What are the Best Private Jet Companies in 2023?

Private jets offer a luxurious and convenient way to travel, and they are becoming increasingly popular among individuals and businesses alike. With many private jet companies, selecting the right one can take time and effort.

Whether you are looking for the best value for your money, the highest level of luxury, or the most reliable service, finding a private jet company that meets your needs is essential. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best private jet companies floating in the market and what sets them apart.

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How To Determine the Best Private Jet Companies

Choosing the right private jet company can be challenging because each provider has unique procedures, and there are numerous aspects to consider. The best companies in this field have elaborate price structures and service offerings, and this guide will explain everything to you. Here are three questions to help you narrow your search:

How often do you use private jets?

Separate chartered flights, jet card programs, jet leasing, and “fractional ownership,” or sharing ownership of an aircraft, are all standard services private jet firms provide.

If you only fly less than 25 hours per year, look for a service that lets you charter flights when you need them. Although this is the costliest option when calculated on a per-hour basis, the upfront expenses of alternative alternatives are justified only when you plan to fly more frequently.

People who typically use private jets for between 25 and 75 flying hours per year should look into providers who provide jet cards. These programs usually demand a sizable, nonrefundable deposit or prepay for a certain number of flying hours to access the advantages, such as lower prices and assured availability on particular aircraft.

The costliest choices are jet leasing and fractional ownership, but if you fly more than 100 hours a year on private jets, you’ll save money by going this route instead of using jet cards or booking flights on demand.

Which features are you interested in?

The next step is to compare the additional features of each private jet service once you’ve decided which one is ideal for you. Are several sizes of planes available, or do they focus on light or heavier jets?

Using a smaller aircraft can be a cost-effective option for short trips with limited passengers. However, if you need to transport a large group long distances, you should look for a service that operates powerful long-range planes.

Make sure any service you select has the features (flight attendants, workstations, lie-flat beds, etc.) you need and the right size aircraft. Before shelling out the cash for a private plane, make sure it’s a worthwhile investment. Before deciding, consider the number of flight hours, the services you’ll need on board, and your available money.

Do you have any contacts that can provide a referral?

Does your social circle include frequent users of private jets? If so, inquire about the quality of the services they have received from any providers they may have previously employed. Since it might be challenging to discover public consumer evaluations for these services, relying on your relationships is a great option.

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What Are the Best Private Jet Companies In 2023?

#1. NetJets

NetJets was chosen as the top private jet company because they have the most advanced aircraft in comparison to the other companies reviewed here.

The NetJets fleet is led by a specially modified Bombardier Global 7500, which can fly 7,500 nautical miles nonstop and carry 14 people on excursions as far afield as San Francisco to Sydney.

Also, it has floating-base chairs, circadian lighting, and a cutting-edge air filtration system, so you can relax and enjoy the journey.

Their fleet of approximately 700 aircraft includes both large and smaller jets to accommodate varying passenger counts and flight durations. NetJets provides several options for accessing these planes, including a lease, fractional ownership, and a branded jet card.

  • Costs: Not specified
  • Locations for available flights are not shown.
  • Light, Midsize, Super Midsize, and Heavy Jet ownership are available aircraft sizes. 
  • Pets are permitted.
  • Unlisted as the minimum age for unaccompanied youngsters

Visit NetJets

#2. Airshare 

Both the Phenom 100 (which can transport four people for up to two hours) and the Phenom 300 (which can carry five people for up to three hours) are part of Airshare’s fleet (which can carry eight passengers for up to four hours).

If you want to charter flights on demand, Airshare can link you up with thousands of planes owned by third parties to locate the optimal option. Their prices for empty-seat flights are meager.

But the EMBARK jet card program by Airshare only grants access to their fleet. Therefore it’s best suited for domestic travel inside the United States rather than foreign travel. Also, regular flyers on private aircraft should investigate their fractional ownership scheme, allowing unlimited flying time at a discount of up to 30 percent off the going rate.

  • Cost: Not listed for fractional ownership
    • Not listed for EMBARK Jet Card
    • $2,000 to $12,000 per hour for a charter
  • There are flights to the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
  • Light, Midsize, Super Midsize, and Heavy jets are all available. 
  • Pet policy is not available.
  • Minimum age for children who are not with an adult – Not available

Visit Airshare

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#3. flyExclusive

FlyExclusive has 85 private aircraft in its fleet, ranging in size from the Cessna Citation Encore (which can transport eight people for up to three and a half hours) to the Gulfstream GIV-SP (can carry 16 passengers for up to 10 hours) (can carry 16 passengers for up to 10 hours). flyExclusive’s fleet has so many different planes that you can fly practically any place.

On-demand flight chartering is only one of the many perks of joining flyExclusive’s membership program, including discounts and a dedicated member care team. flyExclusive is another fractional ownership service similar to Airshare.

  • Costs: To join the program, you must pay at least $75,000.
  • North America, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia are all places you can fly to.
  • Light, Midsize, Super Midsize, and Heavy Jets are the sizes of planes you can own.  
  • Pet Policy: Pets can come into the cabin with their owners
  • Minimum age for children who are not with an adult – Not available

Visit flyExclusive

#4. Jet Edge

You can charter flights whenever you need them with Jet Edge, and if you’re willing to put down at least $100,000, you can join their Reserve Membership Program and access their luxury fleet of Challenger and Gulfstream planes, as well as receive special empty leg savings.

The company’s relationships with other high-end names separate Jet Edge from the competition in this guide. This service lets you book unforgettable vacations at Montage International, Four Seasons Hawaii, and The Ranch at Rock Creek.

  • Costs: To join the program, you must pay at least $100,000.
  • Available flight destinations – all over the world
  • Light, Midsize, Super Midsize, and Heavy Jets are the sizes of planes you can own. 
  • Pet Policy: Some of their planes can take pets
  • Minimum age for unaccompanied minors: Any child who wants to travel without their parents must have written permission from them.

Visit Jet Edge

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#5. AirSprint

You’ll have access to your private jet when you join AirSprint’s fractional ownership program. Available in three tiers, 

  • Advantage Access grants 25 annual flight hours, guaranteed availability with 72 hours’ notice, and 30 reserve calendar days; 
  • Club Access grants 50 yearly flight hours, guaranteed availability with 24 hours notice, 24 reserve calendar days; and 
  • Infinity Access gives 75 annual flight hours, guaranteed availability with 8 hours’ notice, and no reserve calendar days.

Please be aware that this service only offers light and medium jets as aircraft choices. You should search elsewhere if you intend to go with a large group or fly a long distance.

  • Costs – Not shown
  • There are flights to the United States and Canada (below 60 degrees latitude)
  • Light and midsize jets are available for ownership. 
  • Pet Policy: Pets are allowed.
  • Minimum age for children who are not with an adult – Not available

Visit AirSprint

#6. Jet Linx

Jet Linx does not provide private jet charter services but operates a jet card program, a joint ownership scheme and sells aircraft.

To join the jet card program, you must pay a one-time membership fee of $25,000 and a minimum nonrefundable deposit of $250,000.

In exchange for such a hefty up-front cost, however, you have the security of knowing that Jet Linx’s whole fleet will always be available at predetermined prices (everything from light jets to heavy jets).

There are discounts available through this program at several different establishments, including hotels, golf courses, and other recreational facilities.

If you spend more than 100 flying hours per year in a private jet, look into their joint ownership program, which gives you all the perks of aircraft ownership at a fraction of the price.

  • Costs: To join the Jet Card program, you must pay a one-time fee of $25,000 and put down a deposit of at least $250,000.
  • Atlanta, Miami, Austin, Minneapolis, Boca Raton, Nashville, Boston, New York, Chicago, Omaha, Dallas, San Antonio, Denver, Scottsdale, Detroit, St. Louis, Fort Worth, Tulsa, Houston, Indianapolis, and Washington, D.C. are some of the cities where flights are available.
  • Light, Midsize, Super Midsize, and Heavy Jets are the sizes of planes that can be rented or bought.
  • Minimum age for unaccompanied minors: During the day, a child must be at least 5 years old to fly alone. At night, all children must be with an adult.

Visit Jet Linx

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#7. Nicholas Air 

Nicholas Air offers several options for chartering private planes. In exchange for a minimum deposit of $200,000 or the purchase of 15 flying hours, their jet card program provides lower pricing and assured availability.

This firm best handles private flights inside the United States because they service virtually all its 10,000 airports. Nicholas Air offers more than just a jet card program; it provides jet leasing and fractional ownership opportunities.

  • Costs: The Jet Card program requires a minimum deposit of $200,000 or 15 flight hours as a down payment.
  • Locations where flights are available: flies to more than 9,000 airports in the United States and many more in Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
  • There are three types of planes: light, medium, and super-midsize.
  • Pets are allowed on owned jets that have pet policies.
  • Minimum age for children who are not with an adult – Not available

Visit  Nicholas Air 

#8. Wheels Up

In particular, Wheels Up, the first private jet business listed on the New York Stock Exchange, simplifies the process of chartering a private aircraft. More than 1,500 airplanes are available for individual booking through their website or straightforward smartphone app.

Connect and Core are the two membership tiers available on this site. Guaranteed availability, special empty leg savings, and a community forum for planning shared flights with other members are all part of the Connect membership, which comes with a one-time initiation cost of $2,995 and yearly dues of $2,495 starting in the second year of membership.

The Core membership offers limited hourly rates on 300 days a year, the option to book flights with as little as 24 hours’ notice and an initial initiation cost of $17,500. Annual dues of $8,500 are also required starting in the second year.

  • Costs for a Connect membership: a one-time fee of $2,995, and starting in the second year, annual dues of $2,495
  • Core membership costs $17,500 once, plus $8,500 a year starting in the second year.
  • Locations where flights are available – Not available
  • Light, Midsize, Super Midsize, and Heavy aircraft sizes are all available. You can also lease light, Midsize, and Super Midsize aircraft.
  • Minimum age for children who are not with an adult – Not available

Visit Wheels Up

#9. XO

Similar to Wheels Up, XO lets you book single flights on any of its hundreds of available planes via its website or mobile app. There are four different membership tiers to choose from, and you may save money by renting just a seat online rather than the entire plane.

While security is a top priority for all the providers we recommend, XO stands out as an industry leader. They adhere to stringent safety and cleanliness standards, and their app makes it easy to see the specific safety ratings and liability insurance coverage of the jet you’re flying on.

  • Costs – Going up: $595 a year, changing prices
  • Select: $250 a month, a minimum deposit of $50,000, and varying prices.
  • Signature: $500 a month, $100,000 deposit minimum, variable pricing
  • Elite: $1,000 a month, a minimum deposit of $100,000, a fixed hourly rate, and a limit on billing
  • Locations where flights are available – Not available
  • Light, Midsize, Super Midsize, and Heavy Jets are the sizes of planes you can own. 
  • Pet policy: An XO Client Services Specialist must know your pet’s breed, weight, and name to make suitable arrangements.
  • Minimum age for children who are not with an adult – Not available

Visit XO

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#10. Flexjet

As a private jet service, Flexjet has been in business since 1995, making it one of the oldest in the industry. Though they don’t provide on-demand flight chartering, they provide other options, including aircraft leasing, fractional ownership, and a jet card program.

If you care about the environment, this is the company for you. Flexjet is the only private airline in the United States that automatically offsets passengers’ carbon footprints at no extra cost. Sustainable aviation fuel, which you may derive from things like used cooking oil and municipal garbage, can be used to reduce your flights’ environmental impact further.

  • Costs – Not listed
  • Dallas, Naples, Florida, Teterboro, Van Nuys, White Plains, Scottsdale, West Palm Beach, and London are all places you can fly to.
  • Light, Super Midsize, and Large planes are all options.
  • Ownership of a jet: fractional or lease
  • Pet Policy: Most of the time, pets are allowed.
  • Minimum age for unaccompanied minors: Any child who wants to travel without their parents must have written permission from them.

Visit Flexjet

Frequently Asked Questions

When should a business take into account a private jet?

Public terminals need to be more congested and sluggish for commercial flights. Flights frequently delay or canceled. Renting a private plane lets you fly at your leisure and to places commercial airlines don’t serve.
Private planes save time and money for business meetings, conferences, and other occasions. Private jets with full-size workstations allow you to work more in flight.

How do private jet companies work?

As said, private aircraft companies operate differently. Others handle fleets controlled by others. Some mix ownership models, while some firms enable you to charter flights as required. In contrast, others require a commitment through jet card programs, private jet leasing, and fractional ownership (again, some companies offer a combination of these options).

How much do private jet companies cost?

Private jet programs vary in price. A short seaplane or turboprop plane ride costs roughly $2,500, while most private jets cost $10,000 per hour. Joint ownership programs cost seven figures.

Which private jet does Mark Zuckerberg own?

It is the Gulfstream G650 that serves as the private plane for Meta’s CEO. According to reports, Zuckerberg “indirectly and totally owns” the plane, which a third party charters for his use professionally and personally. A large business jet on the market since 2012, the Gulfstream G650 has been around for a while.

Which jet does Elon Musk own?

According to Mint, Musk will replace his current plane, the G650ER, with a Gulfstream G700, which has a price tag of a staggering $78 million (Rs 640 crore approx). When Musk travels, he often takes his private jet.


In conclusion, private jet travel symbolizes luxury, comfort, and convenience that can elevate your travel experience to a whole new level. With the ever-growing number of private jet companies in the market, choosing the right one for your needs can be challenging.

However, by considering the factors such as safety, reliability, reputation, and cost, you can narrow down your options and find the best private jet company for your needs.

The most significant private jet companies provide various services and facilities to suit the requirements and interests of their clients, whether they be businesspeople or vacationers.

So, to experience the ultimate luxury and convenience in air travel, consider exploring the best private jet companies floating in the market today.



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