10 Most Expensive Houses in Texas | 2022

With numerous people and corporate giants relocating to America’s oil and gas hub, Texas is currently experiencing an economic boom. Texas is both home to the wealthy and home to the poor as well.

The most expensive houses in Texas are owned by the wealthy. The mild weather, the booming economy, no state income tax make a great abode for all and sundry. In fact, you will find a lot of multi-million dollar houses in Texas as people of the affluent have made it their home. 

Texas is s place to seek luxury. Exotic houses are lavishly designed and enticing, some of which are private and on the market for sale.

So here is a compiled list of the top 10 expensive houses in Texas. The table of contents below pays close attention to the houses, their owners, and selling prices.

What is the biggest house in Texas?

Texas is home to lavish and luxurious homes. However, it is also home to very big beautiful houses in the US.

Sometime in March, the biggest home in Texas was sold. This large home is situated on a 48, 000 square foot Champ d’Or estate and rises from the prairie in Denton County like a mythical castle. It is currently owned by Dallas developer Zaf Tavani who sold bought it in an auction.

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Where is the most expensive home in Texas?

The Hollow way road in Dallas is home to the most expensive home in Texas. This lavish Texas home is situated on 28, 000 sq. ft and has a very large living space.

Interestingly, this luxury home in Texas was built in 1938 and has the most expensive and detailed designs from inside to outer space.

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10 Most Expensive Houses in Texas

In selecting our expensive houses, different parameters were considered. We put into consideration the decoration, cost of design, and current value in the real estate.

However, the selling price and monetary worth of these houses are the great determinants of the order of appearance.

1. 1000 Hollow way Rd., Dallas 75229

Price: $135m

This 1938 house is one you will surely love to live in. Worthy of the most expensive house in Texas with all its glory, and detailed designs, from outer space to inner space.

It has over 28,000 sq. ft. of living space in the main house. The estate is naturally beautified as it has an abundance of trees and a creek that runs throughout the property. Just in a 10mins drive, you will be swept with the ecstasy the experience brings.

There are vegetable gardens, trails meadows, a pond on this luxurious property. Two courtyards and a greenhouse are carefully lined with magnolia trees.

It has a tennis court on the property and a helipad. Inside this exorbitant house, you are first welcomed with an ornamental steel front door. The home really flows on the inside with a beautiful kitchen.

The kitchen is shockingly close-fitted, for a house of this size. This can be described as a dream house, not only due to the beauty of it all, but all the spectacular amenities, and the extravagant decors. Including the 19-seater theater that boasts a real reel projection room and concession counter.

#2. 1755 Dove Road, South Lake

Price: $50m

Described as a coveted property of Tarrant County sits the Second most expensive house in Tarrant County. This piece of architectural wonder is perfectly sited on one acre of mature landscaping with mature trees.

The breathtaking view of rock pond/waterfall, a swimming pool of infinity edge, the scenic rolling hills for relaxation. Did we mention the living Oasis outdoor? The fire pits? This house is a display of architectural prowess.

From the meticulous design to the high-quality craftsmanship displayed all over the house. It is a good definition of flamboyant living and well deservingly costs $50m.

#3. 27 Molt Lane, Houston

Price: $35m

Our Third most expensive house in Texas is a unique contemporary model of a multi-million dollar estate professional sited on 8.7 acres of land at  27 Mott Lane in Houston.

The building masterpiece has 14,868 sq. ft. of living space. When you step into the estate, you are welcomed with a beautiful modern, floating staircase with formal living and dining rooms off to the side.

The modern gourmet kitchen is fully equipped and ready to prepare meals to feed an army. If you are a foodie, you should be filled with ecstasy. The architectural design of the estate is the perfect luxury for a family.

In this luxury house in Texas is a beautiful family room, gym/yoga, a medium room, a wet bar even. On the second floor, there is a floored loft and floor lounge.

Outside the building, you have a magnificent view of the lap pool in the estate from many many terraces located around the home. Now, a $35m is well-deserving for the most expensive house in Texas.

#4. 5950 Deloache Avenue, Dallas

Price: $33.5m

Perfectly situated in Debauche Avenue, Dallas is the 4th most expensive house in Texas, designed in a traditional style is the 15,254 sq.ft. space mansion of $33.5million. 

On nine acres of Pristine’s mature landscape sits this magnificent building in all of its luxury. Throughout the property, there are beautifully manicured and cut hedges.

There are several terraces, a tennis court, gardens, a swimming pool, and a two-story guest house. You can see gorgeous lakes and beautiful features including a natatorium, a library, masculine leather-walled billiard room in all of its warmth.

The master’s suite complex is sure to leave you in awe. This magnificent building also has a luxurious spa and an in-house swimming pool.

Basically, this is one of the premier properties in the entire Southwest.

#5.100 Carnarvon Dr., Houston Texas

Price: $29,999,999

This beautiful estate is perfectly sited on 2.33 wooded acres of land in 100Carnarvan Dr., Houston Texas. Our Fifth most expensive house in Texas was built in 2012  and has a house space of 26,401 sqft.

As though a fantasy but very real is this lavishly built landscape occupant of 8 exotic bedrooms,12 bathrooms, 4 car garage, a car lover will have all the guts for this house.

There is a pool and a courtyard on the outside of the house. The building houses luxurious decor of antique chandeliers, a marble fireplace, a ceiling detail that is jaw-dropping. With so much lavish detail and gorgeous landscape, it is important not to forget the $29 monthly HOA fee.

#6. 4939 Manson CT., Dallas 75229

Price: $29.995m

In our list of one of the most expensive houses in Texas is this exotic building with 25,000 sq. ft. of living space.

This luxurious house in Texas has nine extravagant bedrooms, nine lavishly designed bathrooms, a formal library with a very spacious kitchen, and three wet libraries.

Not to mention a unique underground media room, an outdoor kitchen for large entertainment.

This expensive house in Texas has A 14 cars garage, a basketball court, three wet bars. It possesses exotic features for entertainment and enjoyment.

In this kind of estate, there is no stopping to entertainment and quality entertainment as it features captured the nature of entertainment to the fullest.

This is a good place to experience the luxurious part of life. This estate is worth to be one of the most expensive houses in Texas and its estimated worth of $29.995 million.

#7. 20 Carnarvon Dr., Houston Texas

Price: $29,500,000.

 This expensive gourmet in Texas is known as “The Manor” on Carnarvon. It is a perfectly nestled Houston Texas gourmet built-in 2003 on about 26,638sqft of living space.

The inspiration for this building was gotten from Europe’s most classic structures. Our 7th most expensive house in Texas has 9 exotic bedrooms, 10 lavishly designed bathrooms,  an eleven-car garage.

This lavish Texas home is an English countryside escape in the heart of Houston. The home is surrounded by four (4) acres of lush park-like grounds.

It is a lavishly Crafted Texas building that boasts of gold gilded accents, patina wall panels, silk upholstered walls, vaulted ceilings, authentic walnut flooring, and French antique fountains.

#8. 27 Mott Ln., Piney Point Village

Price: $27,500,000.    

Made it to our list is the Piney Point built in the year 2011 and has 14,868 sqft. of living space. It has the architectural design of a modern-day Texas home.

In this luxury texas house, you have 4 captivating bedrooms, 7 exotic bathrooms with 3-car garage.

The home has an Olympic standard gym, a wine cellar, a pool, a meditation room and it also has an elevator. From the floor to the ceiling windows have a 40% flood resistance. Yes, that’s the kind of details put into building this gourmet.

This beautiful piece of Architecture is nestled on almost nine acres of wooded land and is located on a private point overlooking Buffalo Bayou.

#9. 3996 Inverness Dr., Houston Texas

Price: $26,500,000

This expensive house in Texas is perfectly sited on a 2.37-acre heavily-wooded lot. The building has an 18,265 sqft living space and was built in 2011.

It is inspired by English countryside castles, Storybook River Oaks Estate combines luxury with fantasy. This luxurious house had arching windows and lavishly decorated rooms.

The welcoming classy yet filthy rich wallpapers give the estate a romantic essence. This Texas expensive estate has 6 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and a 4-car garage. The estate is beautified with a saltwater pool, a disappearing fountain in the garden (English Tudor Parterre gardens), a custom summer Kitchen.

Guests enjoy not only a private wing but also a separate guest cottage.

#10. 903 Crystal Mountain

Price: $25m

Yeah! The last most expensive house in Texas in our least most expensive house in Texas is located in the Crystal Mountain at Barton Creek part of Austin, Texas.

It is a beautiful luxury house in Texas with a 4bedrooms, 6bathrooms and has a 6,588 sq. ft. The estate was built in 1994 and is perfectly nestled on 17 acres of beautifully landscaped property.

The house has a 128-acre backyard of water views, swimming pools, pastures, cantons to hike, wildlife, wooded hills, horse-riding trails. This is a $25 million dollar estate and is the last on our list of expensive homes in Texas.


With the figures attached to these most expensive houses in Texas, it is safe to say Texas indeed is a beautiful place. I

It is home to billion dollars houses in her real estate market. So, people basically move to Texas not just for its cost of living but also for a life of luxury. Read through this piece and let us know which of these houses you will buy if you could afford the luxury.



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