Facebook Data Scientist Salary | How Much Does Data Scientist Make?

Being a data scientist at Facebook has to be the hottest job of the century. The reason is that it is among the highest well-paid job positions you can find. If you want to know how much a data scientist at Facebook takes home as salary in 2023, keep reading.

As one of the most successful digital firms in the world, Facebook is a data-driven company at every level possible. So, becoming a data scientist at Facebook means you’re open to taking up new challenges and responsibilities.

Facebook data scientist gets to wrangle a plethora of data sets, influence social media platforms used by over a billion people and come up with meaningful solutions to hard technological and social problems.

What does a Facebook Data Scientist Do?

At Facebook, a data scientist is expected to have a diverse set of talents, including data analysis, product intuition, and SQL coding. This professional also possesses strong communication skills in order to interact effectively with businesses and key stakeholders.

Besides this, below is a rundown of a Facebook data scientist.

  • Conduct large-scale quantitative research to learn more about how users interact with one another and the environment
  • Collaborate with other essential actors, such as UX researchers, machine learning engineers, and product managers in cross-functional teams.
  • Convert distilled data into actionable insights by doing qualitative and quantitative research
  • Analyze user behavior and troves of collected data to build product improvements across all of Facebook’s products.

How Much Does a Facebook Data Scientist Make?

The Facebook data scientist’s salary is comparable with the individual’s qualifications and experience. Before we delve into how much this person makes, we would look at the various components that determine the pay.

They are:

Compensation Starting from the Bottom

Just like other technology firms, Facebook also offers a case compensation band for each level and location, which grows as you advance in the career path. This is the most heavily negotiated.


These are determined by your performance and the company’s performance, too. Your offer letter specifies the exact bonus percentage, which is paid every six months and it is non-negotiable.

Employee Stock Options

Facebook provides restricted stock units to its employees as a type of ownership. These are vested over a four-year period. Hiring managers at Facebook are frequently willing to negotiate equity, and the equity range is flexible.

Facebook Data Scientist Salary at Different Levels

As of May 27, 2023, the average compensation for Data scientists at firms like Facebook in the United States is $109,615; however, salaries frequently range from $98,452 to $122,182.

The following is a breakdown of the various levels and the average wage range:

L3 Associate Data Scientist

When fresh out of graduate school, data science engineers or software engineers are often hired at this level.

  • Average annual salary: $343,000
  • Basic salary: $180,000
  • Bonuses: $36,000
  • Stock: $126,000

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L4 Data Scientist

For you to get to this level, you must have at least 3-5 years of experience in the field. New graduates, on the other hand, can be hired at this level if they show talent and expertise.

  • Average annual salary: $491,000
  • Basic salary: $210,000
  • Bonuses: $60,000
  • Stock: $219,000

L5 Data Scientist

At this level, a data scientist leads difficult projects and should have at least 6-9 years f industry experience. Sometimes, this level is ‘terminal’ because it is the last one before a data scientist moves int the management domain and takes on greater managerial responsibilities.

  • Average salary: $705,000
  • Basic salary: $264,000
  • Bonuses: $95,000
  • Stock: $346,000

L6 Data Scientist

Majority of data scientists at L6 have about 9 years of experience.

  • Average annual salary: $1,350,000
  • Basic salary: $318,000
  • Bonuses: $122,000
  • Stock: $907,000

L7 and L8

These levels require a minimum of ten years of experience.

  • Total average salary ranges from $900,000 t $1.2 million
  • Bonuses range between $600,000 t $1 million

Facebook Data Scientist Salary by Location

Across the US, below is a table that represents an average facebook data scientist’s salary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Facebook Data Scientist Salary?

Yu can expect t make roughly $153,046 as an entry-level Facebook data scientist. Specializations and abilities are directly related to pay.

What skills does becoming a data scientist at Facebook require?

While the exact qualifications vary, Facebook normally looks for:
2+ years quantitative analytical experience
Knowledge of statistical ideas
Experience with different programming languages such as SQL and scripting languages such as PHP, Python and Perl.

Are stock options a part of Facebook Data Scientist’s salary?

Yes. A Facebook data scientist is given the stock option based on his or her performance.


Now that you know how much a data scientist at Facebook earns and what their job role entails, would you take on this very lucrative job position?



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