Blue Matter Consulting Review 2023: All You Need To Know

Blue Matter is a life sciences consulting company with several years of experience assisting clients to succeed. The company’s team of seasoned consultants is committed to supporting clients in achieving their objectives.

Further, the strong culture at Blue Matter Consulting Limited is one of the factors that makes it a terrific workplace. The company provides its employees with a friendly and cooperative working environment where they are respected and supported.

Blue Matter Consulting Limited also provides training and development options to aid employees in advancing their careers. Also, the strategic focus of Blue Matter Consulting is yet another fantastic quality.

The company specializes in assisting clients with the development and execution of strategic plans. This implies that workers can work on complex and worthwhile projects. However, Blue Matter is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a demanding and satisfying career in consulting.

The organization is dedicated to its staff, has a solid culture, and is focused on strategy. Join us as we explore all you should know about Blue Matter in this article.

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About Blue Matter Consulting Limited

Blue Matter is a boutique business focusing on the life sciences industry. The company works with US and European clients to handle business difficulties along the whole value chain.

Blue Matter assists leaders in the biopharmaceutical sector in identifying strategic insights, developing fresh concepts, and achieving bottom-line results. Meanwhile, the majority of the consultants at the company were recruited from more prominent strategy firms.

Furthermore, Blue Matter Consulting Limited established the Blue Matter Academy to give its employees ongoing learning opportunities. The firm takes pleasure in investing in the professional development of its employees.

Blue Matter is a specialized management consulting company established in 2012 to serve the life sciences sector. The company has locations in India, Europe, and the United States.

The organization strives to “maximize value at the product, portfolio, and company levels” for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Its services include New Product Planning, Launch Strategy and Management, Commercial Strategy for In-Line Products, Market Access Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Transaction Support, and Organizational Design and Development.

Although pre-launch and launch items account for most of Blue Matter’s work, the company does not only concentrate there. Many small and midsize pharma and biotech companies and the top 20 global pharmaceutical firms are among its clients.
IndustriesBusiness Consulting and Services
Company size51-200 employees
HeadquartersSouth San Francisco, California
TypePrivately Held

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What Services Does Blue Matter Consulting Provide?

Throughout the product life cycle, Blue Matter works to maximize the value of successful products.

Their team’s commercial strategy experts are focused on assisting therapies in the development stage to establish the foundation for commercial success.

At the same time, their work also includes in-line products, as they assist clients in anticipating and managing changing market conditions throughout the life cycle. Blue Matter also maximizes product, portfolio, and organization value.


At the product level, their offerings include:

  • Competitive / Market Assessment
  • Indication Prioritization
  • “Winning Label” / Target Product Profile Development
  • Positioning and Key Message Strategy
  • Product Development Strategy
  • Clinical Program Design
  • Market Access Strategy
  • Revenue Forecast

Their launch experience covers the following:

  • Global, US, and EU Launches
  • Oncology, Rare Diseases, a range of Specialty Products, and more
  • Small Molecules, Biologics, and Others
  • NMEs and Line Extensions

Blue Matter’s Launch services include the following:

  • Launch Strategy
  • Launch Operational Planning
  • Launch Readiness Reviews
  • Launch Roadmaps and Project Management
  • Competitive Readiness

Finally, their brand strategy and planning offerings cover:

  • Brand Planning
  • Life Cycle Strategy


Blue Matter’s portfolio planning offerings span the following areas:

  • Situation Assessment (Current and Future)
  • Vision and Goals
  • Asset Identification, Assessment, and Prioritization
  • Disease / Therapeutic Area Strategy

At the organizational level, Blue Matter has the following offerings:

  • Business Needs Identification and Prioritization
  • Vision / Mission Definition
  • Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics Development
  • Resource and Capability Planning
  • Governance, Process, and Ways of Working Definition
  • Risk Mitigation Planning
  • Requirements and Gap Analysis
  • Guiding Principles / Criteria
  • Model Identification and Comparison
  • Detailed Model Definition
  • Change and Risk Planning
  • Transition Change Management
  • Change Definition and Impact / Risk Assessment
  • Stakeholder Engagement Objectives, Challenges, Strategies, and Tactics
  • Stakeholder Engagement Support
  • Change Governance, Tracking, and Post-Change Reflection

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What Are The Benefits of Partnering With Blue Matter Consulting Limited?

A partnership with Blue Matter Consulting Limited has many advantages that can significantly improve a business’s performance and success. Some of the main benefits are as follows:

A partnership with Blue Matter Consulting Limited has many advantages that can significantly improve a business’s performance and success. Some of the main benefits are as follows:

  • Knowledge and Experience: Blue Matter Consulting Limited has a team of seasoned experts with broad knowledge in various sectors. Businesses can access different expertise and knowledge by collaborating with them, resulting in well-informed decisions and successful projects.
  • Customized Solutions: The organization knows that every business is different. Thus, they provide tailored solutions considering each client’s unique requirements and difficulties, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.
  • Innovative and unique techniques: Blue Matter is renowned for its unique and innovative strategies. So, they provide new viewpoints on issues, promoting innovation and developing ground-breaking solutions to make a company stand out from its competitors.
  • Data-Driven Insights: In today’s competitive environment, making data-driven decisions is essential. And Blue Matter Consulting Limited uses data analytics and market intelligence to offer insightful data that helps firms make wise decisions.
  • Change Management and Implementation: Blue Matter helps customers implement their plans besides making recommendations. They also support effective implementation and ensure smooth transitions as they lead enterprises through the change management process.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Blue Matter works with organizations to increase efficiency through process optimization and streamlining, which reduces costs, boosts output, and uses resources more effectively.
  • Global Reach: Blue Matter has a global footprint and knows the challenges of doing business in different markets. This perspective allows them to assist organizations to grow globally and navigate through the difficulties of globalization.

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What is Blue Matter Consulting Limited Work Style?

Blue Matter is a life sciences consulting company specializing in oncology, rare diseases, and other therapeutic fields. The company’s flat organizational structure encourages cooperation and teamwork. Thus, all employees are encouraged to express their opinions regardless of position or seniority.

Furthermore, Blue Matter places a priority on the welfare of its employees. The company also provides various benefits, such as extensive vacation time, a paid sabbatical program, and a program for paying for college expenses. Additionally, employees can choose to work in the office or remotely.

At Blue Matter, the workplace environment is described as “people-first.” The company values its workers and works hard to foster a positive and encouraging workplace. Additionally, employees are urged to be themselves and to bring their complete selves to work.

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What is Blue Matter Known For?

Blue Matter Consulting is known for its focus on strategy work in the life sciences industry. The firm has a strong track record of helping clients achieve their goals in oncology, rare disease, and other specialty therapeutic areas. Blue Matter is also known for its collaborative work style and its commitment to employee development.

Here are some of the things that Blue Matter is known for:

  • Focus on strategy: Blue Matter assists clients in developing and executing strategic plans. Thus, the firm deeply understands the life sciences industry and its challenges.
  • Collaborative work style: The company has a flat organizational structure that encourages collaboration and teamwork. Hence, employees are encouraged to share their ideas and work together to solve problems.
  • Commitment to employee development: Blue Matter is committed to staff development. The firm offers various training and development opportunities, and it encourages employees to take on new challenges.
  • Strong track record: Blue Matter Consulting Limited has a strong track record of helping clients achieve their goals. The firm has helped clients launch new products, expand into new markets, and enhance their commercial performance.

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Blue Matter Consulting Salary

Glassdoor reports that the estimated total salary for a consultant at Blue Matter Consulting Limited is $98,633 per year, and the estimated base salary is $79,181 per year. Also, the estimated additional salary for consultants at Blue Matter Consulting is $19,452 per year.

According to, the average salary for a consultant at Blue Matter Consulting is $112,629, and that of the Senior Consultant is $77,536.

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How Does Blue Matter Help Clients Achieve Their Goals?

Blue Matter is dedicated to helping clients reach their goals through a comprehensive and client-centric approach. They offer valuable guidance and support at each stage of the consulting engagement, ensuring that their clients’ aspirations are met effectively. Additionally, here’s how Blue Matter helps clients achieve their goals:

  • Understanding Client Objectives: Blue Matter starts by thoroughly understanding its clients’ objectives, challenges, and vision for the future. So, they gain insights into each organization’s specific needs and goals through collaborative discussions and active listening.
  • Data-Driven Analysis: To develop effective strategies, Blue Matter leverages data-driven analysis. They conduct in-depth research, market assessments, and competitor analyses to derive actionable insights, guiding their clients toward informed decision-making.
  • Tailored Solutions: Since every client is unique, Blue Matter provides tailored solutions that align with each organization’s specific goals and challenges. These bespoke strategies are designed to maximize relevance and impact.
  • Strategic Planning: With their deep industry expertise, the company assists clients in developing comprehensive strategic plans. These plans outline a clear roadmap, milestones, and action steps to reach their desired results.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Blue Matter fosters innovation and creativity in problem-solving. They encourage clients to think outside the box, exploring new possibilities and alternative approaches to achieve their goals.
  • Change Management Support: Implementing change can be daunting, but Blue Matter excels in guiding clients through transformational processes. So, they offer change management support to facilitate smooth transitions and the successful execution of strategies.
  • Collaborative Execution: Blue Matter collaborates closely with its clients throughout the engagement. They work as partners, involving key stakeholders to ensure alignment and commitment to the proposed solutions.

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Why You Should Choose Blue Matter Consulting Limited

There are three primary reasons you should consider working with Blue Matter. They include the following:

1. “People First” Culture

At Blue Matter, they take great pride in their “People First” culture and strive hard to maintain and improve it. The team that started Blue Matter had tons of experience working for other consulting companies. Hence, they frequently experienced corporate cultures that emphasized the numbers rather than the people who made up those figures.

Thus, they witnessed unpleasant emotions, exhaustion, and high turnover far too frequently. However, that is not ideal for the team or the clients. Thus, the foundation of Blue Matter is the notion that people come first.

They set out to create a team that loves each team member while also being devoted to quality and addressing customer needs. The result is a diverse, close-knit staff that gets along well, supports one another’s growth, and genuinely loves each other’s company.

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2. The Work

The work at Blue Matter can be fulfilling and fascinating, as we already mentioned. They usually operate with markets that are very complex with modern therapies. Although they work with various therapeutic fields, their primary focus areas in oncology, the central nervous system, and rare diseases usually connect them with some of the most interesting innovations in the life science sector.

Additionally, their projects are varied and virtually always very strategic. The crew is also very creative when predicting the location of the upcoming “round” of discoveries. Then, they try to keep one step ahead of the curve by creating thought leadership content and fresh approaches to problems that may not (yet) be at the forefront of most people’s minds.

Because of this, their team members have incredible opportunities to learn new things, expand their knowledge, and develop in ways they might not have thought possible.

3. The Ability to Help Build the Company

There are many opportunities for self-development and company growth for new members of the Blue Matter team. And team members are urged to generate fresh concepts and present them. Someone can lead in bringing an idea to life if they are passionate about it and believe it would advance the organization and the team. This covers new service offerings, internal projects, training initiatives, and more.

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Where is Blue Matter Located?

Blue Matter Consulting Limited has various locations, which include the following:

San Francisco

[email protected]
400 Oyster Point Blvd.
Suite 309
South San Francisco, CA 94080

New York

[email protected]
909 Third Avenue
12th Floor
New York, NY 10022


[email protected]
200 Berkeley Street
19th Floor
Boston, MA 02116


[email protected]
6th Floor
75 Farringdon Road


[email protected]
Walchestrasse 9
8006 Zurich

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400030, IN

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CEO of Blue Matter?

Ashwin Dandekar is the Founder and CEO of Blue Matter Consulting Limited.

What does blue matter do?

Blue Matter is a specialized management consulting firm serving the life sciences field.

Who are Blue Matter’s competitors?

Possible Blue Matter competitors may include Techstars, Sellers Dorsey, and Bionexa.

How much do blue matter consultants make?

Blue Matter Consulting Limited Consultants earn an estimated salary of $118,564 per year and $149,338 per year for a Senior Consultant. However, salary ranges for Blue Matter Consulting Limited consultants can vary based on different factors.


Blue Matter Consulting is a well-respected life sciences consultancy firm with a solid track record of helping clients reach their goals. The firm’s consultants have vast expertise in the life sciences field and its challenges.

Furthermore, they are well-versed in working with clients to understand their needs and develop customized solutions. If you are a life sciences company that is seeking help achieving your goals, Blue Matter is a good option to consider.

The organization’s consultants have the expertise and experience to help you develop and execute a successful strategy. In addition to its exciting work environment, Blue Matter Consulting rewards its staff with a good salary.

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