Copywriter Job Description Template

A copywriter writes with the aim of persuading and influencing the audience to purchase a good or service.

They have a deep understanding of what drives human decisions and hence, write with this in mind. For this reason, copywriting has become a high-demand profession.

More so, if you enjoy writing, you may want to consider copywriting as a means of making money. But first, you need to understand what your job description is all about. And we have just the right job description template for you.

Who is a Copywriter?

Copywriting is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of tasks. It is defined as “writing convincing copy,” according to the American Writers & Artists Institute. The majority of the time, this is done to steer customers on a certain path.

Copywriters are individuals who come up with phrases that make people want to click, watch, purchase, read, and adore a piece of content or a brand. 

Their competence improves over time, and their focus – which includes specific writing responsibilities – shifts depending on the project or client.

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What is the role of a Copywriter?

A copywriter’s job is to come up with phrases, words, ideas, scripts, and other content to go along with advertising pictures and actual objects. 

The effectiveness of the work generated depends on their capacity to understand the customer and explore the world around the product or brand.

A marketing copywriter, for example, is someone who writes primarily for the sake of marketing. 

Digital marketing copywriter is hired for their ability to produce short-form digital material, and their primary responsibility is to manage social media accounts.

Blogs and email content are sometimes a part of digital marketing. In reality, the vast majority of what you read on the internet may be classified as copywriting.

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How can you start as a copywriter?

The truth is that you can be born with abilities that lend themselves to writing, but mastering the art requires consistent practice and deliberate application of skills and language. 

Living life – and having a unique prism through which to do so – adds to the variety and breadth of a copywriter’s skill set.

The good news is that you don’t need formal schooling and qualifications to get a job as a copywriter. 

Having a bachelor’s degree in a related field – such as English, creative writing, journalism, communication studies, or psychology – will, of course, show potential employers that you have learned the fundamentals of the trade and, more importantly, that you have a strategy for different writing styles and projects. 

Many companies and enterprises will require a degree of some sort in order to hire someone. To fill more senior roles, hiring managers will look for portfolios that include extra credentials, master’s degrees, and bylines. 

If you want to get a leg up in this industry, get these experiences as soon as possible to increase your chances of greater pay.

A writer’s ability to build empathy and write for certain audiences and issues is dependent on having mentors in the writing arena. 

Be sure to locate people whose work inspires you, whether you’re tackling copywriting through schooling or outside work experience.

If they’re available, ask them questions. Writers are storytellers, and giving them the opportunity to share their narrative, experience, or advice allows them to connect with others.

Copywriting can be done for a company, in-house at a small business or boutique marketing firm, or as a freelancer. 

Many entrepreneurs and business owners unintentionally include copywriting work in their portfolios, and honing writing as a skill is beneficial in a variety of sectors. 

What qualifications do you need to work as a copywriter?

It’s not difficult to become a copywriter. Aside from a thorough understanding of the language you’ll be copywriting in, you’ll also need the ability to pay strict attention to detail and be a grammatical stickler, write proficiently, and think on your feet, more or less. 

A vast vocabulary and empathy — or the capacity to put yourself in other people’s shoes or understand perspectives other than your own — are essential, according to The Writers Bureau.

In addition, copywriters have a lot of flexibility in their work environment. Even copywriters recruited for a single aspect of a corporation must work in a creative and ever-changing environment.

With algorithm changes in digital marketing, trend variances in every industry that alter virtually every minute, and a constantly changing list of customers to cater to, copywriting necessitates a level of flexibility that you might not otherwise have.

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How much does a copywriter make on average?

In the United States, the average base compensation for a copywriter is $59,749. Despite the fact that this is a promising number, this specific sector of work can be extremely subjective. 

Some people will adore your writing, while others will despise it, like with any other kind of art. As a result, the pay scale for a copywriter varies substantially. 

Before approaching any possible customer or recruiting opportunity, assess your worth and be firm about it.

What is a copywriter’s average career path?

Career pathways for copywriters are rarely straightforward. However, if you approach it from the beginning, you should expect some level of difficulty. 

Then they work for a corporation as a full-time entry-level copywriter. This usually elevates them to a mid-level position, from which they can advance to a management member of the copywriting team, an editor, or a creative director. 

Many copywriters work with clients and seek bylines on the side of their full-time jobs in order to expand their portfolio and build their own distinct brands. 

A large proportion of corporate copywriters move on to work as consultants, authors, and columnists.

Brief description of a Copywriting position

We’re searching for a copywriter who can produce clear, succinct text for ads, periodicals, and websites. Your words will educate and engage your intended audience.

A team-oriented, talented, and innovative writer with a keen eye for detail is our ideal applicant. We’d like to meet you if you can rapidly grasp project needs and provide important insight.

Please send up to three writing samples so that we can get a sense of your greatest work. In your application, feel free to include links to your material or portfolio.

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  • Write clear, appealing material in your own voice.
  • To comprehend project needs, interpret copywriting briefs.
  • On large and small-scale marketing projects, collaborate with designers, PR, and other experts (e.g. email campaigns and landing pages)
  • Carry out thorough research and interviews.
  • As needed, proofread and edit the copy.
  • To increase the reach of your copy, apply SEO techniques.
  • Images and other content from the source


  • Experience as a copywriter or in a comparable capacity is required.
  • Understanding of the strategy and creation of internet content
  • Excellent proofreading, editing, and writing skills
  • Strong research skills and SEO experience
  • Creativity
  • Spirit of cooperation
  • Outstanding time management and organizing abilities
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher in marketing, English, journalism, or a related discipline is required.

Copywriter Job Description Template

Job Description for a Copywriter

We’re looking for a copywriter who is both imaginative and skilled. Our clients range from health items to sportswear, and we want our Copywriters to generate material that is full of interesting facts, engages each target demographic, and meets our clients’ expectations. 

Our ideal applicant has at least three years of professional writing experience and a large portfolio of published material.

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Duties and Responsibilities of a Copywriter

  • Examine your writing tasks as well as your client’s expectations.
  • For correct and intriguing details, research writing themes and source photographs.
  • For each target audience, write clear, engaging copy.
  • Within deadlines, edit and proofread copy.
  • To get the most out of the copy you’ve written, apply SEO principles.

Qualifications and Requirements for Copywriters

  • A bachelor’s degree in marketing, English, journalism or a closely related discipline is required.
  • Professional writing and editing experience of at least two years
  • Knowledge of online content planning and creation is essential.
  • Writing, proofreading, and editing skills that are second to none
  • Significant SEO expertise is required.
  • Social networking networks are something you should be familiar with.
  • Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office


Steps to Writing a Job Description for a Copywriter That Suits Your Needs

It’s time to write that job posting now that you have a sample copywriter job description in hand.

Although you don’t need a detailed job description like you would when hiring an employee, you should provide enough information for a contractor to determine whether or not they are a good fit for the project.

When developing your job description, keep the following points in mind:

1. Figure out what kind of copywriter you’ll need.

There are copywriters accessible for a wide range of projects that you and your company may be working on. 

While some copywriters are generalists, others specialize in creating web or sales copy, while others focus on producing blog entries or articles. 

Other copywriters may specialize in producing technical literature for engineering or software development companies. Finding the type of copywriter that specializes in the area you require assistance with can be a great place to start.

2. Independent Contractor vs. Agency vs. Employee

A copywriter might be employed in-house, engaged through an advertising agency, or hired as a freelancer. 

A freelance copywriter may specialize in a specific area and be hired to address a specific skill gap in your team. A team of copywriters at an agency will be able to assist you with various areas of your project.

It all depends on how specific you want to be with your talent recruitment requirements.

3. Prior experience

The more experience a copywriter has, the more refined and practical content they can give for your company.

An entry-level copywriter could assist your company with small jobs like a blog posts or a website pages. 

Alternatively, you may hire a senior copywriter to assist with the creation of content for a full website, blog entries focusing on complex topics, or creating technical information for engineers. The scope of your project determines the type of experience necessary for the position.

4. Business

Some copywriters excel at writing content for a variety of industries, while others specialize in only one. 

Copywriters that can write on a variety of topics are frequently less expensive than those who specialize in one field and know it thoroughly and out. 

Make sure the copywriter you hire can write effectively for your target audience, depending on your company’s and industry’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions for Copywriters

why do i need a copywriter

To develop text that is devoid of errors respects grammatical rules, and matches a client’s sophisticated brand language, a good copywriter must be detail-oriented.

What copywriters do in a marketing role

In a marketing role, copywriters create entertaining and convincing written material, whereas Technical Writers provide extensively researched writing that is largely instructive.

who the copywriter work with and how

A Copywriter will check their tasks and begin studying each topic they’ve been allocated on a typical day. They collaborate closely with a Project Manager to ask any questions they have concerning the content’s direction. 

What is expected of a copywriter

To demonstrate their expertise in written communication, a copywriter’s CV should be highly polished and error-free. While previous marketing or writing experience is a plus on a resume, you may also request to see a potential Copywriter’s portfolio of previous work to see samples of their creativity.


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