Best answers to “What are your Hobbies” Interview Questions 2023

“What are your hobbies?” is an interview question you get to receive from almost anyone you attend. This question can come in different frames, such as, “What are your most interesting hobbies?”, “How would you describe your hobbies?” or “What do you do in your spare time?”.

In answering this question, you must be smart about it. Ensure you give answers that impress your interviewer and further open up the conversation. Hence, after reading this blog post on “What are your hobbies?”, the best answers, you will learn to answer the question without fretting.

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What Is The Goal of the Interviewer When They Ask About Your Hobbies?

When you’re in an interview and the question “What are your hobbies?”, pops up, it is a pure signal that means the interviewer wants to learn more about your character traits to check for an alignment in your company’s culture. Generally, there are a few things the interviewer seeks to understand that include:

  • To learn about activities not related to your job description that get your adrenaline pumping
  •  To trace for an alignment between your relaxation activities and your work responsibilities;
  •  For knowing how you can grow within the organization
  •  To learn more about you at a personal level

How Do You Prepare For an Interview Where You Will Likely Be Asked About Your Hobbies?

In getting ready for an interview that could likely have this question, you need a bag of tricks to help you maneuver each situation effectively. These tricks apply in so many cases so you would find them useful. The cases include:

Review Your Unique Abilities

A vital thing you must do before you take any answer to the question “What are your hobbies?”, is to sit down and think clearly about the activities that you cherish the most and spend a lot of time doing in your free time? By getting clear answers to these questions, you will understand so much about yourself.

Discuss Extensively Your Attachment to Your Hobbies

Every time you outline a hobby you love, you must follow it up with an extensive reason why you find it interesting. This way, your interviewer will see what connects you to that activity to gain a better understanding of your person.

Carefully Pick Your Hobbies

A lot of your fun activities might not have any form of relationship to your work and that can be bad. Although the question “What are your hobbies” is presented in a lighter part of the conversation, it also has some consequences. For this reason, you must handpick hobbies that grow you while you have fun.

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Best Answers to “What are your Hobbies” Interview Questions

To answer the question “What are your hobbies?”, there are a lot of responses you can use. These responses include:

  1. “Reading books and working out are two of my favorite pastimes. Aside from that, I enjoy cooking. I learned about the in-house gym when studying the company. Having a gym in the office is a terrific idea since it allows employees to get to know one another on a more casual level outside of their assigned roles.“
  2.  “I have a pet cat named Lauren, and one of my best hobbies to do is spending a lot of time with her. I enjoy traveling as well, and I frequently organize excursions with my family. Solo travel, on the other hand, provides me with the happiness I seek. Every year, I look forward to visiting new destinations and reminiscing about old ones.”
  3.  “I enjoy volunteering when it involves tutoring poor children. Throughout my college days, I’ve been engaged with a few non-profit organizations. I enjoy spending my weekends assisting these organizations with various activities ranging from teaching to organizing entertaining games and activities to make learning fun for kids.”
  4.  “Since I was in high school, composing music and creating songs has been my favorite pleasure. With a couple of my high school classmates, I have my garage band, and we spend our spare weekends and vacations writing new songs and performing at open clubs.”
  5.  “I enjoy spending time with nature and using my camera to catch all the amazing moments of beauty. I’ve been practicing wildlife photography since I was in elementary school, and it’s the best hobby I have.”
  6.  “Traveling is my favorite passion since I enjoy learning about new towns and places all around the world. Every year, I usually save for months to organize a trip. I enjoy going on trips with friends and family, but solo travel provides me with the actual adventure and thrill of seeing new areas on my own.”
  7.  “I’ve been a football player since high school and was the captain of my college squad. In my spare time, I enjoy playing football since it allows me to unwind, relax, and improve my creativity and analytical thinking skills.”
  8.  “In my spare time, I usually read novels or play badminton. My favorite genres are suspense, horror, and thriller novels, and I enjoy reading new and current books. I believe I have a solid vocabulary and understanding of language because I am an avid reader. My enthusiasm for writing stems from my love of reading books.”
  9.  “I enjoy learning new abilities, and I’ve recently grown interested in studying different languages because they allow me to learn about diverse cultures around the world. I began studying Spanish online and have completed the beginner level. I usually devote my weekends to learning new Spanish vocabulary and viewing Spanish films to improve my command of the language.“
  10.  “My best hobby is meditating and spending my free time at meditation retreats. I think it has helped me understand my mind and its complexities and ensure better mental well-being.”


After completing this post, you have many awesome answers to give whenever someone asks “What are your hobbies” in an interview section.

Ensure you master these responses and come up with a few suggestions of your own to help you out in unique situations.


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