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There are many places where one can hide money. As the saying goes, “if you can think of it, a burglar can too.” The advantage you have is time. Deprive whoever is searching of the luxury of time and comfort.

The best places to hide money may never appear on lists of this nature as they are too brilliant to leave the minds and mouths of the creators.

This article does a good job of listing some best places to hide money, the author would have loved to add some more but they probably may come across as weirder than some of our readers’ imaginations can withstand.

Why do people hide money?

The reason why people hide money is basically the same across all strata of society. The same reason why the rich hide money is akin to why less wealthy members of society hide money. Preservation.

While you argue with this reason, it is at the core of human nature to want to prepare for things that may not come. Sometimes this preparation involves hiding things.

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#1 – Ty Warner

The American billionaire, CEO, and founder of Ty Inc. Was caught trying to hide more than $100 million in Swiss banks. He just got his wrong.

#2 – Satoshi Nakamoto

This creator of bitcoins has so far managed to hide his identity. This goes to show that he is good at hiding things.

#3 – Eminem

In one of his songs titled “mockingbird”, he said, “…tryna start a piggy bank for you so you could go to college; almost had a thousand dollars ‘till someone broke in and stole it.”

31 Best Places To Hide Money

#1 – A safe under a safe

Please permit me to laugh out loud here. Okay. The trick behind this is misdirection. If you give anyone who is looking for your money an easy win, then the thought of the presence of another safe is more or less taken care of.

As much as misdirection sounds cliché, it works. It has worked for magicians over the years. The trick is to make whoever is searching believe that they are in charge of their own attention.

If the person works hard enough to eventually discover that perfectly places safe, then your move is good. Just ensure that the more the person gets closer, the more he is led to believe that you are hiding something in that safe.

Throw whoever is searching for a bone. Let him get something, while you keep the real stash safe.

Don’t be obvious. Have a floor safe, a false floor and a bag or safe underneath it.

#2 – Not in anything that someone is likely to steal

This should be common sense as you need to think like a burglar yourself to be able to successfully defeat one. When a burglar breaks into a house normally, the aim is to cart away items of value.

If the burglar finds money, which is sometimes paramount, they will. If they can’t, then they will carry items they think they can exchange for money.

Items like the air conditioner, game consoles, electric drills or even items in the freezer.

#3 – In the motor of your air conditioner

This requires some know-how. The air conditioner motor is what turns the fan blades that cause air to move through the AC system. It is important because it is what removes hot air from places and blows in cool air.

It is within this electromechanical compartment that you are to hide your money. Very few, if at all any blogger will be willing to loosen up an electric motor in search of money.

#4 – Support beams

In case you do not know what support beams are, they are one of the two important structural elements that play an important role in creating a safe load path to transfer the weight and forces on a structure to the foundations and to the ground.

A quick look around the house should reveal the least visited part of the house. If there are beams that help to balance forces and transfer weight to the foundation there, you can decide to work on it or focus on the least load-bearing beam or railing.

Within this beam, you can drill a small hole from the top down and drop your money within it.

Care is to be taken so that you do not drill your house into a collapse. Thus drilling of beams and railings is not for everyone.

Please do not do it if you cannot.

#5 – Somewhere your kids don’t know

Most often the reason why burglars show up or your house is even robbed in the first place is because your kids talk.

Not to sound offensive, but sometimes peer pressure from friends who may themselves be burglars or have connections to one can make your kids reveal more than they should.

#6 – In a book

A book is one of the most popular ways to hide money.  A well hollowed and carved out the big black book is a perfect hiding place for money.

Get a black book, as it does not reveal any hand patterns on it, and cut out some part of its insides. Just enough to keep some money, and make your money stash as compact as possible before fixing it in.

Do this and tape the book as expertly as you can, in a way that will not fling everything to the open when it falls.

#7 – In frozen turkey

This has to be thawed in order to reveal the money. The trick is to get more fresh turkey or chicken than you need, get your wrapped money stuffed in, and keep it in the refrigerator for as long as is humanly possible.

If there is a power outage or something, it will take some time before it thaws out and reveals the money.

#8 – In the bank

This may sound like something you hear every day, but the bank is still one of the safest places you can keep your money.

Get an account and start sending your money into the account through any long list of arrangements that you can have with the bank.

With your money in the bank, the risk of safeguarding it now leaves your hands and becomes that of the operator. If they don’t meet up, you change them.

#9 – In the yard

If you have a yard with soil and some privacy, you can dig it up. This way, you have your money safe and secure in a place where no one people can think of.

Should you be one for gardening, you can even plant things on the soil and watch it grow. Just have some big stone or mark that serves to point you in the direction of the buried money.

#10 – In dog food

If you are someone who has dogs and keeps them for a pet, then it may be safe to assume that you have dog food. The trick is to make sure that you keep the feed properly, you probably live alone and try to get some before the last batch finishes.

#11 – In a good safe

There are safes that are extremely difficult to break into. Lots of plays and movies such as “The Money Heist” have been written and acted out to show how incredibly inaccessible some safes are to intruders.

If you can get your hands on one of such safes that are difficult to break into and cannot be carried away, then you are up for the win.

#12 – Behind the light switch

This requires that you have some know-how. If you do not like electricity and are scared of electrocution, please choose another option.

Hiding your money is not worth dying for. But if you can unscrew the light switch, then you can hide your money there and screw it back into place.

#13 – In the wall

The wall is another option that is good but requires some thought. If you can create for yourself some part of the wall that only you can open, then you can have your own safety in plain sight.

The goal of this is to be as inconspicuous as possible.

#14 – In another house

If you have that kind of money or by some chance has another house, then you can keep your money stashed there as very few people know you own the house and only you know that you hid money there.

#15 – Fake plants

Do you have plants at home? Do you have potted plants in flowers? If yes, then that could be your chance. Uproot and displace some space to plant your money in. You can even double by placing a small pot within a big pot and allowing it to dwell like it’s just one.

#16 – In false panels

You may have other ideas of places that help you safely hide your money without worry. Does one of them work better if a false panel is added? Congratulations if it does.

#17 – On/In pets

Do you have a kangaroo as a pet? They have pouches right? That’s good. You can hide your money there.

If you have animals that have space to either wear or carry things that can help you hide your money, then give it a shot.

#18 – In the pockets of one of your clothes

Even if the Feds search your house, they may never search those clothes that you have stored in your bag or the hanger or anywhere there are groups of clothes.

You can try to hide some money in the pockets of one of your most inauspicious clothes.

#19 – On the inside of toilet paper holders

The inside of the toilet paper holder is one nice place to hide your money. You just unplug from the wall and push your rolls of money into the hollow end of the barrel.

#20 – The insides of an old cream container

This implies that you have not discarded the containers of some of your old beauty products. If you haven’t then this can work for you.

You need to just stuff in the money or cut open some part of it, hide your money and seal it back up.

#21 – With someone you trust

Sometimes, a safer option can be with someone you trust. As much as humans are unpredictable, there are still people who are trustworthy enough to give money to.

If you have one of such people, give it to them to hold for you.

#22 – In a nearby foreign country

If your problem is so big that nowhere is safe enough for your money, then with your passport or an id card cross the border into a nearby country.

Better still fly to where you think is safe enough. Go multiple times and leave some cash there. A number of trips and you must have hidden enough cash for emergency fly-aways.

#23 – The sewers

If nowhere else is safe within your house and you are not connected to a central drainage system, then it means that you have a private sewer that drains your house.

You can open up this sewer and hide your money within it. Just ensure that it doesn’t fall into the sewer.

#24 – In the woods

This is imaginable for many people who in the past must have hidden things in the woods before. This time around, it is money. Just find a spot that is easy for you to remember.

#25 – In your spare tire

Your spare tire could be a good hiding place for money. The spare tire of your car is one place where very few people visit, and so could serve as a good place to hide your money.

#26 – In the dashboard

Your car’s dashboard could be a potential resource for hiding money. It is a place where very few people would bother to search, not because it is not accessible, but for its obvious dismissive position.

#27 – In a fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher within the home or in your car can serve as a good place to hide money. The fire extinguisher can be emptied, opened, and the money fixed into it.

The fire extinguisher is then closed again and returned back to its normal position.

#28 – In plain sight

You can choose to keep the money you want to hide in the open, probably under your mattress or somewhere that people do not readily have access to if you are not around.

Under or behind your television is another place that is good to hide money.

#29 – In the speaker

If you are one of those with multiple speakers around the sitting room or even in the bedroom, you can decide to open one or more of them and hide your money within any of the compartments.

#30 – Behind the bathroom tiles

This one requires that you understand how to remove and replace tiles. For this to work, you need to remove the tiles as expertly as possible and drill as big a hole as you think is fine for what you are hiding.

When this is done, try to replace the tile as well as you can without denting the others or breaking it.

#31 – In your food ingredients

Hiding money in food ingredients may sound like a bad idea but it is a good one if done well. The key is to tie up the money and insulate it from the food as well as you can.

This can only work if you buy food in bulk. It obviously will not work for those who do not stock up on food or other things.


There are many other places that are probably among the best places to hide money, but they all depend on where you live, your economics, your capacity to do hard work, and your ability to get creative.

The best advice is to look around your house for what will work perfectly for you. If you can’t get any more creative, you’re better off sticking to what is on this list.


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