How To Write A Nanny Resume In 2023 + Free Samples And Writing Tips

In a period when people are looking for quality services when it comes to domestic help, you might need more than just basic details and an introduction to land a good-paying nanny job, especially in the United States. Employers are looking beyond just looks; they want quality assurance when it comes to nannies.

In this article, we’ll show you how to write a nanny resume in 2023.

Working with children and providing care to them is a special skill that brings rewards that goes beyond the basic wages and salaries. Childcare remains a pivotal part of children’s upbringing, which is why parents pay good money to get the best for their children while hiring nannies.

Who Is A Nanny?

While there might be many basic nanny descriptions, a nanny is simply someone entrusted with the care of a child by the parents for the reward of wages. Apart from the formal nannies, relatives to parents or neighbors can also play the role of nannies mostly for just a very short period of time.

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Nanny Description for Resume

If you want to land the best good-paying jobs, you might have to do more than basics. Experts advise you to employ the best resume crafting skills. From dressing kids, waking them from bed, driving them to school, helping with homework, house chores, and many more, the nanny description for your resume should summarize a good number of these things.

You will have to impress your employer with a good resume before you can impress with your skills and experience. With the help of associates and industry experts, we have outlined how to write a nanny resume in 2023 and land a good-paying nanny Job.

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How To Write A Nanny Resume?

A good number of what you put in as nanny skills for a resume depend largely on the criteria the parent wants. Some parents have different requirements, some want degree holders, and others might just want summer caregivers or live-in helpers. Whichever one you come across, it is your duty to ensure whatever resume you put out there impresses them.

However, if you are lost in thought thinking about what should I put in my resume? Below are the expectations of many employers for Nanny Jobs.

  • Communication
  • Pediatric First Aid
  • Physical Stamina
  • Problem-Solving
  • CPR
  • Newborn Care
  • Love of Children
  • Cooking

A good description of these skills will get you a long and is vital in finding out how to write a nanny resume in 2023. A good number of the nanny resume examples which we shall put up earlier take note of all the above.

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What Do Parents Look Out For In A Nanny?

Another integral part of finding how to write a nanny resume in 2023 is finding what parents actually want. If you figure out what the parents want it will go a long way in helping you tweak your resume to fit their requirements.

1. Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is one requirement parents always insist on. Before you can be able to perform optimally as a Nanny your communication with the child needs to be effective, like 10/10.

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2. Education

While some parents might not expect you to be a degree holder, you are however expected to have a basic educational background. Helping kids with homework and some academics requires you to have obtained at least a high school certificate or something mildly lower. This actually depends on the parents’ minimum level of education requirement.

3. Patience

Children and kids can be very slow in adapting to some instructions. Especially if you are with a special needs child. Patience remains a key tool in building a good relationship. Parents will have to know the level of tolerance you can give and how patient you can be with a child.

4. Trust

If a parent is going to give you their child, they need quality assurance that they are not making a terrible mistake. You can build trust by getting as many recommendations as you can get from previous employers. Parents also look out for respect, nurturing spirit, emergency-response ability, sound judgment, and a host of other personal traits. All these and more should be in your nanny description for your resume.

How To Write A Nanny Resume In 2023

Clarity and proper organization of your write-up remain pivotal parts of creating that perfect resume.

Here’s how to write a nanny resume in 2023 with free samples and writing tips:

Resume Summary

A good number of the expert recommendations obtained show that a Nanny’s resume should or its best started with a summary. Parents are usually the ones that go through Nanny resumes not hiring managers. Therefore, it is best you place before them a good overall convincing statement on why they should entrust you with their children.

Example of a Nanny resume

  • Nanny with 4+ years of experience providing tender and exceptional care to children aged 4 to 13.
  • Thoroughly at organizing children’s daily schedules, including meals, school, and recreational activities.
  • Sound proficiency in communicating with children in different developmental stages and strong will to assist children with school work.

Contact Information

This should be the first seen section in your resume. This section is meant to contain your name, address, email, phone number, and social media ( LinkedIn preferably ).


The level of education to some extent might not be a criterion to land a Nanny job. However, it still remains imperative you add whatever education you have acquired over the years to your resume.

If you have any special certificate gotten from Childcare, it should also be in this space. Based on the child’s level and age, your level of education might play an important role in the job.

E.g: A parent is most likely to leave the care of a 10-year-old with someone educated enough to help out with arithmetic and other home works than a lesser educated person.


Achievement is part of the things that attract employers. Parents want to know what you have accomplished and how far you have gone in childcare. Therefore, if you have any milestones or accomplishments from your previous place of work, it is very important you state them for your employer to see.

E.g. -Tutored children in English Maths and assisted with homework and school projects, resulting in a 17% average improvement in all children’s grades.

Skill sets

The skills section should contain the most important keywords necessary for your job field. Up to 6-12 skill sets should be listed here. It is a Nanny job. Therefore your emphasis should be on the skills that are considered very important to the job. Hard skills should make a top priority.


Experience as important as it is should not be exaggerated. Your experience should be detailed and related to the job applied for. Most importantly, applicants should ensure the most impressive achievements are detailed. Start from the most recent experiences and achievements to the last.

E.g: Performing light housekeeping duties and running errands, including grocery shopping, that saved parents 24 hours per week doing chores.


If you have certifications acquired over the years on the job, ensure you detail them in your resume. Certifications go a long way in making your resume stand out. Don’t make the mistake of putting in a certification you don’t have proof of.

Below are examples of certifications.

  • Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)
  • First Aid, CPR, and AED Instructor
  • Dental Assistant (RDA)
  • Certified Medical Interpreter – Spanish (CMI)
  • Child Development Associate (CDA)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)


Summary here details and gives a quick round-up of who you are and why you’re the best candidate for the job. Care of children is delicate work. Therefore, whatever you are summarizing should detail all that should be known about you. Make sure you also highlight relevant keywords in the appropriate places to bypass the ATS tracking of the application.

Nanny Resume Examples/Samples

Below are some Nanny resume examples we believe can help in you building your resume.

Additionally, your Nanny resume-building techniques can also be improved with some Nanny CV-building portals. Platforms like can help a lot, or you can get CV-building experts to help guide you if you want physical guidance.


Nanny jobs can be part-time or full-time jobs for one. It might not actually make you a millionaire, but you can save lots of money from it to plan the life you always wanted. Additionally, an employer could be so impressed with your skill and then take you up to a higher level.

For you to thrive well in Nanny Jobs, you must really know how to relate with children. Therefore, finding out how to write a Nanny resume in 2023 is one big step in attracting the right opportunities for a Nanny Job.

Childcare is a very delicate duty. Hence, parents are most likely to put you through a series of scrutiny before entrusting their childcare to your hand.

FAQs On How To Write A Nanny Resume

What is the duty of a nanny?

A Nanny basically provides childcare and other related domestic duties as agreed with the employer.

What should I put in my Nanny resume?

A Nanny’s resume starts with the name, contact details, skills, work experience, and education along with other professional certifications related to the child care field.

Does Nannying look good on a resume?

If your career field deals a lot with childcare and children’s education. Having a Nanny experience on your resume is a sure way to create a good impression.

What Should I say in a Nanny Interview?

Get ready to answer questions regarding your education, skills, details about your last job, what you like most about the job, why you detest most about the job, why you should be hired, and what children like the most about you amongst other things.


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