15 Best California Solar Companies | 2023 Careers, Location

California is one of the most significant states in the US, with the best solar companies and solar panel installation due to its fantastic, steady sunny weather.

Since California’s solar business is expanding quickly, it can be difficult to sort among the many solar companies available, especially since conducting in-depth research before selecting an installation for your solar project is advisable.

If you reside in the Golden State, you undoubtedly already know that the climate is ideal for solar power because of the year-round abundance of sunlight.

One of the many benefits of going solar in California is that the state offers some of the nation’s finest solar rebates and incentives.

To help you when you’re shopping around, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best California solar companies and a buyer’s guide.

Let’s get started already.

Does Solar Companies in California Worth it?

Solar companies in California can be a good investment depending on the company’s financial health, market demand, and overall growth potential.

California has been a leader in promoting renewable energy, and its government has set aggressive targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, the demand for solar energy has been growing in the state, making it a potentially lucrative market for solar companies.

However, like any investment, risks are involved, such as changes in government policies, competition, and fluctuations in the market.

It’s essential to do thorough research before investing in any solar company, looking into its financials, management team, market share, and growth potential. It’s also essential to consider the broader trends in the industry and the regulatory environment.

Ultimately, whether solar companies in California are worth investing in will depend on the individual company’s specifics and the investor’s goals and risk tolerance.

How To Find a Reputable Solar Company

Finding a reputable solar company is all up to you. If you give yourself these few instructions given to you below. You will be able to checkmate all solar companies using the tools below.

#Consult Your Coworkers, Friends, Family, and Neighbors.

Don’t hesitate to ask your neighbour about their experience if seeing their new solar panels inspired you to investigate getting solar yourself.

Try to learn more about the project’s progress in addition to just receiving the contractor’s name.

Online reviews can be a valuable source of knowledge, but they frequently come from people who had terrible or fantastic experiences.

By asking around, you can learn more about your neighbourhood solar installers and any international firms with local employees.

Use social media to find local home solar supporters if you don’t know anyone with solar installed at their residence.

You could drive or stroll around and knock on the doors of those with solar panels on their rooftops to make new friends. They might be delighted to discuss their selection!

#Research About There Device

It’s quite understandable that everyone wants the highest efficiency and best available solar panels since they are attractive.

However, unless you know solar photovoltaic technology, it’s simple to be duped by the sales pitch.

We provide suggestions for the top solar panel brands and a guide to the best solar panels for homes. Before you meet with contractors, go over these.

So you’ll be prepared to ask questions and avoid being drawn into a bad bargain if they start reciting specifications and technical speak.

Why is it important? A solar array is not inexpensive, and these panels should ideally last at least 25 years.

Choosing the highest-quality panels that meet your needs and budget can help you obtain a decent return on your investment.

The best solar panels won’t necessarily be the best for Alaska or Arizona.

And it’s advisable to look for a different solar installer if a sales representative tells you otherwise or doesn’t know what a temperature coefficient is.

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#Set Up a Face-To-Face Meeting

No two solar installations are identical to one another. It’s a good idea to have any potential solar contractors visit the site where you’re only considering installing solar for this reason.

This allows you to work with their administrative team and potentially get to know some of the team members who will be spending some time on your roof.

Ask who will be installing your system if the company isn’t willing to send a representative or sends a sales representative.

Ask the company how long the team has worked together, whether projects often go smoothly, and what to do if there are any problems during installation.

These inquiries should help you determine how accommodating the firm will be if things don’t work out as expected.

Local installers are considerably more likely to visit the site and send someone skilled in solar energy array installation.

A professional contractor will immediately identify any possible problems, such as shaded areas, problematic vents, and obstacles to the safe roof access.

#Obtain three quotes, preferably more.

Do not, under any circumstances, sign a contract with the first solar contractor that comes to your house or drops a flier in your mailbox. Get at least three quotes, preferably more, by shopping about.

Check to see if these quotes are for the same size and style of solar installation as much as you can. You can compare like with like in this manner.

Ask why one company recommends a system that is significantly larger or smaller than the others. And consider that when making your choice if a business provides an estimate without a site visit.

A system can be designed by qualified solar contractors to maximize solar collection by considering factors like the size, orientation, and tilt of your roof.

They’ll give you an idea of your solar payback period and estimate your anticipated production.

Best Solar Companies in Northern California

5 Best Solar Companies Bay Area

#1. Ion Solar

The largest privately held household solar firm in the nation is ION Solar.

ION Solar, LLC is a solar energy design and installation company with its main office in Provo, Utah. In 2017, two other Utah solar energy firms, Vision Solar of Provo and Zing Solar of Draper, merged to form ION Solar.

Following this asset consolidation, ION Solar immediately surpassed all other privately-owned solar energy contractors nationwide.

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#2. Green NRG Solar

Thousands of Californians and Americans in the South and Northeast have received well-made, custom-designed solar energy systems from Green NRG Solar.

Privately held Green NRG Solar, Inc. is a California-based solar contractor erecting domestic and industrial solar panel arrays. Their home office is in the greater Los Angeles area in Chatsworth, California.

Since its establishment in 2008, they have catered to customers in Southern California, but they have recently widened its service area to include the Bay Area.

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#3. Soleeva

Not Just Solar Panels Are What Soleeva Sells.
We create better renewable energy systems through design and construction, giving you the effectiveness and savings you deserve.

With our revolutionary self-cleaning and self-cooling panels, which may generate up to 25% more energy without expensive maintenance, clients who work with us can save even more money.

Are you prepared to unwind now that your energy usage and bills are under control?

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#4. Grid Alternatives

Solar continues to lower energy prices for utilities, companies, industries, and consumers while generating jobs, investments, economic growth, and grid resilience.

It lessens the effect of carbon, water, and air on the environment. Amazingly, you can put it on top of your house.

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#5. Sunworks

In the Western United States, residential, commercial, agricultural, and government clients are served by Sunworks, a company that designs and installs solar energy systems.

Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) solar energy company Sunworks, Inc. is based in California and is publicly traded (NASDAQ). It serves customers in California, Nevada, and Oregon.

Its headquarters are in Roseville, California, but it also has regional offices in White City, Oregon, Reno, Nevada, and six other California towns.

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10 Solar California’s Best Companies

California is the nation’s top producer of solar energy, with an estimated 1.5 million solar projects producing 13,000 MW altogether.

This post is for you if you want to join the solar revolution but are unsure which solar firm is best for you. A detailed list of the best 10 California solar companies is below.

#1. Momentum Solar: Best On Custer Service

In 2009, Momentum Solar, a privately held solar installation business, was established in New Jersey.

The business has expanded over the past ten years and offers solar services to 11 states, including California.

High-quality solar panels and battery backups are installed by Momentum Solar, which also provides exceptional customer support through its exclusive Concierge Service.

Average Price
Momentum Solar installs solar panels for about $20,000 on average. Momentum is generally more expensive than the competition since the statewide average for systems between 5 and 7 kW is between $14,000 and $19,000.

25 years warranty, again the company offers Solar loans, solar leases, and power purchase agreements are just a few of the versatile payment alternatives that Momentum Solar provides (PPAs).

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#2. Palmetto Solar: Top Customization Alternatives

One of the biggest residential solar installers in the country, Palmetto Solar is renowned for providing a variety of flexible solar service alternatives.

Given California’s enormous size and geographic diversity, this flexibility makes it the ideal solar company for many Californians, which is an outstanding accomplishment.

The enhanced protection plan offers consumers more monitoring and maintenance choices for a surcharge and is a distinctive aspect of Palmetto’s organizational design.

Average Price
Palmetto Solar is reasonably priced, with an average cost similar to California’s average.

Unfortunately, the company’s website doesn’t offer exact pricing information, so if you want details, you’ll need to get a free estimate.

Palmetto Solar has 25 years warranty.

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#3. Tesla: Best on Technology

Although Tesla produces some of the most significant solar technology currently on the market, its stunning lineup of electric automobiles frequently gets centre stage.

Most other brands’ panels are less energy-efficient than Tesla’s, and the Powerwall lithium-ion storage system has the best reliability in the sector.

The company’s ability to produce highly durable solar equipment may be more significant than its technological skill.

Tesla’s robust panels are safer than many other options since Californians deal with more severe weather and natural calamities than most people.

Average Price
Although the sticker price for Tesla panels is high, the business offers price matching, which makes its panels quite reasonable. Depending on the various quotes you have, the price will change.

Tesla’s solar guarantees only provide ten years of equipment coverage but cover performance for 25 years.

The detailed and robust performance coverage provides a 25-year guarantee of 80% of the claimed power capacity.

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#4. SunLux: Top Local Installer

An emerging solar company called SunLux offers services all over Southern California and Texas.

Los Angeles, Bakersfield, San Diego, Rancho Cucamonga, Valencia, Irvine, and Rancho Santa Margarita are the cities where the corporation has offices.

Being a local Californian company, SunLux has an advantage over other national solar companies since it knows the nuances of installing solar equipment across the state.

Average Price
Solar installations from SunLux cost more than those from most businesses, but not much. Although the costs may be above average, you can expect top-notch service and high-quality supplies.

A comprehensive 25-year warranty from SunLux covers all components, repairs, and upkeep. One of the best solar warranties available makes SunLux stand out.

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#5. ADT Solar: Perfect Solar Service

Although ADT is most known for its home security offerings, SunPro was recently bought by the company to help kickstart its expansion into the solar energy market.

The business offers many Californians superior solar warranties, a wide range of products, and affordable costs.

Despite having offices throughout 20 states, ADT Solar is knowledgeable about the particular difficulties that Golden State Solar consumers experience.

Average Price
ADT Solar best exemplifies fair pricing. According to client feedback and internet reviews, the company’s pricing is comparable to other solar providers in California.


ADT distinguishes itself from some of its rivals by providing an exceptional 25-year warranty that covers parts, labour, and performance.

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#6. NRG Clean Power: Excellent Local Provider

Californians have had access to NRG Clean Power’s renewable energy options for thirty years. The business takes pride in providing flexible service alternatives at affordable pricing, putting education and personalized care ahead of financial success.

The business’s website, which offers a comprehensive learning centre to assist potential clients in becoming up to speed on the most recent advances in the solar sector, is a monument to its commitment to educating the public about the advantages of solar power.

Average Price
With pricing below the state average, Sunrun is one of California’s most reasonably priced solar energy providers. As numerous variables can affect your final bill, specific pricing is not accessible.

Be advised that the producer’s warranty only covers Sunrun’s panels if you buy them. With Sunrun covering repairs, replacements, and maintenance for 25 years, leasing offers a more robust warranty.

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#7. Freedom Forever

Regarding home solar, Freedom Forever is an excellent option because they provide quick installations at affordable costs.

The company began operations in 2011, intending to expand the use of solar energy across California and the nation.

The business has received fantastic client responses and a stellar reputation for implementing superior residential solar panel installations.

Average Price
For its solar installations, Freedom Forever charges standard fees.

The producers cover equipment installed by Warranty Freedom Forever.

However, the business provides its clients with a hefty performance guarantee that compensates homeowners if their systems fail to produce at the claimed levels for the first 25 years after installation.

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#8. SunPower

One of the most reputable solar energy companies in the nation is SunPower. The company has been in business for three decades, offering customers across the United States high-efficiency solar energy panels and systems.

Its solar systems are renowned for producing more energy and saving customers more money than any other manufacturer. Its Maxeon panels are the most influential panels on the market right now.

Average Price
Costs for SunPower solar panels are significantly higher than the state average in California.

The 25-year SunPower warranty covers both the product and the workmanship. The company also provides leak protection if your solar system causes roof damage.

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#9. Stellar Solar

In San Diego, Stellar Solar was established in 1998. The company is now one of the biggest solar providers in the area after installing more than 14,000 residential solar systems in the intervening years.

The business has a reputation for providing exceptional customer service and has been named San Diego’s top solar provider ten times in the last twelve years.

Average Price
Prices at Stellar Solar are typical for California.

A reliable 25-year guarantee covers Stellar Solar’s solar systems.

Energy Services

The business provides EV charging stations, battery backups, and solar panel installations.

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#10. Vivint Solar

When managing solar panel contracts for home sellers, Vivint Solar takes a distinct, adaptable approach.

If you sell your home while under contract with Vivint, you can either pay off the remaining balance of the contract or transfer the current agreement to the new owners.

Vivint will take the solar panels down or put them up again in your new house without charging you more.

As a result, moving to a new place and installing your Vivint solar panel systems is simple for you.

25-year warranty

The cost typically: $17,800

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What is the highest-rated solar company in California?

The best national provider is SunPower Solar.
Best Warranty Coverage: ADT Solar.
Excellent Warranty Coverage from NRG Solar.
Outstanding Local Installer: Elevation Solar
Stellar Solar: An exceptional neighbourhood installer.

Who is the most reputable solar company?

Sunpro Solar.
Blue Raven Solar.
Momentum Solar.
Palmetto Solar.
Trinity Solar.

What are the best solar panels in California?

Momentum Solar has the best customer support.
Palmetto Solar offers the best customization options.
Sunrun is the best for leasing.
Tesla has the best technology.
Sunlux is the best regional installer.
ADT Solar has the best solar warranty.

What solar company has the best solar panels?

Most energy-efficient: SunPower.
ADT Solar: Top Defense.
The most user-friendly is Momentum Solar.
Best Advantages of Blue Raven Solar.
The best solar roofing options for green homes.


You can see that solar power has become increasingly important in a world like ours that depends more on electricity than the list of the best California solar companies.

These solar energy providers offer cheap, clean energy that may be used anywhere in your home or business.

We hope the above firms have helped you narrow down your final choice. If you thought this article was helpful, comment in the comment section.


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