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Finding an apartment can be a laborious task in and of itself, but current housing applications and websites are designed to make it easier. There are some of the best rental websites for apartment hunters that could help you with your search.

Additionally, the challenging aspect these days is deciding on the best apartment leasing website. In addition, many firms claim to be the most incredible apartment finder, and listings flood the market.  

Separating the indeed most excellent apartment applications from the rest, on the other hand, can be difficult. You can find apartments online by using various and trustworthy rental websites online.  The best house rental app is apartment.com.

Apartments.com was one of the first rental websites to post apartments for rent online, so it’s no surprise that they have one of the top apartment rental applications. Users can search through thousands of rental postings, apply online, and even define their perfect search parameters on a map.  

Apartment Finder uses the most up-to-date availability. And pricing data in the business to help you find the best discounts, rent specials, and the actual cost of your future apartment. Making them an excellent website, and they are trustworthy as well.   

Zillow Rentals is one of the best rental websites to find an apartment. It has more listings and data than any other real estate site. And it even includes an algorithm that uses browser data to tailor to a user’s hobbies and interests. While Zillow may be used to rent, purchase, or sell a home, I like to search for a home because it provides essential information about single-family homes. Furthermore, the Zestimate tool allows you to quickly compare rentals to see what kind of deal you’re receiving. 

15 Best Rental Website for Apartments Hunters in 2021.  

 Renting an apartment might be stressful, but we’re fortunate to have so many online resources at our disposal. Additionally, imagine having to rely exclusively on newspapers to locate listings. It would not be easy to find ads without using filters or price comparison tools. 

Nowadays, apartment-searching websites make the process convenient and straightforward. Here are the top ten apartment-hunting websites that will assist you in discovering the ideal new home at an affordable price. 

1. Zillow Rentals:  

Zillow is commonly used to search for properties for sale, but it also offers a sizeable rental database. It is the best apartment website for apartment hunters. The Zillow Rentals app is designed exclusively for folks looking for an apartment on the go.

Additionally, The option to create a renter profile streamlines the process of applying for and getting authorized for an apartment. The app provides various filters, ranging from pets to parking, to help you narrow down your search. 

2. Trulia Rentals:  

Trulia, which Zillow acquired in 2014, is another pioneer in the online real estate space. Thanks to its helpful buyer and renter advice, Trulia can help you rent or buy a house. It is one of the best apartment websites.

Trulia’s connections with crime-mapping programs like SpotCrime.com and CrimeReports.com are among the site’s most notable features. Trulia introduced a new function in 2018 that helps members of the LGBTQ+ community navigate potentially discriminatory housing legislation. 

3. Realtor.com:  

Realtor.com is a well-known rental site. Only owners and property managers can list on this site, run by the National Association of Realtors. It is one of the best apartment websites for apartment hunters. 

It offers various criteria to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in pricing, neighbourhoods, and amenities. And its listing page provides a wealth of information about various communities, including school statistics and price comparisons. 

4. SpareRoom:  

SpareRoom is one of the most significant apartment applications for locating tenants seeking roommates if you aren’t quite ready for your place. Additionally, look for available rooms for rent before you commit and get to know your potential roommate. 

SpareRoom has one of the best apartment websites. Furthermore, You can filter results, search on a map, and view photographs, much like the finest house rental applications. 

5. Craigslist:  

Craigslist, a well-known online classifieds site, isn’t expressly for rentals, but it’s where I located four of the five houses I rented in California. Additionally, landlords post directly to Craigslist, which usually avoids broker costs. You can discover fantastic offers here. 

Craiglist is one of the best apartment websites for apartment hunters. Furthermore, many landlords avoid the more significant rental sites like Zillow and Zumper in favor of Craigslist, which means you can unearth hidden gems you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. 

Additionally, Craigslist, on the other hand, isn’t as strict about screening advertisements, so you have to be careful who you contact. Furthermore, In my experience, if anything seems too good to be true, it probably is—and if the apartment photographs appear to be copied from another rental site, the listing is most likely a hoax.

My general guidelines are as follows: the listing must include images and an address, and the description must be professional. 

6. Apartment List:  

Apartment List finds tailored apartment choices based on your preferences. According to many user evaluations, this is one of the best apartment and house renting apps they’ve ever used.

It has one of the best apartment websites. Furthermore, It’s simple to keep a shortlist of rental houses you prefer and receive updates on their availability. 

7. Zumper:  

Zumper is one of the top apartment search engines for big cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. In addition, Future tenants in New York and Chicago can use the site’s Instant function to reserve and lease specific apartments online. It has one of the best apartment websites. 

Another advantage of Zumper is that landlords can upload rental ads directly to the site, ensuring that all rental information is accurate. 

8. StreetEasy:  

It’s challenging to locate an apartment in any city, but it’s more difficult in New York, where the market is fiercely competitive, and rates are exorbitant. StreetEasy has one of the best apartment websites. 

Additionally, StreetEasy, which can be utilized for renting and selling, is ideal for New Yorkers with precise criteria. In addition, You may search for no-fee apartments, trending residences, and amenities you can’t live without, among other things. 

9. Adodo:  

Although ABODO is primarily targeted at young professionals and university students in urban areas, anyone can peruse its millions of postings from coast to coast.  Adodo has one of the best apartment websites. Additionally, ABODO is one of the more convenient apartment apps, with verified listings and an easy-to-use search map. 

10. Apartments.Com:  

Many tenants use Apartments.com to find a place to live. It has millions of listings, a robust set of criteria, and a solid track record. Furthermore, it also includes a tool for drawing search area bounds and a keyword search for listings. It has one of the best apartment websites. 

Additionally, the site has a feature called the Local Guide, which provides tenants with information about specific locations, including market trends, top schools, most popular apartments, and more.

In addition, each listing describes the apartment and the neighbourhood in which it is located and what is nearby in terms of schools and transportation alternatives. It’s an excellent resource for anyone planning to relocate to a new city and requires additional information. 

11. RentCafe:  

RentCafe provides listings directly from the area’s leading property managers, so renters don’t have to worry about verifying the legitimacy of each listing. It has one of the best apartment websites for apartment hunters.  

RentCafe’s technology displays users a unit’s real-time availability, which is helpful for apartment hunters (which is useful in competitive markets, where homes can be snatched up in hours).

Additionally, You may even utilize the site as a management tool, which you can use to communicate with your apartment manager and renew your lease. 

12. StreetEasy:  

Finding an apartment in any city is challenging, but it’s challenging in New York, where the market is fiercely competitive, and prices are exorbitant. 

IStreetEasy has one of the best apartment websites. However, StreetEasy, which can be used for renting and selling, is ideal for New Yorkers with specific criteria. Additionally, You may search for no-fee apartments, trending residences, and amenities you can’t live without, among other things. 

13. Nooklyn:  

Nooklyn is another excellent resource headquartered in New York City. While the firm is a full-service brokerage, its website serves as a neighborhood resource, listing apartments, rooms for rent, new residential complexes, and even job openings. Nooklyn has one of the best apartment websites. Additionally, On Nooklyn, users can look for a new home to live, as well as advertise their available sublets and other services. 

14. Lovely:  

While other apartment search applications are overburdened with features, Lovely strives to simplify the user experience. It has one of the best apartment websites for apartment hunters.

There are plenty of postings on the web-based map app, and it’s simple to set up custom notifications and contact landlords directly. Lovely is ideal for easily distracted people, as its interface is more minimalist than its competitors. 

15. Facebook Group:  

Facebook Groups are yet another way to locate rental houses. (There’s also Facebook Marketplace, but the selection is limited, and you’re unlikely to find something unique there that you couldn’t find on other rental sites.) additionally, Search for particular groups that cover rentals in the area you want to move to get the most out of Facebook Groups.

Facebook group is also one of the best apartment websites. For apartment hunters.  (For example, I searched for Housing, Rentals, Apartments, Rooms, and Sublets in Los Angeles, CA.) You can talk to folks renting out their properties, subletting their rooms, or looking for a roommate in these groups. 


Conclusively, the most excellent apartment search apps and rental websites share a few characteristics: They’re easy to use, feature many good listings, and are well presented. Any of the applications or websites listed above can assist you in finding the ideal apartment; try several to broaden your search. 


Are they any deposit or Non-refundable fees? If yes. What are they for?? 

Even though some states prohibit it, some landlords will require a non-refundable deposit as part of the lease. Before signing a lease, at the very least, you’ll know what to expect. At best, you’ll be able to go home and look up your state’s laws to see if the landlord is permitted to request non-refundable deposits or fees. 

What payment methods will you accept for rent? 

Landlords are free to choose which payment methods they accept, but the most fantastic landlords make it as simple as possible for tenants to pay. Only taking cash from landlords should be avoided at all costs. Online payments are the ideal way to pay rent (in my opinion) because they provide both tenants and landlords with automation, security, and convenience.

Can I trust rental websites? 

They are trustworthy websites and now are with ApartmentGuide. It’s even more reliable. They are certainly aiding in the filling of housing vacancies. And we have listed some responsible websites above. 

What is the best Apartment search site?  

There are numerous, but some of the best rental websites are Zillow Rentals, Abodo, HotPads, Zumper, and Apartments.com. 

How do I find a suitable apartment and the best apartment deal?

Patience is often needed. Begin by defining your top criteria and doing a search utilizing an apartment locator website. Don’t hesitate to apply for an apartment that meets your requirements before someone else does!

Furthermore, when using for an apartment, try to make some concessions. Additionally, newly built complexes frequently run the most OK specials because they aim to fill all empty flats as soon as possible. 



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