Which State has the highest-paid Teachers in the USA? | 2022 Review.

I grew up hearing the saying that a teacher’s reward is in Heaven, because of the enormous effort put into ensuring that each child gets access to the best education.

I guess teachers in the USA would have none of those proverbs, hence, the protests every time about low pay, which makes me wonder, do teachers earn good money in the USA?.

The truth is, when compared with other professions, teachers in the USA earn peanuts and are not among the highest-paid professions.

Therefore, this article will examine the states that have the highest-paid teachers in USA.

Do teachers earn good money in the USA?

Good money is relative, depending on how you do the maths. An average teacher gets up to $15 per hour, which is not such good pay especially since the cost of living in these high-paying states is so high.

Because of this and many more, more teachers continue to look for part-time jobs to sustain themselves.

Which state has the highest-paid teachers? We will discuss that below.

Why are teachers paid so little in America?

As far back as 60 years ago, women dominated the education space as a means to support the family. Some taught while waiting to marry. Therefore, most people think that teaching is a job that anybody can do, not necessarily an ideal profession.

Also, there is a belief sponsored by the media about an anti-educational bent in the US. This make-believe indicates that the educational system is failing, which is unlikely to be true. 

If teachers are paid so little, then how much exactly do they earn?

What is the Average Salaries of Teachers in USA?

Recent research by Business Insider has shown that a teacher makes an average of $45,000-$55,000 per year.

Sounds big, however, we should put into consideration bills, taxes, etc, not forgetting that a teacher has a family to fend for.

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How much do teachers earn in the different states of America? (State-to-state comparison).

If you’re looking forward to starting a career in teaching, then this slide helps you with the income of teachers in different states in the US to enable you to pick the option best for you.

Which states have the highest-paid teachers in USA? Patiently read below

We’ll be looking at the states in USA from the highest paid state down to the lowest paid state.

StateSalary (Annual)
New York City$87,543
Washington DC$79,350
New Jersey$76,376
Rhode Island$67,323
New Hampshire$60,003
North Carolina$54,682
New Mexico$54,256
North Dakota$52,328
South Carolina$51,485
West Virginia$50,238
South Dakota$49,220

From the above, it is clear that the state with the highest paid teachers in the USA is New York City, California, and Massachusetts, with New York being at the top.

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Let’s take a moment to look at the teaching profession in each of these three states below.

Teaching the Highest Paid States in USA

1. New York City

New York is considered to be the least expensive place to live in America. To live comfortably in the US, a person needs to make up to $40,000 per year after taxes and other bills have been paid.

Since a teacher makes less, is NYC then good enough for a teacher?. The truth remains that there are various teaching opportunities in NYC especially if you teach a high-demand subject.

NYC has a high demand for teachers with a starting salary of $57,000 for entry-level teachers and about $85,000-$87,000 for experienced teachers.

If you’re a teaching in New York and you’re thinking long term, you’ll eventually need to obtain a master’s degree(if you do not already have one) within 5 years of your teaching career.

NYC is the best state with highest paid teachers.

2. California

Since 2015, the shortage of teachers has continued to grow massively and due to the Covid19 pandemic, there is an increasing shortage with a number of unprepared teachers which will make it hard for campuses to reopen fully.

California pays up to $84,000 per year.

This is the second state with highest paid teachers.

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3. Massachusetts

Getting a teaching job in Massachusetts can be quite cumbersome as the demand for professional teachers are high. If you eventually become a licensed teacher, there is an opportunity for you to grow as professional development opportunities are provided constantly.

With a salary of $83,622 per year, Massachusetts is a good place to embark on your teaching career.

This is the third state with highest paid teachers.

There are several questions that are common among people who are looking forward to starting a career in education and we’ll take a look at five of them below.

Six commonly asked questions by soon-to-be teachers.

What state pays teachers the most?.

New York City appears to be the top-paying state on the internet.

What is the highest paying subject to teach?.

Science, English as a second subject.

Who is the richest teacher in America?.

By marriage to one of the world’s richest women, Mackenzie Scott, Dan Jewett (a computer science teacher) has been reported as the world’s richest teacher.

How to land a teaching job in the US.

  • Obtain a relevant bachelor’s degree.
  • Create your résumé and cover letter.
  • Organise your portfolio.
  • Garner experiences by volunteering. 
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What are the requirements of being a teacher in the US?.

  • Have a relevant bachelor’s degree.
  • Complete a district or state approved teachers’ preparation program.
  • Submit a state teaching license application.

How many teachers are in the US?.

According to statistics, teachers occupy about 2% of the US population, which means that there are about 6 million teachers, comprising of elementary school teachers, high school teachers, professors, private school teachers, etc.

Let’s look at two more headlines before we bring this post to a conclusion, shall we?

8 Websites to Start Online Tutoring From.

If you think the process of securing a physical teaching job is rigorous, then consider below, some websites where you can start building your teaching career.

Top 8 websites to start online private tutoring from.

  • Tutor.com
  • TutorMe
  • eTutorworld.com
  • BrainFuse
  • ClubZ Skool
  • Chegg Tutors
  • VipKid

1. Tutor.com:

There are Doctors, Professors as well as tutors with a bachelor’s degree on tutor.com.

Tutor has over 21 years of experience, and because of this, they’ll want to continually maintain their integrity which means rigorous screening exercises such as exams, mock tutoring, mentor review and third party background check.

So, if you’re daring enough, you should try tutor.com.

2. TutorMe:

At TutorMe, you can earn up to $16 per hour with enough room for flexibility.

TutorMe allows for high school subjects as well as other high demand skills such as programming.

3. eTutorworld.com:

eTutorworld is for 12th-grade students with Math, Science and English subjects as the list of subjects to teach.

Therefore, if you love teaching kids who are about to enter college, then you should give this a try.

This is another highest paid website for teachers irrespective of state.

4. BrainFuse:

Although for students of all ages, brainfuse specialises also in 12th-grade students, preparing them ahead of college.

5. ClubZ:

This is for Kindergartens, College students, elementary students and all types of students in school.

If you also teach special kids with disabilities, then go on to apply as ClubZ also offers this service.

This is another highest paid website for teachers irrespective of state.

6. Skool:

On Skool, you can only teach high-level income skills. Currently, Skool is currently hiring software engineers. To apply, click on jobs.lever.co/skool to apply.

7. Chegg Tutors:

Chegg Tutors have a niche around helping students with their homework questions.

So if you think this is something that you can do, then you should consider checking their website.

This is another highest paid website for teachers irrespective of state.

8. VipKid:

This is one of the largest global teaching community that majors in teaching kids across the world English language.

VipKid is currently hiring teachers who are fluent and proficient in English language to teach these kids.

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Are you considering becoming an online tutor, then check the requirements below to be sure you’re a good fit.

Requirements for being an online tutor.

The requirements of being an online tutor depend on the platform, the subject by demand, region, etc. However, they usually take the form below.

1. Understand the business of education.

To understand the business of education, a person needs to ask him or herself each of the following questions.

  • Who are my ideal students?

Are they students with special needs?. What are their needs?. Where do they live?. Where can I find them?.

  • What gives me an edge over my competitors?

Since you’re not the only tutor who will be competing for students, it is important that you map out a plan that will make you stand out from your co tutors. That will be your unique selling point.

  • What subject will I specialize in?

If you’ve succeeded in defining who your ideal students are and their needs, then it will not be too difficult for you to know which subject to major in.

  • What are the skills required?

If you have chosen kindergartens to be your target audience for example, then it is important to have the skills necessary for teaching little children.

  • Do your ideal students have an adequate system requirement?.

Do they have everything it takes to ensure that there’s a smooth tutorial from their end?.

2. Choose the platform that best suits what you want to achieve.

Having sorted the first stage of the process. And if you can’t find a platform that suits you, then you should think of creating one.

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3. Take advantage of mentoring sessions from other tutors. 

There’s a quote that says “for you to get to where you want to be, then you have to find someone who has gotten there and ask the person to lead you”.

Mentoring saves you from lots of hassles and there’s no better person to help you than someone who has had years of experience as an online tutor.

4. Create a solid profile.

The first step to creating a unique selling point is to have your complete profile on your desired platform. It shows some level of professionalism which attracts more students to you.

5. Customize your courses to suit your students’ learning experiences.

Having defined your ideal students, then it is important that you tailor your courses or module to fit into their needs so as to help you bring the best out of your students.

6. A degree in a relevant field.

Like I earlier mentioned, some requirements differ from the others, however, in most cases, a degree in relevance is necessary for you to become an online tutor.

Above all, choose what works for you. 


There is a saying that a person can become who they want to be if only they can put their minds to it. So also, you can be successful at teaching if you put your mind to it.

Meeting kids that have a well of potential who challenges you to be more contributes to one of the things that make teaching super exciting.

In the end, every step of the journey is going to be worth it.

We hope you learnt about the state with highest paid teachers?



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