15 Best Interview Attire for Men to Wear | 2022

According to researchers at Princeton University, it only takes someone 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about you based on what they see.

You literally have a split second to make it count! That sounds crazy, right?

If you want to increase your chances of winning the interview session with your attire, your outfit needs to be professional and on point.

This post lists the best interview attire for men that ensures you’re making a killer first impression and boosting your chances of landing that job. 

How to Know What to Wear to An Interview

Wearing the appropriate interview attire will make you feel more confident throughout your process. But how do I know what to wear to an interview?

Check your confirmation email

When confirming your interview, the individual with whom you are communicating may include information regarding whether the interview is professional or casual. Examine your emails thoroughly to see if there are any details.

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Visit the company’s social media handle

Look through the organization’s social networks and website to see if there are any photos of personnel at work. Use these images as a guideline and try to imitate the style. However, always remember to dress appropriately for an interview.

Visit the workplace

Depending on where you are interviewing, you may be permitted to stop by or even walk around your potential workplace. Make this visit as discreet as possible because you do not want to make an incorrect impression before your interview.

Inquire from an employee there 

Call the location and say that you are attending an interview and would need to confirm the dress code. 

The individual you speak with may not be very helpful and may merely say ‘casual’ or super formal,’ but at the very least you will have a foundation to work from.

If you still can’t decide what to wear, stick to the basics that will be outlined in a few lines to come.

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Best Interview Attire for Men to Wear 

Depending on the employer or industry, the interview attire for men is usually business professional, business casual, or casual.

In any case, here are some ideas to consider for a job interview:

1. Dark slacks and a button-down shirt

You have a couple of options if the employer you’re interviewing with is business casual. A button-down shirt with gray, navy, or black pants and a color-coordinated tie will always pass as a good interview attire for men.

It goes on to show that you prepared for the interview. You can be more creative with your tie if you wish, but it’s not required.

Also, make sure to try on all items before the interview so you know they fit, are clean, and are in good condition. Also, iron your button-down shirt before putting on the remainder of your clothing. Dry-washing your clothes is the greatest technique to ensure you look presentable on the day of your interview.

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2. Blazer

When meeting with a hiring manager, a tweed or corduroy blazer might still offer you a professional impression. However, unless otherwise instructed, it is recommended that you keep it formal with a textured jacket. To keep it formal, pair the blazer with a tie, button-down, and slacks for a serious but distinct look.

3. Navy blue blazer

This is one interview attire for men that serves as an alternative to the typical black jacket. Depending on how serious the interview is, consider wearing it with a tie. Wear the blue blazer with khakis and pants to match and stay trendy. Overall, the blue blazer provides you with a plethora of wardrobe possibilities.

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4. A standout button-down shirt

It’s reasonable to say that a standard white button shirt with a black tie, pants, and a suit jacket will get you through an interview. If the employer you’re interviewing with says you can dress more casually, go for a standout button-down.

5. Ties

For a job interview, you should wear a tie that is more conservative. Furthermore, employers want to see that you have a professional appearance when you arrive at their company, but in a business casual environment, you have additional options, such as a blue tie with a fascinating design.

A simple design typically comprises stripes or a checkered pattern that matches the hue. This piece of clothing is one of the most important components in making a good first impression, so choose it carefully.

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6. Shirt with a button-down collar and a sweater

A sweater over a button-down is an excellent choice for a business casual interview. Brown and black are acceptable colors for sweaters that can be matched with different colors for the button-down, such as green or white. If they’re starting a new business, this looks great with khakis or even jeans.

7. Light color suit and pants

If you’re not sure what to wear to the interview, a khaki blazer is a good option. Make sure your slacks match your blazer and that you wear a tie just in case.

It is preferable to overdress for a job interview by wearing a tie. If you have the opportunity, you should contact the hiring manager for clarification.

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8. Loafers or Brogues

A job interview requires you to wear closed-toed shoes. As a result, wearing loafers is your best bet, and it complements the rest of your outfit perfectly.

9. Socks

Next on our list of best interview attire for men is the socks. Socks are one of the auxiliary pieces of clothing that a hiring manager may not notice during an interview, but it’s vital to coordinate the color of your socks with the rest of your outfit.

Plain black socks, for example, look well with a black suit and pants, as do navy blue or brown socks. You can choose between stripes and a checkered pattern for your socks, but the most essential thing is that the main color complements your attire.

10. Polo shirt

Wearing a polo is OK if you are in a warmer area and the employer has a business casual dress code. If you prefer to wear a polo shirt, pair it with khakis for a more professional look.

11. Belt

Regardless of the dress code, you should wear a belt with your pants. To assist, ensure the color of your belt matches the color of your shoes.

12. Bring an Appropriate Bag

If you are asked to bring documents, put them in a neat, clean briefcase or bag. It should ideally be made of leather and not appear worn.

Even if you don’t have any documents to transport, bring a bag with you. At the end of the interview, your interviewer may provide you with some documents.

A bag also provides you with more space to put your personal things, preventing you from stuffing them in your pockets.

If you need to take notes during an interview, bring a pen and a notebook with you.

13. Your facial hair should be well-trimmed

If you want to shave, shave. Make sure your facial hair is presentable if you have it. If you have some growth but it appears that you haven’t shaved in a few days, consider shaving for the interview.

14. A Nice wristwatch

After looking all nice, it won’t be a bad idea to match your attire with a nice wristwatch. This shows style and elegance. No interviewer will prefer a haggardly dressed interviewee over a neatly dressed interviewee.

15. Wear a nice perfume

Spraying a mild perfume does not do anything order than make you smell good and welcoming. Wearing perfume neutralizes body smells and keeps us smelling fresh throughout the day. It also helps to increase our self-esteem. Knowing that we smell nice can be really reassuring. Be sure to keep it mild.

Top Interview Attire Men Should Avoid

Here are a few things you should avoid wearing to an interview:

Clothes that do not perfectly fit you 

How can you multitask or solve problems if you can’t locate apparel that suits you? All of these details send signals to your interviewer, and ill-fitting clothing does not demonstrate expertise.

Mix-and-match clothing

You don’t need a full three-piece suit, but your clothes should complement each other.

Super-bright colors

It has already been established that a colorful tie or shirt is permissible, but the color should be carefully considered. For men, soft pinks, pale blues, and dark blues are all suitable interview colors. Anything too vibrant, such as pink, orange, aquamarine, or green, is too much.

Overly casual clothes

It can be difficult to know what to dress for a summer job interview. Nobody wants to be suffocated in a thick suit while the weather is becoming warmer.

However, just because the weather is nicer doesn’t mean you can toss professionalism out the window and dress casually in shorts or a sundress. Consider wearing tailored khakis, a nice polo shirt or button-down, and a pair of nice shoes.

Avoid heavy perfume

You never know if your interviewer has an allergy or intolerance to strong fragrances, so go easy on the perfume.

In any case, you don’t want your overpowering perfume or cologne to be the first or last thing an interviewer notices about you.

FAQs on Interview Attire for Men

It’s safe to say that you can get through an interview by wearing a traditional white button shirt with a black tie, slacks, and a suit jacket. If an employer you interview with says you can be more casual, take a chance on a distinguishing button-down.

It is advised to wear khakis or a nice pair of jeans (darker wash, no holes and not faded) and a nice button-down or polo to an interview.

Black is a very common color for suits and dresses in interviews. However, black is a very commanding color that conveys a lot of power, authority, and even drama.

Yes, you can. However, if you have alternatives like black, grey, or navy blue, it will be preferred.


Putting up smart attire to an interview sells you off in a good light. It goes a long way to tell the interviewer that you can take care of yourself.

Always research the company culture, ask an insider, or visit the place to get a feel for how to dress for an interview beforehand. If you fail to find concrete details, you can stick to the above guidelines.



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