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If you’re considering starting your career in the shoe industry and would love to work with Shoe Dept, understanding the hiring age is critical. James Avery Craftsman Inc., a well-renowned American jewelry design company, offers exciting opportunities for individuals passionate about design and craftsmanship.

About Shoe Dept

Established in 1960 in Kannapolis, NC, SHOE SHOW, INC. has achieved remarkable success by adhering to a straightforward yet effective approach to delivering superior products, services, and value. Boasting over six decades of experience, the company has become a leader in offering branded footwear, bags, and accessories for the entire family.

With an ever-expanding presence, SHOE SHOW, INC. operates various store names, including SHOE SHOW, SHOE DEPT., Burlington Shoes, Shoebilee, and SHOE DEPT. ENCORE, BURLINGTON SHOES ENCORE, and SHOE SHOW MEGA. Presently, the company operates an impressive 1100+ stores across 47 states.

The foundation of SHOE SHOW, INC.’s prosperity lies in embracing technological advancements and optimizing operational efficiency. This includes standardized store designs, a proficient distribution center, and advanced computer links with stores and vendors. Headquartered in Concord, NC, the company remains committed to maintaining its success formula.

In addition to their business pursuits, SHOE SHOW, INC. places significant value on social and community initiatives that benefit local areas.

The company actively engages in various charitable causes, supporting organizations such as Cooperative Christian Ministries, Bible Teaching Associations, Salvation Army, Hospice and Palliative Care of Cabarrus County, Crisis Pregnancy Center, CVAN, Gardner-Webb University, Cabarrus Vocational Opportunities, Rowan Vocational Opportunities Incorporated, Community Free Clinic, and Cabarrus Meals on Wheels.

As the company looks to the future, SHOE SHOW, INC. will continue to focus unwaveringly on its core principles of providing quality products, services, and value to customers, ensuring a legacy of excellence endures.

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What Is The Shoe Dept Hiring Age?

The minimum hiring age for Shoe Dept, also known as Shoe Dept Encore, is typically 16 years old. However, age requirements may vary depending on the specific state or location, as some states might have different employment laws regarding the minimum age for certain positions.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Shoe Dept

If you are interested in working at Shoe Dept, you must be at least 16 years, and in some states, you must be 18. However, you will most likely get employed in an entry-level position as a 16-year-old – entry positions like Sales Associate and Cashier.

But your career can advance as you spend time proving your competence and abilities on the job.

Shoe Show Positions and Salary Information

Welcoming applications from work seekers as young as 16, Shoe Show provides entry-level jobs ideal for high school and university students. Team-oriented individuals passionate about customer service often find gainful careers with the shoe supplier. Accessible positions for which the company consistently accepts applications include:

Sales Associate

  • Regular duties include operating cash registers, greeting customers, answering questions, replenishing merchandise, and maintaining the overall cleanliness of stores.
  • Hourly wages for sales associates at Shoe Show begin near minimum wage but may increase with time and experience.
  • Sales associates should uphold the physical shape required to stand for long hours and repeatedly bend, squat, reach, and lift.

Assistant Manager

  • Duties include helping aid in the smooth operation of the store and supervising sales associates.
  • In an intensive position, the assistant manager job title yields pay rates of about $10.00 to $12.00 an hour.
  • Shift responsibilities include responding to customer concerns and complaints, leading other associates by example, contributing to store sales goals, taking inventory, filling sales associate roles as necessary, and completing any tasks assigned by store managers.

Store Manager

  • Individuals who hold the store manager position must keep the store in good standing order. Ensuring that items and employees are ready for business is the main task.
  • Store managers earn an annual salary package of around $45k to begin.
  • Candidates with organization, leadership, and excellent time management skills create ideal workers.

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Why Is The Age Requirement At Shoe Dept Important?

The age requirement at Shoe Dept is typically set at 18 years old, and it is in place for several reasons:

Legal compliance: Many states have labor laws that dictate the minimum age for employment. The age requirement ensures that the company complies with these legal regulations.

Job responsibilities: Some positions at Shoe Dept might involve tasks or responsibilities better suited to individuals 18 or older. For example, there might be restrictions on working with certain equipment or handling cash transactions for younger individuals.

Safety concerns: Retail work can involve potential safety risks, such as lifting heavy objects or handling merchandise. The age requirement helps ensure that employees are physically capable of handling the job demands safely.

Professionalism and maturity: Positions at Shoe Dept may require interacting with customers and handling various situations professionally. Setting an age requirement can help ensure employees have the necessary maturity and communication skills.

Consistency in employment practices: Having a standard age requirement across the company helps streamline the hiring process and ensures fairness and consistency.

It’s essential to note that specific reasons for age requirements may vary depending on the company’s policies, industry norms, and local laws.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Shoe Dept’s age requirement and reasons, it’s best to refer to their official website or contact their human resources department directly.

How Is The Work Culture At The Shoe Dept?

Work culture can vary from one company to another, but in a retail setting like Shoe Dept, some aspects of the work culture might include:

Customer Service Focus: Retail companies usually prioritize providing excellent customer service. Employees may be encouraged to be friendly, helpful, and attentive to customer needs.

Teamwork: Retail environments often require employee collaboration to ensure smooth store operations. Teamwork and effective communication are essential for inventory management, visual merchandising, and customer support tasks.

Fast-Paced Environment: Retail can be fast-paced, especially during peak hours or busy shopping seasons. Employees may need to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, requiring adaptability and time management skills.

Sales Goals and Incentives: Retail companies often set sales targets for employees. Some may offer incentives or commissions to motivate employees to achieve or exceed these goals.

Training and Development: Retail companies may invest in training and development programs to enhance employees’ skills and product knowledge, enabling them to provide better customer service.

Diversity and Inclusion: Encouraging diversity and inclusion is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. A positive work culture promotes an inclusive environment where employees from diverse backgrounds feel valued and respected.

Employee Recognition: Recognizing and appreciating employee efforts and achievements can be a part of a positive work culture, fostering a sense of belonging and motivation.

It’s important to note that work culture can vary among individual stores within the same company, and the specific work culture at Shoe Dept may be influenced by its management, policies, and regional differences.

For a more detailed understanding of the work culture at the Shoe Dept, it’s best to seek out firsthand accounts from current or former employees or refer to the company’s official communication or employee resources.

Work Experience. Testimonials from Shoe Dept Employees

A great place to work as long as your co-workers like you

Key holder (Current Employee) – Myrtle Beach, SC – July 13, 2023

The most useful review selected by Indeed

The shoe department is a great place to work as long as your coworkers like you. Otherwise, they’ll try to push you out. You get a 20% discount on your purchases.


30 min. Lunch, Flexible schedule, closes at 9 pm


No management support, low pay

Great place to work

Key Holder/Assistant Manager (Former Employee) – Jonesboro, AR – July 18, 2023

I loved working at Shoe Department. I worked with a great supportive team of employees and a great Manager and Supervisor. No complaints about this job except for the store closing





Management could be a lot better

Key Holder/Assistant Manager (Former Employee) – Amarillo, TX – July 16, 2023

I was a keyholder here. Everyone there is amazing, except for the store manager. If you can let the things the manager does and says roll off your shoulders, then this is a good beginner job.


Good work team


The manager is unprofessional and rude

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Job Benefits when Working at Shoe Dept

Though work benefit eligibility depends on full-time or part-time status, Shoe Show provides workers with comprehensive job benefits packages. Most employees qualify for the associate discount, paid time off, sick days, and holidays. Additional employment benefits include:

  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Dependent care
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Life insurance
  • Pension plans
  • 401(k) retirement plans, and
  • Employee stock purchase programs.

Conclusion Shoe Dept Hiring Age

Like many other companies, Shoe Dept sets its hiring age requirement to ensure legal compliance, uphold safety standards, and maintain professionalism within its workforce. By setting the minimum age typically at 18, the company can adhere to labor laws, assign suitable employee responsibilities, and create a consistent and fair hiring process.

Aspiring applicants interested in joining the Shoe Dept team should consider the age requirement while exploring rewarding career opportunities in the retail industry.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Shoe Dept’s official channels or contact their HR department for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the hiring age and related policies.

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