Complete Guide To A Flawless Run In Trials Of Osiris in D2

Getting on the Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 is not just a test of skill but a rite of passage for Guardians seeking glory. This complete guide offers an in-depth exploration of the elite PvP mode of Destiny 2, revered for its high-stakes gameplay and illustrious rewards.

From tactical insights and loadout recommendations to strategic teamwork and map mastery, we provide the essential knowledge and tips needed to navigate the treacherous path toward a flawless run.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a determined newcomer, this guide is your beacon through the trials, leading you toward the coveted Lighthouse and the ultimate triumph in the Trials of Osiris.

Complete Guide To A Flawless Run In Trials Of Osiris in D2

Achieving a flawless run in Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. This guide provides an in-depth look into strategies, tips, and key aspects that will help you excel in this competitive PvP mode:

1. Understanding Trials of Osiris


Trials of Osiris pits two teams of three Guardians each in elimination matches from Friday to Tuesday each week. Each match has several timed rounds, with victory awarded to the team that either eliminates the opponent or secures a central point. The mode is power-enabled, meaning differences in weapon power levels are significant​​.


Achieving milestones of three, five, and seven wins grants Powerful and Pinnacle Rewards, including Exotic Weapons and Trials of Osiris Armor. A Flawless run, which is seven wins without a loss, unlocks the Lighthouse and additional prizes like a special emblem and armor glow​​.

Participation Requirements 

To enter, you must meet a minimum Power requirement and buy a Passage from Saint-14 in the Tower. Different types of Passages offer various perks, such as ignoring one loss or increasing tokens for wins​​.

2. Preparing for Battle

Gear and Subclass Selection

Your loadout should complement your playstyle and synergize with your team. Choose a subclass that offers strategic advantages, considering your team composition and the map. Weapons should be selected based on preferred engagement distances and roles within the team​​​​.

Map Knowledge

Each week features a different map. Knowing the layout, advantageous positions, choke points, and escape routes is crucial for tactical planning and anticipating enemy movements​​.

3. Strategy and Teamwork


Be prepared to adjust your strategy based on the enemy’s tactics, your team’s situation, and the map’s layout. Sometimes a defensive play is more beneficial, while other times an aggressive approach can be advantageous​​.


Effective team communication is critical. Use voice chat for real-time updates on enemy positions and strategies. Sharing observations and coordinating attacks can give your team a significant advantage over opponents, even those with superior firepower​​​​.

Playing Safe

The high stakes and potential for sudden kills in Trials encourage cautious gameplay. Prioritize keeping your team intact over aggressively pursuing kills. Utilize Supers effectively and cover each other, especially during retreats​​.

Practice and Continuous Improvement

Regular participation in standard PvP modes can enhance your skills and familiarity with the game’s mechanics. This practice helps in understanding the meta, refining your strategies, and preparing for the unique challenges of Trials​​.

Team Morale

Boosting team morale is essential. Encouraging teammates and celebrating their successes can improve team performance and increase the likelihood of winning matches​​.

4. Using Supers

Using Supers effectively in Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 requires strategic timing and awareness of the game situation. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Counter Enemy Supers: If you know the enemy team has a powerful area-of-effect or roaming Super ready, save your shutdown Super (like Hunter’s Blade Barrage or Warlock’s Nova Bomb) to counter it.
  2. Coordinate with Team: Space out your team’s Supers usage. Don’t use them all in one round unless necessary. This ensures that your team has a tactical advantage in multiple rounds.
  3. Situational Awareness: Use your Super based on the current game scenario. If the enemy is grouped, a roaming Super can be effective. However, if they’re spread out, a targeted Super might be more useful.
  4. Escape or Regroup: Roaming Supers like Hunter’s Golden Gun or Titan’s Fist of Havoc can be used to force the enemy team to scatter, allowing your team to regroup or capture strategic points.
  5. Mind Games: Pay attention to the Supers of both teams and use this information to plan your approach. The knowledge of what Supers are available can influence enemy movements and decisions. The use of Supers in Trials of Osiris should be a deliberate decision, made in consideration of the enemy’s capabilities, your team’s needs, and the current state of the match. Effective use of Supers can significantly sway the outcome of a round or even an entire match.

Final Tips

Be Prepared for Surprises

Your opponents are other players with their strategies and weapons. Use the loading screen to gather information about the opposing team’s subclasses and gear, and plan accordingly​​.

Focus on Recovery

Investing in Recovery stats on your armor ensures faster health regeneration, allowing for more aggressive play and quicker re-engagement in fights​​.

Fastest Way To Complete Trials Of Osiris

Using a Trials of Osiris Flawless Carry service is often viewed as the fastest way to complete the Trials of Osiris with a flawless run, especially for players who find it challenging to achieve this milestone on their own. This method involves an experienced player or team assisting another player in winning seven consecutive matches without any losses, ensuring quick access to exclusive rewards and the Lighthouse. Obtaining a Trials of Osiris flawless carry can offer several benefits:

  • Exclusive Rewards: A flawless run grants access to unique rewards like high-level gear, weapons, and cosmetics not available through other means.
  • Access to the Lighthouse: Achieving a flawless run allows entry to the Lighthouse, an exclusive area with additional rewards and recognition.
  • Learning Opportunity: Playing with skilled players can offer insights into advanced strategies and techniques.
  • Time-Efficient: For players struggling to achieve a flawless run on their own, a carry can be a quicker way to obtain the rewards.


Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 is not just about firepower; it requires strategic gameplay, teamwork, and a deep understanding of game mechanics. With the right preparation and mindset, you can increase your chances of achieving a flawless run and earning prestigious rewards​​.

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