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Barista Job Description Template 2023

Working as a barista might entail a variety of tasks. In a hotel coffee shop, a barista may just make and serve basic coffee and espresso drinks. As an employer, the goal is to get a friendly barista that gets the job done while smiling.

This can be explained in a detailed barista job description that highlights a barista’s job roles and duties, their responsibilities, and the qualifications you are looking out for.

Learn about the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills that ought to be in a barista job description.

Who Is A Barista?

A Barista produces and serves coffee and coffee-based beverages at their most basic level. Examples include espresso and espresso-based drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, and iced coffee beverages.

A barista is an expert at preparing coffee-based beverages and typically has a broad understanding of the various coffees available worldwide.

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What Does A Barista Do?

Working as a barista can mean many different things. A barista in a hotel coffee bar may only make and serve basic coffee and espresso drinks, while a barista in a full coffee house will often serve other beverages like tea, spritzers, and frozen drinks too.

A coffee shop or cafe barista may also serve light food like sandwiches, bagels, cake, or breakfast items. The job involves working with the public on an almost non-stop basis. 

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Barista?

As contained in a barista job description, a barista is a person who prepares and serves coffee, espresso, tea, and other drinks. They may also prepare bakery items for consumers, such as croissants or muffins. In addition to brewing coffee, a barista has a variety of responsibilities, including:

  1. Customers’ greetings
  2. Providing answers to menu-related questions
  3. Maintaining a thorough understanding of all menu items
  4. Keeping clients informed about any special
  5. Developing partnerships with long-term clients
  6. They also prepare other food items.
  7. Equipment operation, maintenance, and cleaning
  8. They maintain the store’s cleanliness, accept payments, and provide change.
  9. Observing health and safety regulations

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How Much Does A Barista Earn?

Baristas are typically paid hourly and might work part-time or full-time. Their pay is by their workplace’s size, type, and location. In the United States, the average hourly wage is $11.60. Salaries might range anywhere from $7.25 to $20.95 per hour. $17 per day on average in tips. This report is according to

Their level of experience also influenced a barista’s income. They have also accustomed baristas to receiving not factored into their pay tips. 

What Are The Training Requirements For Baristas?

On-the-job training is essential for baristas. Typically, a rookie barista will observe a veteran staff for a few days before working directly with clients.

Baristas learn how to make a variety of drinks and how handle equipment and execute other tasks in the store or restaurant.

Prior experience in a barista or restaurant setting can be beneficial, but it is not necessarily essential. A good deal of coffee shops hire and train baristas who have little or no experience.

On-the-job training allows a barista to learn about the specifics of the establishment where they work, such as:

1. Menu

It is required to learn how to prepare and edit each item on the menu. When a customer has a menu query, the barista should answer it satisfactorily and give recommendations as needed.

A barista should be familiar with the standards for each drink and food item on the menu to produce consistent orders and know when substitutions are permitted.

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2. Cleaning and preparation

Following health and safety rules necessitates keeping a clean workstation. A barista should keep all the equipment clean and in working order.

To avoid cross-contamination, they should also know how to sanitize the equipment after each order. And also monitor goods and alert a manager if a store is running low. A barista should know these figures will fluctuate during peak hours and therefore be ready.

3. Food and beverage safety

Baristas should be aware of food and beverage safety guidelines to make goods for customers with allergies. They should separate products to prevent allergens from coming into contact with clients.

Following expiration dates and properly storing commodities are equally important aspects of food and drink safety.

4. Customer service

A barista should greet and take orders from clients in a friendly and courteous manner. They should also know how to deal with a consumer complaints. It is critical to keep clients pleased to gain repeat and new business.

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What Skills Does A Barista Need?

Coworkers, supervisors, and customers are all in communication with baristas. Therefore, as a barista, you should carry out your duty in a way that reflects your professionalism and knowledge. Baristas must have a responsible and confident demeanor.

A competent barista is a talented professional in their field who should be able to do several things, such as

1. Customer service

A barista interacts with clients daily. To ensure client pleasure, they should be helpful and reply to any demands promptly and politely.

Baristas prepare various foods and drinks that cause meticulous attention to detail.

Many clients will ask for changes to their beverages from the original recipe. When this occurs, the barista must pay close attention to the order to ensure that it is accurately correct.

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2. Teamwork

Baristas collaborate with others who may or may not be performing the same tasks as them. They must engage positively with all coworkers and managers.

3. Stand for the whole of their shift.

During busy periods in cafes and coffee shops, a barista may have to work under duress for several hours at a time. Stamina can assist them in meeting the demands of the job.

Barista Job Description Template 

General Purpose:

Prepare and serve high-quality beverages under established recipes.

Main Job Tasks, Responsibilities, and Duties

  • The barista should greet all customers and present them with a beverage menu.
  • Discuss beverage options, offer suggestions, and respond to any questions.
  • describe any current specials or new products
  • Accurately take customer orders and operate coffee-making equipment.
  • Prepare and present beverages under recipe and presentation guidelines.
  • Provide muffins and bagels ahead of time.
  • Prepare and box clients’ coffee bean orders.
  • Using the POS system, keep track of and precisely process purchases.
  • Customer payments, such as cash, credit, and debit cards, are collected and processed.
  • Abide by all health, safety, and hygiene rules and requirements
  • Ensure that customer service stations are well stocked.
  • Maintain a clean and sanitary work environment, dismantle and clean machinery as needed, and present items appealingly and practically.
  • Fulfill each shift’s opening and closing duties

Experience and Education

  • High school diploma
  • High-volume experience with coffee-making equipment
  • Working knowledge of all types of coffee and standard beverage recipes
  • Ability to read and communicate fluently in the language, able to stand for long periods, able to lift and transport moderate quantities of weight

Key Competencies and Skills

  • A feeling of urgency
  • Team member honesty and integrity reliability stress tolerance high energy level organizational ability customer service-oriented communication skills communication skills
  • Using this resume template, you may create a fantastic resume. Fill in the blanks with information from the barista job description.
  • With your résumé, provide a convincing cover letter. This introductory cover letter is a fantastic place to start.

What Qualifications Do You Need To Work As A Barista?

Employers have identified the following seven essential competencies for barista success.

  • Strong customer service orientation includes proactively creating customer relationships by listening to and understanding customers’ demands and prioritizing customer happiness.
  • While preserving accuracy and quality requirements, speed and efficiency are essential.
  • Teamwork entails politely working with other employees to build a good working environment.
  • Under pressure, you must be able to remain calm and focused.
  • high levels of energy, including the ability to maintain predicted productivity and performance throughout the shift.
  • Ability to sell, including a desire to upsell and promote products
  • Reliability, which includes punctuality and a willingness to finish shifts

Frequently Asked Questions On Barista Job Description

What does a barista do?

A Barista greets clients and prepares and serves drinks. Pastries, sandwiches, and other things are also no problem for them. A barista must follow precise recipes and preparation processes for various menu options. They keep a clean and well-stocked workspace while operating cash registers and credit/debit machines.

Job description of a barista

A competent barista pays close attention to detail and communicates effectively. They should handle food correctly, memorize ingredients, and modify it when consumers want them. Their recall abilities should be excellent because this will improve the efficiency of a client’s experience while also boosting a Barista’s customer service skills.

Is it a fun job?

Barista is probably the most fun job that pays well too! If you love talking to people, have a good sense of humor, enjoy meeting new people, then this job is the best fit for you.


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