salary of a food delivery driver is $9 – $22 per hour

Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Jobs For College Students

How do I get a Summer job as a college student?

To improve your chances of landing a summer job, do the following:

Ensure you update your skills.
Maintain up-to-date knowledge in your chosen field, especially if you are starting.
Investigate the field in which you’re applying.
Look up as much information as possible about the job, its responsibilities, and requirements on the internet.

How do I get a summer jobs as a college student?

If you’re looking for summer jobs for college students, check out the following sources:
Job-hunting websites
Use of social media
Databases for the industry
Interacting with others
Pay a visit to a company. When you meet someone in person

What are the best companies that offers college students internships?

The top five companies for college students internships are as follows:
Bloomberg L.P.
Under Armour

Can I get online summer jobs as a college student?

As a college student, there are a plethora of online jobs that allow you to work from the comfort of your own home, but here are a few to get you started:
Freelance Writing
Social Media Management
Graphic Design
Web Designing/Development


Since the cost of schooling in college is seemingly on the rise, instead of depending on student loans and spending your summer break relaxing and spending timeouts with friends and loved ones, it’s wise to take summer jobs as a college student.

There are also summer jobs that’ll still give you time to do all that and you can even decide to take freelancing jobs and work remotely.

If you want to reduce how much you have to borrow or keep yourself financially stable when going to school, taking on a summer job can be an excellent way to earn money. Summer jobs for college students may come with lots of pressing demands; however, it has a lot of rewards such as:

Helping you discover your strengths, weaknesses and gain fresh perspectives out of the summer job experience, giving you the leverage to build and expand your network, teaches you how to manage your finance, introduces you to new skill sets and, also opens you up to career opportunities etc

We hope this content provides you with the necessary information needed on the best summer jobs for college students. 


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