How to Write a Certification Letter + Free Samples

Letters are formal documents, and the date on your letter can be critically important for verifying contracts or agreements. Dates should be situated at the top of letters, just below any references.

You can design your own letter template, use letter generator tools or download free letter templates to set up standard formats for your letters. 

Certification letters on the other hand are no different. In this article, you would learn what a certification letter is and how to effectively write one.

And of course, there are free samples of certification letters for you to go through and have an idea of what a certification letter should look like.

What Is A Certification Letter? 

A certification letter is a letter that certifies that you have completed a task, finished a procedure, and have carried out a responsibility effectively.

A certification letter has valid contents which are free from deception and in which all the information contained in it can very easily be verified. The letter is also written in a formal form. 

A certification letter is given to someone to verify the deeds of that person. It can be regarding any project, competition, task, or course completion. These are basically the letters of confirmation and should be direct and concise.

In a certification letter, it must be ensured that facts are not exaggerated and that they are written straight to the point. It must also be ensured that the certification letter has the signature of the proper person with the stamp of the institution or organization. Proofreading is a must when writing a certification letter.

If you were looking for a new job, you would request a letter of certification from your previous employer verifying that you did work for them in the past and in what capacity.

Why Do You Need A Certification Letter? 

There are various reasons why people need letters of certification. The most popular reason, however, is for verification of the information contained in your application.

For example, when a candidate for a new job lists their previous employer as a reference, a letter of certification can confirm the company they worked at and that they know the employer.  

Letters of certification can also be useful when people apply for visas, such as travel visas or immigration visas, as they can verify a person’s name, address and personal information.

Also, in business, professionals might use a letter of certification to announce a new owner at a company or the hiring of a new employee.  Most of the time, having a letter of certification can land you a job faster than not having one.

The importance of a letter of certification cannot be overemphasized. A certification letter is used to verify the information.

They also provide information on the completion of a task or responsibility and provide accurate and true depictions of the task in question.

In business, you may require certification letters to confirm: 

  1. A place of employment, length of employment, salary, job title and job description. 
  2. An investment or stake in ownership for a corporate entity. 
  3. Personal and business details for visa applications for foreign countries. 
  4. How long you’ve known a person and the nature of your relationship for a background check. 
  5. Place of residence. 
  6. Financial status and credit details. 

How To Write A Certification Letter? 

#Step 1: A Certification Letter Should Be Written In A Formal Tone, Following Proper Letter-Writing Etiquette.

If your business has a formal letterhead, use that to write your letter. If you don’t have formal letterhead, be sure to include your business name and contact details at the top of the letter in place of the letterhead.

Also, if you’re typing your letter, be sure to use a font that’s appropriate for business. Don’t use any bold colors in the font or the paper. 

#Step 2: Do Your Research And Collect The Details That You Need To Confirm In The Document.

You may need to look up important dates or locations. Because the letter is certifying information, be sure that the information you’re going to provide is factually correct. 

#Step 3: Always Use A Good Quality Paper While Writing A Certificate Letter.

Try as much as you can not to use various kinds of fonts. Stick to one font and one format. Also, avoid using bold colors while writing a certification letter.

Ensure that facts are not exaggerated and that they are written straight to the point. 

#Step 4: Draft Your Certification Letter In A Formal Business Style: 

  • Write today’s date. 
  • Double space and write the recipient’s name, title, company and contact information. 
  • Use a formal salutation, such as “Dear” or “To,” and the correct prefix for the recipient. 
  • State why you’re writing this letter in your introductory paragraph, and include why you’re the right person to certify this information. 
  • Open a blank document in your word-processing package and leave sufficient space at the top of the page for your heading. Alternatively, type your address at the top of the page. 
  • Type your reference, if required. Formal business letters may need the initials of the letter’s signatory and the typist’s initials, or case number reference. Insert a blank line space. 
  • Add the date to your document. Dates should be formatted by day and month followed by a comma and year, for example, 10 June, 2010. It is standard practice to date the letter as the day on which it will be mailed, although you may wish to add on a couple of days to allow for delivery time. Insert a blank line space. 
  • Thanks the recipient and end the letter in a formal tone with ‘Sincerely’. Give double space and write your name. Sign the letter with date. 
  • Add name and address details for the person to whom the letter is addressed, and complete your letter. 

#Step 5: The Language Of The Letter Should Be Very Attractive.

If necessary, you can decorate the letter by providing some margins. Read and re read the certification letter before you hand them out to the addressee.

Any mistake on your side will ruin the image of you and your organization. 

Best Certification Letter Examples 

Some examples of certification letters are-  

Example 1 

January 31, 2019 

Jane Smith 

Human Resources Manager, ABC Systems 

123 Country Road 

Dear Ms. Smith, 

This letter is to certify that Dave Johnston worked at Market Corporation for five years. I’m the owner of Market Corporation and hired Mr. Johnston in 2014. 

Mr. Johnston was employed by Market Corporation from January 1, 2014, to January 1, 2019. He started off as the marketing coordinator and
was promoted to marketing manager on January 1, 2017. His duties as marketing manager included overseeing the campaigns for all of our products on a national level. I was pleased with his attention to detail and creative digital strategies.  If you have any further questions about Mr. Johnston’s employment, don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your time in this matter. 


Mae Jackson 

Owner, Market Corporation 

Example 2 

Sara L. Brown   

3146 Holden Street 

Metropolis, IL 62960 

This letter is to certify that James Brown worked as a
general accountant at Triangle corp. for the period from November 5th, 2004 to
December 12th, 2008. 

While at our company, his responsibilities were to design and implement pricing controls in relation to our line of mathematical measuring devices. 

Through our working relationship, I came to appreciate the attention to detail that James showed for his work and was deeply saddened when he departed our company. I know that he will do a great job wherever you put him in
your organization. 


Joseph Mancini 

Example 3 

Letter of Certification of Ownership Sample 

To Whom It May Concern: 

I certify that Mr. Langston Manuel, has a stake of 30 percent ownership in Lion Energy, Licence #UIOUYT67T6, and also a stake of 10 percent ownership in Olivia Electricity, Licence #HSTY7654IKH.  These are both “common stock” or “voting shares”. 

Mr. Tyler Barter 


Energy Investors International 

Example 4 

Letter of Certification for Visa Sample 

Dear Sir or Madam, 

I am writing this letter to certify that Mr. Regan Montalbano has been employed by our firm full time, since July 02, 1985, as an Industrial Electrician. I can confirm that his annual salary is equivalent to $150,000. 

I am aware that Mr. Montalbano is applying for a tourist visa to the United States to visit New York City. I can confirm that he has shared this with us and we have no objection to his 4-month visit. Our company has granted leave from January 05, 2012, to May 05, 2012, with his immediate return to work expected. 

If you have any further queries about this matter, please feel free to contact us. 


Mr. H. Lombardo 

Regional Director 

Frascati Electric, Rome 

Example 5 

Letter of Certification of Knowing a Person Sample 

To Whom it may concern, 

I am writing to certify that I have known Mrs. Shirley Terrell for approximately seven years, beginning shortly after she joined Q.R. Solar, where I am now Managing Director. There were no issues with her application or background check.  Shirley started out as secretary to the sales division, before completing several qualifications which eventually allowed her to work her way up to Senior Sales. I can personally attest to her exceptional rapport with our customers and great ability to close the sale.  She is hardworking and ambitious, and will be a great asset to any other company she chooses to work for. 

If you require any further information regarding Mrs. Terrell, feel free to get back in touch. 

Sincere Regards, 

Mrs. Nance Pixton 

Managing Director 

Q.R. Solar. Ltd. 

Example 6 

Letter of Certification of Residency Sample 

Dear Superintendent Polinsky, 

I am writing to officially certify that I, Ursula Glenister, currently reside at 635 Benjamin Hill, Austin, Texas 88114, and have been present at this address for 10 years, since February 03, 2001.  I, Ursula Glenister, further certify that the aforementioned information is accurate, and I recognize that if found otherwise I may be penalized under state law. 


Ursula Glenister 


Q. What if I do not know how to write a certification letter? 

A. If you are required to write a certification letter, it is mostly not part of your job description. But no hassle really. Just think of it as writing a letter, only shorter. It still has the formal nature and all the properties of a formal letter. The samples above can serve as a guide 

Q. Is there a limit to the amount of words a certification letter should have? 

A. No. But you should be careful to keep the certification letter straight to the point, including only details that are important. The words should also be easy to understand so as to enable the person reading it to get the general information within a few lines.  

Q. Can anyone write a certification letter? 

A. Yes. So far you are in a position to legally and formally certify a presumption of fact, you can write a valid certification letter. 

Q. Must I describe the person being referred to in the certification letter? 

A. You would be required to add the person’s name. Description as relates to physical features and the like are generally irrelevant.  

Q. What if I give wrong information in the certification letter? 

A. A letter is a document and the contents are legally binding. Ensure you give valid and accurate information in the course of writing a certification letter. In future, you may be called upon for the information you provided, be sure you can validly defend it when its time.  



Certification letters should not use flowery language or exaggerations. Instead, the letter should be written in plain language and get the message across succinctly and clearly. It isn’t tough at all so no need to fidget.

If you follow the guide above, you should be able to deliver excellently.  

In reading this, I hope you have gotten to understand how best to write a certification letter.  


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