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11 Best Human Resource Consulting Job: Consulting Careers & Job Opportunities

Human Resource Consulting has emerged as the strategic compass guiding organizations toward unlocking the full potential of their human capital. As the heart and soul of an enterprise’s success, the role of HR consultants has grown increasingly crucial, shaping the dynamics of the modern workforce like never before.

So, whether you’re an aspiring HR consultant seeking to know the best Human resource consulting job, this article contains a list of the 15 best human resource consulting jobs; carefully read through!

Who Is A Human Resource Consultant?

A Human Resources Consultant is a qualified professional who leads HR programs and projects, researches issues, and provides advice and recommendations for resolving daily HR challenges. They formulate strategic plans, assist in recruitment and training, and implement HR technology.

The role involves diverse tasks like business research, analysis, planning, and management counseling. HR consultants mainly aim to advise clients on building more robust and well-suited business and human resource policies.

What Are The Duties Of A Human Resource Consultant?

Human resources consultants ensure that human capital serves the best interest of a company or organization and are called upon to advise companies on issues that involve the inner workings of a workforce.

They advise management on administering human resources policies and procedures and take responsibility for completing human resource-related projects and initiatives. Additionally, they conduct research, track and analyze metrics, and suggest their insight to improve decision-making.

Human resources specialists help their team hire, train, and manage employees while advising staff about recurrent difficulties and concerns. They develop, review, and implement HR policies and procedures and plans to apply new methods for improving a company’s HR processes.

Let’s take a look at the duties of a human resource consultant:

  1. HR Strategy and Planning: Working with the organization’s management to develop HR strategies that align with the overall business objectives and long-term goals. This involves understanding the company’s needs, identifying areas for improvement, and proposing solutions.
  2. Recruitment and Selection: Assisting in the recruitment process by creating job descriptions, sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, and helping to select the best fit for the organization.
  3. Training and Development: Identifying skills gaps within the workforce and designing training programs to address those gaps. This could involve creating training materials, organizing workshops, or recommending external training providers.
  4. Employee Relations: Advising on employee relations issues and providing guidance on handling conflicts, grievances, and disciplinary actions. HR consultants may also develop and implement employee engagement initiatives.
  5. Performance Management: Assisting in establishing performance management systems, including performance appraisals, goal setting, and providing feedback to employees and managers.
  6. Compensation and Benefits: Evaluating and benchmarking the organization’s compensation and benefits packages to ensure they are competitive in the job market and align with industry standards.
  7. HR Compliance and Legal Matters: Ensuring the organization complies with employment laws and regulations. This may involve reviewing policies, procedures, and contracts to ensure they are legally sound.
  8. HR Technology and Systems: Recommending and implementing HR software and systems to streamline processes, such as payroll management, time tracking, and applicant tracking.
  9. Organizational Development: Assisting in restructuring, change management initiatives, and succession planning to improve efficiency and productivity.

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Skills Needed for an HR Consultant

To be a successful HR Consultant, you’ll need the following skills:

  • Strong communications skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • People person skills
  • Updated computer skills
  • The ability to work under pressure and meet targets
  • Some knowledge of human resources software and database programs.

What Are The Educational And Career Requirements Needed To Become A HR Consultant?

When you have decided to pursue a career path as an HR consultant, there are several primary steps you need to take to qualify as an HR consultant:

1. Acquire a bachelor’s degree

Enroll in a four-year program that will include classes in HR management, business organization, and administration, company communications, operations management, professional development, and business marketing coordination to prepare you for a successful career as a human resources consultant. Each course will build on the one before it to give you a more thorough grasp of how an organization’s HR department functions.

With the education, comprehension, and confidence required to pursue this cutting-edge, difficult, and inspiring vocation, you will be ready to seek an appealing employment position as a consultant once your study program is through and you have earned your BA degree.

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2. Gain work experience

Suppose your academic requirements for completing your bachelor’s degree program included an HR internship at a qualified company. In that case, this would be a significant benefit for aiding you in obtaining an employment position as a human resources consultant after graduation. You will already have some experience in job interviewing, employee benefits management, and various administrative tasks in a business HR division.

If you did not participate in an internship throughout your undergraduate education, you should apply for a recruiter, assistant, associate, or departmental coordinator position. Your ability to function in this capacity will enable you to advance to the position of HR consultant. Your first job as an HR consultant will be made easier for you to obtain if you have any work experience in this industry, as human resources is a professional subject that requires a diverse set of abilities.

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3. Obtain certification

Obtaining certification from the two most reputable certifying organizations in human resources, the HR Certification Institute or SHRM, is your next step towards landing your first HR consultancy work position. Professional in Human Resources and Senior Professional in Human Resources are two categories in which they give certification. Both certificates require you to have the expertise to succeed on a challenging exam.

Following certification, you will have access to a wide range of networking and employment prospects. Your certification attests to your expertise in human resources and your knowledge of it and shows that you are interested in it. Additionally, it demonstrates your commitment to and sincere desire to obtain a good job in this industry.

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4. Keep Learning new HR techniques and skills

After obtaining your first position as a human resources consultant, you should keep looking for new possibilities to keep your professional knowledge, abilities, and approaches up to date. You will learn essential knowledge and experience that you can use daily in your consulting work by keeping up with new resources in this steadily expanding and changing field. Additionally, you will be getting ready for future wage perks and employment level progression.

You can access outstanding HR courses online via Udemy, Coursera, eDX, etc.

How Much Does A Human Resource Consultant Make?

The average annual salary for professional Human Resources consultants with job positions in the United States business world today equals approximately $65,000. Entry-level salaries are, on average, from $40,000 to $45,000 yearly, with opportunities for fairly rapid advancements in some companies and corporations.

Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and the years you have spent in your profession.

After ten to fifteen years of employment experience, the top salaries in this field equal approximately $72,000 to $75,000 annually.

Over the next ten years, the job outlook in the human resources field is 13 percent. If you are employed as a human resources consultant and continuously take educational courses to stay updated in the varied areas of your profession, your chances of more rapid advancement in position and salary levels are significantly greater.

11 Best Human Resource Consulting Jobs

Here is a list of the 11 best human resource consulting jobs you can choose from:

  • HR Training and Development Manager
  • Human Capital Management
  • Human Resources Executive Recruiter
  • Technology Consultant
  • Sales Consultant
  • Chief HR Officer
  • Recruitment officer
  • Labor Relations Manager
  • Human Resources Analytics Specialist

1. HR Training and Development Manager

When you are a company’s HR Training and Development Manager, you will implement and manage new training methods and materials for employees, helping to advance their skill levels and careers. By offering workshops and e-study classes and programs, you will initiate training sessions that promote regular opportunities for employee development.

2. Human Capital Management

The financial management of HR departments inside organizations is the main emphasis of human capital management. This category of consulting services includes executive search, staff recruitment, and employee benefits administration.

HCM consultants help businesses with payroll, program administration, health care, diversity, and labor legislation challenges. For instance, a consultant collaborates closely with HR professionals to draft and modify employee handbooks, compliance regulations, and benefit plans.

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3. Human Resources Executive Recruiter

Next on our list of human resource consulting job is the human resources executive recruiter.

As a human resources executive recruiter, you will be recruiting highly qualified applicants to fill such executive positions in your company as CEO, Vice President, and other senior executive jobs. This is a challenging and competitive HR field, but it is a good position for human resources consultants with quality, ongoing training, and expert skills. This employment position is usually quite lucrative over some time as well.

4.Technology Consultant

A technology consultant makes important decisions regarding the company’s technology to service its clients. The technology they use depends on the industry they work in. Nevertheless, they can create and maintain frameworks for new businesses, identify performance-enhancing strategies, and assist with hardware integrations.

5. Sales Consultant

A sales consultant sells a client’s product to generate revenue and profit for the organization. They also attract more leads to their business, enhancing their opportunity to become paying customers.

Furthermore, they can address client issues and administer solutions based on their needs. Sales consultants may have a strong social media presence because they can drive brand awareness.

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8. Chief HR Officer

This is a challenging long-term goal if you want to focus your ongoing professional career on human resources. Candidates who acquire this position have a more strategic role in their companies as major leaders, leaving the administrative duties to other company executives and staff members.

In this HR consulting job, you will define and structure major company systems, policies, and ongoing goals. All other officers and executives of the company will ultimately report to you.

9. Recruitment officer

Recruitment is a common segment of HR consulting. The human resources department gives the consultant a job description that details the open position. The job description includes the position title, daily responsibilities, and department information. The consultant also receives a candidate profile that lists educational, technical,, and interpersonal qualifications.

The consultant then sources or finds candidates by posting job listings and advertisements on Internet job boards, social media platforms, and face-to-face networking. Consultants with years of recruiting experience may already know candidates who fit the job description and contact them if the position is the right fit.

10. Labor Relations Manager

The labor relations manager is next on our list of best human resource consulting jobs.

As a Labor Relations Manager, your role revolves around managing and overseeing the relationship between a company and its employees, particularly in labor unions and collective bargaining matters.

As a labor relations manager, you must mediate between the employees and the employer on behalf of a labor union representing the employees. When there is a dispute between management and a labor union, the manager helps both sides agree on wages, pensions, health benefits, work environment, and management practices. 

11. Human Resources Analytics Specialist

A human resources analyst is in charge of gathering, organizing, and analyzing human resources data to draw findings that aid in streamlining all procedures. Additionally, they are in charge of ensuring that by gathering pertinent data as needed, all management within the company is kept informed of the progress of questions, issues, and concerns.

HR analysts use much data to acquire crucial information for business management decisions. For instance, HR analysts compile data on pay for certain job opportunities, examine employee satisfaction survey findings, assess training outcomes, and more.

FAQs On HR Consulting

What services do HR consultants offer?

HR consultants offer various services, including HR strategy development, talent acquisition and recruitment, performance management, employee engagement, compensation and benefits analysis, training and development programs, HR technology implementation, organizational development, and compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Are HR consultants only for large companies?

No, HR consultants cater to businesses of all sizes, from startups and small businesses to large enterprises. The scope of services may vary depending on the organization’s needs and resources.

How can HR consulting support change management initiatives?

HR consultants play a vital role in change management by helping organizations navigate through transitions, restructuring, or mergers. They can assist in communicating changes effectively to employees, addressing concerns, managing resistance, and developing plans to ensure a smooth transition.


There are many types of HR jobs. You can work as an HR generalist and up the ladder into a management role. You can become a specialist. Specializing in a particular area of human resources allows you to work in the area you like best. This may include educating employees, negotiating contracts, dealing with labor law issues, etc.


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