How To Write An Account Manager Resume In 2023

With increased job applications and limited open slots, every employee’s desire is to always attract hiring managers’ attention among the industry’s many competitors.

Every corporate organization, especially the large ones with a large pool of clients, hires the services of account managers to help in the business’s day-to-day running. Because how customer retention is important to businesses, they go all out to ensure they get the best of talents.

In this article, we will highlight how to write an Account manager resume in 2023 that attracts hiring managers. We will also list account manager resume samples and examples of account manager resume.

Who Is An Account Manager?

An account manager is an individual designated with the role of helping clients or customers of an organization with periodic updates on how their activities with the organization or company are faring. Here, they render customer care services, resolve issues, make recommendations as well provide feedback for inquiries made.

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What Skills are Needed for Account Management?

As we said earlier, account managers play a vital role in customer retention and the sustainability of a business or organization. To do that, employers are looking for people with skills and talents cutting across different lines of personal traits and gained skills.

Below are the top skills expected of an Account Manager. Be reminded that these skills are very much important while drafting out resumes for an account manager.

  • Sound communication and interpersonal skills
  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Understanding
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Ability to adapt easily
  • Industry-specific skills
  • Building trust and strong relationships
  • Tech-savviness
  • Good knowledge of the computer

All this and many more form the basic skills needed to excel in account management.

How Should I List Account Management Skills On My Resume?

Experts advocate using reverse chronological order while listing your skills in your account manager resume. Here, you start from the hard to the soft skills. Below are examples of Hard skills and soft skills.

Hard Skills: Proficiency in using computer applications, Data Analytics, Computing Skills, Use of related tools for specific industries. While putting in the hard skills, research and find out in-demand skills in your field as this will further increase your chances of getting hired.

Soft Skills: Communication, Interpersonal skills, Problem-solving skills, creativity, Patience. e.t.c.

Skills and experiences play a big role in distinguishing your resume from others. Therefore, ensure whatever you list is tailored towards the industry specifications of the job applied for.

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What Should I Put On My Account Manager Resume?

The Account manager is the link between clients and businesses. Everything about an account manager revolves around building relationships with clients/customers. Client’s satisfaction is very important for businesses. Therefore, your resume should prove your ability to manage and build strong confidence while relating with clients on behalf of the company.

Below are what should be contained in your resume for an account manager.

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Summary/Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications (if any)

How To Pass ATS Evaluation of Your Account Manager Resume

To fast-track, the hiring process, many hiring managers and employers deploy the services of software called ATS ( Applications Tracking Software ). The ATS is designed to filter off resumes considered irrelevant to the job advertised, leaving only those believed to have met the job’s specifications.

This process proves quite hard to bypass for many Job seekers. One thing you should know about ATS is that it filters resumes based on keywords. If your resume contains keywords not tailored to the job advertised, it is bound to be filtered off by the ATS.

Hence, we continue emphasizing the need to properly tailor resume keywords while writing your CV. The remaining resume would be submitted to the hiring manager, who vets and decides on the ones that meet his specifications.

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How To Write An Account Manager Resume in 2023

Unlike what many think, getting a professionally crafted Account Manager resume might not really be hard as you thought. With the help of our associates, we have analyzed in simple terms and words how best to write a compelling account manager CV.

Below are how best to write an Account Manager’s CV in 2023.


Your contact details include your residential address, Phone number, Email, and link to your social media (LinkedIn), website, or personal portfolio website. While writing this segment, keep it short and precise. Please ensure whatever you put there can be verifiable. Especially the social media links.

Skills Sets

As we will always say, ensure your skills are tailored to the job. Go through the job listings, get the industry specifications, then tailor your skills to meet the manager’s needs. If the job is advertising for an account manager, then it’s obvious that skill sets like Excel, Project Management tools, and Vast knowledge in using computers.

Additionally, your skills are where you run wild with the keywords, which helps to bypass the ATS thrashing of your resume.

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This is where you unload the number of degrees you have to your name. Many Account Manager resume samples are good because of the perfect crafting of educational certificates.

While stating your educational qualifications, ensure you include the institutions. It further shows proof and gives more authenticity to your claim. Especially if the employer decides to verify your certificates.


Experience captures attention. Experience gives the employer an insight into your background as an account manager. List your experience from the most recent to the last. Also, quantify your achievements by adding figures, e.g., As head of Accounts in ASAD Insurance, I successfully led a company-wide audit that saved us $5 Million while exposing 7 loopholes in our accounts system.

Furthermore, If you are just starting off with little or no experience, you can use the experience gained from workshops, seminars, internships, and mentorship programs to win over Hiring Managers.

Additionally, don’t just list your skill sets; back them up with achievements. E.g, during my time at AT&T, I could deploy the best of my interpersonal skills in helping retain over 1000 customers in my team account and increased confidence through good communication and customer satisfaction.


Extra professional certifications boost resumes. Any certification obtained aside from formal education should be proudly highlighted. It might contain what the employer probably needs to hire you.

A thorough follow-up of what we stated above can help you know how to write an Account Manager resume in 2023.


This might not really sound like an area of concentration while writing an account manager resume but, employers would always like to see what your unprofessional side is like. Hobbies comprise things you love doing in your spare time and how you like to unwind.

As unserious as it may sound a hobby is as important as any other part of your resume. Ensure you give it the same concentration given to others.

How Much Does An Account Manager Earn?

Account Managers play a vital role in keeping a business running. Account Manager salaries are actually among the industry’s best, with $64,157 per year on average. Which can actually rise to over $120,000 with experience along with other factors.

You can equally outsource as a consultant while keeping your 9-5 Job. With social media, you can easily connect and outsource your services.

Account Manager Resume Building Templates

With templates, you can easily create a professional resume with a pre-designed resume format. You only need to input your details as it has already done the design on the template.

Here’s a list of platforms that have good template designs for candidates to build quality resumes.

While creating with the templates, always look out for watermarks on the template. Ensure such is erased, as it will not give quality value to your resume.

Account Manager Resume Sample

Below are examples of a professionally crafted account Manager resume. Experts drafted the examples below. You can take a clue or two on how to arrive at a really professional resume.

What Makes A Successful Account Manager

Many things make up a successful Account Manager. However, on a general scale, a successful manager is goal-oriented, a good communicator, shows great understanding and empathy, is good at multi-tasking, and has strong intuitive problem-solving skills.

A successful Account Manager is generally a smart good communicator who can engage and deliver on set targets, especially in the shortest space of time.

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In Conclusion

Starting a career in Account Management might be the ideal step for you if you are superb at communicating and understanding people. However, you are not the only good account manager out there. Hence, it would help if you prepared an Account Manager resume to present you as a top choice among all other applicants.

Companies and organizations thrive on satisfying their customers and clients; hence, the need to employ capable hands that can ensure full retention of existing g customers while also attracting new ones. All of this and many more lie in the efficiency of the account manager which means your resume should be professional enough to convince the employer that you can drive home positive results if given a chance.

The tips mentioned above have been carefully selected after intensive industry research and expert recommendations.

FAQs On How To Write An Account Manager Resume

What are the top skills of an Account Manager?

The top skills of an account manager are; Communication, Value-based skills, Negotiating skills, Customer care skills, e.t.c

Is Account Management Stressful?

Yes, Account Management can be stressful because it involves dealing directly with people. Resolving complaints and ensuring satisfaction.

What does an Account Manager do daily? 

Constant communication with clients and feedback on inquiries. They also work to ensure daily business sales or engagement targets are met.

Do Account Managers get paid well? 

An entry-level position can earn you around  $65,000 annually, increasing with experience and skills.


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