Mercari vs Poshmark: Which is the Best e-Commerce Platform

Mercari vs Poshmark are incredible eCommerce platforms that people are thriving on these days but which of these services should you go for?

Although the coronavirus pandemic has caused pretty much a lockdown or two in most cities of the world, the massive boost in the e-commerce trade is not unexpected.

With people now leaning towards e-commerce platforms — not just as the safe option but as the easier and perhaps even quicker scheme, it is inevitable that comparisons will be drawn between various e-commerce services.

Two of these e-commerce platforms have been gaining popularity in recent months and have risen to the top of the e-commerce platform rankings; Mercari and Poshmark, and the Debate have sparked on which one of them offers the best services and policies in 2022. 

Mercari vs Poshmark: Battle for Supremacy  

Do you feel you’ve got too much junk, unusables, and outdated items? Don’t throw them away, I think it just might supprise you just how many people are looking for that exact thing. Make a quick buck! Sell it online. 

Or do you own a shop in your neighborhood. How much would you earn if your wears are exposed to millions of people every day as opposed to a couple hundred people that just walk in to gawk at ’em, online marketing is the rage and you know it. 

In this article, I will be giving you the showdown that is the Mercari vs Poshmark battle for you to know just which one of them is the go to the store in the modern times of 2022. Read ahead to get the facts and conclusions on what you will be getting on each of these platforms.

Mercari: An Overview

Founded by shintaro yamada the popular e-commerce app was launched in July 2013 full stop in relatively short period of time it became Japan’s most favoured seller to buyer market up. It has since expanded to other countries including the United States and the United Kingdom. It is partnered its partnership with ups FedEx and other delivery agencies and shows that overseas buying and selling is not a hassle.

Its primary product is of course the macari mobile app available for download on iOS and Android devices.

Poshmark: An Overview

Manish Chandra launched Porsche Macan 2011. It has since then created for itself a niche in the e-commerce sector. Poshmark Focuses more on sales of clothing and clothing accessories more than any other product.

You can visit the official Poshmark website here. Sign up! 


To judge Mercari vs poshmark battle accurately we must first know the aspects of online marketing platform that are necessary for it to satisfy both buyers and sellers on the platform. A good ecommerce platform should basically have a large customer base and easy to operate by you, the user. 

  • Audience Available.( the more people using a platform the higher the probability of you selling you’re wearing.) 
  • Selling Fees & Shipping. ( more fees means less profit) 
  • Payout Time. (How long it takes to collect your profits.) 
  • Promotion & Feedbacks. ( Chances are, you will not be the only person selling what you’re selling. What can you do to cut above the crowd)



 Including its massive Japanese customer base (94% of e-shoppers in Japan use Mercari), the Mercari application has garnered well over 100 million downloads worldwide. The Mercari brand has been gaining momentum in recent months, in other countries especially the United States. 

Short of nuclear device says there is no small demand for a variety of products. Sport equipment, jewelry, gadgets and simple clothes are the most prevailing products on sale.

Mercari enjoy a great advantage over other e-commerce sites because of its slick, easy-to-use mobile app. Most other e-commerce apps are glitchy and hard to operate.


Poshmark is a smaller dog in the market it boasts of just 55 million plus users (did I say “just”). However it makes up for this with a more specialised market. In 2022 Poshmark is the best e-commerce site to sell clothing and clothing accessories.

Selling fees and shipping 


Mercari takes a 10% cut on all items sold. Listings are absolutely free and easy to curate. The site boasts a wild array of shipping options. There is even an option when sellers can opt to pay for their buyers shipping fee.


List things are completely free. The commission’s they take are higher (20%) than that of America is (15%) for items over $15. It has a flat shipping rate of 7.11 dollars for sales weighing less than 5 lbs and takes $2.11 for sales weighing less. Poshmark utilises the USPS priority mail so you don’t have to worry about slow delivery.

Payout time


Contrary to other opinions, as a buyer, the scam rate on this platform is the lowest I’ve seen on any e-commerce platform for that matter. However for this to remain possible, there is a slight drawback. The drawback is that payments can be delayed for days, this is because the buyer has to confirm that what he/she bought arrived successfully in good condition. If the buyer fails or forget to rate the seller the funds are still released after 5 working days.


Well, there are people looking to scam you but Mercari has caught alot of flak for scammy buyers in past months.

To solve this, along with the new policies, they created a feature where both Buyers and Sellers are required to rate each other’s service.

This helps the staff to know just whose on the market for a genuine buy and who’s on to commit fraud. 


On poshmark payments and fast and easy. Payments are processed immediately after purchase full stop no refunds are allowed.

 Promotion and feedback 


Mercari is gaining momentum in the e-commerce industry by constantly introducing free and fair policies. Mercari occasionally does free promotions for various reasons including huge discounts on holidays much to the delight of its patrons.

 It is possible and easy to promote your listings( for a small fee) putting your item in front of many customers looking to buy. It also boasts of a private chat platform that enables you to interact privately with potential buyers.

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 Poshmark is molded more in form of a social site while this sounds good it means you have to put in more work and time to gain customers.

Comments and reviews may make or break you. In terms of policies Poshmark has introduced a good amount of terms and improvements to improve the customer experience.

Poshmark does have a reputation for poor customer service. It is hard to publicize your items on Poshmark your best bet is to share your wears to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Given all this info it is left for you to choose which one best fulfills your requirements. The best e-commerce service is definitely the winner of the Mercari vs Poshmark battle, I’ve stated the facts; choose your winner. 

Mercari has done a good job optimising their mobile app introducing new features that make the shopping experience cheap and easy.

Poshmark is the go-to for the buying and selling of clothes, jewels and other clothing accessories. No doubt sellers specialising in the selling commodities experience a high turnover rate.

 Then again nothing is stopping you from opening an account on both of these platforms.

To get started on the Mercari app click Here to download. 

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