Bemo Academic Consulting Review 2023: All you need to Know

If you have ever applied for admission to post-secondary, graduate, or professional education programs, you know how challenging it can be to make a strong first impression during the interview process. This is where academic consulting services can be incredibly helpful.

Academic or education consulting services collaborate with students, parents, and schools to improve educational experiences, facilities, and outcomes.

This may include developing new rules and procedures to simplify financial aid or admissions processes and counseling students about educational and career goals.

Usually, they begin with evaluating the student, which would include a review of their strengths and shortcomings, followed by identifying institutions that would be a good match for the student’s needs and interests.

Today’s article explores BeMo Academic Consulting, a consulting firm that offers education consulting services. We will summarize the BeMo Academic Consulting brand, share feedback from their clients and past/present employees, and allow you to determine whether BeMo Academic Consulting is a worthwhile choice.

About BeMo Academic Consulting INC

BeMo Academic Consulting INC is an academic consulting organization known chiefly for two things: 

  1. To assist applicants in gaining admittance to highly competitive institutions 
  2. For this educational consulting firm’s dedicated advocacy for fair admissions. 

At BeMo Academic Consulting, everyone has a right to access higher education. This academic consulting firm is an EdTech startup that supports students in navigating the complex admissions process for higher education so they may become top-tier professionals.

They leverage the technology to deliver coaching programs, admissions preparation services, and all-around education services.

BeMo Academic Consulting is an industry leader in application evaluation, interview preparation, and test preparation for highly competitive undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

Trusted by 59,886 students worldwide, BeMo Academic Consulting has assisted more students than any other specialist in getting into exclusive programs. Because of its exceptional success rate of 93.5%, BeMo’s high-end consulting programs are frequently booked to capacity before peak seasons.

This academic consulting service organization has preparatory programs that can raise candidates’ admissions scores by as much as 27%. 

BeMo Academic Consulting INC got its name from its founder Dr. Behrouz Moemeni and its mission is this: to make admissions fair through our paid mentorship programs, free blogs and videos, advocacy for access to education, and our research and development of the next generation of admissions screening tools that are better at selecting top performing while remaining fair to all applicants.

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The birth of BeMo Academic Consulting Review 

The stories behind successful start-ups are often shrouded in mystery. BeMo Academic Consulting, for instance, was born out of a wild night of partying, as Dr. Moemeni likes to reminisce.

Although it’s fun to imagine this imaginative story, the technicality of BeMo’s initial steps is quite impressive. Behrouz was tasked with helping numerous individuals with their graduate school applications, and he carefully considered the approach he would take.

Dr. Moemeni assisted many students in entering demanding graduate programs on their first attempt. After working with Behrouz on his applications, one of his mentees who submitted applications to five graduate programs was accepted to each of them.

Behrouz established the company after realizing the kind of influence his services may have on students pursuing their academic and professional goals.

Thanks to Behrouz’s guidance on their applications, one of his mentees got accepted into all five graduate programs they applied to. This success inspired Behrouz to start an admissions consultancy business aimed at helping students overcome any obstacles in achieving their academic and career aspirations.

How Much Does Bemo Academic Consulting Cost?

Bemo Academic Consulting Cost depends on what you want help with, how many prep sessions you need, and how we can assist you.

You can check out the BeMo academic consulting website or contact their customer service team. However, one of their packages, the Platinum package, offers unlimited mock interviews and feedback sessions and costs $4, 097.

Alternatively, there is also the Titanium package, which costs $5, 097. These prices are subject to change, so it’s best to confirm with BeMo directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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How to Pay For BeMo Academic Consulting Programs?

Our students can pay in interest-free installments, and we are always open to changing the plans and the number of sessions they sign up for. We are always willing to agree on a payment schedule that works for you because we know every student’s budget is unique.

The decision to work with us or not is ultimately yours, but you shouldn’t let the expense of our programs be the primary barrier to enlisting our assistance. We are always ready to work with our students to find a suitable payment schedule.

BeMo Academic Consulting Reviews 2023

Client’s Review

Hear what students who have used BeMo Academic Consulting have to say.

From Sameer 

“Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I was accepted into all three schools (Queen’s, Mac, and U of T) but will be accepting U of T. Thanks again for all the help in the process [application review, CASPer prep & interview prep ] and I look forward to seeing you around campus/hospitals shortly. Cheers,

Sameer – Accepted: Medicine

From Ada

“I was accepted to 5 out of 6! – F. Edward Herbert School of Medicine – University of Vermont College of Medicine – Cooper Medical School of Rowan University – Oakland University of William Beaumont School of Medicine – Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.”

Ada – Accepted: Medicine

“I was offered 9 interviews at UMass Worcester, UMass Baystate, Saint Louis, Wake Forest, Drexel, Eastern Virginia, South Florida, Quinnipiac, and New York Medical College. I went to all but NYMC. Mandolin was waitlisted at Drexel, Wake Forest, South Florida, and Quinnipiac. I declined Quinnipiac and Drexel. I was accepted at Saint Louis and Eastern Virginia. Mandolin never thought she would have received so many interview invitations. I was ecstatic to be accepted at more than one school. I couldn’t have done it without the BeMo team! Thank you all for making my dream come true!”

Mandolin – Accepted: Medicine

From Tejas

“I’m thankful to say that I will attend RPI next year as a student in the Physician-Scientist Program (3 years at RPI and 4 at Albany Medical College). BeMo prepared me well for the AMC interview, and I would like to extend my thanks to BeMo.

Tejas – Accepted: Physician Scientist Program”


People review products on this website. The reviews submitted to this site can be summarized as these: 


In our opinion, BeMo Academic Consulting is a company that merits consideration, especially if you choose a package that includes their four guarantees.

In particular, when you take advantage of the packages with guarantees, the company’s consultants provide outstanding value for money and are highly qualified and experienced.

Value for money

The price-to-value ratio is very favorable, particularly if you choose packages with guarantees.

They also help folks who cannot immediately pay a large sum.

BeMo Academic Consulting has also received more Trustpilot ratings of 4.8/5 than any other Academic Consulting, giving it the most 5-star reviews. 

Some specific reviews from Trustpilot for the consultants of BeMo Academic Consulting include:

“Dr John Atytalla is an amazing instructor. There are things in my application that I was nervous would put me in a negative light, but he showed me how to express my experiences and represent them how they should be shown as attributes to my character. He even went above and beyond when our session was scheduled to end. He didn’t want to leave me with an unfinished outline for my personal statement, so he took time to make sure we could get to it. This was a great experience to work with him, and my statement for my residency application could never have looked this good on a first draft without his help.”

“Jamie did a great job with my session. She helped me brainstorm and made me feel confident about structuring the questions. The Medical School process can be overwhelming, so having someone guide and help you is always nice. Overall, I loved my session!”

Date of experience: July 11, 2023

“I can’t recommend BeMo enough!!

As a non-traditional applicant, they made the process incredibly easy by offering everything related to the application cycle. It was obvious after my secondaries were submitted and I received drafts back that their guidance was pivotal to me telling my story and answering questions. Their advice was incredibly helpful, and if anyone is looking for help with the application process, I would recommend BeMo for it all!”

Date of experience: July 17, 2023

MMI mock interview review

I am very thankful to have had an MMI mock interview with Ms. Ruth Martinez. She identified problems I’ve had and worked with me to develop solutions. She handled herself very professionally during the interview, simulating an environment that will bring out the true emotions that will be felt in an MMI interview. Thank you!!!!

Date of experience: July 12, 2023

Employee’s Review

Based on more than 85 employee reviews submitted anonymously to Glassdoor, BeMo Academic Consulting has received an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5. 74% of staff members have a positive attitude toward the company, and 77% would suggest BeMo Academic Consulting to a friend as a place to work.

According to Glassdoor evaluations, there are various benefits and drawbacks to working at BeMo Academic Consulting, including:


  • Favorable pay and perks
  • Favorable corporate culture and values
  • Possibilities for career advancement
  • A supportive and cooperative workplace
  • Meaningful tasks that support students in achieving their objectives


  • Long working hours and heavy workload
  • Some travel is necessary
  • A competitive workplace
  • It can occasionally be upsetting

BeMo Academic Consulting appears to be an excellent organization to work with. Employee satisfaction with pay and benefits, the work environment, and career advancement prospects are high. However, some workers have commented that the task can be taxing and the office atmosphere can occasionally be tense.

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Bemo Academic Consulting Glassdoor reviews:

From a Consultant

“I had a great experience working at BeMo. The consultants are knowledgeable and helpful, and the company culture is positive. I recommend working here to anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding career.” 

From an Admissions Consultant

“BeMo is a great company to work for if you want a challenging and rewarding career. The work is demanding, but the rewards are great. I have learned and grown a lot in my time here.” 

Content Writer

“The work-life balance at BeMo can be challenging, but the company culture is very supportive. I have made some great friends here and feel like I am part of a team making a difference.” 

An employee’s review of BeMo Academic Consulting on stated this. 

“This is an excellent place to work! As an associate manager of consulting, I oversee a group of bilingual consultants. In addition to leading my staff, my job includes upgrading our programs, developing new programs for our students, and interacting with new consultants as they get to know our services.”


Excellent chances for growth, a feedback-driven environment, and a highly collaborative workplace 


This fast-paced environment, which might be difficult for some people, suits me since it keeps me focused, interested, and eager to learn.

Students in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia love BeMo Academic Consulting, and they are fast growing internationally thanks to their high success rate, outspoken assurances, and general student contentment.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the mission and core values of BeMo?

The team at BeMo Academic Consulting works together to utilize their skills to benefit the people they work, live, and serve. The different ways in which individuals think and decide strengthened the team. BeMo’s Academic Consulting respect and values people with various viewpoints, life experiences, and backgrounds. The team works to grasp the larger picture before contributing in their way.

Is BeMo academic consulting good?

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy service to help you achieve your academic goals, BeMo academic consulting is a good choice.

Who is the founder of BeMo Consulting?

Behrouz Moemeni is the founder and CEO here at BeMo.


At BeMo Academic Consulting, students are the top priority. They strive to deliver the best educational services possible, whether it’s through one-on-one consultations, user-friendly software, or their informative blogs, videos, and social media posts. Their goal is to provide students with the best possible outcomes and support.



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