FedEx Delivery Driver Salary 2023| How Much Does A FedEx Delivery Driver Make?

Perhaps you are considering joining FedEx, but you are still wondering what the delivery driver’s salary is like.

Drivers with FedEx stand to benefit from many compensations that are greatly influenced by factors like location, the amount of time you take to deliver a package, and lots more.

In this article, we’ll talk about how much a FedEx driver makes hourly and yearly on average while stating how to become a FedEx delivery driver. Carefully read through!

What Does A FedEx Delivery Driver Do?

The primary role of a FedEx delivery driver is transportation. Delivery drivers convey goods to customers, clients, or other businesses. They are usually tasked with loading products into their vehicle as well.

FedEx Delivery drivers generally spend a limited amount of time at the actual job site and more time commuting between their headquarters and delivery locations. Most of the work day is finished in a vehicle, with some loading time inside or outside depending on the company. The work is mainly mental, with some physical elements interspersed.

How Much Does A FedEx Driver Make?

The average FedEx delivedriver’sver salary in the USA is $39,850 per year or $20.44 per houEntry-levelvel positions start at $35,100 per y, while most experienced workers make up to $52,6annuallyear.

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FedEx Driver Salary Per Hour

According to the FedEx website, the average pay for drivers varies from $14 to over $43 per hour. Whether you are a full-time or part-time driver, your payment will depend on the number of hours for the delivery.

Moreso, your actual earnings are independent of your state, the time you take delivering the package, and the division you work for, among others.

Also, your average pay varies significantly by as much as $3.61. This means you can maximize your income based on your skills, years of experience, and location. For instance, if you are a driver in San Jose, CA, you will likely be among the most active drivers. As a result, your payment will be a bit higher due to the high demand for packages.

Average Salary of FedEx Driver By State

Here’s an outline of the average FedEx salary of each state in the U, S. as stated by ZipRecruiter.

Factors That Can Affect A FedEx Driver’s Salary

A FedEx delivery driver’s salary can be significantly influenced by your location, the time you take to deliver a package, your experience, and your driving history.

How To Become A FedEx Driver

If you want to become a FedEx Ground or FedEx Express driver, you can register by doing the following:

1. Go to the FedEx website

The first step is to go to On the site, click on the careers tab at the bottom, under “Our Company,” and then “Create an Account.” Go to the portal. Click on “JOIN NOW” under the driver section.

After that, go to the talent community platform. Here you will have to fill out the talent community sign-up form. Becoming a FedEx delivery driver or any position in the company is about joining a talented team.

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2. Fill up the Talent Community Sign-up form

At this stage, you are expected to write your contact information, such as first name, last name, email address, and address. Also, you need to include your location and phone number (including phone type).

You will need to fill in your latest job details and educational background. Also, your experience and education are essential in dealing with clients. By asking these questions, FedEx would determine whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver.

3. Enter additional information

You are expected to provide information on your career experience. Excellent At this po, a resume is the best document you must upload.

Customer service and time efficiency are essential skills you should not forget to mention. Remember to include all your skills, whether related to the delivery job or not.

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4. Proofread and submit your application

This is the last part of the ap[plication. At this point, you need to proofread your application to make sure you entered the correct information. Remember to submit true and accurate information, and try to condense everything into one page for easy skimming.

Once you’ve verified that all the information is correct, click the “Submit” button. Then, wait for the approval of the application.

FedEx Delivery Driver Requirements

To be an efficient FedEx delivery driver, you must know how to handle packages carefully. You will always be carrying boxes from the store to the delivery cent; to that end, physical strength is a must. Aside from your physical capability would be best if you meet the following conditions.

  • Have professional driving experience and a valid license
  • Be 21 years or older
  • Pass the FedEx drug test
  • Complete a background check

Your application may take seven to 21 days before you get feedbacYouyou must also be familiar with the routes to start quickly for the FedEx Ground delivery drivers.

FAQs On FedEx Driver

Are FedEx drivers independent contractors?

FedEx is the only delivery company in the US that still considers drivers independent contractors. What this means is that you will not be entitled to overtime pay. Also, you will not get expected typical employment benefits, such as health care coverage.

What is a shuttle driver for FedEx?

FedEx, shuttle drivers are those who are responsible for the packages.
They load and unload frei and scan and sort the cargo within the facility. FedEx delivery drivers perform shuttle functions using non-articulated vehicles. They can load aircraft and delivery vehicles, so he packages according to customer names.

What can disqualify you from being a FedEx driver?

Many things can stop you from becoming a FedEx delivery driver. The first item is illegal drug usage. You will likely be declined for a job at FedEx if you have a history of using any illicit drug.

How much do FedEx shuttle drivers earn hourly?

FedEx shuttle drivers’ salaries range from $15 to $24 per hour.


If you wish to become a delivery driver for FedEx, this article is the perfect Guide with a clear outline of how to become a delivery driver that earns well.


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