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15 Best Jobs For Girls in India | 2023

The modern Indian working woman has progressed from being limited by backward norms and having only the option of staying at home to being an equal wage earner. Women have discovered ways to utilize their creativity, passions, and job ambitions while the economy thrives and conventions fade away. There are several work opportunities for women in a variety of industries.

Are you a young lady or a girl who wants to work in one of India’s most prestigious jobs? Are you interested in learning more about the top job fields for women in today’s world? Then you’ve come to the perfect place. Just stick with us, and this article will meet your needs. This article has listed the 15 best jobs for girls and women in India.

Benefits of Doing Female Jobs In India

Here are a few benefits of doing a job for a female:

  • Job keeps you busy and you can spend your time better.
  • Doing female Jobs in India gives you financial independence, and confidence and helps to improve your personality and communication skills.
  • If you have done a course or diploma in any subject, it would help you to get a good job.
  • You can start working after your high school or graduation if you are able to get a good job.
  • Most employers nowadays prefer lady employees because of their honesty, dedication, and patience towards work.

Why You Should Have a Job As a Female in India

A ‘job’ can be defined as the regular performance of a task. A ‘job’ is something you do for a living. It is something that provides you with money and income. Every job has its own set of responsibilities and duties.

Some people like doing office jobs in corporate offices. Some others prefer working in a field – or, in other words, doing outdoor jobs. There are many different kinds of jobs available in India – some paying more, some less. Different types of jobs also offer various benefits to their employees.

Not all jobs are suitable for girls/women. In fact, there are some careers that are ideal for women in India and a few that suit men more than women.

Indian society has been undergoing a transformation in the last few decades. With time, people are also changing their mentality and breaking the stereotypical mindset. The girls are no more limited to household chores or some of the traditional professions like teaching, nursing, and so on. They have broken all the barriers and are making a mark in all kinds of jobs.

They have been able to grab eyeballs with their sheer talent and hard work in unconventional careers like modeling and acting, which were not at all considered ideal for girls once upon a time.

Time Management Habits of Successful Women

Time management is an ongoing challenge for everyone. Most of us know the basics — wake up early, make a to-do list, prioritize tasks, and start each day with the most important work. But successful women have more than just good time management habits. They have great ones.

Here are some of the best time management practices of highly successful women:

  • They plan for the unexpected.
  • They aren’t afraid to say no.
  • Highly successful women set deadlines for themselves.
  • They avoid distractions.
  • They delegate whenever possible.
  • These women eliminate nonessential tasks and activities.
  • They take care of themselves first.

What Makes a Job For Girls in India Great?

These are some of the conditions that could make a job great for girls in India:

  1. Equal Opportunities: A great job for girls in India should offer equal opportunities and treatment for both genders. It should not discriminate against women in terms of pay, promotions, or job responsibilities.
  2. Flexibility: Many girls in India often have to juggle multiple responsibilities such as family, education, and other commitments. A great job should provide flexibility in terms of working hours, location, and workloads to accommodate these responsibilities.
  3. Safe Work Environment: Safety and security at the workplace is a major concern for women in India. A great job should provide a safe and secure work environment that includes measures such as proper lighting, security personnel, and harassment prevention policies.
  4. Skill Development: A job that provides opportunities for skill development and growth can be very beneficial for girls in India. It can help them increase their knowledge and expertise, as well as provide avenues for career advancement.
  5. Social Impact: Many girls in India are passionate about working for causes that have a social impact. A great job should provide opportunities to work for causes that align with their values and beliefs, and make a positive impact on society.

Best Career Options For Girls

1. Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) is one of the best career options for girls in India. The field of Human Resources is new and booming in our country, and it has become quite popular among the girls of today.

HR has a lot of opportunities for career growth and higher studies. It also gives you the freedom to choose your work hours, which is a plus point. If you want to start your HR career after graduation, you can opt for an MBA course in HR or even go for a PG Diploma course from an institute that offers it.

2. Teacher

Teaching is one of the best jobs for girls in India. If you have a bachelor’s degree, then you are eligible to apply for teaching jobs. The teaching job is considered the noblest profession by many people worldwide.

As a teacher, you will be responsible for making your students learn and grow. You get to interact with students who are our future leaders and prepare them for life. If this doesn’t sound like a noble profession, what else can?

3. Doctor

Doctors are one of the most revered and respected professions in society. The field of medicine has seen many advancements in recent years and has opened up new avenues for women who wish to pursue medical courses.

A medical degree is a prestigious qualification. Furthermore, it offers great career opportunities with high salary packages and job security.

The duration of a medical course ranges between five to six years. After which, students can choose to specialize in any branch like gynecology, oncology, neurology, etc.

 4. Pharmacist

If you love to help people and have a keen interest in health, pharmacy is your job. You can work as a pharmacist at your neighborhood drugstore or join a hospital. Pharmacists are responsible for dispensing medicine after studying the prescription provided by the patient’s doctor.

They also counsel patients on how to use medicines and manage their condition. In India, you need to complete a Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) degree from a recognized university to practice as a pharmacist.

5. Illustrator

Illustrators are artists who create drawings and artwork for use in books, magazines, advertising, computer games, and more. If you want to become an illustrator, you will need to build up your drawing skills through practice and study.

You must develop your unique style, too. You should also hone design software, color theory, and composition skills, all of which can be taught through online courses or traditional art classes.

6. Cabin Crew and Hospitality

The aviation sector is growing rapidly. More and more girls are joining the cabin crew. There is a lot of scope for girls in hospitality too. Girls who want to do something different from their family business can go for a career in hospitality. The services are very good in this sector.

The best thing about cabin crew is that you get to travel worldwide with all expenses paid. Your income will also be good. There is no limit to what you can earn as a cabin crew member. The demand for cabin crew members will continue to increase as more flights are being added by both private and public sector airlines.

7. Banking & Insurance

Banking and insurance are among the most sought-after industries when it comes to the best jobs for girls in India. It has become an attractive career option for women as it offers personal and professional growth and financial security.

Moreover, women have an advantage over men in this sector because of their innate ability to multi-task more effectively and manage stress well. As a result, many banks have started prioritizing hiring more women in their workforce.

8. Journalist

Being a journalist is one of the best jobs for young girls today. It is an evergreen profession that allows you to explore new places, interact with people, and learn about different cultures. The career of a Journalist opens up your mind and makes you more independent.

The Journalist profession offers you the chance to work with various news channels, magazines, newspapers, etc. The job requires constant traveling and visiting new places, so this profession should suit your personality. 

You can even work as a freelancer if you want to pursue this career. Many journalism courses available in India can help you with the skill sets required for this job.

9. Nutritionist

As a nutritionist, you will have to look after the clients’ diet plans. You will have to advise them on the right food patterns and help them solve their dietary problems.

The profession promises you a good income and has a lot of scope for self-employment. For instance, if you have a degree in Home Science, Food Science, or Dietetics, you can start your own catering business or work as a dietitian at an institution dealing with home science subjects. You can even work as an advisor with various food companies that manufacture diet products such as protein shakes, protein bars, etc.

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10. Data Scientist

Data science is one of the most sought-after jobs across the globe. The job entails collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data. Data scientists are employed in education, healthcare, retail, technology, and more.

The job involves gathering data from various sources and processing it for analysis. Data scientists use computer skills and business knowledge to derive useful insights from this data. This helps in effective decision-making and helps the organization operate at optimal efficiency.

11. Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing jobs have been looked down upon, but not anymore. With more women taking up roles in these positions, the outlook is changing. Women are more adept at generating sales leads and marketing products/services to their target audience.

However, it can be challenging for women to make a career in sales and marketing, especially if they work for male-dominated companies or industries. Therefore, it’s important to be confident and assertive at every step of your professional journey.

12. Wedding Planner

It is one of the most popular jobs for women in India. A wedding planner is responsible for coordinating all aspects of a wedding. She takes care of the entire planning process to make the wedding a grand success. If you are ready to put in the hard work and do not mind working on weekends, this job will be perfect!

To become a wedding planner, you need to have a diploma in any course related to wedding planning or event management. You can also opt for an online course that will help you kickstart your career as a wedding planner.

13. Clinical Psychologist

Becoming a clinical psychologist is one of the best careers for girls. As more people are opening up about their mental health and seeking professional help, there has been a growing demand for clinical psychologists in India. Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with assessing, diagnosing, treating, and preventing behavioral, emotional, mental, and social problems.

Many students take up this career out of sheer interest. However, it is important to remember that being a clinical psychologist is not easy as you deal with sensitive issues daily.

14. Fashion Designer

Fashion Designing is one of the top professions that a girl can opt for. A Fashion Designer designs clothes, accessories, etc., by keeping in mind the latest trends. He/she creates a design and then develops a prototype based on his/her idea. You can take a diploma course in fashion designing from any of the various institutes that offer short-term courses in fashion designing.

The fashion industry is growing at a rapid pace in India. Many young people are entering this space and making it their career option. Fashion designing is a good career option for girls in India in 2023.

15. Freelancing

Freelancing gives you the freedom to decide which skills you need and then learn them as you go along. It also gives you freedom from bosses who expect you to do one specific job each day and arrange your working hours around their schedules.

You can earn money from one client or many clients in any way you like from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection; indeed, you don’t have to work onsite if you don’t want to.


In recent years, the government has encouraged women to take up what have been traditionally male jobs. This has opened up a number of new opportunities for women who wish to pursue careers in science, engineering, and technology.

According to a recent report by the Confederation of Indian Industry and Grant Thornton, India’s number of female workers has grown from 14 million in 2012 to 20 million by 2023.

While it may not be possible for all women to find jobs in these areas, there are many great jobs for women in India that are well paying and offer flexible work hours.


What is a fun high paying job?

Jobs that pay between $60,000 and $90,000 and evoke minimal stress include dietician, audiologist, technical writer, hydrologist and geographer. With competitive salaries above $100,000, enjoyable careers include mathematician, astronomer, orthodontist, physicist, and political scientist.

How can I get a job at Google?

One can apply for jobs at Google directly through the Google website. It’s simple to enter the field of your preference, add your location, and finally, add the skills and experience relevant to the job you’re looking for. Google will filter jobs according to your set preferences; all you have to do is apply.

What is the salary for CA?

The Minimum CA Salary in India
The minimum recorded salary for a CA fresher is INR 3-4 lakhs per annum, though it happens rarely. Most CA freshers experience a starting salary of anywhere between 6-7 lakhs per annum.

What’s a good salary in India?

If we talk on average considering all the factors then it comes out to be around Rs 30,000 per month is a good salary with the average standard of living. Including all the expenses like transportation, groceries, personal expenses, and much more.



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