Trustage Life Insurance Reviews: Is It Legit or Scam?

TruStage’s life insurance offerings are available to credit union members, and the company is affiliated with over 3,500 credit unions nationwide. CMFG Life Insurance Co., a CUNA Mutual subsidiary, issues truStage policies. The policy options are simple, with few riders and low coverage caps.

This article will present a holistic review of Trustage Insurance while lending our views on the platform’s legitimacy. Carefully read through!

What is TruStage insurance company?

Trustage is the brand name of a credit union-focused insurance program from CUNA Mutual Insurance. The roots of CUNA can be traced back to 1935, when credit unions were first formed. This was aimed at helping average Americans with finances.

The insurance branch was created to provide additional financial solutions that were, before now, out of the general public’s reach, such as life insurance.

TruStage is generally marketed through credit unions, but while this is the case, its policies are available to whosoever.

There’s no requirement for credit union membership, but visitors are pushed to consider joining one by the site.

Rather than an insurer, TruStage Insurance Agency is a brand and an agency service. TruStage Insurance operates as a subsidiary of CMFG Life. They underwrite its products and partner with other insurance companies to provide products. There’s no direct underwrite here.

With TruStage Life Insurance, you are sure to have peace of mind today, and you are also sure to be provided an income-tax-free cash benefit for your family.

TruStage assists you to make it easy to compare insurance and explore affordable options—so you can make a good decision today for your household.

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TruStage Life Insurance Policies

The insurance offered by TruStage includes both term life insurance and whole life insurance, which includes a guaranteed acceptance life insurance program.

These policies are a simplified issue program with no requirement for medical examinations.

Term life insurance

You can purchase life insurance term life policies with death benefit amounts starting at $5,000 and going up to $300,000. The age of issuance is between 18 and 69.

The policy is renewable up to age 80 and is priced based on the age bands that are five years each (25, 30, 35, 40, etc.). When the insured hits a new age band, there’s an increased premium.

The premiums are not subject to changes in health as long as the policy is kept in force.

Whole life insurance

The Whole life available death benefits that there are amounts range from $1,000 up to $100,000.

The age of issuance is between 18 and 85.

This is a traditional whole-life policy with a guaranteed death benefit and a cash accumulation account, and level premiums for how long the policy is to last.

In addition, there is a guaranteed acceptance version of the whole life that does not require medical questions. Because of this, there are lower death benefit amounts, between $1,000 and $25,000, making this a likely choice for a final expenses plan.

What Are Trustage Life Insurance Rates?

With this TruStage life insurance review, you are sure to have an easy determination of the amount it will cost you for coverage with online quoting and a rate chart available for the term life product.

As a way to make confirmations, a quote was run for a 30-year-old male for term life insurance, and the rate quote came back at $42.50 a month for $100,000 in coverage. This matched the rate shown in the chart for that age band.

This quote is costly, considering the coverage is a simplified issue with no medical examination. It is also expedient to look at the chart and see how the range increases in cost over time.

By the age of 50, after 20 years of coverage by TruStage insurance, this policy will cost the same individual $114.50.

By comparison, we ran a whole life quote for the same amount and the same death benefit, and the return had a rate of $83. That is lower, but it should be noted that this premium stays the same for the duration while the term commences at a lower rate.

Before opting in for insurance, one of the essential things to consider is the length of days it will take you for the coverage to last. In addition, you are to consider how much you will pay throughout the coverage. For instance, If you are looking for coverage to extend into your senior years, the whole will probably cost less in the long run.

We also considered the guaranteed acceptance life, bumping our sample age to 45 to satisfy the minimum issue age. A policy with $10,000 in coverage came back at $50 monthly, which is not unreasonable.

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Pros & Cons of TruStage Insurance

Pros of TruStage Insurance

The Pros of TruStage Insurance include the following:

  • No medical examination requirement for most policies
  • Application for coverage can be made online
  • A monthly money-back guarantee on all policies
  • There can be term policies conversion at any time
  • There’s AD&D coverage for certain credit union members.

Cons of TruStage Insurance

The cons of TruStage Insurance include the following:

  • There’s a five-year interval increment for premiums
  • Low limits of coverage
  • Absence of policy riders on term or whole-life coverage
  • Absence of universal life products

TruStage Life Insurance Reviews: Is Trustage Insurance Legit or Scam?

Insurance Information Institutions say that approximately 1,000 insurance companies sell life insurance in the US. This means that narrowing your search down is very important to find a company that satisfies your needs at a friendly cost.

Apart from comparing quotes, a relevant aspect of comparison shopping is to consider reviews and ratings of the companies you have consideration for from rating agencies and consumers of repute.

This insurance company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with 18 customer complaints on file and nine reviews left on the page for an entire rating of just under two stars.

Several individuals appear to believe that the AD&D coverage offered through TruStage and its credit union is a scam and were not pleased that the credit union shared their contact information. A few TruStage life insurance complaints address billing and claims issues.

Also considered is the CMFG Life Insurance BBB page, which also shows an A+ rating. There are 28 complaints filed here and two reviews. Both are negative and are regarding billing.

TruStage Insurance Agency reviews number an awe-inspiring 811 on Google with an overall 4.8-star rating. This is notable because we have seen larger and better-known insurers with a fraction of this number of reviews.

If you scroll through the comments, you will see that many individuals gave their remarks on the ease of the online application process but just a few in the way of experience with claims.


TruStage life insurance markets through credit unions. It is through this means that most individuals find the company. It draws customers in with the free basic AD&D offer. Their target remains to upsell to more coverage.

TruStage’s policies are excellent and expensive based on what has been seen for similar coverage elsewhere. Affordable TruStage life insurance may not be an option to go for. But it’s always a good thing to do your research. For some individuals, it is very much affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TruStage Insurance payout?

In 2019, it was recorded that TruStage Insurance paid 94.7% of its life insurance claims, and 66% of its payment was made in ten days or less.

At identifying with TruStage Insurance, how long do I have to wait before my coverage begins?

Applying online only takes about 10 minutes, and no medical exam is required to do this (just a few short findings to make about your health).

Who is in charge of issuing TruStage policies?

CMFG Life Insurance Company is in charge of issuing TruStage policies.

What is whole life insurance?

This is a type of permanent life insurance where the insured person is covered for the duration of their life as long as premiums are paid timely.


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