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MBA Consulting Review 2023: All you need to Know

Providing professional advice to those working in a technical or professional field requires vast expertise and training. It is essential to continuously upskill and remain knowledgeable in your area of knowledge.

Pursuing a master’s degree in business administration can expedite your journey toward achieving this. An MBA in consulting can equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in your consultancy services.

Many individuals with an MBA in consulting enter the consultancy field equipped with extensive organizational dynamics and strategy implementation knowledge.

This specialization enhances people skills, develops the ability to crack complex business cases, and gains knowledge on overcoming various business challenges.

Also, getting admission into your top-rated MBA program becomes easy when you employ the services of an MBA admission consulting agency.

This article on MBA consulting review explains what an MBA in consulting is and all you need to know before engaging the MBA Admission consulting services.

What does MBA in Consulting do?

MBA in consulting from most business schools provides a broad business knowledge base that consultants can leverage throughout their careers.

It teaches how to confidently lead teams and consult, using strong communication and presentation skills. While you can start conferring with any degree and probably a license, MBA in consulting prepares consultants to be business doctors.

It is an excellent degree course for individuals seeking to work in finance and business in a collaborative environment.

TopMba opines An MBA in consulting teaches students to refine the strengths that consulting firms will look for, such as business problem-solving, communication, corporate strategy skills, and analysis of business situations and issues.

MBA in consulting programs prepares students to cultivate business expertise.

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Is MBA Necessary for Consulting?

Whether an MBA is necessary for consulting depends on the specific consulting field and company you are interested in.

While some firms may require an MBA, others may value relevant work experience or advanced degrees in other fields more.

Ultimately, the best way to determine if an MBA is necessary for your desired consulting career is to research the requirements and qualifications of the companies you are interested in and speak with professionals in the field.

An MBA focused on consulting can enhance your ability to negotiate for higher salaries and increase your earning potential.

An MBA program tailored to consultancy equips students with the necessary skills for managerial consulting roles, which can lead to significant financial success, as management consultants are often some of the highest earners across all industries.

MBA prepares its students for managerial consulting roles. And management consultants can be among the highest earners in any industry.

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Can I Become a Consultant after my MBA?

Yes, getting an MBA can be a helpful step toward becoming a consultant. However, becoming a consultant is more than just graduating with an MBA. You must imbibe other consulting skill sets to excel in the field.

Some of the paramount skillsets you need aside from an MBA include:

  • Collaboration/Teamwork
  •  Communication
  •  Complex problem solving
  •  Case cracking
  •  A diverse perspective
  •  Improvisation
  •  Digital-savvy

Consulting is an excellent exercise in analytical problem-solving, structured thinking, understanding clients’ explicit and implicit needs, and extensive collaboration. So, you need to find an MBA program that covers everything.

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How Do I Become an MBA Consultant?

MBA consultants are often called management consultants. And you would need a degree to begin your journey toward becoming an MBA consultant.

There are different ways you can take to become an MBA consultant.

#1. Working Scenario

You can become a management consultant by working in one of the top consulting firms. Most individuals start as entry-level consultants and graduate to management consultants in no distant time.

Some of these top consulting firms are Ain, McKinsey, and Boston Consulting Group); Tier 2 (Accenture, Kearney, Oliver Wyman, etc.

As a self-employed consultant, you can gradually become an MBA consultant by enrolling in and completing MBA programs.

#2. Educational Path

Taking the study route toward becoming a management consultant requires you first earn a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

About 22% of MBA consultants own a master’s degree. This makes it paramount you earn one to stay on top of your game. With an MBA, becoming a management consultant could make the journey faster.

Generally, most consulting firms hire their consultants fresh out of college. If you must grow on the job and become a management consultant, you must earn a Master’s degree or MBA.

#3. Gain Work Experience

Having work experience is crucial in any field. It can help you stand out from a pool of candidates.

Becoming a management consultant requires a certain number of working years. And any experience showing your commercial awareness, leadership, and communication skills counts.

One of the best ways to increase your work experience is to apply for internship and volunteering roles in a business-related field.

#4. Earn Certifications

It would benefit your clients if you obtain certification from reputable associations. This will make you stand out from other candidates in management consulting.

Studying for a relevant certification will validate your credentials and enhance your skills and knowledge. Some of these certifications include

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What is the average age of an MBA consultant?

Consultants place more emphasis on what they can help your business achieve over how old they are.

The age of an MBA consultant can vary depending on several factors, such as work experience, education, and industry. Some industries may want consultants within a certain age grade. That does not mean it is the required age to become an MBA consultant.

However, if you are wondering how long it will take you to become an MBA consultant and how old you may be, most MBA consultants got certified as one at 43.

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MBA Admission Consulting Reviews

To become an MBA consultant, you need to get an MBA mostly. This section reviews top MBA schools and what they do.

#1. MBA Mission

MBA Mission is a consulting firm that aids MBA applicants in identifying and highlighting the strongest credentials in their applications. Their team of dedicated consultants works closely with candidates to present their individual stories in a powerful manner that captures admissions committees’ attention.

It has a 5.0/5Average Rating by reviewers who dropped their reviews for this organization. Based on 1 690 reviews, over 1647 rated with 5 stars suggesting they are a great choice.

Rachel Beck, while reviewing this organization, says

“I found my experience with mbaMission to be incredibly rewarding, and it helped me to be admitted to my top choice business school. My consultant was always available; her comments and critiques helped build my essays and resume into the best possible version.

Rachel, the consultant I worked with from mbaMission, was instrumental in my successful application to business school. Through conversation and email, I felt that she truly understood the story I had to tell and why I wanted to go to business school, and then she pushed me to write the strongest versions of that story.

Rachel was especially helpful at cutting to the core of thoughts and helped me cut paragraphs down to sentences — a vital task when the essay can only be a limited number of words.

I felt like she was my partner in the application process and would recommend her to anyone seeking admission to a top-tier business school.”

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#2. Stacy Blackman

Stacy Blackman improves your MBA profile and boosts your candidacy. It claims to have the strongest track record of reviews in the industry, appearing on multiple sites all over the Internet dating back to 2001.

Stacy Blackman Consulting has been helping clients gain admission to the world’s leading business schools since 2001, often securing impressive merit scholarships. SBC has a proven track record of success, with the most online reviews across various MBA admissions ranking and review websites.

A review on its webpage says, “Before the 8th of May, I must make one of the most difficult, fortunate decisions of my life. I must choose whether to attend Stanford, Harvard, or Wharton. I can make this enviable decision because of the amazing consulting services I received. 

During our first face-to-face meeting, I explained to my consultant that I must attend business school to transition out of the US Armed Forces successfully. Over the next six months, his actions proved that his goals became mine. 

I also told him that I would be happy if he could help improve my chances by just five percent. I am thoroughly convinced that he increased my chances much more than that. My consultant’s guidance and ability to see the best in me helped me realize my lifelong dreams.

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#3. MBA

MBA Crystal Ball is a team of MS and MBA admissions consultants who offer assistance to applicants who aspire to attend the best MBA programs.

They provide services such as MBA application strategies, MBA essay help, and general career counseling for business school applications. Those who can’t afford their services can benefit from a pool of free resources on the webpage.

While sharing his admission journey, Rahul Rai dropped a review for MBA Crystal Ball.

He says:

“After around a month of self-pity, I picked myself up and started researching the best consultants.

It was then that I learned about MBA Crystal Ball (MCB), and based on the MBA application consulting reviews I could find online, I took their MBA MAP service in 2021.

I got paired with Vibhav, who had a similar background to my post-MBA goals.

The MBA MAP service was a game-changer for me since Vibhav provided insights about the product management area based on his experiences and helped me be clearer and more specific with my targets.

At the end of the service, I was sure that I wanted MCB to support me in my main MBA applications.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an MBA useful for consulting?

Yes, an MBA may not be necessary, but it is a useful tool for management consulting.

What MBA program is best for consulting?

The top MBA programs best for consulting in 2023 include 
Sloan School of Management – MIT.
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. 
Booth School of Business – University of Chicago.
Darden School of Business – University of Virginia. 
Fuqua School of Business – Duke University. 
Berkeley Haas – University of California. 
Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Why join consulting after MBA?

Consulting work allows you to effectively utilize the skills acquired during your MBA program. Such skills may include research, presentation, decision-making, problem-solving, and project or personnel management.


Getting an MBA consulting makes your journey easy and saves you multiple rejected applications. With an MBA in consulting, you prepare better for the journey to greatness in the consulting industry.

Read this review on what you can do with an MBA in consulting and the best MBA admission consulting services you should employ immediately.



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