NBA Floor Sweeper Salary 2023: How Much Does NBA Floor Sweeper Make?

Although there are high-paying jobs, there are jobs requiring you to put in more energy than the others. That is exactly what being an NBA Floor sweeper looks like. While this job may not be as glamorous as playing on the court, it is a legitimate job that pays well.

It allows you to be close to the point of action and you witness lots of amazing stuff that most people do not. Also, it is one of the most enjoyable environments that you can ever find yourself in.

This article looks at how much an NBA for sweeper makes and will go further to list general information about the job.

What Does an NBA Sweeper Do?

The primary responsibility of an NBA sweeper is to maintain the court and keep it clean and free of perspiration and water.

Because the players frequently run around and dive, the court requires constant mopping, which the floor sweeper does. Also, the NBA sweeper may assist in the adding and unloading of equipment. All these require a great deal of physical strength.

Well, that is why we like to think that the NBA floor sweeper compensation is worth it.

How Much Does NBA Floor Sweeper Make?

Given everything that this person does to keep the NBA running and because the NBA floor sweeper’s job demands a lot of energy, the average salary of an NBA floor sweeper is $80,000.

That’s a lot of bucks, especially since they do not have to work full days and get to be in such a fun, energetic environment.

However, it is important to note that the figure might grow to $100,000 or more. To buttress more on the average salary of an NBA floor sweeper over time, look at the table below.

Number of Years Annual Salary
0-2 Years $39,000
2-4 Years $80,000
5 Years and above $95,000

The lowest ay is $39,000 fr a beginner, and the highest ay is $100,000 fr the most experienced floor sweeper. Veterans with over ten years in the league can sign new contracts worth up to 35% of the salary limit. This is according to NBA rules.

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How Do NBA Floor Sweepers Get Paid?

Some teams pay their floor sweepers at an hourly rate after each game while others include them in the normal 15-day payroll.

The receipt of perks is besides this fantastic compensation.

How to Become an NBA Floor Sweeper

Just like any other job, becoming an NBA floor sweeper cannot be done at the spur of the moment. While it does not require a lot of expertise, especially given the salary, becoming one actually requires an effort.

There are two options to becoming an NBA floor sweeper. They are:

  • Contact the resources manager for the team you want to become their floor sweeper.
  • Look up their names on LinkedIn and Google their email addresses.

If these two are too much, you can always go to the NBA’s website and look for job openings. They regularly publish openings for various positions, including the need for a floor sweeper.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average NBA floor cleaner salary?

In 2023, the average salary for an NBA floor cleaner in the US is $80,000 yearly.

What is the highest NBA for sweeper salary?

The highest salary for an NBA floor sweeper is $100,000

How much does an NBA floor sweeper make in a month?

As of May 2023, an NBA floor sweeper makes about $2,518 monthly.

What does a floor sweeper do?

The primary responsibility of an NBA sweeper is to maintain the court and keep it clean and free of perspiration and water.


An NBA sweeper is a highly sought-after position as you can see from how much he makes and the working atmosphere. You can apply to fill up this position, especially with your favorite team. That way, you win on both ends.

Although the huge takeaway may appear surprising, the tasks of an NBA floor sweeper make that position very vital.



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