How Much Does It Cost To Replace Garage Door Panels?

The garage door is one of the most important doors in any door. Behind those panels is the security of every automobile owned. Once there is any damage, we advise that you check out the cost of garage door panels and replace them immediately.

This is because the majority of burglary cases are reported to be from the garage through the basement.

According to ADT, more than 10% of burglary cases happen through the garage door. Also, burglary cases occur every 18 seconds in America translating to approximately 4,800 incidences every day.

Do you now see why any damage to the garage door must be attended to?

In the meanwhile, you’ll find all the information on garage door replacement costs and all other details you need to know about garage door repair.

Garage Door Panels

Garage door panels are composed of composite materials, therefore, they are also known as composite panels.

Composite materials are the best alternative for today’s homeowners.

Composite garage doors are energy efficient because they have foam insulation features that help to regulate temperatures, decrease noise, and resist weather damage.

Also, composite garage doors are environmentally friendly because they are composed of virgin materials that may never need to be replaced.

These panels are available online or at home improvement companies that sell garage door panels. You may need to find out the cost though.

Can You Replace the Panels On A Garage Door?

Of course, you can replace the panels on a garage door.

This is feasible when there has been an accident with the garage door but only one or two of the panels were affected. In this case, a garage door panel replacement may be an option.

Replacing just one or two garage door panels is frequently a more simple and cost-effective option for garage door repair.

A garage door can survive for about ten years before needing a replacement.

Whole garage door replacement is usually reserved for more serious problems and only when absolutely necessary to extend the life of your current garage door and save you money.

The security of your home is also not only determined by the garage door. A house sitter determines the safety of your kids and properties. See How Much To Pay a House Sitter in 2022? And Things to Reward Daily.

When Do You Need to Replace Garage Door Panels?

You need to replace the garage door panels to correct signs of potential damage which can be single or multiple garage door components.

If only one garage door panel is broken, it may be less expensive to repair than to replace numerous garage door panels or the entire door.

Replacing one panel of a garage door can assist homeowners on a budget keep their garage doors in good working order and guarantee that their investment lasts.

Below, we have itemized when a garage door replacement is necessary. We will also see the cost later on.

1. Singular Panel Replacement

If a single garage door piece is broken, singular panel replacement may be an option for restoring the garage door’s operation and look.

Minor incidents, such as a car crashing into it at a moderate speed, usually necessitate garage door part replacement. Garage door panels can also be damaged by smaller moving objects such as bicycles and lawnmowers.

You can get garage door replacement panels to fix symptoms of damage from an accident or if one panel is aging quicker than the others.

Instead of paying for every damage/accident at home, every homeowner deserves to get Homeowners Insurance. It covers the cost of the damages of this nature.

2. Multi-Panel Replacement

If several garage door pieces are damaged, you can replace them individually rather than replacing the entire garage door.

For example, if two out of four panels were damaged in a minor accident, replacing two panels rather than the complete garage door may be more cost-effective.

If three out of four of your garage door panels are damaged, you may need to replace the garage door.

In certain circumstances, replacing the majority of the components might be as expensive as replacing the entire garage door.

As a result, it’s occasionally preferable to replace the entire garage door in order to get a new product at a similar price.

3. Color-Matching Panel Replacement

To successfully repair a garage door, you must color-match your garage door panels. With sun exposure, your garage door panels may fade or change shades somewhat over time.

In this case, replacing a garage door panel without matching the color might result in an unsightly appearance, affecting curb appeal and the overall attractiveness of your property.

Professional garage door professionals can assist in the replacement of garage door sections while ensuring that the color matches the existing panels. New panels may be put correctly and promptly by garage door repair services, ensuring that you have a working and visually beautiful garage door as soon as possible.

Garage Door Panel Replacement Cost

Garage door panel replacement costs around $500 on average.

According to networx, Garage door panel replacement costs range from $250 for a 9′ garage door panel to $750 for a 16′ garage door panel.

It costs around $1,000 to replace two garage door panels, which is about the same as replacing the full garage door. However, we’ve found that typical garage door panel replacements cost between $250 and $400.

Actually, the cost of replacing a garage door panel varies whether you buy it online or in a local store. We are almost certain that if you buy garage door panels online, the pricing will be reasonable and within your budget. Many of these firms also offer discounts and other special offers, so shop around before deciding on which panels to purchase.

However, if you like to shop locally, this is where things may get pricey, as local retailers frequently charge greater costs for their products than internet stores. This is why many people choose to purchase online because they don’t have to pay extra money on garage door panels, and they also save time and money on gas.

This will be a good read that ensures you understand the kind of insurance coverage to purchase for your home. Mortgage Insurance vs Homeowners Insurance: What’s the difference?

Garage Door Installation

Many individuals find garage door installation to be a scary undertaking, but the best advice is to hire a professional to perform it. You have the option of hiring an expert you located online or a handyman in your region who is listed under the “handymen” category.

Going with a professional is recommended since they may be able to supply you with quality services while also ensuring that everything is done in accordance with safety regulations and other criteria established by relevant authorities. This saves time and money, as well as gives you peace of mind.

With these considerations in mind, purchasing and installing garage door panels should not be too difficult. Just make sure the panels you purchase are durable, energy-efficient, and match the rest of your home’s doors.

What Are the Types of Garage Doors?

Replacing your garage door panels could be the start of a total overhaul of your entire door system, or it could simply be a maintenance option. The type of door that was initially put in your home, as well as its manufacturing material, may have a significant impact on this.

Garage doors are now commonly made of wood, steel, aluminum, and even vinyl, so you might want to look for panels that match these materials.

If you already have doors made of other materials, such as plastic or glass, buying replacement pieces made of different materials isn’t worth it.

There are many various types of garage doors on the market, and understanding what they are will help you decide which replacement panels to buy.

Understanding how each type works and the benefits associated with each will help you decide what is best for your home or garage, based on the purpose and looks.

1. Roll-up Garage Door

Roll-up garage doors are extremely prevalent in today’s homes and throughout the world. One of their key advantages over sectional doors is that they are made of light but robust materials that may be opened automatically with a remote control or manually.

When not in use, these panels can be effortlessly folded into a T-shape, allowing you to free up extra space in your garage. After sectional door designs were established in the 1930s, this form of door arose, and it was commonly used in garages for several decades before current technology was applied to improve it even more.

Roll-up panel systems have become an integral element of garages in practically every country on the planet since then.

2. Sectional Garage Door

Roll-up panels (roller doors) have been improved to make sectional garage doors much sturdier and more efficient. To close or open the entrance, these garage door systems use numerous panels that link together.

They can also come with a vertical lift mechanism, which makes it easier to access your garage while also allowing more air into the structure.

Since they first became popular in the early 1940s, several advancements have been made, such as expanding their overall weight capacity and size limits, making them appropriate for large commercial applications as well.

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3. Sectional Door with Vertical Lift Torsion Spring

This type of garage door is similar to sectional garage doors, but instead of being entirely comprised of flat panels, it incorporates a vertical lift mechanism that may make it easier to open your garage door even if you have a larger vehicle parked inside or just have high ceilings.

This was one of the earliest sectional garage door styles that have vertical lift torsion springs, and it became popular in the late 1950s.

These panels are extremely durable due to the fact that they are composed of steel, which is far more durable than other materials used for this purpose.

4. Bi-fold Doors

The bi-fold doors are more convenient than roll-up panels because they only required one panel to operate. They are made of lightweight materials and may be folded into a box when not in use.

Although this type has been around for a while, it has been upgraded over time by adding remote control doors and making them stronger so that a larger family may enjoy them.

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How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost?

If you’re planning to install a new panel system in your home, you should always check to see if the previous one is still operational. If something is wrong with it and it needs to be repaired, make sure you hire a skilled service provider to handle it.

Depending on what needs to be fixed and how much time is required, the average repair cost for a garage door repair could range from $50 to $300 or more.

Things to Consider When Replacing An Old Garage Door Panel

If you already own a garage door panel system that requires new parts, we recommend that you read through our guide before making any purchases. We’ve gathered all of the information you’ll need to make an educated decision.

Before you go out and buy a new panel system, there are a few things to think about.

1. Size of your garage door

Before purchasing any garage door panel you see, double-check that it fits your existing garage door specs.

You may require a professional to accurately measure your current setup so that they can match it with a similar-sized one from their supply.

2. Quality of material used on the unit

The overall quality of the materials used is crucial.

Steel provides excellent quality. While other materials are cheaper, their durability is not but will not last as long, requiring you to spend more money on repairs in the future. Doors constructed of fiberglass or aluminum are available, but steel doors are by far the most durable.

3. The type of panel system do you need?

Sectional and roller garage doors are the two most common types of panel systems. If you need more options, check out metal panels, insulated panels, and curved panels (for more exposed areas).

Roller doors are easier to install because they don’t require any fixed axis points on your walls or ceiling.

Sectional panels are great for their durability.

You can also repair a foundation. Yes, I didn’t know that as well. See how it costs. How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost In Texas?

Garage Door Installation Cost

Installing a new garage door may require the assistance of professionals because these units are heavy and huge. They also need a high level of precision during installation, otherwise, they may not function properly.

The average cost of a professional garage door panel replacement is roughly $700. But, you can save money by comparing prices with your local hardware or home improvement stores.


Replacement panels for garage doors are a popular alternative for total garage door replacement.

They are available in a variety of designs.

This article explained how much it costs for garage door panel replacement. We hope you enjoyed the read?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, only one panel of a garage door can be replaced. Make that the rest of the garage door is in good working order. If the garage door has not been properly maintained, it may be necessary to replace the complete garage door.

You can replace multiple panels at the same time. More panels, on the other hand, imply a higher cost. It is sometimes just as expensive to replace multiple panels as it is to replace the entire door. Your contractor can tell you if replacing numerous panels will cost the same as replacing the entire door.

The good news is that most garage door panels can be purchased separately and replaced without having to purchase new garage doors.



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