Top Skills That Are Good For LinkedIn in 2023

LinkedIn has been recorded to be one of the top professional apps on social media. And for you to scale through with LinkedIn, you need to develop yourself with some LinkedIn skills.

Most people land high-paying jobs from LinkedIn. And you can ask the question, “How”

These individuals were able to crack the nut by attaching relevant LinkedIn skills to their profiles and making them visible to hiring managers or recruiters.

In this article, we will talk about LinkedIn and the relevant skills to have.

What is LinkedIn?

Before we dive directly into the relevant LinkedIn skills, we need to know what this LinkedIn is about.

LinkedIn is a professional global network in the internet space. It is regarded as the world’s largest professional network.

With LinkedIn, you can position yourself right in order to get the most out of it.

You can get jobs on LinkedIn, land internships in any company, connect with like minds, build relationships, and learn relevant skills that would help scale your career to a whole new level.

How Can I Use LinkedIn?

With your PC or Laptop, you can access LinkedIn. You can also access it using mobile devices, the web, etc.

First, try creating an account on LinkedIn with your full name and professional picture. Indicate your professional LinkedIn skills in your profile.

You can politely ask your clients who have good feedback about you to endorse those skills.

Ensure to complete your profile as it connects you to great opportunities, showcasing your experiences, education, professional organizations you are one of their members, Awards won, etc.

You can use it to organize contests, programs, offline events, write articles, share videos, and lots more.

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Who Should Join LinkedIn?

Looking to advance your career? LinkedIn is a great platform for that.

People from professional backgrounds like entrepreneurs, small/large business owners, job seekers, those seeking internships, students, etc. can join LinkedIn.

It gives them the opportunity to connect with individuals, companies, etc.

Therefore, you need to brace your profile with great LinkedIn skills to be seen as a person of value and relevance.

How do I Get Started?

To get started on this great platform, the first thing to do is

#1. Create a profile

Starting up with creating a profile is the best way to start using LinkedIn. It lays, in summary, your skills, experiences, present and past employers, your achievements, etc.

#2. Build your network

To unlock the power of LinkedIn, you need to build your network. For you to attract more connections, you need to upgrade yourself. Learn and attach a few LinkedIn skills to your profile. It helps boost your network.

#3. Find a job

You can notify your connections that you are available for jobs. One way to get a call is to have the necessary skills and experiences needed by that company. This is why you need to master LinkedIn skills and attach them to your profile.

#4. Engaging in conversations

Engaging in conversations enables you to be seen. Liking and commenting meaningfully on other’s posts shows how valuable you are and also helps exhibit your communication skills.

#5. Post Contents

Be willing to post and share educational posts on your profile. People come online to learn and share. So share your thoughts and ideas on meaningful topics.

Top Skills That Are Good For LinkedIn

Branding yourself intentionally on LinkedIn helps connect you to great opportunities.

People want to connect or hire you when they see you are of value. So applying LinkedIn skills helps get you where you want faster.

Your skills show recruiters what you are capable of. The more LinkedIn skills you list, your chances of getting contacted.

Few skills good for LinkedIn include:

#1. Analytical skill

This skill is really great and relevant to some industries like law, medicine, business, etc. Most recruiters prefer an individual who can think critically and analyze information.

Skills related to analysis include;

Analytical reasoning, problem-solving, critical thinking, data analysis, consulting, etc.

#2. Business Skills

This is another skill LinkedIn to have on your profile. If you are looking for administrative roles or management, this is one LinkedIn skill to display.

Your experience will also decide how you can add value to the company. Skills related are:

Administration, Economics, Business Management, Business Intelligence, Business Development, etc

#3. Information Technology (IT)

This skill doesn’t just refer to that used by software developers, but also to professionals who manage computer-based technologies.

There is a high tendency that individuals with such IT skills to be hired by companies. IT skills like data presentation, cloud inputting, Tech Support, UI/UX, Content Management, Software Engineering, scientific computing, Blockchain, Mobile Development, etc.

#4. Management Skills

Leadership skills also make you attractive and it is also another good LinkedIn skill to have. Some management skills include:

  • Relationship Management
  • Strategic planning
  • Coaching
  • Negotiation
  • Project management
  • Task Delegation
  • Time management, etc.

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#5. Marketing

This skill encompasses several jobs like advertising, public relations, research marketing, etc

It is one of the LinkedIn skills that attract a lot of recruiters Skills include

  • Media planning
  • Online marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Market research
  • Social Media
  • Affiliate marketing, etc

#6. Communication skills

One of the most relevant LinkedIn skills every professional should possess is effective communication skills.

Your ideas become a waste when you don’t share them. And the only way to do so is to communicate.

Here are some communication skills to possess are

  • Active listening
  • Editing
  • Writing
  • Nonverbal communication, etc

#7. Other LinkedIn skills:

Other skills to possess that could make recruiters contact you are

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Video production
  • Persuasion skill
  • People management, etc.


To make yourself visible on LinkedIn, you need to be intentional about your presence. Always dish out valuable ideas and stories.

Engage with your audience and others. This helps build your network. And ensure to learn and rank your LinkedIn skills on your profile so the most important appear first.



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