Progressive Hiring Process | Job Application, Interviews and Employment

Applying for a job at Progressive is lucrative and highly competitive. Like many other companies, the Progressive hiring process isn’t difficult; it is pretty straightforward. An applicant must go through the application, interview, and assessment phases.

This article will help you understand what you need in each step. Pay close attention. 

What You Need to Know About Progressive Corporation

Progressive Corporation is an American insurance firm that is the third biggest insurance carrier and the country’s largest commercial vehicle insurer. Jack Green and Joseph M. Lewis co-founded the firm in 1937, and it is located in Mayfield Village, Ohio.

The firm covers passenger cars, motorbikes, RVs, trailers, boats, personal watercraft, and commercial vehicles. Progressive also offers home, life, pet, and other insurance through chosen firms.

Progressive offers a wide range of employment possibilities in human resources, legal, field sales, technology, accounting, marketing, and account management. It provides internships and graduate programs. Progressive provides the following team member benefits:

  • Health insurance
  • Insurance for your eyes
  • Investing for retirement
  • Paid vacation
  • Program of annual bonuses

What is the Application Process at Progressive Hiring?

To apply for a job with Progressive, you must first create an online profile. The Progressive hiring system allows you to autofill fields with information from your résumé. Before submitting your application, you must still include your resume. Logging into your account will allow you to monitor the progress of your application.

If your application piques a recruiter’s interest, they will contact you by email.

Assessment Process

Some Progressive roles need online screening. These psychometric exams measure how well you fit in with the firm, respond in different scenarios, and your customer service style.

You will be given a time limit to complete the screening to proceed with the employment process. Your test results will be forwarded to you within two days.

The two types of assessment to expect are:

Personality evaluation and Situational judgment test.

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Personality Evaluation

This test is used to learn about your personality qualities, such as empathy, persistence, and assertiveness, based on the exam results. The exam is made up of multiple-choice questions with the answers “agree,” “disagree,” and “strongly agree.”

Situational Judgement Test

The situational judgment exam assesses your job performance, teamwork abilities, and capacity to adapt to new conditions.

This component of the assessment test is multiple choice, with questions based on situations you would experience on the job. You must select the best response from the options provided.

How to Prepare for Progressive Assessment Test

Progressive’s online assessment assessments are not timed, so give yourself plenty of time to complete them. You can take the exams from any location with internet access, but make sure it has a stable connection.

Answer all the questions as if you were in a real-life job setting; these exams measure your personality against the talents that the firm values the most.

Thoroughly research the position for which you have applied so that you can answer inquiries about it. Answer each question to the best of your abilities and avoid second-guessing yourself. Read each question carefully to select the correct answer; some may have slightly redundant language.

Above all, be confident when taking the evaluation tests. Answering the questions without overthinking will allow you to remain stress free while achieving a result that will enable you to continue in the employment process.

Job Test Prep provides study resources tailored to the Progressive Pre-Employment Assessment test. The Prep Pack is intended to offer test-takers a realistic testing experience to pass their exam. The Pack includes:

  • The DDI Adaptive Reasoning Test comes with 30 different practice tests.
  • Typing Test Practice includes simulations of authentic typing tests.
  • Wonderlic Personnel Test comprises nine full-length Wonderlich type examinations, a study guide, and thorough score reports.
  • Customer Service SJT Practice: Online predictive exams prepare you for customer service.
  • A personality test and a customized report are provided to prepare for the personality exam.
  • WorkKeys Assessment Tests include online practice guides and other resources to help you prepare for the WorkKeys Test.

Tips on How to Pass the Progressive Assessment Test

  • Make sure you plan of time. Make sure you have a whole night’s sleep before the evaluation, know where you need to be, and know what to expect.
  • Familiarize yourself with the evaluation. Understand what to expect and what you will be required to perform for each assessment component to scale through the progressive hiring process.
  • Take practice IQ tests.
  • Take part in assessment exercises. Personality tests and interviews are examples of this. Self-assessment makes you feel more secure during the actual evaluation and prepares you for any challenges.
  • Interviews should be planned. An interview, or a series of interviews, is always a component of the evaluation process. Understand what the interviewer is likely to ask, prepare your responses ahead of time, and be familiar with your CV.
  • Recognize the principles and reasons that guide your job. During the interview process, your work values and motivation are likely to be discussed, and in certain situations, a work values test may be conducted. Consider your professional values, and then take the career values exam to understand more about yourself and what makes you happy at work.
  • Personalize your SWOT analysis. They will probably question you about your strengths and weaknesses throughout the evaluation. Please make a list of all of them.

Targeted Selection

Progressive uses targeted Selection (“behaviour-based questions”). These questions provide an insight into how you operate and put your talents and abilities to use. Past conduct can predict future behavior, according to one school of thinking.

The STAR technique is a beautiful way to approach Targeted Selection. Consider your response a short tale with a beginning, middle, and conclusion.

  • Situation/Task: Describe your experience in 30 seconds.
  • Action: In two minutes, outline your steps to rectify the issue.
  • Results: Describe the effect of your actions in 30 seconds and one measurable accomplishment or critical learning.

Some Examples of Targeted Selection Questions for the Progressive Hiring Process

  • Tell me about when you made a mistake. What exactly did you do?
  • Tell me about when you had to complete a task above and beyond your work duties. What precautions did you take?
  • Interacting with people might be challenging. Describe a time when you wished you had done differently with a coworker. What transpired?

It’s easy to get lost in your response to open-ended questions like these and ramble on. Listen closely to the question and pause for a moment before responding.

Interview Process

The first phase in the interview process will be a phone interview. A typical interview lasts 20 to 30 minutes and includes a review of the job description and answers to some basic questions. If you make a good impression during the phone interview, it will invite you to an in-person interview.

Progressive uses STAR interviews. The situation, task, action, and reaction are abbreviations for situation, task, action, and response. The interviewer will ask you to show your problem-solving skills by providing examples from your past job experience.

Even though Progressive Insurance is one of the most well-known insurance companies in the United States, interviews are handled with courtesy. Hiring is a lengthy process, and being prepared might differ between obtaining the job and not.

 Preparing for Your Interview

  • Every path leads back to the job description. Examine the report to remind yourself why your experience is relevant.
  • Practice makes perfect. Make a list of the examples you intend to use in your interview and rehearse with others or in front of a mirror. This will help you get more comfortable with your replies. Prepare some questions for the interview team to demonstrate your interest in the position and ensure it is a good fit for you.
  • Finally, remember to be enthusiastic. This is the exciting part—you get to be more than your CV. This is merely a two-person chat. Just be yourself as much as possible.

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Likely Questions you can Encounter During a Progressive Hiring Process

Here are some of the most asked questions in the interview phase of the Progressive hiring process:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

It’s OK to discuss your hobbies and interests, but keep it brief. Concentrate on relevant work experience. Keep in mind that having relevant job experience will put you ahead of the competition.

Can you tell us anything about Progressive?

Progressive is an American insurance company founded in 1937 by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green. The head office is in Mayfield Village, Ohio.

Products include property insurance & protection, personal insurance & services (Health, Life, Travel, etc.), business insurance, and financial services (Home Financing, Home Refinancing, Personal Loans, etc)

What motivates you to work at Progressive?

State that you want to advance your career in insurance and believe Progressive is a fantastic place to accomplish it.

Mention how impressed you are with Progressives’ environmental commitment—initiatives such as lowering carbon emissions, decreasing paper use, and diverting trash from landfills.

What is your strongest suit?

The easiest method to answer this question is to discuss your talents and experience directly related to the position you are looking for. As a result, go over the job description and persuade the interviewer that you have the expertise and skills.

What is your most serious flaw?

You should not deny having a weakness or state your strengths as a weakness (I am a perfectionist, or I work too hard and neglect my friends and family). Instead, consider a necessary but not vital for the work and list it as your weakness.

When you describe your weakness, highlight what you’re doing to overcome it. For example, I am afraid of public speaking and have registered in a public speaking class to help me conquer my anxiety.

What are your qualifications? Why should we hire you?

  • Be forthright and self-assured about your ability.
  • Highlight the reasons why you are the best applicant for the job.
  • Be passionate about why you desire this job.
  • Demonstrate your abilities to work hard.


One of the best ways of nailing any interview is by thoroughly preparing for it and knowing what to expect; by arming yourself this way, you have eliminated nearly 75% of all errors. All you need to do is practice and build up your confidence.

Now that you have all the information regarding the Progressive hiring process go out there and turn that dream into reality. Good luck!



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