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While men have been the majority gender, women have been said to be in the background. This mainly explains why gender equality has long been a sensitive topic. In all facets of life, it aims to provide women with the same rights as men, which is what an essay on gender inequality seeks to highlight.

Even though men and women have different roles and duties, issues must still be resolved if gender equality is to be attained.

Most social science students conduct extensive research to explore the complex topic. However, the sources must be reliable since some believe that more needs to be done to close the gap between men’s and women’s levels of inequality.

Although you can adopt any strategy you see fit, keep in mind that if you want to convince your audience of something, research is essential. You should also select a subject that discusses the topic impartially.

So, suppose you are working on an essay on gender inequality. It’s advisable to look at how to write an effective essay on gender inequality, as well as other samples, to have a general idea of what is required of you. This article will focus on the best tips for writing provoking essays on gender inequality.

What is a Gender Inequality Essay?

Gender inequality is simply the unfair and biased treatment people experience because of their gender, often caused by gender roles that have been socially created. So, it is noticed when a person of a particular gender is treated differently or less favorably than a different gender in the same situation.

One of the biggest challenges fight against gender inequality is the general misconception that the topic is a “woman’s issue.” However, when we use the term “gender,” we mean all forms of it – male, female, transgender, etc.

This gender disparity prevents people from voicing their opinions. Ultimately, it hinders and jeopardizes their futures – futures that can be saved when the issue of gender disparity is addressed.

Gender inequality is often revealed in the noticeable gender wage gap, leaving some genders more vulnerable to violence and discrimination.

They also experience socioeconomic disparity and objectification. Eventually, this leads to extreme anxiety, melancholy, and even low self-esteem. We must all acknowledge that gender inequality is bad for any gender. So, the goal of any essay on gender inequality should be to explain how we can all act together to stop these long-term effects.

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How do I handle a gender inequality essay?

It’s essential to find a topic that you can relate to when writing an essay about gender inequality. Additionally, it must be something the audience can relate to so you should consider your reader’s viewpoint. Make sure your essay is logically organized and well-structured.

Then ensure your essay is original because chances are, your lecturer will read several other essays on the same subject. So, it would be best if you created a gender inequality essay opening that will justify the rest of your work and make it stand out.

Remember that you are talking about something that actually occurs in real life; therefore, you must be careful with every source you pick for your essay. For the gender inequality essay, you must choose a thoughtful and engaging point of view to show that you are an expert on the subject and are passionate about righting the effects.

How do I write my gender inequality essay?

The same principles that apply to writing any other essay also apply when writing one on gender inequality. And by implementing our best guides on writing an essay on gender inequality, you may produce a remarkable piece. They include:


Take some time to consider the subjects you can employ to create a fantastic essay about gender inequality. Choose the ones that are particular to you and list them on paper.

Go for a relatable topic

It is always essential to go for relatable topics in essay writing, whether for gender inequality or not. Since your topic reflects your perspective, it must be relatable to you and your audience.

Also, remember that as the topic of gender inequality is broad, it would be best if you narrowed it down to a more specific stance. This would ensure that your audience is grabbed from the first few seconds of your work.

Choose your essay style

From expository to persuasive, argumentative, or narrative, you can choose an approach to your essay. So, depending on your topic, play to your strength with your writing style.

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Research your topic

A well-written essay on gender inequality is a testament to thorough research. You can get materials for your research from libraries or online sources. The aim is to make your work clear, informative, and void of bias.

Draw the framework of your essay on gender inequality

Drawing the framework is important in writing your essay about gender inequality faster. This is often because, at this stage, you will draw your framework in the order you want your paper to go. 

This way, your thoughts are brilliantly organized, and no point is left out. So when you are ready to write the essay, your ideas are the flesh of your already drawn framework.

Decide on the gender inequality thesis statement

As an academic paper, your gender inequality essay must have a very good thesis statement that reflects your topic.

It is usually a maximum of two sentences at the end of the introductory paragraph and forms the central argument of your essay. This way, your audience already knows what your essay will be about from the start.


Introduction -> to the body -> to conclusion. This is the usual format essays come in, and the same goes for an essay on gender inequality.

Your goal with the introduction is to write a captivating piece so that you keep your readers hooked from the start. Then you can close with your thesis statement.

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This step wouldn’t be too tasking if you drew your framework. It’s basically putting flesh on an already prepared structure in simple-to-digest sentences. You can divide the writing journey into steps and flesh out your subject matter based on your perspective.

Ensure that your ideas are correctly cited to avoid plagiarism in your essay on gender inequality. Also, pay attention to your paragraphs; ensure they have topic sentences in line with your thesis statement.


This is where you summarize the gist of your essay. Your thesis statement can also come in here to solidify your stance on the topic. A flawless conclusion will give your audience satisfactory closure, earn good grades, and portray you as a fine writer.

Edit and proofread

Having many drafts is okay until you get the proper flow of ideas. After writing your essay on gender inequality, ensure that you edit and proofread.

You may have to arrange, rearrange, remove, or include new bits of information by editing. Then there is the correct structure it needs to follow. If it takes too long, it’s not because your paper is terrible. Editing may take a long time to ensure that it is done perfectly.

Proofreading deals with grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, and punctuation problems. You also want your essay’s overview to look excellent and void of grammatical errors.

You can also give someone else to read and make corrections for those stubborn, evasive errors. After that, you can make the final edits to get your final copy.

Free gender inequality essay sample

For many centuries, men have been the dominant gender and women have been the minority. Men were the “breadwinners” and women just stayed home and took care of the housework and children. Women barely had any rights. Their husbands could abuse them and get away with it easily.

Fortunately, over a period of time, things have slowly changed. However, this is still a very serious and widespread problem. Women are still at the bottom of the chain. What was the cause of this inequality and what will be the consequences if this problem continues to linger?

Gender inequality, in my definition, is the unequal and biased treatment between the two sexes. I strongly believe that the unequal treatment of women is something that should have stayed in primitive times.

We are in the present now and we are far more advanced than we ever were and yet we are old school in our thinking of how men and women should be treated. I can strongly identify with gender inequality because many of my closest friends have faced it or still face it.

Materialist theories define gender inequality as a result of how men and women are tied to the economic structure of society. They believe that women’s role as a mother and wife are devalued by society and deny access to highly respected public opportunities. Gender inequality is definitely something that we often take for granted; it is accepted and seems so normal in society.

These differences often seem invisible to us even though it happens in our everyday life in everything from employment and education to politics and the media without us being aware of it.

Visit UKEssays. (November 2018). Gender Inequality: Causes and Impacts for the complete essay

FAQs of Gender Inequality Essay

What is gender inequality?

Gender inequality is simply the unfair and biased treatment people experience because of their gender, often caused by gender roles that have been socially created. So, it is noticed when a person of a particular gender is treated differently or less favorably than a different gender in the same situation.

How does gender inequality impact us?

The gender inequality essay informs us of the detrimental effects gender inequality has on humans. It denies deserving individuals opportunity. Additionally, it leads to prejudice against people of a particular gender and puts members of a specific gender in peril.

How do I start writing a gender inequality essay?

Take some time to consider the subjects you can employ to create a fantastic essay about gender inequality. Choose the ones that are particular to you and list them on paper.

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All genders are beautiful and should be equally appreciated. So whatever stand you take, these tips and steps should help you get the best essays on gender inequality.




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