20 Best Highest Paying Nursing Jobs

Unsurprisingly, so many people gravitate toward nursing careers. Apart from being one of the noblest of all helping professions, nursing is one of the most prevalent careers in the rapidly increasing and lucrative sector of health care.

However, as you progress through nursing school, you learn to appreciate the breadth of nursing specializations offered and the benefits associated with each. 

From pediatric care to midwifery, there are several nursing specialties, each with its own set of perks that appeal to a diverse range of students.

Compensation is one of the major perks of nursing. Different specializations may pay differently based on your degree and expertise. 

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Nurses come in a variety of varieties and pay scales. By receiving a certification in any specialty, you may access some of the greatest nursing positions and earn more money as a nurse.

While management is one of the top paid nursing occupations, there are several nursing specialties with wages comparable to or above those in management roles. 

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Numerous states let nurse practitioners practice independently of a physician.

They can secure the top paid nurse practitioner employment due to their clinical experience and extensive knowledge and are equipped with great decision-making abilities to deliver superior care to registered nurses.

Nurse practitioners are capable of performing a variety of operations, prescribing medications, conducting physical examinations, and ordering diagnostic testing. 

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A certified nurse anesthetist earns the highest salary of any nurse practitioner due to the high degree of competence required, the complexity of this sort of medical treatment, and the increased risk of litigation. 

Not surprisingly, the highest-paying nursing specialty requires the greatest amount of power, responsibility, competence, and risk.

Nursing is one of the few professions where compensation is directly related to ability and obligation (rather than title or even education level).

Therefore, nurses who wish to earn a better salary must be willing to take on the responsibilities’ demands! 

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As your schooling progresses, your compensation will increase, eventually reaching six figures.

Naturally, your earning potential is highly dependent on a variety of circumstances, including the state in which you practice, your company, and your years of experience.

Nonetheless, certain nurse occupations pay far more than the national average – double or even treble the national rate. Consider the following 20 best highest paying nursing jobs: 

See our list of the 20 Best Paying Nursing Jobs


Salary Average: $183,580 

The highest-paid nursing jobs on our list is that of a nurse anesthetist.

A nurse anesthetist sometimes referred to as an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), is a specialized sort of nurse that is responsible for delivering anesthesia during surgeries and other medical operations.

These licensed nurses must have great bedside manners because of the fear that many patients face under anesthesia. 

While some patients may see the nurse anesthetist just at the start of the treatment, this highly trained medical practitioner must continue to offer care until the patient is unconscious or they have provided the anesthetic.

They are responsible for monitoring the patient’s vital signs throughout the procedure and may also be required to modify the quantity of anesthetic provided as needed. 


Salary Average: $125,000 

A neonatal nurse must have extensive specialized training to care for preterm newborns who may have extremely significant health problems.

This may include birth abnormalities, underdeveloped lungs, infections, and a variety of other major health problems.

Along with being an RN, a neonatal nurse must pursue education in pediatrics and preterm newborn care. Most get continual training to ensure that they can give the greatest quality treatment possible. 

Nurses that specialize in neonatal care are in great demand. Individuals interested in this kind of work can find employment in practically any region with a staffed NICU. This makes them one of the best and highest-paying nursing jobs available

Pay may be slightly lower initially, but if the nurse has the requisite training and abilities, they will be qualified for raises as they demonstrate their ability to provide high-quality care.

Nurses with extensive expertise in newborn units will be able to explore new possibilities and compensation increases as their careers progress. 


Salary Average: $114,000 

A cardiac nurse practitioner has obtained specific training to work with patients who require cardiac care.

According to this job description, nurses must possess the requisite abilities for monitoring and caring for patients who have had heart attacks or are actively receiving medical treatment for heart disease.

Along with their nursing degrees and RN certification, cardiac nurse practitioners must complete extra coursework in heart care and post-heart attack care. 

Cardiac nurse practitioners can practice at either a hospital specializing in cardiac care or a typical doctor’s office with a cardiac care specialty.

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The more training a cardiac nurse practitioner has before employment, the more likely they will earn a better salary.

The more knowledge a nurse has in this sector, the more likely they will be offered managerial chances as their careers progress.  This makes them one of the best and highest-paying nursing jobs available


Salary Average: $113,000 

Orthopedic nurse practitioners give high-quality treatment to clients who have musculoskeletal problems or injuries. This can include degenerative bone diseases such as arthritis or osteoporosis.

Sports and automobile accident injuries are also included in this category of care. Orthopedic nurse practitioners must hold a nursing degree and have completed further training in orthopedic treatment.

Basically, orthopedic nurse practitioners may be needed to engage in surgical treatments to rehabilitate an injured or sick region. 

Orthopedic nurse practitioners are in high demand in urban regions, but they are also found in rural places. The more training they get, the more likely they will be awarded supervisory or managerial jobs. 

This makes them one of the best and highest-paying nursing jobs available.


Salary Average: $113,000 

An oncology nurse is a healthcare professional who specializes in caring for people who have been diagnosed with or are undergoing treatment for various forms of cancer.

To obtain licensure as an oncology nurse, one must finish regular nursing education and pass a state examination. They might pick oncology as one of their specialties while in college.

Most will require extra training to continue working in oncology after graduation. Once licensed, they will be required to complete continuing education to keep their license in good standing. 

Nurses, in general, are in high demand and may find work in virtually every region of the country.

The more time a nurse devotes to obtaining experience and improving her abilities, the greater her earning potential will become over time.

Additionally, progression opportunities in management are conceivable. 


Salary Average: $112,000 

Beyond their nursing degrees and certificates, general nurse practitioners have obtained extra training.

To become a practitioner, individuals must complete additional courses that prepare them to treat patients in the absence of a physician.

A general nurse practitioner is capable of diagnosing and treating patients like that of a physician, but they are unable to undertake complex operations.

Also, general nurse practitioners are frequently more accessible than physicians and are being employed to help doctors in caring for patients in a growing number of doctor’s offices. 

In rural regions where doctors are few, there is a significant demand for general nurse practitioners, and as a result, a general nurse practitioner can earn a good life.

Certain general nurse practitioners may be required to travel as part of their daily responsibilities. The more training a general nurse practitioner gains, the greater their income potential. 


Salary Average: $111,130 

Nurse-midwives earn well over 6 figures per year on average, making them one of the highest paying nursing jobs available.

These advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) provide prenatal, postpartum, and postpartum care to women. They are educated to give primary care throughout labor and may help a physician during a cesarean section. 

Nurse midwives, like other APRNs, must possess superior interpersonal and communication skills in addition to medical expertise.

They must be able to inform and comfort mothers and their partners during the birthing process, as well as maintain their composure in the event of an emergency or unforeseen problem during labor. 


Salary Average: $110,000 

A family nurse practitioner is comparable to a general nurse practitioner but requires additional experience in pediatric and geriatric care.

Due to the vast variety of ages they are trained to care for, a family nurse practitioner can work in practically any sort of facility.

A family nurse practitioner is capable of caring for all family members regardless of their age. While the area is relatively generic, the extra training broadens the practitioner’s purview, allowing them to treat patients of all ages. 

A family nurse practitioner with a limited amount of experience may be compensated less.

The need for family nurse practitioners is expanding continuously as the population’s need for medical care increases and the number of accessible physicians decreases.

Over the next several years, the sector is projected to continue to grow and expand, making them one of the highest paying nursing jobs available.


Salary Average: $108,000 

Clinical nurse practitioners are dedicated to educating their patients and providing them with high-quality treatment. Clinical care professionals who have further training may also prescribe drugs. 

In addition to her regular nursing degrees, a clinical nurse specialist has extra credentials.

Extra certification indicates that the nurse has completed additional training and possesses specialized abilities that enable them to practice in a specialty field.

This might be pediatrics, orthopedics, or any other specialty that necessitates the development of unique clinical abilities.

This sort of nurse is in high demand throughout the United States. As people grow more conscious of their health, they desire to collaborate with highly knowledgeable doctors and nurses.

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Clinical nurse specialists, in contrast to many physicians, have the resources to devote to their patients. This makes them one of the best highest paying nursing jobs available.


Salary Average: $107,000 

A psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner is licensed after obtaining the requisite nursing degrees and passing the state board examination.

A psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner must have finished a specialist degree program that prepared them to deal with psychiatric patients in a mental health hospital.

Psychology courses, as well as those dealing with mental disease, are encouraged. A psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner can interact with patients like a physician. 

Annual wages are highly dependent on the amount of education a nurse has received and the number of years of experience they have gained working in this industry. This makes them one of the best highest-paying nursing jobs available.

The job market for nurses with this sort of specialty is stable. Individuals with this experience may find employment in group homes, rehabilitation centers, and a variety of other mental health facilities. 


Salary Average: $107,000 

Pediatric nurses have earned a nursing degree and passed their state licensing exams.

To become a pediatric nurse, candidates must complete specialized coursework on preemies, babies, infants, and children.

A pediatric nurse’s role is to care for patients ranging in age from birth to around 16 years.

Also, a pediatric nurses are frequently found at physicians’ offices, children’s hospitals, and any other setting where a kid receives health care.

Each year, pediatric nurses must engage in continuing education to maintain their state licensure. 

Pediatric nurses are in high demand in the United States. Nurses with a pediatric specialty can work in practically any type of hospital. Pediatric nurses can continue to advance their careers as long as they remain in the field.

A pediatric nurse’s experience level determines how much money they may anticipate earning every year. However, they make one of the best and highest-paying nursing jobs available.


Salary Average: $95,000 

A nurse researcher is a professional that specializes in doing various sorts of research and designing studies to find particular patterns in disease and treatment techniques.

Along with receiving a nursing degree, a nurse researcher frequently returns to school or collaborates with a school to test ideas or find probable trends in healthcare.

Nurse researchers are continually on the lookout for innovative methods to enhance the healthcare system. 

Nurse researchers are in high demand for attempting to enhance the entire approach of healthcare delivery.

Equally, nurse researchers have the opportunity to engage in research projects and develop expertise.

The more experience they get over the first few years of their employment, the more opportunities for additional study and potentially a managerial job become available. 


Salary Average: $95,000 

A nurse administrator must have a nursing degree in addition to obtaining state licensure.

A nurse interested in seeking an administrator role must enroll in a management degree program that teaches them the abilities necessary to manage both a staff and a department.

They must be able to distribute tasks to the nurses under their supervision. Along with supervising workers, the administrator must be capable of properly managing all aspects of the department or institution. 

On average, a nurse administrator earns about per year. When a nurse administrator begins his or her career, the annual payment will be significantbest and ss. This makes them one of the best and highest-paying nursing jobs available

The longer they labor in the field, the greater their earning potential. Nurse administrators who have established themselves over time might anticipate greater salaries and more responsibility.

Nurse administrators are in high demand throughout the country, particularly in urban areas. 


Salary Average: $95,000 

A gerontology nurse has a nursing degree and has cleared the state licensing examination. To be classed as a gerontology nurse, an individual must have completed specialized training in that field.

The field of gerontology is concerned with the care of humans varying in age from puberty to old age. Since this licensing requires unique qualifications, the nurse must commit to participating in continuing education courses each year. 

Gerontology nurses are highly sought after since they may work in virtually any sort of medical facility. Hospitals, physician offices, group homes, and private care organizations are constantly on the lookout for qualified nursing applicants.

In certain circumstances, gerontology nurses might find work transporting patients between facilities. 


Salary Average: $94,000 

A pain management nurse has received a bachelor’s degree in nursing and state licensure.

To practice as a pain management nurse, an individual must pick that specialty and finish the required courses.

A pain management nurse collaborates with physicians to assist patients in developing effective pain management strategies. Nurses must participate in continuing education courses each year to keep their state licensure. 

When pain management nurse begins her/his career, they will earn a little lower wage.

The more training a pain management nurse has, the greater their earning capability and the more prospects for management jobs they will obtain in the future. Returning to school is another method for them to boost their possibilities. 

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Salary Average: $79,631 

Many of the highest-paid nursing occupations require both nursing and management skills, but the career of an informatics nurse combines nursing and technical abilities.

These nurses forego bedside responsibilities in favor of more technological activities, namely those involving data analytics.

Nurse informaticists examine medical records and other health data to increase clinical efficiency and patient care. Additionally, they may examine new healthcare technology and teach other nurses to apply them. 

While we have described informatics nursing as one of the best paying nursing jobs with a BSN, an overwhelming amount of informatics nurses possess graduate degrees in the discipline, such as a master’s degree in health informatics, for instance.

Additionally, they may be needed to obtain a professional certification in their particular field, such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Informatics Nursing Certification. 


Salary Average: $88,000 

A medical-surgical nurse is a highly technical profession that requires not just a regular nursing degree but also an advanced degree that equips the nurse with the essential abilities to help with surgical operations.

Medical-surgical nurses must be capable of assisting physicians throughout a surgical operation.

Additionally, they must be capable of assisting during the rehabilitation process. Certifications are also necessary for some instances. Each year, continuing education courses must be taken to maintain these certificates. 

Nurses with several years of experience might anticipate a higher salary if they return to school and achieve their surgical specialty.

The career prospects for a medical-surgical nurse are excellent, especially given the annual decline in the number of nurses. Even in tiny places, employment prospects are favorable, albeit compensation may be slightly lower than in bigger cities. 


Salary Average: $85,000 

A nurse who specializes in infection control deals with patients who are extremely contagious or at risk of contracting an infectious illness.

The nurse’s role is to care for the patient while limiting the danger of infection spreading to others.

To be considered for this post, a registered nurse must return to school and enroll in a specialty that focuses on infectious disease control and environmental safety. 

Nurses who work in this setting are in high demand and may find work practically everywhere in the country.

A nurse’s expertise in any capacity is tremendously valuable, but it is especially advantageous while working in a setting where patients are quarantined or segregated owing to contagious disease. 


Salary Average: $81,000 

A nurse attorney is a registered nurse who is also a licensed attorney. They can utilize their medical expertise to aid in the representation of instances that demand it.

A nurse attorney must finish both nursing and legal degree programs. Following completion of each degree, the nurse attorney must clear the state nursing boards as well as the state bar as an attorney.

Nurse attorneys might work in either a hospital or a law firm. 

Employment prospects in this highly specialized area are favorable, particularly in bigger cities. A nurse attorney’s experience determines how much money they may make.

This is a scenario when having further expertise in any of these industries will benefit you. 


Salary Average: $77,303 

Nurses who wish to have a greater influence on the nursing community and the profession of healthcare, in general, may wish to explore high-paying RN careers as nurse educators.

These experienced nurses use their practical experience to build a curriculum for nursing students and to teach them the principles of nursing. 

To be effective in this coveted position, nurse educators must possess both nursing and instructional expertise.

They are, in essence, nurses and teachers, and as such, they must be proficient in both healthcare and teaching. Given that nurse educators are among the highest-paid nurses in the industry, it’s unsurprising that they must be well educated. 


Is nursing a profession that may make you wealthy?

The good news is that nurses may certainly and frequently become billionaires! It does, however, need time, work, preparation, and pursuing the proper professional path. In other words, while there is no quick way to wealth, it is conceivable to earn seven figures over time. 

Which nursing specialty is the most sought-after?

Neonatal Nurse

Which nursing specialty is the easiest?

Nurse educator. 

What occupations may a nurse perform in addition to nursing?

  • Medical Billing Specialist. 
  • Health Writer. 
  • Nutritionist. 
  • The administrator of Health Services. 
  • Health Educator.

Where are nurses most needed?

  • California 
  • Texas 
  • New York City 
  • Florida 
  • Pennsylvania 


Nursing is a big subject with numerous and diverse career options. From direct patient care to behind-the-scenes managerial positions, there truly is something for everyone interested in a healthcare career.

Perhaps the one factor that all of the positions on this list have in common is that they are regarded to be among the top paid nursing careers available. 

Nursing offers a plethora of monetarily and emotionally rewarding occupations. Whether you work with newborns, pregnant women, the elderly, or any other care group, there are specialty nursing occupations that demand specific skills and offer a variety of advantages. 


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