15 Best Solar Companies in Idaho | 2023 Careers, Location

Finding the best solar panel installation company for your roof is a big decision. Still, it can pay off big time in Idaho. The solar industry is doing well in Idaho because of the high average daily sunlight.

National programs that assist with residential and commercial solar panel installation have been an underappreciated reason for this growth.

When you start looking for the best solar companies in Idaho, you’ll notice a lot of options. As a result, we’ve compiled a carefully curated list of the best solar companies in Idaho. Keep reading.

Why should you Consider the Best Solar Companies in Idaho?

#1. Lower or eliminate your energy bills.

Even if you live in a cloudy area, you will receive more than two hours of sunlight daily. In contrast, sunny regions will receive an average of 5.5 hours of daylight daily.

Although solar energy is best on sunny days, solar panels continue to draw energy even when the weather is cloudy. Sunlight that is indirect or diffused will still help to power your home. Cloudy days typically generate 10 to 20% of the power on sunny days.

#2. Receive tax breaks and rebates.

Is it hard to believe? When you file your taxes, you will receive a federal income tax credit of 30% of total system costs from equipment and installation. It equates to a $7,500 savings on a $25,000 solar system.

Combining this with state and local rebates and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) can cut total costs in half.

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#3. Free installation on some companies

Many installers also provide a no-cost installation, paying for the panels and installation and charging a reduced rate for electricity. They are “leasing” your roof space for a discount on your electricity bill.

It is an excellent option for homeowners who wish to avoid making the initial investment or prefer a no-money-down option. In this case, the installer receives the entire SREC revenue.

No matter where you live, you are most likely eligible for fantastic solar tax credits. Please take advantage of them while you still have the opportunity.

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#4. You can begin saving from the start.

Annual energy costs can run into thousands of dollars. Indeed, the average annual energy expenditure per person, including transportation and residential energy, is $3,052. They also provide long-term savings because capturing the sun’s power is free.

#5. You would get to help the environment

Solar power systems harness the sun’s clean, pure energy. Installing solar panels on your home reduces greenhouse gas emissions and our reliance on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are bad for the environment and a limited resource. As a result, the price constantly fluctuates and can rise dramatically quickly.

Renewable energy is also beneficial to public health. Coal and natural gas plants pollute the air and water, endangering human health. Solar power does not pollute water resources and does not strain the world’s water supply.

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What should you consider when Picking the Best Solar Companies in Idaho?

  • You must determine the size of your system and be sure it’s something they can handle
  • You must ensure that the company provides excellent customer service.
  • Inquire about financial options.
  • Consider how many years your system will last.
  • Obtain a copy of the solar contract.
  • Request referrals.
  • Keep an eye out for rebates.

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How much do the Best Solar Companies in Idaho Charge?

According to the most recent Center for Sustainable Energy data, average solar panel installation and system costs can range between $15,000 and $25,000.

Electricity rates differ depending on where you live. According to year-to-date 2022 data from the US Energy Information Administration, the national average is around 15 cents per kilowatt-hour.

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15 Best Solar Companies in Idaho in 2023

Here are the essential solar companies which we consider the best in Idaho. Make your pick this 2023.

#1. Blue Raven Solar

For valid reasons, Blue Raven Solar ranked #1 on our list. It is one of the best solar companies in Idaho that offers industry-leading in-house financing.

They have competitive pricing compared to other companies, but their reputation makes them worth it.


#2. Intermountain Wind & Solar

Intermountain Wind & Solar offers outstanding customer service. They are one of the best solar companies in Idaho.

They can assist you with your energy and electrical needs in various ways as full-service electrical contractors. Intermountain Wind & Solar provides complete residential and commercial electrical and solar services and a wide range of energy solutions, such as generators and energy efficiency products.


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#3. EGT Solar

Not all solar companies are created equal. Most solar companies outsource the installation to third-party contractors, leaving too much room for critical errors and ultimately sacrificing quality control.

EGT Solar is a full-service solar installer with our installation team of electrical apprentices and journeymen who handle the installation from start to finish. It is one of the best solar companies in Idaho.


#4. Pell Solar

With many years of experience, Pell Solar is locally owned and operated. Imagine a truck removed an electrical transformer in your neighbourhood in broad daylight, but your home is still operational. Yes, cutting-edge technology now provides power backup during the day without using a battery!

Pell Solar offers these services with limited warranty coverage.


#5. RevoluSun Idaho

RevoluSun has been Idaho’s most trusted solar provider in an ever-changing solar industry. With so many businesses coming and going, RevoluSun’s unwavering commitment to quality is evident in the people they hire, the services they provide, and the products they carry.

Their clients’ relationships with them continue long after the installation is complete. RevoluSun is proud that over 8,000 families and businesses continue to rely on them for home improvement services such as solar energy, battery storage, heating, and cooling.


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#6. SunPower

SunPower offers one of the most efficient panels on the market. They have national coverage, sustainability certification, and great warranty coverage. It is one of the best solar companies in Idaho.

They are, however, expensive, and their customer service varies by the local dealer.


#7. OHM Solar

OHM Solar is a locally owned and operated business. They live in the same neighbourhoods, their children attend the same schools, and their families spend time in the same mountains. OHM Solar treats customers and the community like family.

They support several local nonprofit organizations that work to make Idaho a better place to live and play. In addition, they have a long history of community service. Their goals go beyond simply being Idaho’s leading solar provider; they want to leave a clean energy legacy for our children.


#8. Elite Enterprise Group- Solar Division

To ensure the long-term integrity of your system, Elite Enterprise Group uses only the best North American-made solar components on the market. They keep Idahoans’ hard-earned money in the local communities as one of the state’s only accurate local solar installers.

They commit to an education-based sales process as Idaho’s only 5-Star rated solar company to ensure clients have all the necessary and accurate information to decide about converting to solar energy.


#9. Renewable Energy NW LLC

Renewable Energy NW LLC stands out because it provides comprehensive pricing estimates with detailed information to assist you in making solar decisions.

This company will show you how much energy you’ll save compared to your previous reliance on the power grid and how these financial benefits will only grow over time. They are one of the best solar companies in Idaho.


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#10. Boise Solar

As a family-owned business, Boise Solar aims to provide Idaho with the best solar service, long-lasting warranties, and high-quality components for capturing the sun’s light and converting it into electricity, thereby adding value to your home and life.


#11. Sun Driven Solar

The team at Sun Driven Solar has industry experts with years of experience in the solar industry. They are always ready to answer basic questions about any programs or equipment.

Whether your questions are about your warranty options, insurance coverage, or other related topics, it’s not a problem. Their customer service is always ready to respond 24/7.


#12. Native Solar

Native Solar is one of the best solar companies in Idaho. They have contributed to installing over 400 MW (megawatts) of solar power in Idaho.

Solar has become a no-brainer for Idaho residents, thanks to a 30% federal tax credit, Idaho income-tax deductions, and other local Boise incentives. Native Solar is honoured to be a part of a community that is “making it easier and simpler for businesses and homes to go solar.”


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#13. SolarPro LLC

With SolarPro LLC, you can significantly reduce the amount you pay for Idaho Power electricity. You generate the electricity your home requires, and any excess energy returns to the power grid.

They give you installation options that allow you to spend your hard-earned money on things like trips to the Boise Mountains, never missing a game at “the blue field,” and simply doing more of what you enjoy.


#14. Horizon PWR

Horizon PWR is one of the best solar companies in Idaho. With any prospective client, they educate and also go over topics like proper system maintenance and upkeep.

They understand that many solar panel customers prioritize minimal maintenance and are happy to show you how to keep your solar panels in great shape for years with minimal effort.


#15. Tiger Solar

The city of Boise has decided: clean, safe, and renewable energy is the way of the future. Hundreds of residential solar installations have occurred in Boise over the last year. Tiger Solar has been part of most of them.

They commit to keeping the air clean and the environment healthy. They are also very affordable, allowing homeowners in Idaho and the surrounding area are saving a lot of money on their utility bills.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the best solar company?

Determine the efficiency of solar panels and compare it to the industry average of 16-18%.
Compare the warranties of solar panel manufacturers to the industry average of 10-25 years.
Weigh the cost against relative efficiency; while efficiency is necessary, the most efficient panels aren’t always the best value.

What exactly is a Tier 1 solar company?

Tier 1 solar module manufacturers have generally produced solar panels for five years or more. Have a strong and stable balance sheet or are publicly traded on a stock exchange. Have a high degree of vertical integration and fully automated production.

Which company manufactures the best solar panels?


What should you know before investing in solar?

Is your roof in need of repair? How does the shape of your roof look? Which way do your roof’s slopes point? How much weight can your roof support? What will happen to the water? What about the rest of nature’s surprises? How do you get connected to the power grid?


The rising cost of traditional electricity and government incentives to go green make installing solar panels more appealing to many homeowners.

You can use any of Idaho’s 15 best solar companies for the best experience.

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