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Investment, in particular, stock market investment is not a concept taught in school. This is despite rising interest in the financial market by people of different ages.

If asked today, very few know about forex, cryptocurrency, or index funds but still term themselves ‘investors’. There is nothing wrong with that but it is important to start by learning the basics around stock markets and its investments and how to make the most out of this, before it is too late.

Borrowing nuggets from Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham among other industry professionals, this article aims at highlighting some of the top, time-tested strategies on financial investments.

You will read of the experiences of these renowned investors and those of others in the stock market. Some investment books go further to discuss mutual funds, index funds, behavioral finance, asset allocation among other crucial aspects of the market. 

Let us find out more about what these investment books have to offer.

What is a Stock Market Investing Book?

The overall stock market is attracting greater numbers and a majority might end up successful and have a strong investment profile. However, with little knowledge on how to manage it, it is very easy to lose everything you worked so hard for.

Good thing, all-time successful investors have published books where they share tips, strategies and methods used to maintain their portfolio while building their wealth. What are referred to as stock market investing books. Tons of them are available at your disposal but finding the right book at the right time is key. 

Stock market investing books will expose you to a basic yet timeless supply of stock-related knowledge before you get to the crux of it. Concepts like stock graphs, how to read and analyse them, when to use them and their importance will come much later. So let’s start with the fundamentals.

Hang around to find out some of the best investment books of all time.

Why are there Stock Market Investing Books?

Stock investments have grown popular in recent decades but many have either lost their fortune, received less than their stocks’ worth or took too huge risks without a plan B. That is why stock market investing books are a great investment for any investor looking to go big on wealth creation with minimal risks, low costs and handsome returns. 

That said, we have combed through numerous stock market and trading books of all time to come up with the top 15 best investment books for you. Whether new to the concept or already building your wealth in the stock market, we’ve got you covered.

15 Stock Market Investing Books of All Time

1.The Intelligent Investor 

Benjamin Graham, a great investment advisor is the mind behind “The Intelligent Investor”. A classic text that to date, shares with readers, the author’s timeless investment wisdom. The highly influential book focuses on value-investing strategies and guides investors on how to buy stocks that are currently undervalued by the market.

Today, “The Intelligent Investor” stands as a stock market bible, one you want to grab to stay on top of current market developments. The book is available on Amazon or Barnes&Noble.

2. The Essays of Warren Buffett

It is without a doubt that Warren Buffet’s impact on the investment community has been felt. “The Essays of Warren Buffett” consists of the successful American investor’s letters and essays to shareholders. In it, he shares insights and methods of how he made it to the top.

Under this are two books. One is “The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America” by Lawrence Cunningham on Amazon. Then we have the “Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders” edition by Max Olson. The investment book which contains unedited versions of 50 years of Buffett’s letters, is also on Amazon.

Have more time to spare? Warren Buffet’s “The Making of an American Capitalist” would be a great read too.

3. Security Analysis

The financial book is also a product of Benjamin Graham with co-author David Dodd. Funny enough, Warren Buffett is quoted in the book labeling the text “a roadmap for investing that I have now been following for 57 years”. “Security Analysis” unlike “The Intelligent Investor”, delves further into the author’s stock picking strategies.

Graham and Dodd share financial principles and techniques that are still relevant, 75 years later. Several pages have also been spared for commentary from today’s leading Wall Street money managers. Get your latest edition from Amazon or Barnes&Noble.

4. One Up on Wall Street

Peter Lynch’s book aims at helping you leverage what you have, to attain financial success. “One Up on Wall Street” discusses the wealth of investment opportunities out there that average investors can take advantage of, to emerge top. It educates you on how to invest early in stocks that appreciate tenfold from their initial investment. What the author refers to as ‘tenbaggers’.

Lynch guides you on how to review a company’s financial statements so that you can weigh your best options. Find the book on Bookshop.org or Amazon. Peter Lynch is also the author of the classic “Beating the Street”, that breaks down the investment strategy of mutual funds.

5. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

If you are looking to maximize on building wealth long-term, you need to understand index funds. John C. Bogle outlines some of the smartest, simplest yet most effective strategies to build your investments in this stock market book. He reveals the secret behind how ultra-low-cost index funds can guarantee your fair share of stock market returns.

Warren Buffett even attested to the major contribution that “The Little Book of Common Sense Investing” has had on millions of investors. Plus, the author recently added two more chapters; one on investing for your retirement and the other on asset allocation. You can get your copy today on Amazon or Barnes&Noble

John C. Bogle is also the mind behind “Stay The Course” that delves into the nitty-gritties of index funds. Also telling the story of his vehicle investment firm “Vanguard” and its impressive growth.

6. The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need

“The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need” is one of the best investment books that has attracted over one million readers across America. This text by Andrew Tobias not only talks about investments. It also provides you with indispensable tips on how to save wisely, prepare for your retirement and generally how to navigate the financial marketplace. Buy the book at a reduced price on Barner&Noble or Amazon.

7. A Random Walk Down Wall Street

It is not just about stock investing. Burton G. Malkiel in “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” talks more than that. From investing in stocks and bonds to tangible assets like gold and coins to behavioral finance. Malkiel’s no-nonsense investment book gives readers time-tested and research-based strategies to build their portfolio.

You learn how to take advantage of today’s vast investment opportunities to plan for the future confidently. Whether in real estate, home ownership or insurance. The author presents the stock market’s critical facts with a step-by-step guide on how to navigate that successfully. Get your copy on Amazon, Barnes&Noble or Bookshop.org.

8. Irrational Exuberance

A New York Times bestseller shedding light on the illogical rally of the digital generation in the stock markets. Nobel Prize Winner, Robert J. Shiller attempts to explain how the popular mutual fund industry, Internet stocks among other reasons, got stock markets overvalued between the 1990s and 2000s.

“Irrational Exuberance” later editions break this down to explain how asset price bubbles come to be, evolve and later deflate. Therefore, preparing you to respond effectively. It also highlights potential risks of holding long-term bonds and these are insights you can gain from a quick purchase on Bookshop.org or Amazon.

9. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

One of the best investment books where Edwin Lefèvre makes use of fiction to tell the life story of a great investor of the early 1900s. An individual who ended his own life after losing millions through the stock market. Jesse Livermore was one of the greatest investors of the time who made and lost millions on several occasions during his career.

However, there is one particular instance when he short the market immediately before the crash that got him depressed. After that ending his own life after making a fortune. This is a story for investors to understand the concept of psychology, speculation and the nature of the stock market.

Read more with a copy of “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator” from Amazon.

10. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

An all-time stock market investing book by influential investor, Phillip Fisher. First published in 1958, “Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits” is a favorite for financiers and investors today. Phillip shares first-hand investment experiences and stories of his son Ken Fisher, an investment guru.

The book is commended by Warren Buffet and you cannot miss a copy on Amazon or Bookshop.org at a reduced cost.

11. The Simple Path to Wealth

A great product of JL Collins, “The Simple Path to Wealth” allows you to go through the world of investment confidently. Before growing into a book, the text was initially a series of letters from the author to his daughter on money and investing.

Collins’ intention is for his readers to understand money and that only those who create investments and sell them, truly benefit from this powerful tool. Find out how to avoid debt, how the stock market works, specific investments to build wealth, asset allocation and the truth behind social security.

Make your purchase today from Bookshop.org, Barnes&Noble and Amazon.

12. Market Wizards

Know what differentiates world’s top investors from unsuccessful investors? “Market Wizards” is a good definition of that. It is one of the best investment books with interviews from successful traders of the 1970s/80s.

Jack Schwager went out on a mission to collect stories and financial lessons of the stock market from top, successful investors who passed that route before. It is a great guide if you seek to understand how the finance world works. Check it out on Bookshop. org, Amazon or Barnes&Noble.

13. The Little Book of Value Investing

Christopher Brown exposes you to the long-shunned practice of purchasing undervalued stocks and holding them long enough to earn handsome returns. You will understand how to buy bargain stocks and gradually build your brand successfully.

Barnes&Noble, Amazon and Bookshop.org have your copy as you tailor this wealth-building strategy in your favor.

14. How to Make Money in Stocks

A national bestseller with over two million copies sold. “How to Make Money in Stocks” is a copy that teaches you how to keep winning in both good and bad times. William J. O’neil has captured his reader’s attention with a proven 7-step process for minimizing risk while maximising on gains.

The stock trading book is not just about how to find winning stocks, but finding the best mutual funds and how to spot current most profitable trends. O’neil shares a little more insight on how to avoid 21 most common mistakes investors make to date. Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Bookshop.org have got you covered for the classic.

15. A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market

As the name suggests, this stock market investing book lays a simple road map to stock market investments. It starts you off with what you need to know about the market, how to start making money today, while avoiding costly mistakes as a beginner. 

Amazon best-selling author, Matthew Kratter shares with you the secret to trading and investing profitably through time-tested strategies. This is a good start if you have no idea about the stock market and how to be a long-term and happy investor. Find the book on  Amazon or Bookshop.org to start building your wealth.

Here comes your bonus:

16. The Little Book That Still Beats the Market

The New York Times bestseller stock trading book reveals to readers the “magic formula investing”. A simple yet fundamental formula that has borne successful investors. Joel Greenblatt shares with the audience strategies on identifying quality companies, investing in them at discount and outperforming the market.

“The Little Book That Still Beats the Market” will leave you with the key principles on stock market investing. Want to find out how to buy above-average companies at below-average prices automatically? Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Bookshop.org have got your issue.


Stock market investing remains a complex issue, and it should be no surprise when at times you have questions whose answers you cannot find. Frequently, readers have sought to have some of these concepts broken down for better understanding.


Can beginners read Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham?

Absolutely. Graham’s “Intelligent Investor” is one of the best investment books whose nuggets apply to date. It is a lovely read for beginners, one considered a must-have for any investor seeking a basic understanding of how the stock market works. You are bound to learn a lot, some new, some familiar but as long as you have a positive mindset, you stand to gain. This is a book actually written for long-term investors so go right ahead and become one.

How do I choose a stock book?

Like you will realize, stock market books are tailored for investors, yes, but a couple target individuals at different levels. “A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market” clearly indicates that most investment beginners would benefit from it.
Others delve further into specific topics, for example “The Little Book of Common Sense Investing” that talks more about index funds. “The Intelligent Investor” is an overall stocks’ guide for investors. So depending on your interest, there is always a good stock market book for you.

Is buying books a waste of money?

Books are not really a waste of money. It all narrows down to how you look at it. If for example you buy a stock market book and you end up making a fortune based on strategies and recommendations offered, that book will not have been a waste of your money.

However, that is why you have a variety of stores to check out stock books and different ways of accessing one. You can do audio, paper back instead of hard cover, wait for a book sale or grab one at your nearest thrift store. There really are several ways of cutting on book costs if you feel they are pricey.

Which are the best stock market books for beginners?

There is not necessarily a ranking to it but there are several recommendable stock market books for a beginner. “The Intelligent Investor” would be one. We also have: “Irrational Exuberance”, “A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market”, “Broke Millennial” by Erin Lowry, “How to Buy Stocks” by Louis Engel, “The Coffeehouse Investor” by Benjamin Graham, to mention but a few. Some of these are already listed above.

What is an investment strategy?

An investment strategy involves a set of principles that enable an investor to realize their financial and investment goals. These can include how to manage risk, how to identify future needs and how to maximise on capital. An investment strategy, however depends on the individual and their circumstances. So keep reevaluating your strategy as your situation changes.



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