15 Best Solar Companies in Arkansas | 2023 Careers, Location

Arkansas is a great place to live and work because of its stunning scenery and pleasant hot climate. Arkansas’s top best solar companies are also available for people who want to switch to solar energy. 

Fortunately, summer lasts longer, increasing Arkansas’ exposure to sunshine and its ability to produce solar energy. These businesses, from large-scale solar panel installers to small-scale domestic contractors, have years of experience providing cutting-edge solutions for commercial and residential projects.

As solar energy becomes more significant, there will be a greater need for workers, leading to additional prospects for employment. Additionally, there are several ways for you to apply for jobs.

The solar sector requires workers with various engineering and technological backgrounds. 

By reading the article, you learn more about the best solar companies in Arkansas, the jobs in this field, and the qualifications needed to work in the solar industry.

Are Solar Company jobs in demand in Arkansas?

Yes, there are quite several solar company jobs in demand in Arkansas, but some don’t require a degree, making them more in demand than those that require a degree.

Solar energy technicians are some of the most in-demand jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree. All that is necessary to become a solar energy technician is a high school diploma or GED and on-the-job training. 

Without a college degree, employees can enter a growing business by training to be solar energy technicians. Over 231,000 people were employed in the solar energy industry in 2020 and more in 2023, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). 

Jobs in solar energy will only grow as solar energy uses become more and more common. Positions for certified solar energy technicians or solar photovoltaic installers are expected to grow by 52% between 2020 and 2030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 

The solar industry, according to SEIA, is on track to employ 400,000 people by 2030, despite a decline in employment due to the pandemic.

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Where can I find Solar Company jobs in Arkansas?

You can find solar company jobs by applying to solar companies in Arkansas. Arkansas has one of the most effective net metering programs in the nation and ranks 30th for solar conversions. 

Additionally, the state experiences more sunny days annually than the national average, meaning that most local households will find solar panels a wise investment. 

Below are some of Arkansas’s best companies to find solar jobs when deciding whether solar energy is worthwhile.

  • 1. Seal solar 
  • 2. Powersync Solar LLC
  • 3. Perihelion Solar 
  • 4. New Dawn Solar LLC
  • 5. Titan solar power
  • 6. Sun Power
  • 7. Sun Valley Renewables
  • 8. ADT Solar
  • 9. Tesla
  • 10. Solar America
  • 11. Lumio
  • 12. Dividend Solar
  • 13. Momentum Solar
  • 14. Blue Raven Solar 
  • 15. Green Home Systems 

What is a good salary for Solar Company jobs in Arkansas?

2.5% of all U.S. households in Arkansas are predicted to have solar installations by 2024. Even though to some, that may not seem like a lot; there is a vast market to investigate. 

Solar companies in Arkansas need to sign many contracts and cover a sizable amount of ground to reach that figure. This is where sales come into play, and as a result, a career in solar sales may appeal to you in the future.

It is quite possible to earn a salary of over $100,000 a year, even in a remote location, for sales opportunities in the solar industry, which are frequently advertised.

In 2023, Arkansas’s average Solar Installer salary is $71,186; however, the range typically ranges from $58,873 to $88,049. Salary contents can vary significantly depending on the city and several other crucial factors, such as education, certifications, additional skills, and the length of time you’ve worked in a given field.

15 Best Solar Companies to Work for in Arkansas 

Arkansas is home to several companies engaged in the solar industry. However, some companies already make various solar instruments and apparatus. They also have a huge need for labour, which motivates them to increase employment options. The best solar companies in Arkansas are listed here.

1. Seal Solar 

Josh Davenport and Heather Nelson established the renowned Arkansas-based solar energy solutions company Seal Solar in 2012. 

It combines the newest technology with a qualified workforce to assist individuals, organizations, governments, and farms in managing their rising energy expenses and save money. 

In Arkansas, it has finished more than 600 solar projects or around one in five.

Visit Seal Solar here

2. PowerSync Solar LLC

An energy service provider called PowerSync Solar offers solar systems, battery backup, energy efficiency packages, generators, and industry expertise. 

For those wishing to determine whether going solar makes sense for them, PowerSync Solar is, above all, a reliable resource.

Visit PowerSync Solar here

3. Perihelion Solar

Based near Russellville, Arkansas, Perihelion Solar is an employee-owned consumer cooperative. With more than four years of experience in the state’s solar business, they are the first photovoltaic systems integrator in the Arkansas River Valley. 

Their top priorities are public education, promoting swiffer alternative energy reforms, and building a greener society for our future torch-bearers. 

They offer the best warranty on the market, along with the highest-quality solar power components, at competitive prices. In Arkansas, Perihelion was the first solar company to provide a solar array with a full 25-year warranty.

Visit Perihelion Solar here

4. New Dawn Solar LLC

New Dawn Solar LLC identified a market need for a trustworthy solar company; one that would prioritize the needs of its clients over its bottom line; one that has the drive and commitment to do the math; and one that ensures that the designs are precise, the solar systems are commercially feasible and expertly installed. 

They have now combined their two businesses, New Dawn Solar and Bruce Electric, to guarantee that the customer will always receive more value; to make a customer happy, they switched to solar.

Visit New Dawn Solar LLC here.

5. Titan Solar Power

As Arkansas’s top rooftop solar contractor, Titan Solar Power takes care of every aspect of a solar module installation. It offers a variety of “no upfront cost” options to meet your family’s unique needs, including financial products made available only to Titan by the biggest solar financiers in the country.

Solar energy may be a “no brainer” for many households. Titan Solar Power is establishing the benchmarks for the still-emerging residential solar sector. More homeowners than any other firm nationwide have benefited from our assistance owning their power over the past 36 years.

Visit Tital Solar Power here

6. SunPower

SunPower’s systems use its proprietary Maxeon panels and are among the most effective ones on the market. The company’s solar panel systems are renowned for their dependability and longevity, and it offers a fantastic 25-year warranty on its products and labour. 

The price is the only drawback to using SunPower. Because SunPower is a premium brand, it isn’t afraid to charge premium prices, which some people find prohibitively expensive.

Visit SunPower here

7. Sun Valley Renewables

Sun Valley Renewables was established in 2016 and has already established a reputation in the Arkansas solar industry. According to client testimonials, the Conway-based business has a decent assortment of equipment from top manufacturers and delivers exceptional customer service. 

Sun Valley is a decent option if you want a simple solar installation because the company’s services can’t match those of more prominent companies.

One of the most excellent solar warranties you can come across is offered by Sun Valley Renewables. One of the safest bets in the solar industry, the company backs its systems with a sizable 30-year warranty covering equipment and performance.

Visit Sun Valley Renewables here

8. ADT Solar

In late 2021, ADT purchased the Sunpro solar business, which launched the company’s venture into renewable energy. Although ADT Solar is technically a new company, it has a huge head start because it is constructing its solar business on top of Sunpro’s already-existing infrastructure. 

The company’s vast service area includes most of the state and significant urban centres like Little Rock, Fayetteville, and Fort Smith. 

Despite not being a solely Arkansas-based solar company, ADT Solar is among the best solar installers in the state and provides outstanding value to residents of Arkansas. The company offers one of the best warranties in the industry, in addition to a substantial selection of brands and services.

Visit ADT Solar here

9. Tesla 

In the solar market, Tesla stands out slightly because it deviates from the norm and moves according to its own principles. To begin with, the business contracts out 100% of its installations to businesses over a vast national network. 

Tesla embraces its unique business model of simply producing equipment, whereas most businesses are moving to perform installations internally. 

Tesla’s outstanding panel energy efficiency and its industry-leading solar energy storage product, Tesla Powerwall, allow it to remain competitive in the solar market. Additionally, Tesla offers price matching, making it competitively priced with all other businesses.

Visit Tesla here

10. Solar America

Property owners looking to use solar energy to power their property can turn to Solar America as a source of solar information. 

The business offers data on the best solar installers in every state in the country. The tool is intended to link solar customers with businesses that can assist them in installing an energy-efficient solar system.

Visit Solar America here

11. Lumio

To offer homes quick solar installation services that are widely accessible, five local solar enterprises joined forces to form Lumio, which was established in the summer of 2021. 

Currently operating across seven states, including Arkansas, the Utah-based company has more than 3,500 workers on staff. As a result, Lumio has rapidly grown to rank among the top five solar providers in the nation regarding the number of installations.

Visit Lumio here

12. Dividend Solar

Interestingly, Dividend Solar, based in San Francisco, California, is a relatively recent player in the solar energy sector. However, Dividend Solar differentiates itself from other solar energy companies by concentrating on solar finance and loans. 

Because there are benefits to buying a system outright, like tax credits and rebates, the solar power company stands by its decision to provide outright purchase and loan payment options to residential customers.

Visit Dividend Solar here

13.  Momentum Solar

Making the switch to solar energy is simple and enjoyable with Momentum Solar. The business manages every procedure step internally, including design, funding, and installation. To help you personalize your system, it also offers a selection of solar panels. 

Customers can participate more actively in the installation process thanks to Momentum’s interactive mobile tracking app. Its frequently updated blog provides homeowners with information about their solar energy systems.

Visit Momentum Solar here

14. Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar provides dependable systems with a 25-year warranty, a 10-year workmanship warranty, and a 2-year manufacturing guarantee. If your system doesn’t produce as much energy as predicted, the company will upgrade it for free. 

The BluePower+ loan offers 18 months of cost-free solar energy with no upfront costs and is an option for customers who choose not to pay for their system in full.

Visit Blue Raven Solar here

15.  Green Home Systems

Green Home Systems offer technology-driven solar roof shingles and tiles. Solar roofs perform the same function as solar panels while blending into your roof’s style. The shingle and tile solutions from Green Home are robust, wind- and water-resistant. They are put in place right over your current top. 

The business also sells conventional solar panels with high efficiency and a 25-year product warranty. Its solar shingles are covered for 25 years, while its solar tiles have a 10-year output warranty.

Visit Green Home Systems here 

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Is solar energy technician a good career?

A career as a solar energy specialist can allow you to enter a lucrative, expanding sector of the economy even if you have no formal education. According to the BLS, solar energy technicians’ job growth is expected to outperform most other professions during the coming ten years. A panel and shingle prices fall, demand for solar energy technician jobs will only grow.

Can I install solar panels without being an electrician? 

No, but since they must install and repair solar systems, solar energy specialists do need to have a fundamental grasp of electrical systems. It is necessary to connect solar panels to the electrical grid, which is frequently carried out with the assistance of a senior solar energy professional.

How long does it take to become a technician for solar energy? 

You may train to become a solar energy technician in about a month. Training entails picking up installation methods and safety precautions on the job. Certificates are available for students to obtain from community colleges and technical schools.

What are the environmental benefits of solar energy? 

Solar energy is a renewable resource that avoids using fossil fuels to produce electricity, lowering the environmental pollution. Making the switch to renewable energy reduces your carbon footprint and opens up an infinite number of clean energy options.


Choosing a solar company that can provide the service you require is crucial because a company’s size significantly affects the customer experience you get. 

Large companies frequently carry more inventory and have lower costs, but they cannot give you the personalized service that a smaller firm can. 

On the other hand, a small company can give you more individualized service but will frequently charge more for the same equipment and provide fewer options than a market leader. 

Choose whichever appeals to you the most because neither is fundamentally superior for solar companies in Arkansas.



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