What is Walgreen Hiring Process in 2023? | Job Application, Interviews and Employment

The Walgreens hiring process comprises many steps, including a job application and an interview in which you must get all the questions right to be hired.

The Walgreens hiring process is highly competitive. First, Applicants send the required materials to the selected location or locations and then wait for a response from recruiting agents. The store contacts eligible workers who fit the requirements for the open positions. 

The recruiting process might take up to two months as some workers may not receive a phone call after submitting job applications or may have to wait weeks between interviews during the hiring process. On the other hand, some candidates can finish the procedure in a matter of days.

This article explains the Walgreens hiring process to help you understand what it takes to gain a job there.

Company Overview

Walgreen Co. has nearly 9,000 largely freestanding Walgreens locations in all 50 US states, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, making it one of the largest drugstore chains in the US. 

Walgreens has over 85,000 healthcare service providers, including pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurse practitioners, and other health-related professionals, who filled nearly 287.6 million prescriptions, including vaccines. 

Most Walgreens locations feature drive-through pharmacies, and many locations have in-store health clinics. 

Walgreens Hiring Process

I’ll go over the various procedures or actions to follow if you wish to work at Walgreens. In this section, I’ll look at the job application, application screening, interview, evaluation, and employment.

The Walgreen Company’s recruitment procedure varies occasionally, but we’ll focus on the ones that don’t change.

Job Application for Walgreens

Writing an application is the first step of the Walgreens hiring process. You must complete this step before moving on to the next. 

You can apply for a job at Walgreens by either; applying through the company’s LinkedIn profile, website, or retail locations.

To apply on the site, you create an account with them. Creating an account is simple and easy. Once you submit your application, the next step is to visit the closest Walgreens retail outlet to take a skills assessment exam.

Following your application, the recruiting staff will analyze and screen it. After the screening, the successful contacts will be contacted. This can be checked on the company’s website. The whole process won’t take over three weeks.

Walgreens Interview Process

This is the next step in the Walgreens hiring process after applying. You’ll need to scale through this process before you get hired.

The goal of Walgreens’ interview process is for the recruiting manager to determine if you’re qualified.

The interview is either done virtually, or physically. The virtual interview included phone or video calls, while you have to be physically present for the in-person interview. The interview depends on the job applied. Sometimes, it might include many rounds of interviews before concluding with a meeting with the hiring manager.

Walgreens Most Asked Interview Questions

Here are some questions they could ask you at Walgreens to help you pass your interview.

What motivates you to work at Walgreens?

This is where you discuss your aims and goals for working at Walgreens. Make sure it relates to the company.

Tell us about when you dealt with an irate and dissatisfied customer.

Your customer service abilities are assessed here. Provide practical ways to deal with such customers, such as asking them to leave, calling security, or calling your superiors kindly.

What inspires you?

Talk about what motivates you to accomplish tasks easily.

Have you Ever Aided someone in Achieving Their Objectives? If so, how would you go about doing it?

Think about the moment you assisted someone in doing something extraordinary and tell your interviewer about it.

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Have you ever collaborated with others?

The interviewer is curious about your interpersonal skills. He or she wants to know if you enjoy collaborating with others.

Have you ever led a team before, and how did it go?

Talk about your leadership roles, and how capable you are as a leader, especially in your previous job.

How do you handle circumstances that need discretion?

Walgreens like most companies values customers’ secrecy and privacy. You won’t discuss private information or company secrets with the wrong people.

How good at talking with people are you?

Your communication skills are very important, not only in the hiring process at Walgreens but in all aspects of life. Let the company know how effective your communication skills are.

These are some questions they may ask you during the Walgreens hiring process. Depending on the interviewer or the position you apply for, they may ask you various questions. The level of preparation you have is crucial to your success.

Keep your cool and think about each question before responding.

Walgreen Assessment Tests

You should know that your resume alone doesn’t guarantee you being hired by Walgreens. The psychometric tests to determine your competency that follow are equally important. They include;

Aptitude Test

This is necessary to assess the cognitive ability of a potential worker, and also determine their approach to real issues. They include numerical reasoning, and verbal reasoning, all to determine comprehension skills.

Personality Assessments

Walgreens lookout for personalities who fit in best with the company’s profile. Hence, this step is very important in the Walgreens hiring process to make it important. Just be yourself, and answer truthfully and all will be well.

Tests of Situational Judgement

The SJT assesses how you would respond and deal with workplace difficulties that may arise because employees may need to operate in a team.

Qualities Recruiters Look for in The Walgreens Hiring Process

Walgreens is one of the best firms in the United States they require only qualitative workers. You should take your time to know such qualities, which I’ll mention a few.

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Real-time problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork
  • Goal-oriented

How to Prepare for Walgreens Assessment test

If you meet the prerequisites for a position at Walgreens, the following step is to plan how you’ll adequately prepare for the exam. One of the most crucial factors in getting a job at Walgreens is the outcome of the assessment test.

Basic Math Tests

This is where candidates solve math questions based on circumstances that they may gain when on the job. They include; addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and other fundamental mathematical equation.

Pharmacy Technician Test

Applicants must answer these questions to gauge an applicant’s technical skills. As calculators are not allowed, you need to improve more on your accuracy.

Situational Judgement Test

Realistic and simulated scenarios are provided for candidates here, as multiple-choice questions. To scale through Walgreen’s hiring process, you need to scale through this step.

Customer Service Skills Assessment Test

This comprises multiple-choice questions and lasts around 30 minutes. Candidates will be offered questions in this stage of the Walgreens hiring process to determine how they respond to a client acting in a particular way. Expect inquiries about job ethics as well.

Employment at Walgreens

After you pass your assessment, the next step is to pass a background check. This is where your past employment experience and academic credentials are, and to contact the references you listed on your résumé is confirmed.

If Walgreens finds you satisfactory, they will present you with a proposal including the pay, and work terms. After a verbal agreement, a formal agreement is then signed.

Walgreens will also provide you with information and resources. You’ll also be introduced to the workplace.

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Walgreens Incentives

Walgreens has offered some incredible bonuses to their qualifying workers. Some advantages you may experience at Walgreens are:

  • Packages of life insurance
  • Parental leave that is paid
  • Paid vacation
  • Take a vacation
  • Savings strategy for retirement
  • Life and personal accident insurance voluntarily
  • Medical, pharmaceutical, vision, and dental care

Walgreens University

This university provides educational opportunities to all employees at Walgreens. The courses available at the university include; the School of Pharmacy where one learns the rudiments and practice of Pharmacy, the School of Operations dealing with day-to-day operations in Walgreens, and a school of beauty.

FAQs What is Walgreen Hiring Process? | Job Application, Interviews and Employment

What is Walgreen?

Walgreens is the second-largest drugstore store chain in the United States of America.

Where is Walgreen headquarters?

The headquarters of Walgreen Co. are located at 200 Wilmot Rd Ste 2002 Deerfield, IL, 60015-4681 in the United States.

How do I get a job at Walgreen?

To get a job at Walgreens, you must first match their qualifications, then apply for your preferred function, then ace the assessment, and finally the interview.

How long does Walgreen take to call back after an interview?

It could take anywhere between 3 weeks to up to two months for Walgreens to contact you if you are successful. If you are not, you will typically receive a rejection email sooner.

How much does Walgreen pay its employees?

According to PayScale, the typical compensation at Walgreens ranges from $50,742 to $135,762. Your remuneration at Walgreens is determined by the position or function you apply for.

How can I know if I passed the assessment?

You can know if you passed the assessment test by simply keeping in contact with the hiring manager. You should also check your dashboard if you apply on the site and constantly check your emails.


It is easy to get a job at Walgreens. It is workable with devotion and practice for examinations and thorough preparation for interviews to guarantee you are giving your best effort.

A position at Walgreens might be the key that unlocks a world of potential for your career. I hope this post assists you in your career preparation and allows you to pass the Walgreens hiring process.



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