10 Best Budget App For Couples in 2022

Getting your personal finances under control can be a huge challenge, thereby the need for a budget app for couples. Budget apps helps you reining in your spending, because money management is never an easy task. Budgeting gives you a more secure hold on finances and yields numerous benefits.

The responsibility of budgeting is crucial for maintaining our household finances. And good enough there are several budgeting apps to help you manage your finances. For this to be a success, couples need to get on the same page about your shared finances.

These apps works in very many different dimension, all geared in helping you keep track and manage your finances properly. Some are designed to meet general personal budgeting, others are designed for general personal budgeting. Some offers bill tracking while others create a complete money management system.

 If you’re interested in knowing the 10 best budget app for couples, then you are definitely in the right place. We have created a list of the best budgeting apps, after reviewing the ones offering exclusive tools for your unique needs.

How do I Choose which Budgeting App for Couples to Use?

Choosing the best budgeting app to suit your needs, keep an eye out for a stress-free experience. Certain features must be taken note of and your choice must be convenient and efficient. Features to note are:

  • Simple user interface for efficiency
  • App that fits your budgeting style
  • go for the least complicated budgeting app possible
  • It should be able to provide a budget forecast
  • App must keep track of current stock market status
  • App that allows access to multiple devices and platforms

What Does a Budgeting App Do for me?

They’re typically designed for general personal budgeting, and can help track your personal finances on the go. This make it easy for you to know your earning and expenditures.

What are the benefits of having a budget app?

Budgeting apps help you have total control of your money both in and out. You keep track of where each penny goes to. Benefits from having a budget app are many but we will list a few.

  1. Gives you total control of your money
  2. Helps keeps you focused on your financial goals
  3. Helps you save for rainy days
  4. Have reminders to warn you beforehand of crisis and overspending
  5. Makes you have a healthy saving.

How Much Does a Budgeting App Cost?

Most budgeting apps are free especially those designed for limited functionalities. Others with more complex tools and features have some cost associated with them. Monthly fees are estimated at $10 to $15 with discounts if you pay annually.

10 Best budget app for Couples in 2022

We have penned down the 10 best budgeting apps that specifically work well for couples. This app is our top recommendations for couples to manage their money together. Please note the list below is not ranked but was places randomly to soot our targeted audience.

#1 Mint

Owned by Intuit, which is the same company that makes Quickbooks and TurboTax. Mint has been around for over a decade and is a very popular app. There’s a lite version of their financial services for couples who want to budget. It’s also completely free and lets you track credit scoring.

Couples can get on budget together by syncing your bank accounts and creating as many spending categories as you’d like. It has reminders to help you keep track of upcoming bills, at that you make timely bill payments.

#2 EveryDollar

This app maximizes every dollar you earn to achieve certain financial goals such as buying a new house or getting out of debt. EveryDollar was created by Dave Ramsey a renowned financial guru.

This app allows you customize or create a budget template that fits what works for you and your partner. This budgeting app is known for providing great user experience without too many distracting ads, just efficient budgeting.

You can use the app for free or opt for the premium version at $129.99 annually.

#3 PocketGuard

PocketGuard basically helps guard you against spending too much. It syncs your bank accounts, credit cards, loans and investments so you get an overall view of your finances. Helps you track your spending compared to your budget throughout the month within your financial accounts.

PocketGuard requires you to have a minimum of $1 a day in savings. It will then notify you how well you’re doing with it’s “In My Pocket” feature. This feature lets you know how much is available to spend on a date night after covering household bills and other obligations. The app is well-developed to detect monthly bills and income from your financial accounts.

#4 Goodbudget

If you and your other half prefer handling your finances manually, without no syncing or automating transactions from bank accounts then it’s for you. Formerly known as Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA), its perfect option for couples that want to share their budgeting process together.

You get 20 envelopes in the free version and up to two shared devices. In a paid subscription, you get unlimited envelopes to allocate your budget under any category across five devices.

#5 Honeyfi

Honeyfi is an excellent hybrid budgeting app that effectively handles each couples unique money habits. This app cost about $59.99 annually or $9.99 monthly to use.

Honeyfi syncs your bank accounts and creates a budget for you based on your past spending experiences. It also allows you to customize your budget based on your desired spending limits. Honeyfi lets you send in-app communication to your partner, and see what your partner spend. If you want to keep some spending incognito though, Honeyfi allows you to limit what your other half can see.

#6 Personal Capital

With Personal Capital you have the opportunity to manage your finances in a real time view. Personal Capital offers a complete investment advising solution, a hybrid robo-advisor, and human advisor service in one.

Personal Capital also factors in financial information like your mortgage and other loans to give you a complete picture of your net worth. Besides all these pleasant features, they offer free service too.

#7 Wally

Rated one of the best apps for budgeting, gives you a complete view of your money, noting what comes in and what goes out. With Wally, you will checkmate overspending.

Wally budgeting app is free to use with no annoying ads. Its has a built in support for virtually all foreign currencies, to help you manage your international accounts.

#8 Mvelopes

Mvelopes is another budgeting app that brings the cash envelope system into life. This envelope budgeting is a style of budgeting where you put cash in envelopes for different spending categories. You link your bank account and create virtual envelopes based on how much you want to spend in different categories.

Mvelopes offers the ability to connect to unlimited financial accounts, and their services come with a price. There are three unique plans you can sign up for, Mvelopes Basic, Mvelopes Plus and Mvelopes Complete. Plans priced at $6 a month, $19 a month and $59 a month, respectively.

#9 You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget (YNAB) is for couples who want to stay on top of every dollar they make and make sure that money is going to good use. Rather than relying on traditional budgeting buckets, you build your budget based on your income.

This app is set up to help you and your significant other save money and get out of debt. It offers both desktop and mobile interfaces, and options to sync your bank accounts automatically or enter expenses manually.

Costs $84 annually or $11.99 monthly.

#10 Simple

Simple is a great budgeting app that also has tons of useful budgeting features built into it. It equally has an online bank account that replaces your old checking account, it is much easier to manage and keep everything under control in one place.

This budgeting app helps tracks your income and expenditure automatically, and has a goal feature to motivate your savings.


Each budgeting app offers basic and unique features to help you stay on track in your finances. Budgeting gives you a more secure hold on finances and yields numerous benefits. This is particularly true for some of us that have a hard time saving or sticking to budgets. 

These apps really help in creating savings and handling money issues for you and your partner. We’ve given you a bunch of options to choose from. Now it’s time to nail down what will work best for you and your significant other.


Do leave us a comment below as we would love to hear your views and experience on the subject. Please remember to share this post with friends so they can have access to this knowledge and manage their finances better.
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