Data Analytics Consulting? Know this Before Engaging a Firm.

Using data, companies can make informed decisions. An expanding company or even a startup can benefit from data gathered. In the 1950 census, some statistics were compiled using the first commercial electronic computer, UNIVAC.

With data analytics consulting services, you can collect data, analyze it, and predict what the future will hold.

Data analytics consultants can help businesses make the most of their data. They can provide expertise and guidance on how to best use data to improve operations and decision-making. With their help, companies can gain valuable insights into their operations and customers.

If you are wondering if a data analytics consultant is a career path for you or if hiring data analytics consulting is a great decision for your company, this article explains all you need to know. You should read to the end.

What is Data Analytics Consulting?

Data Analytics Consulting is a service that helps businesses make better decisions by using data to identify patterns and trends.

It involves collecting, organizing and analyzing data from various sources, such as customer surveys, sales data, market research and financial data.

It involves the use of advanced analytics techniques, such as machine learning, predictive modelling, and statistical analysis, to uncover insights from structured and unstructured data sources.

The insights gained from data analytics can inform decisions and strategies related to marketing, product development, and pricing.

The goal of Data Analytics Consulting is to provide businesses with actionable insights that can help them improve their operations or develop new strategies for growth.

By understanding customer behavior through data analysis, businesses are able to create more effective strategies that result in higher ROI.

Who is A Data Analytics Consultant?

A Data Analytics Consultant is a professional who specializes in helping businesses make sense of their data. A Data Analytics Consultant is a professional who specializes in collecting, organizing, and analyzing data to solve problems and make decisions. They are usually experts in data mining, machine learning, and data visualization.

They use analytical techniques to uncover insights from large datasets and advise on how best to utilize the information for strategic decision-making. Data and analytics consultants also develop reports and presentations to present the results of their analyses.

A consultant can help companies identify trends, develop strategies, optimize processes, and improve customer experience.

By leveraging data analytics consulting services, organizations can gain valuable insight into their operations and better understand their customers’ needs.

What Does a Data Analytics Consultant Do?

Data analytics consulting is a growing field that involves helping organizations make better decisions based on data. The goal of a data analytics consultant is to empower businesses with actionable intelligence so they can maximize their potential.

A data analytics consultant works with clients to understand their business needs and develop strategies for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data in order to gain insights into customer behaviour, market trends, product performance, operational efficiency, and more.

The consultant will then use these insights to help the client optimize processes or create new products or services. They may also advise on how best to use existing technologies, such as machine learning algorithms or predictive models.

The list below summarizes the daily activities of a data and analytics consultant

  •  Perform data analysis by looking at a website, email, social media traffic, metrics, and customer segmentation
  • Create and implement ways to utilize their websites better 
  • Enhance their Clients’ online presence
  • oversee the components of a company’s website
  • Review the demographics of visitors who clicked on a specific advertising campaign on a company’s website
  •  developing key performance indicators
  • Set up automatic reports
  • Assist with SEO optimization tactics
  • Source ways to enhance user experience.
  • Educate internal personnel or end-users on the importance of web analytics and how to utilize them to reach organizational goals

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How Do I Become a Data Analytic Consultant?

No matter what your particular goals are in the data analytics field, having a bachelor’s degree is essential for successful entry-level positions and career growth. Therefore, it is important to consider pursuing higher education before exploring this pathway.

McKenzie opines “With the increase in the amount of data available and advanced technical skills, obtaining a university degree specifically in data analytics provides the ability to master the necessary skills for the current marketplace.”

This means beyond a degree, you will need to gain specific skills to excel in this career path. Follow this guide below to become a data analytics consultant:

Step 1: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

To begin your journey as a data analytic consultant, a bachelor’s degree is essential. Most data analytic consulting firms will demand you have a degree in Computer Science, Statistics, or information systems.

However, with the event of professional online courses, you could enrol for one if you have a degree in Mathematics or any science course with strong analytical skills.

#2. Acquire Technical Skills

Beyond education, there are skills you need to possess to excel in this field. Data analytic consultants must possess the following skills:

  • Data visualization
  • Communication
  • Analytics
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Statistics
  • SQL
  • Machine learning
  • Data cleansing
  • Business Acumen
  • Python
  • Computer programming
  • Management
  • Programming language
  • Data warehouse
  • Data mining
  • Math
  • Decision-making
  • Creativity
  • Research
  • Attention to detail
  • Presentation skills
  • Project management

Step 3: Gain Experience

To convince your clients, you need lots of work experience. Instead of waiting to bag top roles in top Data analytic consulting firms, you could start with entry-level job opportunities.

With this, you can gain practical knowledge of working on data projects. Also, fine-tune your presentation skills. Always offer to take up the role whenever an opportunity presents itself.

Merge your experiences to a nice work portfolio for application to bigger roles.

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Step 4: Earn Certification or Advanced Degree

While a bachelor’s degree is enough to start your career, you need professional certifications to excel or attain the ladder of success faster.

Enrol for professional exams like Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate, AWS Certified Data Analytics and IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate.

To become a successful data analytic consultant, you need to have a strong understanding of data analysis, business analytics, and data visualization.

Qualification to become a Data and Analytics Consultant

  • Bachelor’s or Graduate’s Degree in business, computer science, information systems or mathematics, or equivalent experience
  • Extensive knowledge of a variety of programming languages and software tools
  • Expertise creating and managing complex spreadsheets
  • Demonstrated negotiation abilities and critical thinking skills
  • Strong leadership and collaboration skills
  • Solid time management capabilities
  • Critical thinking
  • Technical proficiency
  • Communication
  • Statistics knowledge

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How to Start Data Analytic Consulting Services?

To start a data analytics consulting business, you need to understand the fundamentals of data analytics, have a good grasp of business strategy, and have experience in the industry.

If you are looking to start a data analytics consulting business, it is essential that you possess the right knowledge and skills in order for your venture to be successful.

This includes an understanding of the basic principles involved with data analysis, an awareness of how different strategies within businesses affect outcomes, as well as having previous exposure or experience within the industry itself.

You also need to know how to use the right technology and tools to analyze data and provide insights to your clients. Also, you should have a good understanding of marketing and sales in order to promote your client’s business.

You should also have a good network of contacts and a good understanding of the legal aspects of running a business. Developing strong leadership skills is also essential to running a successful business.

Good communication skills are needed to manage teams and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Lastly, you should also have a good knowledge of accounting to manage the finances of the business.

Below is a simple guide to starting your data analytics business:

  • Create a Business Plan for Your Data Analytics Business. …
  • Select a Name for Your Data Analytics Business. …
  • Choose a Business Structure. …
  • Create Internal Policies and Procedures. …
  • Get an EIN and Register for Taxes. …
  • Open a Bank Account. …
  • Obtain Required Licenses and Permits.

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How Much Should I Charge as a Data Analytics Consultant?

Depending on your experience level, the services you provide, the size of the project, and the complexity of the analytics, the rate you charge will vary.

It is important to do research on the industry standard rate in your locale for data analytics consulting services and adjust your rate accordingly.

The more experience a consultant has, the more they can charge. Typically, entry-level data science consultants earn $200-$250 per hour (with 1-5 years of experience), while experienced consultants charge $350 per hour (with 5+ years of experience.)

Freelance data analysts in a Western country charge at least $150/hour.

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How is Data Analytics Shaping the Consulting Industry?

By leveraging data analytics, consulting firms are able to gain deeper insights into their clients’ operations, which allows them to make more informed decisions and provide better advice.

They can also identify areas of improvement and opportunities for growth more quickly and accurately.

Additionally, data analytics can help to automate certain processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective. This ultimately helps consulting firms to increase their competitive advantage and improve their bottom line.

Data analytics has revolutionized the consulting industry and will continue to be an integral part of its future. the use of data analytics in consulting will become even more important as organizations strive to stay ahead of their competition.

Companies will need to have the right tools and processes in place to make the most of the data they collect. This will enable them to make better decisions and maximize the value of data-driven insights.

Data and Analytics Consultants’ Salary

The base salary for a data analyst in the US is quite healthy, according to Glassdoor records. On average, as of December 2021, it stands at around $69,517.

This amount could be higher or lower depending on your seniority and where you are within America – along with other contributing factors, such as work experience.

2023 reports show the data analytics consultant’s salary to be $92. 083 per year on average in US. Deloitte data and analytics consultants earn $105,181 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is data and analytics consulting?

Data and analytics consulting helps companies harness information to drive business insights, automate tasks, and improve processes.

Is data analytics consultant a good job?

Yes, it is a good job and one of the highly paid in the US, today.

What is the difference between a data analyst and a data consultant?

A data analyst gathers, organizes, and analyses data in order to identify trends and make predictions. A data consultant works with the data analyst to develop strategies and solutions to help their clients achieve their business goals.


Data analysis informs decisions. As a business, you can take insightful decisions that can grow your business when you read data gathered.

Data analytic consulting firms offer this professional service that could take your business to the next level. Read this piece to get insight on how data analytics consulting is shaping the consulting industry.



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