20 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-workers | 2023 Tips

It’s extremely difficult to come up with Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-workers, whether they’ve been a longstanding desk mate or you just see them on-screen once a week. However, the overall premise of coworker gifts remains the same: choose thoughtful goods and items they will use and like.

We did the legwork for you and found the greatest presents for everyone in your office, from the intern in your department to the HR agent who patiently explained your company’s retirement plans.

Is Giving Christmas Gift to Co-workers Appropriate?

However, you might ask if giving presents as part of a business transaction is ethical.

Indeed, it is moral. However, it is only ethical within certain boundaries, just like anything else. Gifts should not be given with the goal of influencing, charming, controlling, or torturing your employees deliberately. And almost no one should ever demand a gift (is a gift really a gift if it is demanded?).

Giving gifts is rarely, if ever, compulsory. Gift-giving at work has several perks.

The primary goal of establishing a successful gift-giving culture is to increase strategic work output, but you can achieve this by allowing colleagues to express their gratitude to one another on their own.

During the holiday season, many people exchange gifts. Having an office Secret Santa party is a perfect environment for office gift-giving when time is set aside for the exchange and everyone is equally giving and receiving.

Gifts are also given to employees on their birthdays and other holidays. Gift-giving is maintained to a bare minimum, save for special occasions.

Almost any office situation might benefit from this. There are, however, things you can do in between special instances to encourage completely unselfish and professional giving.

What Should I Spend On a Christmas Gift Idea for Co-workers?

It is never a good idea to spend too much money on gifts.

Inquiring about what is appropriate is fine, and it may lead to better communication about what to expect from your company regarding standards and policies.

Things to keep in mind while choosing Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-workers

Nobody wants to be the recipient of an inappropriate present or the center of an unpleasant situation. Nobody wants to be the one who gives a poor present. That’s why creating the right present for coworkers can be stressful and time-consuming.

Even spending hours and hours with your coworkers does not guarantee that you know them chorally to come up with an excellent Christmas gift idea for them. The element of speculation will always be present, raising the specter of the question: Will my gift make them smile? Will I feel self-conscious about my present?

Here’s what you need to do if you don’t want “Awkward” to become your middle name for buying Christmas gifts for employees.

  • To begin, make a budget and stick to it: You don’t want to give a cheap gift since others will notice. You also don’t want to go too far. Setting some spending limitations can assist you in narrowing down your options.
  • Don’t purchase gifts that could be construed as self-promotion: Avoid receiving any gifts that could be interpreted as inappropriate.
  • Don’t try to impress someone with a present, especially if they are in a higher position in the company: It’s important to remember that there’s a difference between expressing genuine feelings and sycophancy.
  • Clothing should not be given as a gift: Why? Simply because there’s a chance you’ll make a mistake with the size or the fashion designs. There’s also the possibility that the coworker will deem the present excessively informal.
  • Spend some time learning about the recipient’s hobbies and interests: This will hint what kind of gift they might enjoy.

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20 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-workers

#1. Gift Cards

Are you the type who avoids shopping for gifts? Are you debating what to buy or what your coworker’s hobbies are? It can alleviate this anxiety by giving them a gift card and allowing them to purchase whatever makes them happy.

#2. French Press

Who doesn’t prefer to start the morning with a hot mug of coffee? Coffee is, mostly, the lifeline that some people rely on to get through their hectic schedules. A French press would be a fantastic addition to their present box. They’d also like it if you came up with the idea for a coworker’s Christmas present.

#3. Perfumes

With a bottle of perfume, you can’t go wrong. Only the office doors are unconcerned about how they smell; everyone else prefers to be scented and fresh throughout the day.

Perfumes are also reasonably priced gifts. This can feel like a delightful Christmas gift for coworkers with some cool wrapping.

#4. Mini Humidifier

A Mini Humidifier is a warm gift that will complement the workplace of the receiver. Your coworker will profit from the moisturizing effects on the dry winter air, besides being a piece of decor.

#5. A Smart Charging Hub

An untidy desk has charging cords slithering between the files and keyboard. To maximize workspace space, get a wireless charging hub. Smart charging hubs are ideal Christmas gifts for coworkers because they offer enough room to charge a phone, an earbud, and a smartwatch simultaneously.

#6. A portable speaker

Does your music-loving, tune-humming coworker sway to some strange rhythm all day? Give them a little Bluetooth speaker and watch them take swaying to new heights!

#7. Reusable Carry Bags

Because of the anti-environmental properties of single-use plastics, fashionable, reusable carry bags can make fantastic Christmas gifts for coworkers. Use a variety of patterns, materials, and colors to communicate with your gift recipient!

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#8. Travel Mug

Traveling has become inescapable for business executives, whether for pleasure or for a job. Regular travelers and those who enjoy sipping hot beverages on the go will appreciate this travel mug.

The newest additions are also leak-proof, with a solid seal that keeps the contents inside. So, no more coffee spills on your laptop or essential documents!

#9. Mini backpack

Minimalism is currently in vogue. Consider mini backpacks, which look attractive yet can safely contain many essentials. They are excellent Christmas gifts for coworkers, especially for those who commute daily or travel frequently.

#10. Custom Leather Keychains

Every office has that one employee who loses their keys or IDs regularly. This leather keychain with the recipient’s name or initials carved on the strap would be an ideal present. You may gain these chains in various bright colors and tailor them to meet your coworker’s personality.

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#11. Essential Oils

Has it been a busy year for you? Have you noticed that your coworker has been under a lot of stress lately? Then they deserve pampering. Give them a set of essential oils, and watch them thank you for the rest of the year (quietly, because they don’t realize it was you).

There are various essential oils to pick from, offering a wide range of health benefits besides a pleasant aroma.

#12. Succulent Plants

Succulents in small pots are returning to workplace corners and aisles. They’re not only gorgeous, but they also spread serenity and calmness, making them ideal Christmas gifts for coworkers. ‍

#13. Cord Keeper

The tangled cables and earbuds scattered across your coworker’s desk can make you feel a little OCD. Give a cord keeper crafted by hand. They’ll keep the cords tidy and free of tangles. Furthermore, because they are handmade, they have an exotic sense about them.

#14. Cord Protectors

In their lives, everyone will have had problems with their cable breaking at the joints. Give your coworker a pack of cord protectors if you know they’re having trouble dividing their cords. The bright hues will enhance attractiveness.

#15. Smartphone Projector

When you chat about movies with your coworkers, do you have that one person whose attention piques? When you offer them a projector as a Christmas present for employees, watch their faces light up.

There are pricey versions with various functions, but you may obtain a good projector without spending much money. Don’t go too crazy on this one. ‍

#16. Leather Mouse Pad

Are you looking for a classy and useful gift? The key is the leather mouse pad. It gives your coworker’s mouse a smooth surface, and the leather will age over time to give it a more polished appearance.

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#17. Smartphone Lens Kit

We all have shutterbugs who are always snapping photos with their smartphones and posting them on social media.

Incorporate a useful smartphone lens kit into their gift box. Macro, comprehensive, and fisheye lenses and a compatible clip for most smartphone models would be included in a typical package. Keep an eye out for more photo opportunities with this one.

#18. Books

Books are both a salve for the spirit and a sharper for the mind. Give a significant addition to a bibliophile’s bookshelf as a gift to a coworker.

#19. Laptop Sleeves

Is it the Incredible Hulk or the Mighty Thor? Or is it just a fun pattern? Whatever option you choose, remember that laptop sleeves are a fashion statement.

Laptop sleeves come in various styles and colours, from slick leather to gaudy patterns, and they should be at the top of your list when shopping for Christmas gifts for coworkers.

#20. Springtime Paint-by-Number Kit

Even someone with limited artistic abilities can use this paint-by-number set to create a work worthy of framing. It’ll be appreciated if you give it to a colleague who enjoys hobbies and art.


These Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-workers will undoubtedly benefit your co-workers, and what better time to give them gifts than around the holidays? Get at least one of these for a coworker as a Christmas present.


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