10 Most Expensive Apps On App store | 2022

Thousands of apps in the app store are free, and easy to download and install, but they are unique in their own ways without cost. But this doesn’t shut the beautiful designs some developers and companies have put in creating apps with distinctive features. 

To have such apps and experience the feature and contents it brings, you have to be willing to pay the price they come.

Some of these expensive apps in the app store are worth about $100 and above, but the most expensive app on the app store is worth more.

Whether you believe it or not, these apps are worth their prices and are utilized by professionals who understand them. The apps are created to help out individuals and also generate revenue as well. 

In this article, we have researched and compiled all you should know concerning downloading apps on the app store, how to get the apps, and the 10 most expensive apps on the app store that are in high use by individuals and professionals at work not minding their price. 

Are Apple Apps Free?

Apple app store like most other stores you can get an app have both free and paid apps. In-app store, you can identify a free app if the app has a “get button “instead of a price.

App Store doesn’t charge for downloading a free app. Some of these free apps offer in-app purchases and subscriptions that you can buy.

Subscriptions and in-app purchases allow you to access more features and content.

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How To Get Apps

You can find or get apps from app store following these simple steps outlined below: 

  • Go to the “app store” app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • Find apps you like by browsing through the today games, apps, or arcade tabs. You can tab the “search tab” to look for something specific.

    Some games require you to subscribe to apple arcade to play, they read “arcade” and all you need to do is subscribe to the arcade.
  • Tab the price or get button, whichever one is available in the game you wish to download. If the “open” button appears instead of the “price” or “get” button, then you have already bought or downloaded the app.

How To Find Apps That You Have Bought Or Downloaded 

To find apps that you have bought or downloaded, check your apps in your apps library. If you can’t find the app store, you might have to check if you have parental controls turned on.

To remove this, simply adjust your iTunes and app store purchases settings and make sure to choose “allow” for the installing apps setting.

When this is done properly, the apple store should reappear on your device. If you can’t find the app store after this, then search for it on your device.

Do Apps Cost Money On iPhone?

As much as there are free apps on iPhone, there are also expensive apps in the app store that cost money. Apple provides a large marketplace where you can easily get apps for use.

Many of these apps are for purchase and cost about 99 cents to several dollars depending on the contents of the app. There are a lot of free apps as well.

Some of these apps are free because they have in-app purchases which create revenue for the developer. Other apps rely on the advertisements they display to generate revenue for themselves. 

10 Most Expensive App On App Store

Zollinger’s Surgery Atlas

The Zollinger’s Atlas of surgical operations app gives you a good introduction to human anatomy. With this app, the user will be able to have knowledge of the most subtle, complex, and dangerous stages of surgical interventions.

You might think purchasing this app is unreasonable but it can save you many hospital visits. 

The knowledge gained from this app won’t be useless for the basic knowledge but it’s unlikely to be useful in practice.

The atlas of surgical operations was published more than 30 years ago and has gone through 10 reprints. The app has a large fan base willing to pay more than the required amount for an electronic version of the best seller. 

Price: $119.99

iVIP Black App

This app is listed among the most expensive app on the app store. The app is a virtual “millionaire’s assistant”, it provides access to features that are considered inaccessible to mere mortals.

For instance, when you purchase iVIP black for about $1000, you can use top reservations of rooms in restaurants, receive invitations to private parties or establish direct communication with the concierge.

Having this app is like laying off a red carpet at the feet of a millionaire, it allows you to book private jets, yachts, and even islands notwithstanding your direction.

iVIP black apps are expensive apps that are worth it, some may call it outrageously expensive but for a millionaire, its value is worth the price.

Before you can use these particular expensive apps in the app store, you will have to prove your status as a millionaire by having a solid amount of money in your account.

When your account balance doesn’t reflect your status, your access to luxury hotels and private jets will be denied.

Price: $999.99

Cybertuner App

This app is owned by Reyburn Piano Services Inc. and ranks among the best in digital piano tuning. The Cybertuner App is an advanced tuner and the most expensive piano tuning application ever. 

Reyburn Piano Services Inc. created the cybertuner app that ranked as one of the expensive apps in the app store. This app is exclusive only to the IOS app store and it caters mostly to professional tuners who know the basics and have their equipment.

If you are a professional tuner, you will find this app interesting. It gives you access to an intuitive programming layout designed by a well-registered piano technician. 

The app has services that support its users through email or just a phone call away.

The Cybertuner app is the most expensive app on the app store in which you have to pay an additional cost for upgrades and annual updates apart from the cost of purchase.

Price: $1399

Verituner App

If you consider Cybertuner App a little too expensive for you to afford, no worries – switch to the Verituner App.

Verituner App is not as expensive as the Cybertuner App but is slightly outrageous in price. Like the Cybertuner App, it is equally an advanced piano tuner app intended for professional technicians and can only be gotten through the IOS app store. 

This app has the following features: aural quality tunings, adjustable stretch, pitch raises, access to some of the best-known historical temperaments, auto note, and more.

Step up your game with this amazing tuner to get the best from your piano.

Price: $599.99

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Consider this app among the most expensive app on the app store worth its price. You should know that dental treatment is not cheap, so don’t expect this dental app development for dentists to be any different. 

With this app, dentists can show their patients the course of their treatment. It can show the structure of the human jaw, the location of the wisdom teeth, the devastating effects of tooth decay and periodontal disease, and other courses.

Showing this course of treatment to the patient justifies the dentist’s cost of treatment.

Price: $399.99

Classic Tc With Word Power App

As one of the most expensive apps on the app store, this app unlike its predecessor helps people who have difficulty communicating to express their thoughts. Indeed, it’s one of the expensive apps that are worth it. 

It is designed for people suffering from autism, Down syndrome, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and other forms of illness that negatively impact a person’s ability to communicate and socialize.

With this app, you can access a convenient application with a built-in dictionary package that is designed to make communication easier and more intuitive.

This application is available in two languages which are English and Spanish. It plays the phrases and words using a built-in speech synthesizer.

Amazingly, it also offers users a fully customizable interface and integrates with popular social networks. It can be considered one of the expensive apps worth it for some users and invaluable to some.

Price: $299.99

Abu Moo App

Though not quite famous, the Abu Moo App is like virtual jewelry for your phone. The app’s developer seems smart enough to market their creation to attract users who want to buy an expensive app just because they can.

This widget attracts its customer by making them aware that you can show the world how rich and awesome you are. The collection has its precious stones selling for as high as $400.

Price: $400

App Cash

Being listed as one of the most expensive apps on the app store, this app is a stylish cash system for all purposes. The cash can replace your traditional cash register, speeding up and simplifying the payment acceptance procedure.

This application is suitable for cafes and restaurants, allowing waiters to use their smartphones to take their customers’ orders. Cool right!

The cash app has a menu set up like R-Keeper – specialized complexes for restaurant business automation. Due to the app’s functionality, it can be used in any business and can even be used offline without any internet connection. 

With these cool features, you can order services to develop applications and get a program for the iPhone with amazing features and functions. 

Although known as one of the most expensive apps in the app store, the app is cheaper than installing a traditional cash system. It is therefore a very tempting offer for small companies.

Price: $999.99

Safe Session Voice

Most people are scared that their phone calls are being tapped and that their private lives might have been or are being invaded by the employees of Facebook and Google through the use of webcams.

Safe session voice protects your calls by enabling you to make secure calls by using a patented voice encoding algorithm. 

This protects your interest and makes your conversation private; however, both the caller and the receiver must install the software for this to work.

This is not the most expensive app on the app store or the most expensive app on the mac app store but to use it, both parties involved will have to pay twice the actual cost. 

For instance, the caller alone cannot use this software and expect it to work. The caller and the receiver have to install this software to secure and make private their conversation.

The amount calculated to ensure this sums up to about $600. This is expensive but so is security and you shouldn’t expect application development services for IOS to be any less.

Price: $299.99

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Vue Cad Pro

These expensive apps in the app store are not just for fun but for real professional work. Apps like the Vue Cad Pro enable you to view cad files on your iPhone and also download these files to the device via file sharing, email, websites, or iTunes.

It allows the user to be able to study the data and also edit it using their smartphone.

Although it is considered among the most expensive app on the app store, it proves its worth by including a professional set of tools and functions like a full design program.

Even as one of the most expensive apps on the app store, it is in high demand in the professional environment by those people who understand its worth and uses.

Price: $999.99 

FAQs | Most Expensive App On App Store

You can install apps on iPhone without an app store but the majority of the apps on iPhones are installed through the app store. A process known as sideloading is utilized to install an app without using the app store.

Firstly, restart your device. If this doesn’t resolve the issue then check your Apple ID payment method to know whether your payment method is connected to your Apple ID If not try to connect it.

Abu Moo Collection – $1,200



Although these apps have outrageous prices attached to them, they are worth it because of the content and features associated with them.

When properly utilized, these expensive apps in the app store serve their purpose and functionality in our daily work and others in their daily lives. You might want to grab one of these apps if you need one.


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