Important Questions to ask in a Nursing Interview

20 Important Questions To ask In A Nursing Interview

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In an interview for a nursing job, creating a shortlist of questions to ask the employer is helpful. Displaying an interest in the position by asking questions about the organization will show your sincere interest. 

With our research associates’ help, we have made a comprehensive list of 20 important questions to ask in a nursing interview. We shall equally state some questions not to ask in a nursing interview. We believe it will create a good balance as you prepare for your nursing job interview.

Finding the right questions to ask during a nursing interview can be challenging. If you don’t come prepared, you might get lost in between. If that happens, you may lose the job. But, with our update today, we will reveal a good number of the questions to ask a nurse manager, that will make them have a great interest in you.

How to Prepare for a Nursing Interview

It is one thing to be invited for a nursing interview, but, acing the interview is an entirely new game. 

While preparing, have it at the back of your mind that there are lots of people vying to get selected for the role you applied for. Therefore, you must prepare so well in a way that boosts your confidence.

Having a strategy and practicing your answers is essential to a successful interview: You will often be asked both job-specific questions and classic interview questions during an interview.

With practice, you’ll build a firm foundation that will serve you well when faced with questions you expect and those you don’t. However, go beyond just practicing answers; you should practice the best possible answers as well.

Embrace the Tailoring Method: This method asks you to tailor your responses based on a hiring manager’s priorities. For example, you might adjust your answers depending on the facility you’d work at.

Get an overview of the job description: This will help you research your answers and questions based on what the nurse manager and hiring hospital wanted. Ensure you read the mission and vision statement of the organization. Check out the organizational structure, all these and many more go a long way in preparing you for a nursing job interview.

20 Important Questions to ask in a Nursing Interview

You may not ask each question during the interview, but you can have them prepared for when they apply to the discussion. Researching the facility beforehand allows you to answer basic questions so you can tailor your interview to questions that may provide more information.

1. What is your culture here like?

In an interview, one of the first questions should be about the company’s culture. This shows interest in their values and working environment, which will help you better understand what you can bring to the role.

2. What is the management style like?

Different managers have different styles, and understanding the institution’s management style allows you to know what to expect. Some supervisors are direct, and some prefer to give their employees more freedom.

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3. What excites you about working here?

Ask the recruiter or manager how they feel about working at the institution. This will give you a clearer idea of the current dynamics. The answer you receive may disclose additional information contributing to your decision to accept the job.

4. What type of medical record system will I be using?

As a nurse, you probably haven’t used all the electronic medical record systems used by hospitals. Knowing the EMR system you will use will enable you to research and learn about it before starting your nursing career. Your interest in this can also excite the hiring manager.

5. What type of training do you provide your Nurses?

You can determine how much support you will receive in the early stages of your career by finding out what orientation or training process is provided. Hearing about extensive training and a detailed orientation process can give you a better understanding of how much care will be provided.

6. Who will I be subordinate to?

This question will reveal how the nursing chain of command at the institution works. You will learn more about the head nurse, the director of nursing, and the chief nursing officer based on the answer you receive. That you ask to find out who you report to in the chain of the command shows your attention to detail and ensures that you understand the procedures before you begin.

7. What are your mentorship opportunities like?

When considering nursing units and institutions, it is essential to ask about mentoring opportunities and continued training, since you have the chance to develop your nursing career. This remains one of the most Important Questions to ask in a Nursing Interview.

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8. What major challenges do your Nurses face here?

Knowing the most pressing challenges facing nurses in your potential unit will give you time to prepare for them. You may learn that the unit you are applying for is understaffed or poorly trained. It is critical to ask follow-up questions so you will understand what these challenges are and what you can do to help. 

9. What are the best things I can do to succeed in this unit?

You may discover exactly what a staff nurse did to become a director or head nurse. You may also gain insight into what others have done that led to them becoming successful. This response tells you exactly what they expect from their nurses.

10. How do you evaluate my performance?

When you ask a direct question like this, you will gain a lot of insight into what you need to succeed. Success will be measured on a wide range of criteria during performance or par reviews. Knowing the criteria they measure can help you understand what you need to do from the first day to get and keep excellent reviews.

11. What advice do you give to a newly recruited Nurse?

Getting advice before you start is essential when interviewing the director of nursing or chief nursing officer. The DON and CNO understand the current dynamics of the unit, so they could provide you with helpful advice about what to focus on in the earliest stages.

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12. What shifts do you offer to Nurses?

There are many hospitals, and some offer all-shifts while others offer half-shifts. Knowing the shift availability in advance can help you prepare. You might work eight-hour shifts and occasionally work half-shifts. 

Nurses might have a 12-hour shift schedule they must adhere to in certain hospitals. While nursing might be a significant part of your life, you may need to figure out how different shifts affect your daily life and weekly schedule.

13. What is your policy on overtime?

With this question, you will find out when they count overtime hours and how they feel about it. There are hospitals that value nurses who can work overtime, whereas other hospitals emphasize the importance of having enough nurses to maintain a regular schedule. Don’t skip this very Important Question to ask in a Nursing Interview.

13. What is the number of Nurses currently working overtime?

Inquiring about the number of nurses who work overtime each day or week on your potential nursing unit can give you a good idea of how staffing is currently. If you’re interested in a nursing position that frequently offers extra hours, ask about the number of nurses who work overtime.

14. What are your weekend rotation requirements, if any?

Weekend rotation may be required for you if you value weekends. Depending on the structure of the institution, you might be required to work a weekend every two or three weeks. Understanding the hours you work throughout the month will help you make an informed decision.

15. Are there on-call requirements?

Knowing if you are required to be on call for specific hours or days of the week will help you make an informed decision about your employment. If on-call is required, ask about the on-call policies and compensation structure. The hospital pays an on-call rate hourly. However, if you are called in, you may be paid a time-and-a-half rate.

16. What is your staffing ratio like?

You can gain insight into their current staffing situation by asking this direct question. Some hospitals have a higher ratio of nurses to patients, which is easier for nursing staff. Although a higher patient-to-nurse ratio might mean more patients to deal with, you might see this as a great opportunity to learn and gain experience.

17. Do you offer reimbursement for tuition?

Nursing education tuition reimbursement is a highly valuable benefit some institutions offer their nurses. If they do, you can use this information to plan repayment of your student loans on your current or future coursework.

18. I want to know the next steps in the interview process?

Asking the interviewer about the next steps in the interview process shows your interest in the job and lets you know what to expect. If you are selected for the position, you will receive an email or call within a specific amount of time, as well as details about how many more interviews you will have to attend.

Questions not to ask during a Nursing Job Interview

We have emphasized a lot on Important Questions to ask in a Nursing Interview. Let us let you in on some questions you should avoid asking when being interviewed for a nursing job.

1. Do you have a drug test requirement to get hired? If so, how often do nurses have to take drug tests once in the job?

2. What is the process for terminating a nurse?

3. Does a person receive a warning before they are fired?

4. Do you monitor computer and e-mail use?

5. How long must I work here before I can use sick leave or vacation time?

Avoid asking any of these questions. It can ruin your chances of getting hired.


After reading this article, you should better understand Important Questions to ask in a Nursing Interview. Consider which ones will help you determine if this is a job that is right for you. 

If you come up with some amazing questions during your nursing interview, go ahead and ask them. Just avoid the blacklisted questions above (and anything similar). So you’ll make a great impression.