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How To Write An Appeal Letter For Unemployment in 2023| Easy Guide

An appeal letter for unemployment is what you write when you feel you’ve been tricked in your place of work and you want someone to review the decision they made about you.

You can write an appeal if you believe you were wrongfully warned, demoted, laid off, or fired. Perhaps you’ve been denied a raise even if you think you deserve one. In this circumstance, a well-crafted appeal letter may assist in resolving the matter.

Keep reading to find out how to write an appeal letter for unemployment without stress. Carefully read through.

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Tips On How To Write An Appeal Letter For Unemployment

Here are a few tips on how to write an appeal letter for unemployment:

1. Know what you are appealing

The first step to writing an appeal letter for unemployment is taking the first decision regarding the benefits called Determination. The second stage of the appeal is redetermination. You will be called for a telephone hearing at this stage.

2. Fax your appeal

Appeals can be submitted online, by mail, or by fax. One disadvantage of filing online is that it is provided as a block of text with no formatting, making it difficult to understand.

There is also a character limit when filing online, though it is best to keep your appeal as brief as possible. Mailing is another alternative, but faxing is faster, and you will receive a fax proof that it was sent. Save the fax confirmation in case you need to substantiate it later.

3. Format Your Appeal

The format of your appeal is unimportant. A regular letter format is adequate.

4. Include the Basics

Your appeal letter for unemployment should contain the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your social security number or Claimant ID number,
  • The Determination Number that you are appealing.
  • Correspondence ID number.

5. Be concise

The Determination will tell you why your benefits were refused. This is usually because ODJFS believes that either the employer had cause to fire you or you had no just cause to quit. The Determinations also include a list of the factors considered in reaching this result.

Stick to the rules and explain why unemployment got certain factors wrong. Discussing tangents, such as why the decision appears unfair, will only dilute your arguments on the criteria that ODJFS considers relevant.

The duty of the attorney is to identify the issue, explain the law while providing legal authorities such as statutes and cases, explain how the law applies to the unique facts of the appeal, and conclude by explaining why the law requires benefits to be paid in these circumstances.

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6. Keep it brief

Since there are a lot of appeal letters for unemployment to be reviewed, there is less time to thoroughly go through each appeal individually. Therefore, you need to identify the key details that need to be in the letter and state it as they should be.

Do not cluster your argument with unimportant details that make it difficult for the caseworker to spot the key details. If possible, leave out conspiracy theories, how unfair you think the determination is, and how eligible you feel you are because you’ve not applied for unemployment before.

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7. Know the law

It is insufficient to state that you dislike or disagree with the Determination. When composing the appeal letter for unemployment, it is preferable to understand the laws and regulations that unemployment follows. The finest source of this information is an experienced unemployment attorney.

Other places you can get information on the laws and rules include the Workers Guide to Ohio Unemployment, the Unemployment Compensation Review Commission AbstractChapter 4141 of the Ohio Revised Code, and Chapter 4141 of the Ohio Administrative Code

8. Support your points with documents

If you have additional documents or proof to support your appeal, please provide them. However, keep in mind that overwhelming the caseworker with paperwork may work against you. If a couple of documents are jumbled in with a stack of paperwork, the caseworker may overlook their significance.

10. Write your appeal on time

There are several reasons for submitting an appeal late. If you file it late, you may never receive your unemployment benefits because the appeal was filed late. A deadline is set at the end of each Determination. Make careful you stick to the deadlines.

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11. File weekly claims timely

If you file your weekly claims late, even if you are appealing, you may lose eligibility for that week indefinitely. If the online system does not accept your claim, call ODJFS to find out why and request that they accept your claims.

Why Unemployment Claims Are Denied

If your unemployment claim is originally refused, the agency most likely determined that you are ineligible for unemployment benefits because:

1. When you voluntarily quit your job

If you quit your last job for a valid reason (as defined by state law), you may still be eligible for unemployment benefits. If you were refused unemployment benefits because you quit your work, it indicates the state agency determined your reasons for leaving were ineligible.

2. If you were sacked for misconduct

Being dismissed from your job does not automatically prohibit you from receiving unemployment benefits. It all depends on why you were fired. Your claim may be denied if the reasons your employer cited for firing you match your state’s definition of misbehaviour.

3. You did not earn enough money or work during the base period

During a 12-month base period, each state imposes minimum earnings and/or work restrictions (the first four of the five most recent quarters before filing for unemployment). Your claim may be denied if the agency determines that you do not meet those conditions.

Even if your unemployment claim is approved initially, you may be denied benefits later if you do not meet the ongoing conditions. For example, if you refuse good work, are unavailable for work (due to a long trip, for example), or fail to disclose earnings while receiving unemployment benefits, the state may deny your claim in the future.

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How To Appeal A Denial Of Unemployment

Every state provides a procedure for appealing a refusal of unemployment benefits. Generally, you must file your appeal as soon as possible. State deadlines range from ten to thirty days after the agency informs you that your claim has been denied. The notice you get may include instructions on how to appeal the judgment and an appeal form.

A hearing is usually set if you request an appeal. You will be allowed to provide evidence that your claim should have been approved at the hearing. (The same is true for the employer.) For example, if you believe you earned enough to be eligible for unemployment benefits but your company misreported your earnings, you may bring in your wage stubs or copies of deposited paychecks to demonstrate that you were paid more than the business claimed.

You may also be able to introduce witness testimony, either by interrogating witnesses in person or by requesting written statements from them.

This could be useful if the reasons you left your previous work are in question. For example, suppose the unemployment office determined that you freely quit but left due to ongoing sexual harassment.

In that case, you may be able to testify to coworkers who witnessed the harassment or a note from your doctor indicating that your health was deteriorating due to the harassment.

The person conducting the hearing will decide on your appeal at the end of the session. If you win and are awarded unemployment benefits, you can continue receiving them even if the employer appeals the decision to a higher level of review. If you receive a favorable judgment, you are entitled to unemployment benefits until someone judges differently.

What Happens When Denied Unemployment Benefits At The Hearing?

Several states provide for the second level of agency review if you are deprived of unemployment benefits at the hearing. This implies that you or the employer can file an appeal with the state unemployment department.

Regardless of whether your state has this second level of internal appeal, every state permits you to appeal to the state’s judicial system.

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Unemployment Letter Format

1. Your Contact Information

  • Your Address
  • Your Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your City, State, Zip Code
  • Your Email Address

2. Date

3. Employer Contact Information

  • Name
  • Company
  • Title
  • City, State Zip Code
  • Address

4. Salutation

  • Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

First Paragraph

This is where you introduce yourself and explain that you are writing a letter of appeal. Describe the specific decision or situation to which you are appealing.

Paragraph 2

In this paragraph, you will tell us your side of the story. Were facts left out? If so, please supply those details—state whether or not you have any relevant papers attached.

Paragraph 3

Express the outcome you want (Do you want your employer to overturn a decision? Do you want something to be added to a decision?). Also, state when you need an answer and if there is a deadline.

Final Paragraph

Finish with a polite “thank you” for the person’s time. Please include your contact information so that they can reach you. If you want to follow up, specify how and when you will do so.

Complimentary Close

  • Respectfully yours,


Sample Of Unemployment Letter

Dear Mr Franklin,

I am writing to dispute the State Labor Department of Connecticut’s decision to disqualify me from collecting unemployment benefits. My case number is 00120034, and I received my disqualification notification on September 10, 2013. This letter includes a copy of my notice. I respectfully object to the outcome of my unemployment disqualification.

My job was terminated, and I was denied unemployment benefits because my supervisor reported that I arrived at a job site very late on August 25, 2013. My tardiness, he claims, stopped the team from functioning and cost the company money. I arrived early at the job site and discovered some of the materials and equipment were missing. I left the construction site and drove to the company warehouse to retrieve the lost products. When I returned to the job site, the crew was waiting for the equipment I had brought with me. My supervisor accused me of being late and fired me. I tried to clarify that I was not late, but he ignored me. I applied for unemployment benefits but was denied because I was dismissed for cause.

May I also state that I have witnesses, Craig Thompson and Marty Sam, who observed me come early and then leave to go to the warehouse for equipment and supplies that should have been at the site already. They are willing to testify in court on my side. I want to request a hearing so that I can explain my case and ask the State to rethink my unemployment disqualification.

I’ll appreciate your consideration.


Jack Roberts

Jack M. Roberts


Nolan Santana

City, State, Zip Code

Home : 000-000-0000 Cell: 000-000-0000

To Whom It May Concern,

I’m writing in response to your letter of denial of unemployment benefits, in which you mentioned that I might appeal by supplying further information that might be relevant.

Since its inception in September 2012, I have worked as a Salon Coordinator at Company Name.

By January 2013, the owner and I had developed a personality clash, and he advised that I look for another employment while he sought a successor.

By February, he hinted that he wanted me to stay.

We lost four part-time receptionists in 2013, and I had to execute all my tasks as Salon Coordinator while covering the front desk and teaching new receptionists.

Because of my hard effort and long hours under challenging conditions, I received a $1000 performance bonus in December 2013.

The owner thought in January 2014 that his fiance would be good in my job. He instructed me to train her and gave me three months to look for another work.

After two weeks of training, he let me go because he “didn’t want to drag this out.”

I believe under the events that I’m qualified for unemployment benefits.

Sincerely Yours,

Nolan Santana

FAQs On How To Write An Appeal Letter For Unemployment

Can I still put up an unemployment claim if I voluntarily quit my job?

You may still be eligible for unemployment benefits if you quit your last job for a valid reason (as defined by state law).

Can I appeal a denial of unemployment?

Every state provides a procedure for appealing a refusal of unemployment benefits. Generally, you must file your appeal as soon as possible. State deadlines range from ten to thirty days after the agency informs you that your claim has been denied. The notice you get may include instructions on how to appeal the judgment and an appeal form.

What should be on my appeal letter for unemployment?

Your name, your social security number or Claimant ID number, and the Determination Number you are appealing to must all be included in your appeal. The Correspondence ID number is also required for PUA appeals.

How long does it take to file an unemployment claim in Washington state?

After we receive the Initial Order, the process is usually completed within one week.


When submitting an appeal letter for unemployment disqualification, it is critical to read all of the information provided by the state unemployment office and carefully follow the appeal guidelines.

After completing any state documentation, describe your case stating why you believe you are entitled to unemployment benefits despite being disqualified. Most of these letters are sent to the state labour department for review.


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