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Main Event Entertainment is a source of fun and excitement that opens doors for customers and those who want to work there. Your search is over if you’ve ever wondered what the hiring age is to work in this exciting field at Main Event.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get a job at Main Event by looking at the minimum age for hiring and the many different available positions.

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What is the hiring age for Main Event?

You must be at least 17 years old to work at Main Event. You also have to be a US citizen and have a place to get packages. Other than that, there are no other things you need to do to work at Main Event. You need to meet more requirements for management jobs at Main Event. You can find information about specific job openings on Main Event’s website.

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How long can you work at Main Event?

Today, no specific limit exists on how long someone can work at Main Event Entertainment. How long someone works for a company depends on how well they do their job, their availability, and how many workers the company needs. Many people working in the service and entertainment industries do so for a few months, a year, or even longer, depending on their needs and preferences.

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Why is the age requirement Important at the Main Event?

Some jobs at Main Event, like running heavy machinery or using tools in the kitchen, may have a minimum age requirement to keep employees and customers safe. Younger people may be unable to do specific tasks safely because they are not yet physically or mentally mature enough.

Main Event is where people of all ages can have fun and try out different activities. A good customer experience can be helped by hiring people old enough to talk to customers in a friendly and responsible way.

In addition, age requirements can be put in place to ensure that employees are legally old enough to work during business hours. Younger workers may have limits on how many hours they can work and may only be allowed to work shifts on time.

By setting age limits, Main Event tries to make sure that both employees and customers have a safe, fun place to work and shop while still following labor laws and industry standards. Any business needs to balance the need for a skilled and able workforce and the legal and safety concerns that come with age requirements.

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What is the Work Culture at Main Event?

  • Customer-focused: Main Event is a business that puts the customer first, so the work culture will likely focus on giving excellent service and ensuring guests have a good time.
  • Fast-paced and energetic: The entertainment industry can be busy and require workers to do many things simultaneously. During busy times and peak hours, the work environment may be lively and full of movement.
  • Training and development. Main Event may offer training and development programs to help employees improve their skills and move up in their jobs.
  • Inclusive and diverse. Companies like Main Event often try to create an inclusive and diverse work culture so that people from all walks of life feel valued and respected.
  • Employee benefits and perks. Depending on where an employee works and what the company’s policies are, Main Event may offer them discounts on activities and meals, flexible schedules, or chances to move up in the company.

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Work Testimonials from Employees at Main Event

#1. “Working at Main Event has been a lot of fun! Every day, I talk to guests of all ages and make them smile. The team here is very helpful, which makes the fast-paced environment feel more like a fun challenge than a burden. The employee perks, like free access to activities, are a great perk!”

#2. “Main Event is all about teamwork, and I love it! From the first day, I felt part of a close-knit family. The management encourages our growth and development by giving regular training sessions to help us improve our skills. It’s rewarding to see how our combined efforts create memorable experiences for our guests.”

#3. “I’ve worked at other places, but Main Event has a great work culture. They care about their employees and make sure they have a good balance between work and life. The company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is clear in every interaction, making it a great place for anyone to work.”

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Job Benefits of Working at Main Event

  • Employee discounts. Main Event employees often get discounts on bowling, arcade games, laser tag, food and drinks, and other things that can be done or bought at the entertainment center.
  • Schedules that are easy to work with. Depending on the position, Main Event may offer schedules that are easy to work with other things, like school or personal obligations.
  • Training and development. Main Event may offer training programs to help employees improve their skills and move up in their jobs. It can help them get a better job in the company or move up in their careers there.
  • Opportunities for advancement. Main Event often promotes from within, allowing employees to grow and move up as they gain experience and show what they can do.
  • Fun place to work. Working at an entertainment center like Main Event can be fun and exciting because you can interact with customers and help make their experiences memorable.
  • Employee Recognition. Main Event may have programs to recognize and reward employees for their excellent work and contributions to the company’s success.
  • Paid Time Off: Full-time workers may get paid time off, such as vacation, sick, or holiday time.
  • Health and wellness benefits. Depending on where you work, and your employment status, Main Event may offer medical, dental, and vision insurance options.
  • Plans for saving for retirement. Some Main Event locations may offer plans for saving for retirement, like a 401(k) where the employer matches your contributions.

How much do employees get paid at Main Event?

Most entry-level jobs at Main Event, like host or hostess, game attendant, or server, pay about the minimum wage or a little more per hour. Skilled jobs, like management or specialist technician, could produce more per hour or as a package.

It’s important to remember that pay rates can change over time and that each Main Event location may have a different way of paying people. For accurate and up-to-date information on how much other jobs at Main Event pay, you should call your local Main Event location or check out their website.

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What jobs are available at Main Event?

  • Game Attendants. Game Attendants are in charge of running and maintaining arcade games, ensuring they are in good shape, and helping guests when needed.
  • Host or hostess. Greets and welcomes guests, takes care of reservations, and ensures a smooth flow of customers when the place is busy.
  • Servers. Servers take orders for food and drinks, bring them to the tables, and give excellent service to customers in the dining area.
  • Bartenders. Bartenders make and serve drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, keep the bar area clean, and talk to people at the bar.
  • Party Host. Plans and hosts birthday parties and other special events, ensuring everyone has a good time and remembers it.
  • Bowling technicians. They clean and fix bowling equipment, keep an eye on the condition of the lanes, and help customers with any questions they have about bowling.
  • Laser Tag Arena Operators. These operators watch over laser tag games, tell players the rules, and make sure that safety rules are followed.
  • Kitchen staff: They work in the kitchen, preparing food, keeping it clean, and following rules about food safety.
  • Event Sales Coordinator: Helps plan events, handles bookings, and talks with clients to ensure events go well.

Management jobs, such as General Manager, Assistant Manager, and Department Manager, are also available at Main Event. These people are in charge of different parts of the entertainment center.

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Main Event usually hires people at least 17 years old, which aligns with safety and labor laws. These age requirements ensure employees and guests have a safe and fun time.

The benefits and pay rates can differ depending on the position, experience, and location. However, Main Event has been known to give its employees perks like discounts on activities, flexible scheduling, training and development opportunities, and the chance to move up in their careers.

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What’s the minimum hiring age to work at Main Event?

Main Event usually hires people who are at least 17 years old. But the minimum age could differ depending on local labor laws and company policies.

Does Main Event ever hire people younger than the minimum age? 

Main Event might think about hiring people younger than 17 for specific jobs, but this would depend on the nature of the job and local laws. If exceptions exist, asking for the local Main Event location is best.

What kinds of jobs are there at Main Event for teenagers?

Teenagers might be able to work at Main Event as game attendants, hosts or hostesses, party hosts, or kitchen staff. Most of the time, these jobs require excellent customer service and a fun environment for guests.

When teenagers work at Main Event, what can they look forward to? 

Teenagers who work at Main Event’s entertainment centers may be able to get benefits. Some benefits could include discounts on activities and meals, the ability to make your own schedule, and chances for training and career growth.

Does Main Event train the teenagers who work there? 

Yes, Main Event usually has training and development programs for teenagers working there to help them get better at their jobs and do better jobs. Training can cover things like how to deal with customers, safety rules, and what each job entails.



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