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Deciding the best career path can be quite bothersome for Leos, especially when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Most have proven that our zodiac signs have a lot to do with our career path.

In finding the best career to fit your sign, you need to know that not all jobs are best for you. While some will emotionally drain you, others might make you feel like you’re not doing your best. 

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign, and you are Leo if you were born between July 23 to August 22. The lion represents this sign and they are popular for their loyalty, kindness, and stability. They are controlled by the sun, which controls life and vitality.

This sign means power and strength, and they are natural-born leaders. They are faithful friends and lovers who trust others easily, and they despise getting betrayed because they put them all into relationships.

Leos are confident, loyal, spirited, leaders, royalties, passionate, and stable. They are quite hasty when deciding. They can be very impatient, but their kindness covers some of their negative traits.

Naturally, they draw Leos toward top positions and places where they will be noticed. They are bold, dramatic, determined, and confident. Their authority and mastery make them excellent for shining positions.

Since they get easily bored, Leo’s lookout for exciting challenges that will keep them occupied. Busy and competitive. As a Leo looking for the best career path, this overview will give you an insight into everything you need to know about the best Leo career idea.

Why Are Leos special?

  • Constellation: Leo
  • Zodiac symbol: Lion
  • Element: Fire
  • Sign ruler: Sun

Every zodiac sign is special, but the sign has some special qualities that make them stand out where ever they find themselves. Individuals who were born between July 23 to August 22 are often passionate, proud, confident, and emotional. 

They are easy to interact with, but they keep the number of their friends limited, meaning they are very picky when selecting people they consider friends. They are loyal and often shine their light on everyone around them.

Their element sign is one reason why they always appear bold, and powerful, and in some cases, they are possessive of their loved ones. They are popular for being the star of a show wherever they are. 

What are Leo’s positive traits?

Leos are special people and just like everyone, they have positive traits that make them unique. Knowing your positive traits will help you in the long run by looking for the best career that suits your personality. Here are a few positive traits often displayed by Leos:

#1. They are kind and compassionate towards others:

Leos are light-hearted individuals, and they don’t keep grudges of the past. They are compassionate and generous to people they keep close to their hearts. Starting a new career path is not difficult since they all make more money and they are quite charismatic.

#2. They are loyal

Even when it is not their business, they take care of businesses, relationships, and friendships with loyalty. 

#3. They are natural leadership:

Leos are highly motivated and often regarded as a leader. Due to their love for power, they often opt for the higher position and they always look for results from their employees. They’re generous leaders too.

#4. They are proud, Independent, and Confident:

Leos always are better people. Their ego won’t let them think of being an assistant to a boss, they usually believe they can be on their own and be successful. Their confidence level is the reason why they are loved by people around them.

#5. They are Dynamic Speakers:

One of their attributes is that they always speak their mind. Regardless of the situation, Leos will say things that bother them about you without considering how you felt about that. They are motivational speakers who are quite active. In most cases, their words are often inspiring and motivating to their audience.

#6. They are optimistic:

They are very optimistic, and this nature of theirs is the reason why they are leaders. Also, they always believe in positivity, and Leos can be regarded as a risk-taker.

 What are Leo’s Negative Traits?

Leos have their ways of getting things done, we can regard some of these things as negative traits. Here are a few negative traits often displayed by Leos:

#1. They are manipulative:

Leos often use mind games to gain over their relationships, coworkers, or friends. At times they manipulate you into doing what pleases them. 

#2. Self-centered:

They care more for themselves than for others. No doubt they are loyal but in some cases, they care more about themself without considering others. They enjoy taking credit for other people’s work.

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 #3 They are authoritative:

They are fun to be with but also authoritative. Due to their leadership personality, you can find them too bossy and annoying.

#4. Overambitious:

Leos always strive to be better than others. They create an imaginary competition for themself and unrealistic goals that can be quite unachievable and when things go south, they dwell on self-pity.

#5. Overspenders:

Earning money comes naturally for this zodiac sign but overspending is something they find hard to resist. They get excited about flashy things that would make them spend unwisely.

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Career path Leos should avoid

Leos are natural leaders, entertainers, and very authoritative, but they don’t do well with receiving orders from a rude boss. Their instinct would be to react in a manner that is not pleasant and that is why they should avoid a career path that will make them feel like they’re wasting their time.

Here are a few career paths Leos should avoid: Housekeeping, cashier, nursing, librarian, bookkeeper, and others.

15 best Leos career ideas/best ideas

Leos enjoy seeking attention and constant recognition. Getting a job in the entertainment industry is very ideal for this zodiac sign as this will come as satisfaction for them. 

They are also passionate about their job and loved ones. Therefore, they can go for any career they believe will be perfect for them.

Below are a few career ideas perfect for Leos:

#1. Actor/actress:

Entertainment is an activity enjoyed by Leos, they enjoy being the center of attention, and that is why being an actor is the best career idea for Leos.

Acting comes naturally for this zodiac sign, their constant need for attention will be satisfied when they decide to become an Actor/Actress. Leos are bold and charismatic individuals and this is why acting will come easy for them.

Who is an actor/actress? An actor is an individual who displays another character in a performance. They can be referred to as entertainers. 

Average salary: actors/actresses earn an average of $43,760 annually.

#2. Politician

One of the true examples of Leo is leadership. Leos will make a great politician, and due to their confidence, they’d make a true and great leader.

In the present time, women are given great opportunities to become leaders and with this, pursuing a career in politics is made easy.

Who is a politician? A politician is an individual action in a political party, or someone seeking or holding an elected office in government. Leos can go for positions like state councilors, senators, prime ministers, presidents, chancellors, mayors, and other relevant positions 

Average salary: politician’s average salary may vary due to different levels of power.

#3. Marketing and advertising 

One of the best career ideas for Leos is Marketing and advertising. Due to their persuasive and manipulative personality, they will fit perfectly for this job and they can help increase the number of sales and customers. This career is ideal for Leos who is confident and charismatic. 

Average salary: Marketers and advertisers earn an average of $88,509 annually.

#4. Fashion designer

Creativity is one of the best personality traits of a Leo. They also love flashy and unique things like working on anything fashion-related. They are very skillful when it comes to designing spectacular dresses, accessories, or shoes. If you are a Leo, you should consider going into fashion design. Adding your passion to this will make your works well known in the fashion world.

Who is a fashion designer? A fashion designer is a skillful person who designs clothes, shoes, jewelry, and others. they create new designs using different patterns from others.

Average salary: fashion designer earns an average of $78,810 annually.

#5. Motivational speaker:

Leos are known for speaking their truth, whether we like them or not. They often provide great advice to people around them. They are confident when they speak in public with the real ability to motivate and inspire their audience. This job position will also help them with the spotlight they seek.

Who is a motivational speaker? A motivational speaker is a speaker who makes inspirational speeches to motivate their audience. Their primary responsibility is to motivate, inspire, or change their audience into getting better.

Average salary: motivation speaker earns an average of $67,293 annually.

#6. Entrepreneur

Leo loves being in control. They prefer autonomy and don’t react well to orders. They are a crowd-pleaser, and they’d make great entrepreneurs. One of the best career ideas for Leos is being an entrepreneur.

Who is an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is a person who develops a new business idea while bearing the risk and profits of the business alone. They are risk-takers with optimistic mindsets. This career path is ideal for a Leo who loves exciting adventures.

Average salary: an entrepreneur earns an average of $86,943 annually.

#7. Event manager

Leos are known for being charismatic towards entertaining events, they are the party organizers, explorers, and the life of a party. As a Leo, you should like them as an event manager. The active world of events is a unique match for Leo’s career and their passion for exacting events will help them manage an event successfully.

Who is an event manager? An event manager is a person who oversees every aspect of an event. They meet and plan with clients to discuss how the event should proceed and they also work on the budget of the client.

Average salary: event manager earns an average of $55,373 annually.

#8. Teachers

Leos are motivators and very inspiring. Teaching comes naturally for Leo. Due to their charismatic and motivating personality, they enjoy teaching. Whether in a school or at work, they feel delighted to motivate others. As a Leo, you should consider teaching as this will likely help you find yourself.

Who is a teacher? A teacher is someone who assists students to attain more knowledge, competence, or virtue. They help their students learn by imparting knowledge to them and also inspire them.

Average salary: teacher earns an average of $38,617 annually.

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#9. Professional Chef

Leos are creative and they enjoy developing something new, this helps boost their ego. They are proud of the things they create, and recipes are not excluded from the list. They are intelligent and creative individuals. One of the best career ideas for Leo is to be a professional chef.

Who is a professional chef? A professional chef is an expert who directs the preparation of food, oversees the kitchen activities, and also comes up with recipes that would help the establishment.

Average salary: professional chef earns an average of $79,217 annually.

#10. Lawyer

One of Leo’s positive traits is how logical they are in serious situations. They come up with different methods that would help solve a case, and their confidence helps them win cases others might find impossible to win.

Who is a lawyer? A lawyer is an individual who practices law, as an attorney, an advocate, barrister, civil law notary, counsel, solicitor, preparing, interpreting, and applying the law. They advise clients, governments, and businesses on legal disputes or issues while representing them in court.

Average salary: lawyer earns an average of $130,345 annually.

#11. Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

Leos are natural leaders. They will make CEOs, and due to their confidence and leadership skills, they’ll be a successful CEO. They understand the working energy of a team and they’d make an excellent leader.

Who is Chief Executive Officer? A chief executive officer is a top official who is in charge of managing an organization. They are the face of a company. This career path is perfect for Leos who seeks to be a leader of a company.

Average salary: chief executive officer earns an average of $786,200 annually.

#12. PR executive:

Leos are popular for being the life of a party, they enjoy being in the spotlight for a long. They are confident about their speech, even when they try not to be blunt they often find themself voicing their opinions. Leos will be perfect in a job position like PR executive.

Who is a PR executive? A PR executive is a professional in charge of media and public relations, they develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate communication strategies that will help achieve their objectives and improve their value in a local or international market. They write and edit in-house magazines, case studies, speeches, and articles.

Average salary: PR executive earns an average of $71,800 annually.

#13. Data Architect

Leos are creative, innovative, and logical individuals. They enjoy creating and designing something new. One of the best career ideas for Leos is to be a Data Architect.

Who is a data architect? A data architect is an expert who creates designs and also manages a company’s data architecture. They help translate business requirements into database solutions and they also supervise data storage.

Average salary: Data architect earns an average of $146,000 annually.


One of the best career paths for Leos is being a writer t. This job position will help them in being in control of their narratives and also help them constructively explore their imaginations. As a Leo, you can become a professional travel writer, underwriter, ghostwriter, or other types of writer.

Who is a writer? A writer is an individual who muses written words to communicate ideas. They make use of different writing styles and techniques to communicate with their audience.

Average salary: a writer earns an average of $53,250 annually.

#15. Financial analyst

Leos and money are quite inseparable. They like to make money and they are good at it. They are passionate about making their presence known wherever they are. A Leo will do well as a financial analyst. 

Who is a financial analyst? A financial analyst is a professional responsible for tracking a company’s financial performance. They analyze business performance and market conditions to create forecasts and undertake financial analysis for external or internal clients.  

Average salary: a financial analyst earns an average of $83,660 annually.

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Who is Leo born?

You are Leo if you were born between July 23 to August 22

Are Leos smart people?

Yes. Leos are smart people.

Are Leos good employees?

Yes. Even with their leadership traits, they are still good employees who love working with others.

Can Leos gain employment easily?

Their personality and traits make it easy for them to gain employment.

What is the best career path for Leos?

The best career path for Leos are listed in this overview.


Looking for a career path that will suit your personality as a Leo shouldn’t appear difficult because you are close to perfect for any job except the ones that keep you below status. The best career path for Leos is listed in this overview, and we hope this overview gives you the right answers to your questions.



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