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Having to know the best solar companies in Arizona is very vital since Arizona is discovered to have 300 days of sunshine yearly. Wow.

Many of its inhabitants are aware of this and have seized the opportunity to use the sun for something more valuable and profitable, than just being around the poolside for a cool bath.

According to different sources, Arizona is known to be the sunniest State in the United States of America positioned to harness solar power.

Arizona is ranked as the 5th State in the US, known for solar installation, the State has over 296 Solar Companies that have put enough solar panels to power 945,767 homes so far.

Arizona has enough solar energy to carry your home and other homeowners. Though it can be challenging, to locate the ideal option for the best solar companies in Arizona, do not worry.

Our team of professionals has examined the leading solar companies in Arizona and is prepared to assist you in finding your choice through our detailed guide on the 15 best solar companies in Arizona for your home, so to ease your stress.

Let’s get started already.

How Many Best Solar Companies are In Arizona?

The Arizona Solar Power Society maintains the Arizona Solar Business Directory, which features approximately 100 Arizona-based solar installation companies.

To find the greatest value and the best-performing solar products, consumers and corporate clients can get in touch with a variety of providers using the business directory.

Solar State In Arizona

The best solar companies in Arizona are rated as a result of the continuous sunshine in Arizona, with an average of 264 to 313 bright days per year. Surprisingly, that high number is a full 100 days higher than the national average!

95% of buildings in Arizona, totalling 2.6 billion square feet of roof space and more than 59 million MWh AC annually, are solar-viable, according to Google Project Sunroof.

Arizona has a fantastic and exciting solar energy potential because of the state’s abundance of sunshine and open space.

What Is The Solar Production Level In Arizona?

Arizona, with a solar capacity of 5,200 MW, ranks fifth among the Top 10 Solar States.

Over 800,000 homes in Arizona are powered by home solar panels, even though the state’s population is only about 7.3 million.

That represents roughly 11% of all homes in Arizona, which is a good start.

You can find the best solar companies in Arizona throughout the United State.

What Benefits Do Solar Energy Systems Offer in Arizona?

Suppose a homeowner in Arizona decides to install a home solar system. In that case, they can anticipate a full cost recovery in 7.1 to 8.7 years on average, with predicted savings of over $30,000 over 25 years.

Compared to the national average of $111.67, Arizona families spend an average of $128.40 for their power.

Of course, the summer heat in Arizona causes a substantial increase in energy usage throughout the state.

Single-family homeowners typically pay higher electricity costs and typically benefit financially the most from having a home solar energy system.

Arizona is experiencing a climatic crisis like the rest of the United States. Arizona experiences more than 50 days of extreme heat annually, so cutting carbon emissions is essential for the state’s future.

To this end, they reduce the carbon footprint of Arizonan households by converting to solar power, one house at a time.

Cost Of Solar in Arizona?

Even within the same state, numerous variables might affect how much a residential solar system costs. These consist of:

Age, roof type, and roof pitch

Any structural changes required

The solar panels’ quality

License prices

State of the location.

We’ve examined price quotations from SunPower as well as estimates acquired from independent sources for thousands of homeowners around the nation to help you understand the cost of adopting solar in your location.

Before taking use of any applicable tax credits or incentives, we discovered that the cost to buy a 5 kW solar system in Arizona ranged from $12,650 to $40,000, or, in other words, from $2.53 to $8.00 per watt.

In Arizona, solar panel prices have decreased over the previous ten years by an average of 70%, similar to the rest of the United States.

Due to this development, solar systems are now much more widely available and affordable for households.

In 2010, you could purchase a residential solar system for about $40,000. Currently, a PV system in Arizona costs, on average, between $9,000 and $11,000.

Given that Arizona homeowners who decide to install a PV system can benefit from a 26% federal solar tax credit, residential solar appears even more appealing.

The state also provides generous solar incentives, such as a 5.6% sales tax exemption, a property tax exemption on added value, and a 25% (up to $1000) state solar tax credit.

Top 10 Best Solar Companies In Arizona

There are many solar companies in Arizona out there; see this most recent list of the top-rated solar installers based on customer preferences.

Compare customer ratings, company levels, and actual client comments to determine which installation is the greatest fit for your solar project.

#1. American Array Solar and Roofing

First on the list of the best solar companies in Arizona is American Array Solar and Roofing, in this company customers come first, and here we have 80 years of combined experience! We have 5 sites statewide to serve all of California.

An industry-leading 30-year warranty is what we provide. We work with top-tier solar and roofing manufacturers as one of California top roofing and solar companies to deliver you the most advanced, durable, and high-performance technology available.

We handle all types of projects, from residential to commercial to industrial.

Ground-mounted systems, carports

Off-grid and battery backup solutions.

We specialize in installing various kinds of roofs, including flat and metal roofing as well as composition shingles and tiles.

Allow us to construct a durable solar system or a new roof for you so that you and your family can enjoy it for years to come.

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#2. Solar Topps

Solar Topps is 2nd on our list of the best solar companies in Arizona, a straightforward, practical energy management solution that offers the greatest price on solar, battery backup, and EV charging choices made to meet your lifestyle both now and in the future.

They only utilize high-quality materials that are installed and engineered to produce high-quality results. Our price is the one aspect of us that is not premium.

The company is among the greatest solar providers in Arizona, but it’s not simply because of the costs. It’s the performance, project management, efficient processes, and service when required—all of which are acknowledged in the industry.

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#3. Elevation

With a focus on ethical business methods and customer-first ideals, Elevation is one of the largest producers of residential solar, storage, energy efficiency, and energy intelligence technology in the country. With so many awards.

We have Elevation as the 3rd best solar company in Arizona. Elevations have recorded lots of accolades from individuals and other companies.

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#4. Sunny Energy

Sunny Energy ranks as the 4th best solar company in Arizona. Going solar shouldn’t have to be difficult or expensive, in their opinion.

You get the greatest-performing system at the lowest cost when you combine the best installation techniques with the best tools and financing options.

On ROC, we enjoy the best reputation. Choosing Sunny Energy is a decision, and going solar is a life decision. The company can provide you with a free consultation.

Better options are available for homeowners to generate their own cheap and clean energy thanks to Sunny Energy, LLC!

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#5. Green Muscle Solar

Green Muscle Solar is 5th best solar company on our list, now to discuss your solar options and price with Green Muscle Solar, you will speak with a Project Manager rather than a high-commission salesperson.

The company has a skilled Install Team to install your project expertly, and equipment is covered by a full 25-year product and output warranty.

Your project manager will manage it from beginning to end.

Green Muscle Solar was established with the straightforward conviction to always treat clients fairly and with their best interests in mind.

This company is among the most skilled and qualified solar experts in the field and is the best in customer service.

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#6. Sunshine Saves Inc.

Quality is always our top priority, both in the equipment we use and in the installation work we do. Sunshine Saves Inc, is the 6th best solar company in Arizona, on our list.

Sunshine saves, sales and installation procedures place a strong emphasis on providing excellent customer service while also providing the most outstanding workmanship and roof guarantees.

With the help of the sun, Sunshine Saves helps you save your money.

Both solar and technology are ever-evolving. To provide our customers with the greatest products and solutions available, we continuously research the latest products, attend solar conferences, and forge new relationships.

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#7. Blue World Solar

Premium SunPower products are available from Blue World Solar with a wide range of financing options.

SunPower’s 25-year, industry-leading warranty covers your panels, microinverters, racking system, and power production.

Additionally, a 10-year warranty will be provided for your monitoring system. We work to eliminate obstacles in your way so you can unwind and know that a single company is responsible for your entire system.

And Blue World Solar is the 7th best solar company in Arizona on our list.

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#8. Better Earth

It is obvious why clients have made the company the fastest-growing solar company in the U.S. with an unsurpassed 60-day installation promise and a 25-year money-back product warranty. Wow.

Better Earth is a full-service solar sales and installation business that takes great satisfaction in offering the greatest clientele in the business!

Your project will advance swiftly and effectively with all of the work being done inside, enabling you and your family to start saving money right away and to have energy and peace of mind.

Better Earth comes 8th on our list of the best solar companies in Arizona.

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#9. Saguaro Solar

Saguaro Solar is also one of the best solar companies in Arizona, and they offer the greatest PV systems at a competitive price for homes and businesses in Arizona.

Just 10% of the work is beginning your project. The remaining 90% makes sure that every last detail is taken care of, from design to installation to activation and beyond.

Saguaro Solar is locally owned and operated. They operate with enthusiasm to support the athletic programs at the University of Arizona.

Arizona is the ideal location for utilizing the strong sun to power our homes.

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#10. Method Solar

Local Arizona business that was started by Arizonans. They are a few installation crews that are here to serve you.

They do not use independent contractors. The local team members help to meet your every requirement.

Every step of the journey. You can have faith in their amiable, knowledgeable staff.

By lowering homeowners’ energy costs, safeguarding their home’s energy supply, and assisting them in taking control of their energy usage through renewable energy.

Method Solar aims to improve the lives of homeowners. All while minimizing the environmental impact of carbon.

Method Solar is the 10th on our list of the best solar companies in Arizona.

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5 Best Solar Companies in Arizona Near Me

#1. Most Energy-Efficient: SunPower

The top solar energy businesses provide thorough installation along with attentive customer care and a solid track record with homeowners.

Find the best solar supplier for you by using this guide to compare several countrywide solar firms.

Some of the nation’s most energy-efficient systems are produced by SunPower. All system parts are produced in-house, ensuring that the entire solar energy system functions as a whole.

All 50 states are available, but it varies by ZIP code.

  • SunPower’s advantages and disadvantages include:
  • Available Nationwide
  • House-made solar panels, batteries, and electric vehicle chargers
  • 25-year warranty that covers the entire system and its components.

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#2. ADT Solar: Top On Protection

Of all the service providers on our list, ADT Solar (formerly Sunpro Solar) offers the best protection.

It offers a 25-year power production guarantee in addition to an extended warranty that covers labour, panels, and inverters.

There are the following states available: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

ADT Solar’s benefits and drawbacks include:

  • Self-monitoring is available through Enphase My Enlighten
  • A 25-year power production, panel, inverter, and labour warranty
  • Three financing choices.


  • Only accessible in 21 states
  • Provides no upfront pricing details online

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#3. The Most User-Friendly is The Momentum Solar.

Making the switch to solar energy is simple and enjoyable with Momentum Solar. The business manages every step of the procedure internally, including design, funding, and installation. To assist you to personalize your system, it also offers a selection of solar panels.

Customers may take a more active part in the installation process thanks to Momentum’s interactive mobile tracking software, and its often updated blog provides homeowners with information about their solar energy installations.

Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas are among the states where these services are available.

Momentum Solar: Advantages and Drawbacks:

  • Offers seven different solar panel brands for greater customization;
  • Assists clients with government savings programs enrollment and takes care of permits paperwork;
  • Collaborates with Enphase to provide a solar battery option.


  • Does not offer online pricing information
  • Not accessible nationally.

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#4. Palmetto Solar: Our Choice for Safety Measures

The company that offers the finest customer service is Palmetto Solar. Along with a Palmetto Protect coverage plan that gives monitoring and solar discounts to both customers and non-customers, it also provides phone, email, and online help.

Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland and more.

25-year warranty
Cost on average: $13,500

Palmetto Solar: Advantages

  • Provides an online solar savings calculator
  • Offers a protection package to Palmetto customers and non-customers.
  • Provides a 25-year output warranty to protect solar panels.


  • Doesn’t offer financing information online and isn’t accessible everywhere.

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#5. Tesla Solar Panels

Solar panels are discrete and long-lasting; they will quietly transform sunshine into energy for many years to come.

This is accomplished by fastening the panels close to your roof and to one another for a minimalist appeal using integrated hardware and a straightforward design.

Tesla solar panels are made to be extremely efficient, producing as much solar energy as possible all year long, even on rooftops with complex angles.

Your completely integrated system is secure and trustworthy since it is powered by a Tesla Solar Inverter.

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Who is the number one solar company in Arizona?

Our list of solar providers is topped by Palmetto Solar thanks to its 25-year panel guarantee and all-encompassing protection plan. Additionally, the business offers a variety of customer service solutions.

Who is the most reputable solar company in Arizona?

Based on our extensive study, the following is our list of the top solar panel installation businesses in the business:
Most energy-efficient: SunPower.
ADT Solar: Top Defense.
The most user-friendly is Momentum Solar.
Best Advantages of Blue Raven Solar.
The best solar roofing options for green homes.

What is the best solar system in Arizona?

What Are the Top 5 Solar Energy Companies in Arizona?
The best national provider is SunPower.
Excellent local installer: Sun Valley Solar Solutions.
Elevation: Excellent Local Installer.
Verde Solar Power is a top-notch regional installer.
Best Warranty Coverage: ADT Solar.

Does Arizona have a solar tax credit?

Homeowners that meet the requirements and install solar panels on their homes may be eligible for a tax credit of up to 30% of the system’s cost.

In Arizona, bought household solar systems are eligible for the state’s 25% solar tax credit. (Personal income tax credit of up to $1,000.)


If you are interested in working with any of the best solar companies in Arizona, or you want to purchase solar panels,you have tons of the topt solar companies in Arizona to choose from in this article listed above, you could go through.

We hope you enjoy the services of any of your chosen best solar companies in Arizona.


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