14 Best Online Banks Like Chime | Full List

Every business has competition. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you discover another one.

Over the years Chime online bank has been one of the best alternatives to traditional banks but today, there are several other convenient and low-cost banking that allows you to earn a ton of money in interest.

In this article, we will look at 14 online banks like Chime. With these banks, you can gain a high yield savings account offer on annual percentage yield (APY). Read on to know the best option for you.

Online banks allow you to track your account balances, daily transactions, and savings from anywhere. According to internet banking statistics from a 2018 survey, 73% of consumers use an online banking channel at least once every 30 days.

Online banks offer many of the same benefits as traditional banks, such as robust mobile apps and a variety of financial products. If you’re yet to own an online banking account, this is an opportunity for you to choose from the very best.

List of Best Online Banks for Savings

Below is a list of the best online bank accounts. The selection criteria of these banks are their global reputations, APY Monthly fee and rankings in top publications like the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Direct Banking Satisfaction Study.

#1. Discover Bank

APYMonthly FeeBest  For
0%None ATM Access

Discover Bank offers a unique debit card bonus. Discover’s online checking account pays up to 1% cashback on up to $3,000 cashback on qualifying purchases per month. You can collect up to $360 per year if you maximize the offer.

Additionally, Discover’s online bank (Member, FDIC) offers checking and savings products, as well as an IRA CD.

#2. Ally Bank

APYMonthly FeeBest  For
0.10% (under $15,000) to 0.50% (above $15,000)NoneRunner-Up

Ally is one of the top-ranked and prominent online banks with an easy-to-use account offering no monthly maintenance charge. Ally’s checking account does not require any minimum deposit to open an account, you earn a small amount of interest on your balance, and standard checks are always free.

Ally offers 24/7 services to customers with a highly-rated mobile app. Ally features over 43,000 Allpoint ATMs fee-free and also rebates up to $10 in ATM charges you pay to other banks.

#3. Chase Bank

APYMonthly FeeBest  For
0%$12, with waivers availableBest Bonus Offer

Chase Bank is a great chime alternative well known to offer incredible bonuses. The offer is accessible nationwide, and you can get a $200 bonus if you meet certain criteria.

Chase Bank Checking account has a potential $12 monthly service fee. However, there is free waived if you make a direct deposit of at least $500 per month, $1,500 minimum daily balance, or at least $5,000 every day in qualifying Chase accounts.

As a Chase Bank customer, you have access to 16,000 ATMs and nearly 4,900 branches. You can also pay bills, deposit checks, lock your card, and more with Chase mobile app. There is no minimum opening deposit requirement, but to qualify for a reward, you’ll need to deposit funds.

#4. nbkc Bank

APYMonthly FeeBest  For

nbkc is one of the safest online banks on our list. Unlike other banks, nbkc offers no monthly fee, no charge for returned (bounced) payments, no overdraft or insufficient funds fees, free stop payments, and free wire transfers.

nbkc bank reimburses you for ATM fees that you pay to other banks (up to $12 per month) if you’re unable to find one of their 32,000 free ATMs. There’s no minimum deposit required making the account accessible to anybody.

#5. Consumers Credit Union

APYMonthly FeeBest  For
Up to 4.09% (Capped at $10,000)NoneAPY

Consumers Credit Union is an online bank like chime offering the highest rates in a checking account. You’ll need to meet certain criteria to maximize your rate. Consumers Credit Union features several reward tiers, allowing you to earn a small amount of interest when you don’t meet all of the criteria.

You can open an account with a minimum of $5, but there’s no ongoing minimum balance requirement. There are no monthly fees, and anybody can join the Consumers Credit Union.

#6. Charles Schwab Bank

APYMonthly FeeBest  For
0.03%NoneCustomer Service

Charles Schwab is a full-service financial service online bank that offers investment products, retirement accounts, banking, and home loans.

The Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking account requires no monthly fees and no minimum balance requirements. Also, there’s no ATM network to keep track of Schwab provides unlimited ATM fee rebates.

Schwab does not charge a foreign transaction fee when you use your debit card abroad. Schwab’s app provides all of the features you’d expect, including mobile check deposit.

#7. Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union

APYMonthly FeeBest  For
Up to 3.30% (Capped at $20,000)NoneRewards

The Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union(ETFCU) is quite unique in that it pays a competitive rate on a relatively high balance. You can earn the maximum rate up to $20,000.

You’re not required to pay a monthly fee or ongoing balance requirement in the Vertical Checking account, but you need to start with at least $25. ETFCU offers access to almost 5,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide.

The ETFCU mobile app offers essential banking features like mobile deposit, and you can verify if you meet the monthly criteria required to earn the highest rate.

#8. American Express National Bank

APYMonthly FeeBest  For
0.80% on all tiers of savings, 0.30% on an 18-month CDNoneCredit cards offer cash back

American Express began started in 1850 as an express mail service in New York. Today, American Express is renowned for its credit cards that offer cash back, airline miles, hotel points, and Membership Rewards. American Express also offers savings accounts, CDs, personal loans, foreign exchange, and other banking services.

#9.Capital One

APYMonthly FeeBest  For
0.10% on checking, 0.65% on savings, 0.30% on 12-month CDNone ATM Access

Capital One, formerly known as Capital One 360 is listed as one of the safest online banks in the United States. The 360 brand, however, remains in the names of its online banking products, such as its 360 Checking account.

#10. CIT Bank

APYMonthly FeeBest  For
0.50% on Savings, 0.25% on eChecking,
0.55% on money market, and 0.30% on 12-month CD
NoneATM fee reimbursement

CIT Bank offers savings, money market products, certificates of deposit, as well as checking account. Homebuyers can borrow from this bank.

CIT Bank offers a Savings Builder account( an account that requires customers to maintain a balance of $25,000 or more). Once you meet these requirements, you earn an Upper Tier interest rate.

#11. Marcus by Goldman Sachs

APYMonthly FeeBest  For
0.60% on savings, 0.85% on a 12-month high-yield CD with a $500 minimum balance.NoneNo-penalty CD

Goldman Sachs is one of the premier names in high net worth investing. Founded in 1869, this firm offers investment banking, institutional client services, investing and lending, and investment management.

Marcus offers online savings accounts, CDs, and personal loans. If you’re looking for a higher rate without locking their money away in a long-term CD, Marcus offers a 7-month no-penalty CD. It has a $500 minimum deposit with no early withdrawal penalty if you need to access your money.

#12. Radius Bank

APYMonthly FeeBest  For
0.10% on balances of $2,500 to $99,999.99; 0.15% on balances $100,000 and aboveNoneUnlimited ATM rebates

Radius Bank is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Radius has over $1.3 billion in assets and has won multiple innovation awards in recent years.

This bank features a wide variety of traditional banking products for consumers, businesses, and institutional customers. You’ll find checking, savings, CDs, and loans, as well as escrow and cash management services for clients with more complex needs.

By maintaining a $2,500 average balance in direct deposits each month, you will recieve a 1.00% cashback on all debit card purchases on checking account.

#13. Barclays US Savings

APYMonthly FeeBest  For
0.60%None Consumer and small business credit cards

Founded in 1690 on Lombard Street in London, England. Barclays originally started trading as goldsmith bankers. Today, Barclays is known for its consumer and small business credit cards with household names like JetBlue and Hawaiian Airlines.

Barclays introduced the world’s first ATM machine in June 1967 in Enfield, north London and also offers online savings accounts and CDs.

#14. Synchrony

APYMonthly FeeBest  For
0.75%None ATM Access

Synchrony formerly known as GE Capital Retail Bank is a subsidiary of Synchrony Financial, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut.

Synchrony provides the best offers for savings, money market, CDs, and doesn’t charge ATM fees. You can get up to $5 in fees when you use domestic ATMs.



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