How much money do mechanics make

How Much Money Do Mechanics Make?

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There’s no denying that many of us like tinkering with our automobiles. It goes hand in hand with an interest in how things operate. Some people turn their tinkering into an auto maintenance job to turn a hobby into a lucrative vocation.

Being a vehicle mechanic is not for everyone, but it is something to consider if you enjoy automobiles. It might be your calling if you have that interest, are ready to work hard, and aren’t scared to get dirty.

Do you enjoy working on automobiles? Getting certified as an automobile technician might be your ideal career path.

Who are Mechanics?

Automobile specialists (also known as auto mechanics) diagnose, maintain, repair, and inspect automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles. They play a crucial part in keeping automobiles on the road that helps power our economy.

Automobile mechanics can work in several contexts, including:

  • Dealerships
  • Shops that provide repairs
  • Shops with a niche
  • Rental companies
  • Teams and stores that sell racing cars

Auto mechanics may apply their abilities in a variety of settings, and this can be a rewarding career path with plenty of room for growth and promotion.

In order to repair automobiles and small trucks nowadays, an automotive technician must be conversant with automotive computer systems and diagnostics testing. They must finish car mechanic school through vocational and technical institutions or community college programs.

Car mechanics, often known as service technicians, work on brakes, heating and cooling systems, and mufflers. They also do basic maintenance including oil changes and brake, gearbox, and window-washer fluid replacements.

What are the Duties of a Mechanic?

Car technicians often perform a variety of tasks. It partly depends on your workplace. Working at a conventional auto service shop, a vehicle dealership, or even as a mobile mechanic are all options for mechanics.

According to U.S. Mechanic, duties are also determined by education, experience, and the sort of job that interests you, as well as any desire for promotion. Some mechanics specialize in older automobiles, while others specialize in newer models.

Oil changes and tire maintenance are common entry-level jobs. This can lead to more complicated diagnoses and services being performed. The more you study and gain experience, the more power you will have over your future.

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How Can Someone Become a Mechanic?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to becoming a vehicle technician. There is no requirement that you begin immediately after graduating from high school. 

In reality, some of the best car mechanics didn’t start working in the business until they were in their 30s or 40s. Technical schools provide extensive instruction, and associate degrees in automobile technology are available.

According to Trade School Future, attending technical school or earning an associate degree will introduce you to several mechanical choices. 

You’ll also learn how to use all the tools of the trade and different car parts. These encounters might assist you in determining what you are okay with.

Most persons enter this fieldwork as apprentices for months or even years before developing the skills to work on their own. When they are ready, they will almost certainly need to get a license.

State requirements differ, and some states need further training in electrical and plumbing jobs. Many employers prefer to recruit employees with a high school diploma and the lowest certification (Certified Maintenance Technician). 

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How Much Money do Mechanics make?

That depends on how much experience they have, where they live, and the type of business where they work. 

The average hourly wage for an auto mechanic is $19.77 and the median hourly wage is $16.49. Pay can range from as low as $9.13 per hour to $30.29 depending on skill level, location, certifications, and years of experience.

District of Columbia

There are some different job opportunities for automotive technicians in Washington D.C. employed by the CIA, Capitol Police, and dealerships to name a few. 

Living here can be an exciting place to live for an automotive tech as it has been ranked as the city that offers the highest median annual salary for automotive technicians in the country! The average annual salary is $65,420.


Hawaii’s relaxed island vibes and watersport opportunities make it a desirable place to live and spend your career. Tourism, defense, agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, and power are all industries that fuel the state’s economy. 

Whether you’re looking for a job assisting in a dealership, maintaining fleet vehicles, or opening your shop, Aloha State may be a great place to launch your career. The average salary in Hawaii is $53,280.

New Jersey

More than a dozen of New Jersey’s large cities are home to an urban center, and there are always chances for employment with these companies. 

With the move by Universal Technical Institute (UTI) to open its newest campus in Bloomfield, there is an even greater need for skilled technicians here than previously thought. They earn an average of $ 51,360.


Would you love living in Alaska? This state’s economy is driven by a variety of industries, including oil and gas, fishing, timber, mining, and agriculture. 

Automotive mechanics in Alaska can find employment in all kinds of settings, from dealerships and repair shops to insurance companies. Some even find success as agricultural mechanics who maintain and repair farm equipment. The annual salary is $51,330.


When you live and work in California, there are plenty of opportunities for auto repair jobs. Not only are there many vehicles on the road, but tourists and out-of-towners often need repairs as well when they explore the state. They earn $ 50,950 on average.


Washington is a nature lover’s dream, with plenty of forests and mountains to explore. The state also has booming technology and aerospace industries. Automotive mechanics of all skill levels can work in the state, from entry-level to master certified technicians. With opportunities across various industries, it’s a great place to start your technician career. The annual salary is $50,230.


How much money do mechanics make in Colorado? Well, it’s a state of beautiful mountains and forests with a lively arts scene; where manufacturing, mining, and agriculture are all important industries. Within these sectors, automotive technicians may find work. For instance, technicians and mechanics are needed to service the vehicles that transport goods for manufacturing and this helps them make money. The average salary is $50,170.

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Known for its parks and wild scenery, Wyoming attracts millions of visitors each year. Industries that support the state’s economy include mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. Wyoming employs many skilled mechanics, who often make significant money.

Whether you are just graduating from school looking for an entry-level position or a senior mechanic wanting to advance to a job as a service manager, opportunities abound in Wyoming. They earn $49,180 per year.


Virginia is the place to go if you’re looking for how much money auto mechanics make. The state has been ranked the seventh overall by U.S. News & World Report and is home to Volvo Truck’s largest assembly plant in the world and also is a home to research at its world-leading transportation institute. $48,940 annual salary.


Maryland is another historically significant state. It’s recognized for its delectable fresh seafood, lovely tiny villages, close to Washington, D.C., and beautiful water views. If you work as an automobile mechanic or technician, Maryland is a terrific state to call home. Sport Collision Center, Carroll Motor Fuels, and Frederick Motor Co. are among the top automotive firms to work for in Maryland, according to Zippia. The annual salary is $48,080.


Auto mechanic employment may be found in various locations around the country. There are likely to be openings wherever you desire to work. Hence, you can make money as a mechanic in these cities.

Completing tertiary automobile technician training, according to the BLS, is an excellent method to prepare for entry-level work. In just 51 weeks, UTI’s Automobile Technology course will provide you with the knowledge and abilities that today’s businesses are seeking for.


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