Equity Prime Mortgage Review: Interest Rates & Plans

Equity Prime Mortgage (EPM) is a Mortgage company that offers several mortgage products to help customers care for their home ownership needs. The company prides itself on the quality of its customer service and mortgage experts. They aim to ensure the mortgage process is smooth and efficient for their customers.

Beyond the many claims of the company, what makes Equity Mortgage different from the rest? What are people saying about the company? In this article, you will learn more about Equity Prime Mortgage to help you decide if it’s the best choice for you or not.

What is Equity Prime Mortgage?  

Equity Prime Mortgage LLC is an approved direct mortgage lender in Greater Atlanta Area, East Coast, Southern U.S. The company offers several mortgage products that help its clients find solutions to some of their mortgage requirements. Its professional staff members include loan underwriters, making the company’s loan application process faster.

EPM ensures that loan closing is swift and well-organized through its professional staff members. The management team consists of professionals with over 50 years of industry experience. EPM’s rates are also competitive, and the customer service is excellent.

In addition to quality service, the company also understands that the needs of different people vary when it comes to mortgage loans. Hence, they offer a tailored solution through consistent monitoring by the Mortgage Bankers Association. The result is various mortgage solutions that fit the financial requirement of each customer.

Through various groups of mortgage products, EPM covers a wide range of monetary and credit types, including direct lending. Equity Prime Mortgage also extends its generous satisfaction guarantee to all kinds of borrowers and not its prime credit customers alone. In addition, searching for or applying for a loan with EPM has no cost implications.  

EPM is open to working with different lenders, ensuring you receive the same cost-effective transaction and services regardless of your financial capacity or credit score. The company provides mortgage services across 50 states in the U.S.

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How Does Equity Prime Mortgage Work?

Working with Equity Prime Mortgage starts with a loan search on EPM Personal Loan Center, which allows the company to create a username and password for its clients. It also enables the company to save your search result on their online resource center for easy access.

You can access your personal loan center information 24/7. Once you decide to proceed with your mortgage, EPM will assist you in achieving your financial aim. Below are the steps to applying for a mortgage from EPM.

#1. Search for a Loan

Regarding finding the right mortgage, something other than what works for Mr. A may work better for you. The reason is not far from the fact that we all have various needs. Hence, applying for a mortgage with EPM starts with finding the right loan for you.

In addition to professional services, EPM has several mortgage resources to help home buyers make the right choice. Once you visit the Equity Prime Mortgage official website, you can utilize several mortgage resources to make your loan search easy and hassle-free.

The resources include a mortgage calculator, first-time home buyer’s help, and 20 tips on things to consider as a first-time home buyer.  

#2. Find a Mortgage Loan Originator

The mortgage-pro button makes it easy to find a mortgage originator at EPM. The goal of the mortgage originator is to ensure that you enjoy a smooth mortgage transaction. One of the responsibilities of the mortgage loan originator is to ensure that you get a property that both serves your need and desire.

In addition, the mortgage originator assists clients in making the proper selection from the array of loans available from the company.

#3. Loan Application and Prequalification

Once you find the perfect loan, the next step is to apply for a loan. The duration of loan qualification usually depends on the type of loan. While some take a shorter time to prequalify, Jumbo loans typically take longer.

#4. Loan Underwriting and Closing

Depending on the type of loan you are applying for, the company may require you to submit additional documents. Where there is no need for other prequalification criteria, the loan underwriter will review your loan application to decide on repayment risks. The loan underwriter must also make the final decision regarding your loan application.

Once your application and submissions meet all the requirements, loan closing is next. The loan underwriter arranges for a loan closing, which usually takes a few days. Loan closing may come with extra fees. Once you sign the closing documents, you will also sign the mortgage documents.

After the underwriting and closing, the company will disburse the funds and hand you over the deed of ownership. At this stage, you are now a successful homeowner. 

#5. Loan Number and Online Registration

At the end of successful loan closing, you will receive a loan number enabling you to create an account online for easy loan servicing/ repayment. Follow the link to create an account with Equity Prime Mortgage.

When registering with EPM for the first time, remember to use the original loan number you received from your loan closing, even if you have a new loan number.

Equity Prime Mortgage regitration with old pin
Figure 1: Crawled from servicing page

Move the slider to “Yes” when you see:

“Don’t have your new loan number? Selecting “YES” will enable you to use your original loan number to create an account.”

If you cannot register, you may have to wait for some days to try again. Your loan is still in the boarding process with the servicing department at EPM. Check out: M&T Mortgage Review 2023: Interest Rates & Plans.

Updating HOI Declaration Pages at Equity Prime Mortgage

As a borrower, EPM provides you the opportunity to update your HOI declaration by either uploading them to the link or by sending them via mail to the following email address: 

[email protected]

Loan Servicing

You can pay by logging into your EPM account and following the payment instructions on the page. You can also mail your payment to the following address:


Attn: Payment Processing

P.O. Box 650094

Dallas, TX 75265-0094

You can email your loan repayment using a money order or a check. When emailing your payment, remember to write your loan number on your check or money order.

Loan Payoff  

EPM customers can order a loan payoff by sending an email to [email protected]. You can also use the direct link to request a loan payoff. 

Equity Prime Mortgage Loan Plans and Rates

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or looking forward to moving into your second home, EPM has various plans tailored to meet your requirements. A mortgage is one way to invest in your future and clap back any unnecessary expenditure in the form of rent.

First-Time Homebuyers Mortgage Programs

The following are some of the available mortgage programs for first-time homebuyers from EPM.

  • FHA Loans
  • Fixed Rate Loans
  • VA Loans

#1. FHA Loans

Federal Housing Administration Loans (FHA Loans) government-insured loans are suitable for first-time homebuyers or people with low or median income. People with credit challenges who cannot qualify for a conventional loan can also use this type of loan.

FHA loans allow you to cut down on down payments when purchasing your first house. With the FHA option, your down payment can be as little as 3.5%. However, FHA loan borrowers will pay an upfront and annual mortgage insurance premium.

#2. Fixed Rate Loans

Fixed-rate loans allow first-time homebuyers to lock in a low rate for their loans. In the case of low-rate loans, the rate will not change. The purpose of fixed-rate loans is to ensure that minimum to low-income earners can quickly service their loans.  

#3. V.A. Loans

VA loans allow those in active service in the U.S. military or veterans to purchase a home without any down payment or PMI. The United States Department of Veteran Affairs guarantees V.A. Loans. Individuals that may qualify for this type of loan include military men in active service and some surviving spouses of military personnel who do not wish to remarry.

V.A. loans allow individuals to access up to 13.6% of the loan amount at a funding fee of 0 to 3.6%. In addition, individuals can also access up to $6,000 for home energy upgrades.

Other Available Mortgage Loan Plans from Equity Prime Mortgage

  • Empowered DPA Loans
  • Jumbo Loans
  • HomeReady Loan
  • Home Possible Loan
  • 203K Renovation Loan
  • Conventional Loan
  • USDA Loan
  • Bank Statement and No Doc Loans
  • Good Neighbor Next Door Loan
  • Renovation Loan
  • FHA $100 Down Loan

#1. Empowered DPA Loans

The down payment Assistance (DPA) program allows homebuyers to get funding for a down payment. The down payment assistance is a 2% to 3.5% grant that is immediately forgivable. Empowered DPA loan is not available for residents of Washington, DC.

#2. Jumbo Loans

Jumbo loans are loans exceeding $726,200, the conforming loan limit in 2023 for a unit of property. Outside the jumbo express loan option, EPM also offers a Jumbo Express Program, which comes with fewer requirements and provides more funds quicker. Through this program, mortgage borrowers can access up to $3,000,000.  

#3. HomeReady Loan

EPM believes that everybody has the right to earn a home. Hence, the HomeReady loan is one of their initiatives toward achieving that goal. The HomeReady loan is for low-income borrowers who are credit-worthy. The benefit of this kind of loan includes a low down payment.

#4. Home Possible Loan

The Home Possible Loan from EPM is similar to the HomeReady loan and targets low-income borrowers who are creditworthy. It also provides a low down payment and ensures you start your home-owning process as quickly as possible.

The 203k loan targets those who want to access a mortgage for home repairs on a home that will eventually become their primary home. Besides the loan, Equity Prime Mortgage will also provide you with a dedicated Renovation specialist to assist you with the repairs.

 In essence, this makes the entire process of home renovation seamless for borrowers, contractors, and realtors. The process is easy, fast, and effective in empowering more people to own homes.

#6. Conventional Loan

Conventional loans are non-Federal-backed Government loans. Hence, your credit score must be good to access this type of loan if you wish. In addition, you must have a good income history and sustained employment to secure at least a down payment of 3%.

#7. USDA Loan

The primary purpose of USDA loans is to promote economic growth in rural areas. Like the V.A. and FHA loans, the USDA loans also enjoy federal government backing. Through this type of loan, many families in rural areas who will naturally not qualify for a mortgage can now access funds.

#8. Bank Statement and No Doc Loans

If you earn a seasonal income, are self-employed, or are an independent contractor, you can qualify for mortgage loans through this program. All you require is a good bank statement to start your mortgage process and fill in the necessary documents for EPM.

#9. Good Neighbor Next Door Loan

Through the good Neighbor Next Door Loan, you can enjoy up to 50% discount on the rates for homes enlisted for teachers (pre-kindergarten up to 12th grade), homes for law enforcement officers, emergency medical technicians, and firefighters.

#10. CHOICERenovation Loan

The CHOICERenovation mortgage program is one of the new loan products from Equity Prime mortgage. It provides flexibility, is convenient, and is cost-effective. It allows borrowers to finance their home renovation and purchase costs in one closing transaction.

#11. FHA $100 Down Loan

The FHA $100 down loan is also a new loan product from EPM. If you aim to purchase a HUD home as your primary residence and meet the essential criteria for an FHA loan, then you are eligible for an FHA $100 down payment loan.

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Equity Prime Mortgage Loan Refinancing

Through EPM loan refinancing, you can lower your monthly payments and shorten your loan duration. In the long run, you will be saving a significant amount of money through loan refinancing. There are different refinancing options available from EPM.

When refinancing, you can constantly interact with EPM mortgage professionals to help you make the right decision. The available refinancing options from EPM are:   

  • Conventional—allows you to take out cash from your home improvement or reduce your payment
  • FHA Streamline—this provides you the opportunity to refinance your existing FHA loans without income documentation
  • D.U. Refi Plus /Freddie Mac Relief—allows you to refinance your ongoing Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac Loan without assessment.  
  • FHA Jumbo—if you operate in a high-cost area, this refinancing option can help you refinance your jumbo mortgage balance
  • V.A. Interest Rate Reduction Loan—this option will enable you to refinance your V.A. loan without income documentation
  • HARP Unlimited LTV/CLTV Loans  

How to Contact Equity Prime Mortgage

For inquiries about products and services, you can reach Equity Prime mortgage via the following channels:

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What People Are Saying About Equity Prime Mortgage

According to popular reviews from the website and other review sites, here are some people’s opinions about Equity Prime mortgage.

According to one client from the many testimonials on the company website, EPM has mastery in mortgage financing.

EPM has been one of the best mortgage lenders. From the get-go, I have never had this great of service from any mortgage lender. They have outstanding financial wizardry and are the only ones I will be doing future lending with. –Annabelle Spence

According to another satisfied client from the company’s testimonials, all the staff members are up-to-date with information about their clients. Hence, even if your mortgage pro is unavailable, another person can answer your questions and attend to your needs.

The entire team was very knowledgeable and helpful. If one person cannot answer my questions, another person steps in. Overall, a great and comfortable experience—Andrew 

The company also enjoys a 4.2-star rating from 192 reviews from current and past employees. One employers says that:

The amount of support that you get when onboarding from your team and coworkers is AMAZING – The people in leadership roles here are actual leaders in the community, not just the organization – There are several ways to engage and be connected with your coworkers regardless of you are in the office or remote—glassdoor.com.

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Pros and Cons of Equity Prime Mortgage


  • Offers several mortgage options for different classes of people
  • Provides online service for easy servicing of loans
  • The site offers smart tools to make loan calculation and rate estimation easy
  • The company is very open and accessible and is always willing to offer their assistance
  • High level of customer service


  • Clients may experience delays in the loan process online onboarding due to the constant workload pressure on the employees.
  • Technology is a bit lagging when compared to the competitors
  • There are several lawsuits against the company

FAQs About Equity Prime Mortgage

What is the maximum loan amount you can apply for at Equity Prime Mortgage? 

You can apply for up to $3,000,000 (jumbo loan) from Equity Prime mortgage. Nonetheless, maximum loan amounts usually depend on the type of loan.

What mortgage rates apply to EPM

Loan rates will differ according to loan type and terms. However, Equity Prime mortgage also offers fixed-rate loans.

Where is Equity Prime Mortgage’s headquarters?

EPM headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

How long will I have to pay back a loan from Equity Prime mortgage?

You can split up your EPM loan into a 30-year duration. However, you can reduce the period to as low as 15 years through loan refinancing.

Is Equity Prime Mortgage an excellent place to work?

With a total of 4.2 ratings out of 5 from 192 reviews on Glassdoor, 76% of the reviewers have a positive outlook about the company, while 84% will recommend the company to friends and family.


While our demands may differ regarding home needs, the more options from a mortgage company, the better your chances of landing a great deal. Hence, companies like Equity Prime Mortgage are an excellent place to start your mortgage shopping.

Even so, it is essential to conduct proper research when choosing mortgage options. Review sites like Glassdoor and Zillow can provide insight into how good the services of a company are through its employee reviews. A company that treats its employee well will do the same for its clients.



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