Marine Corps Enlisted Job Description | Salary, Skill, Qualification

The Marine Corps is a branch of the United States Armed Forces that specializes in amphibious operations. The U.S. Marine Corps was founded on November 10, 1775, and has fought in every major war since then.

The Marine Corps is a branch of the United States Armed Forces that specializes in amphibious operations. The U.S. Marine Corps was founded on November 10, 1775, and has fought in every major war since then.

The Marines are an elite fighting force that specializes in amphibious warfare, with infantry, tanks, artillery, and aircraft support all available to Marine forces. Marines are also responsible for providing security at sea for other naval vessels and deploying overseas to provide support during natural disasters or humanitarian crises.

There are two main types of jobs that Marines can have: enlisted and officer. Enlisted jobs require less education than officer jobs, but enlisted Marines can still reach top ranks through their service time and skill level. In this article, we will concentrate on the enlisted.

The position of a Marine Corps Enlisted is one that is highly revered, and if you think you qualify for it, here is what you need to know about the position.

Job Description of a US Marine Corps Enlisted

Relying on skill and expertise rather than just experience, US Marine Corps enlisted personnel are highly-trained military specialists who perform duties under the direct supervision of commissioned officers.

They prepare and maintain the equipment, materials, and supplies needed to operate the Marine Corps. Enlisted Marines fill critical roles that include everything from aviation and engineering to intelligence and communications.

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The Marine Corps is like no other organization in the world. Everything about it trains Marines for combat situations. Serving as an enlisted Marine is a challenging job with many opportunities for advancement.

Those who excel in this role will find themselves respected by their peers and capable of taking part in leadership roles.

The Marine Corps has many different jobs available to enlisted Marines. Some of the job positions include infantry, combat engineer, artillerymen, and aviation mechanic. Many of these jobs require advanced training before deployment or service with Marines units already deployed around the world.

You will receive extensive training that prepares you for leadership responsibilities and teaches you how to perform in an environment where teamwork is critical to success.

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Some Marine Corps enlisted job descriptions to include:

  • These Marines help ensure the security of American interests anywhere in the world. Infantry Marines take part in amphibious assaults, raids, and other operations as part of a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU). Responsibilities include:
  • Searching for, closing with, and destroying the enemy
  • Detecting mines and booby traps
  • Delivering fire on enemy forces

General Enlisted Ranks

The enlisted rank structure of the United States Marine Corps comprises three different categories: general enlisted, staff non-commissioned officers (usually referred to as NCOs), and special duty NCOs.

The most junior ranks in the Marine Corps are the three-grade levels of private. Privates have no insignia other than their rank title. The primary job of privates is to learn military procedures and prepare for more advanced training. To advance through these ranks, privates must show commitment to the Marine Corps.

Enlisted personnel begin their careers as private first class E1 (E-1), which is an entry-level position carrying the lowest salary. The next highest rank is private E2 (E-2), then private first-class E3 (E-3). After that comes lance corporal E4 (E-4) followed by corporal E5 (E-5), sergeant E6 (E-6), staff sergeant E7 (E-7), gunnery sergeant E8 (E-8), master gunnery sergeant E9 (E-9), and sergeant major E10 (E-10).

Skill Requirements

As a member of the US Marine Corps, an enlisted person needs to possess certain skills, including:

  • physical fitness and agility
  • dependability, discipline, and integrity
  • Leadership qualities such as loyalty, responsibility, and honesty.

These skills are essential for the proper functioning of the organization.

Qualification Requirements

The United States Marine Corps has three main divisions: combat troops, aviation, and supply. They can deploy anywhere troops in the world within 48 hours. There are several requirements that you must meet before being allowed to join the Marine Corps:

  • In order to enlist in the Marines, you must be at least 17 years old and meet certain education requirements.
  • If you’re between 17 and 29 years of age, you’ll need at least a high school diploma or GED equivalent to enlist in the Marines as an enlisted soldier;
  • If you’re between 29 and 34 years old, a high school diploma or GED equivalent is required unless you have at least two years of college or professional experience in a field deemed at least moderately technical by the Marine Corps.
  • You’ll also need to score well on the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests in order to qualify for service as an enlisted Marine.
  • Meet specific height and weight requirements
  • No history of felony convictions (must obtain a waiver)
  • No history of drug abuse (must obtain a waiver)

Training Requirements

Training is another important requirement for serving in the US Marine Corps as an enlisted person. Enlisted personnel undergoes a variety of training exercises that include classroom instruction and hands-on practical experience with real-world scenarios that prepare them.

Applicants must also pass an initial strength test that involves males being able to do at least three pull-ups and females doing one. Strength tests are repeated every six months throughout Marine’s career.

Marines must maintain their physical fitness by passing semiannual physical fitness tests, which include pull-ups or pushups, abdominal crunches, running, and other exercises.

Marines are also expected to be physically fit throughout their career. They may be required to lift heavy equipment or carry wounded soldiers on the battlefield, so they must be strong enough to take on those tasks while still maintaining their stamina during combat situations.

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Salary Structure

The Marine Corps salary structure is like the pay grades of other branches of the US Armed Services. The rank you hold in the Marine Corps is not just a matter of prestige, but it also brings along with it specific additional pay and allowances.

A Marine’s salary is comparable to that of a soldier, or an airman or sailor, but with different allowances and benefits as provided by the Department of Defense.

The salary structure for enlisted personnel varies based on 3 factors:

  1. Your grade (rank)
  2. Your time in service (TIS)
  3. Years of experience (YOS)

The USMC pays enlisted Marines according to their rank and time-in-service. The starting salary for a Private is $1,514 per month.

The average salary for a Marine with:

  • no college experience is $1,621 per month.
  • high school degree is $1,704 per month.
  • college coursework is $1,800 per month.
  • an associate degree is $1,852 per month.
  • a bachelor’s degree is $2,000 per month.

The average salary for all Marines in the U.S. Marine Corps is $33,400 annually or $15.97 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $20,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $80,000 per year.

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From the above discussion, a Marine Corps enlisted job description is challenging. So; you must be sure of what you want before you decide to join the service. If your motivation is genuine and you are convinced of your potential, then will get what you want in the service.

For Marine Corps enlisted jobs, there is an extensive list of requirements that meet the NAM and MOS qualifications, physical fitness test score standards, or rank you have to have, and these requirements apply to each individual job.

There will be no surprises about what they expect of them during their time in service. The best way for a Marine applicant to get ready before entering their pre-screening process is to visit the Marine Corps Recruiting website, where they will find the specific job they are applying for and the qualifications they need to be eligible.


What is the difference between Marine Officer and enlisted?

Enlisted Marines make up the majority of the Marine Corps and include ranks from Private to Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps. Marine Officers are leaders of Marines and include ranks from Second Lieutenant to Four-Star General.

What is a job called in Marines?

There are hundreds of these roles available for aspiring Marines, roles the Marine Corps refers to as Military Occupational Specialties (MOS)

What is the most common job in the Marines?

Military enlisted tactical operations & air/weapons specialists & crew members are the most common position, but the U. S. Marines Industry Group employs a relatively high number of Military enlisted tactical operations & air/weapons specialists & crew members, compared to other industries.



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