How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost Per Room?

Do you need your room cleaned and wondering how much does carpet cleaning cost? Read on.

A dirty carpet can lead to allergies and trigger asthma. Therefore, it is required that you vacuum your carpet at least once every week to keep it clean and healthy.  In addition, it is required that you take your carpet for deep cleaning at least once every month.

The question is, how much do carpet cleaners cost? It is always important to have the carpet cleaning cost in mind when hiring a cleaner. Knowing the average cost of carpet cleaning can help you determine what kind of services you need.

There are different types of carpets and there is no doubt that the cost of cleaning will be slightly different for each.

Other factors that can affect the cost of cleaning your carpet include the cleaning company of choice, the expertise of the cleaner, the condition of your carpet before cleaning, and the size of the carpet to be cleaned.

Some cleaners may also include factors like how many rooms you want to clean, the pieces of furniture that they will need to move for the cleaning, and the cleaning method to determine the price. In this article, you will gain a deep insight into why your carpet cleaning charges you the way they do.

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How Much Do Carpet Cleaning Cost?

When you hire the services of a professional cleaning company, it is a normal practice for them to charge you according to the size of the carpet that requires cleaning. However, other professional cleaning companies will charge you per room.

On average, the cost of cleaning a square foot of carpet is $0.25, whereas, the cost of cleaning a room ranges from $50 to $75 (price is usually determined by the size of the room).

According to carpet cleaning reviews online, many people spend as much as $121 to $233 for carpet cleaning. Therefore, on average, they spend $176 on carpet cleaning.

The average cost of carpet cleaning per square foot$0.25
The average amount spent per clean$176
The average cost of carpet cleaning for one room$50–$75
The average cost of cleaning for a 200–400 square foot home$80–$130
The average cost of carpet cleaning  for a 1000–1500 square foot homeThe average
The average cost of cleaning for 2000–3000 square foot home.$400–$550

Additional Cost of Carpet Cleaning

While the above average is only applicable for cleaning alone, there are cases where your carpet may attract additional work.

For example, you may need spot cleaning or stains to be removed, or need the help of the company to move around your furniture and repair damaged parts of your carpet. All these are regarded as extra services and will attract extra fees.

Additional Cleaning

Extra cleaning may attract between $30 to $40 extra depending on the type. In some cases, people pay as much as $300 extra to take care of certain kinds of stains. In some cases, the prices are bound to go higher. Some of the reasons why your carpet will require extra cleaning include:

Pet stains: some pets are not house trained. Therefore, these pets can easily relieve themselves on your carpet.

Cleaning pet stains require pre-treatment of the area by the carpet cleaner before proceeding with the general cleaning. The purpose of the pretreatment is to reduce any bad odor that comes with this type of stain.

Bloodstain When you fail to clean blood stains the moment they occur; it often becomes difficult to do so later. Therefore, this kind of service will also attract an extra cost when you call a carpet cleaner.

Some of the things you can do once there is a bloodstain is to apply cold water to the spot and use some detergent to clean the spot. Repeat if needed till the stain is completely removed.

Coffee stains: coffee stains can be stubborn once they are dry. Hence, it is advisable to remove them as soon as they occur. There are different types of over-the-counter products that can help with this kind of stain.

However, if you do not have them readily at hand, you can use a mixture of water, light bleach, and vinegar to clean the stain. When cleaning a coffee stain, avoid rubbing the stain. It is best to blot to avoid spreading the stain to other areas.

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Carpet Repairs

Normally, the life span of your carpet is 10 years. Nonetheless, some factors may prevent your carpet from living out its life span in full.

Factors like high foot traffic, exposure to sunlight, stains, and the use of certain types of bleach can cause your carpet to degenerate faster. Fiber damage can lead to the discoloration of your carpet.

One of the things a professional carpet cleaner can do is to apply a dye to enhance the colors of your carpet. The process is known as color repair. Color repairing your carpet can help to extend its life span.

The process of carpet repair involves the mixture of the original carpet color and other materials. For the best result, you might consider stain-resistant carpet treatments like Teflon, Stainmaster, Scotchgard, etc.

Carpet loosening can also cause additional damage to your carpet. Therefore, when this occurs, your carpet will need re-stretching. Some of the major causes of carpet loosening include the wrong application of steam cleaning or bad carpet installment.

A professional carpet cleaner or installer can help you repair the damage when this happens.


Moving: sometimes the area to be cleaned is probably covered by different pieces of furniture of varying sizes and weights. It is likely for most professional cleaners to charge an extra fee to move these pieces of furniture (price may vary according to weight).

However, some professional cleaners may not charge a separate cost for cleaning and moving furniture. It is, therefore, essential to check beforehand what is included in a quote before settling for the price.

Cleaning: Some professional carpet cleaners also offer cleaning packages that include the cost of furniture cleaning to their price. Subscribing to this may attract some extra fees. However, it will save you the cost and time of inviting a separate company to clean the furniture.

Stairs Carpet Cleaning

Stairs cleaning requires additional effort. Therefore, many professional cleaning companies attach a fee of up to $2 per step.

Teflon Treatment

You can either do a Teflon treatment yourself or get a professional cleaner to do it for you. The Teflon treatment adds an extra layer of water and stain resistance to your carpet. Teflon treatment helps to protect your carpet from stains in case of a spill.

Organic Cleaning  

Different professional cleaning companies offer this kind of cleaning. Organic cleaning is 100% eco-friendly and does not involve any toxic products. The average cost of organic cleaning per room is $65.

What Factors Influence the Price of Carpet Cleaning?

Besides the professional cleaning cost provided by a cleaning company, other factors can influence the final cost you will pay. Some of these factors include:

1. The Type of Carpet

There are different types of carpets available in the market today. The materials range from cotton to wool, polyester, nylon, and Teflon. Each material has its characteristics, which influence the type of cleaning it requires.

The more difficult the cleaning process the more the price you will have to pay. Below are the most common types of carpets available and their cost.

  • Cotton and wool carpet:  Cotton and wool carpet is among the most expensive carpets available on the market. They are also very comfortable and very challenging to clean. The cost of cleaning cotton and wool carpets usually starts from $110 to $160.
  • Cut and level loop carpet: this kind of carpet is classified as a mid-range carpet. Even though cut and loop carpets are no longer in vogue today, they can still be found in some homes. The cleaning cost for these kinds of caret starts from $75 to $160.
  • Berber carpet: Berber carpets are also not so much in vogue since they lost their relevance in the early nineties. However, lovers of antiques and hand-made crafts still fancy this type of carpet. Berber carpets cost around $80 to $100 to clean.
  • Synthetic carpets: the average cost of cleaning a synthetic carpet range from $60 to $300. Synthetic carpets are often from nylon or polyester blends or acrylic. Regular cleaning of synthetic carpets can be done with a vacuum cleaner. Before cleaning your synthetic carpet, ensure to check the care manual for the best cleaning method applicable. However, no matter the type of material, using warm water and baking soda can take care of almost any kind of stain.
  • Silk: Silk carpets are usually very delicate and require a lot of care to clean. The cost of cleaning a silk carpet starts from $95 to $360. It is best to prevent your silk carpet from getting dirty often. Ensure that pets and dirty shoes stay far away from your silk carpet. Regular vacuuming of your silk rug is essential to keep it healthy and clean. Besides, professional cleaning is required two to three times a year for your silk rug.
  • Sisal carpet: Sisal carpets are very sensitive. Therefore, regular vacuuming is required for this kind of rug. Average carpet cleaning cost for sisal ranges from $100 to $375. Professional cleaning of the sisal carpet requires a lot of care. Not that steam cleaning and wet-shampooing can damage the fiber of the carpet. Therefore, vacuum cleaning and dry cleaning compounds tend to work fine with this kind of carpet.

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2. The Cleaning Method

There are different cleaning methods for different types of carpets. Some of the factors that determine the cleaning method include the type of carpet and the extent of the stain that needs removal. Some of the common cleaning methods for carpets are:

  • Steam Cleaning  

Steam cleaning is one of the most common methods of cleaning carpets. Also, steam cleaning is effective for removing different kinds of stains. It also guarantees up to 90% deep cleaning for various types of carpets.

The average carpet cleaning cost using a steam method ranges from $100 to $500.

  • Shampoo Cleaning

Shampoo cleaning is effective for removing heavy stains and soil from your carpet. However, shampooing requires a lot of water to remove and is not suitable for all kinds of carpets.

Ensure to read your care manual before using this method on your carpet. Shampoo cleaning cost around $80 t0 $400.

  • Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning requires a minimal amount of water and offers a quicker drying time. Another name for dry cleaning is encapsulation. Dry cleaning uses a special cleaning powder that coats dust and other kinds of stains.

A vacuum cleaner is used to get rid of the stains once the powder finishes its work. The average cost for carpet dry cleaning is $75 to $350.

  • Carbonation Cleaning

Carbonation cleaning is relatively new and also requires a little amount of water. Many professional carpet cleaning companies today utilize this method of cleaning. The average cost of carbonation cleaning falls between the ranges of $125 to $600.

What is an Office Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Due to the large area many offices and businesses occupy, many professional cleaners offer them some discounts. Places like museums, stores, hotels, hospitals, department stores, etc. all enjoy discount cleaning costs. 

The price usually starts from $0.15 to $0.25 for each square foot. For most businesses what matters most is fast drying and appearance restoration. Anything that will hamper the flow of business might not go well with most of them.


The average carpet cleaning cost per square foot usually starts from $0.25. However, several factors can reasonably affect the price of cleaning. Some of the factors include the ones discussed in this article. It is essential to clean your carpet more often to avoid spending heavily when the dirt accumulates over time. The more difficulty in cleaning, the more money you will spend on cleaning. Also, remember that the cost of cleaning different kinds of carpet differ. Knowing your type of carpet and what cleaning method is best for it will help you have a better idea of cleaning costs.  


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