15 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables | 2023

We’ll take our time to learn about consumer non-durables and the rich and rewarding careers accessible in the industry.

But first, let’s look at the central concept of consumer products, as well as the distinction between durable and non-durable commodities. You’ve undoubtedly come to find out about the best paying consumer non-durable jobs. And the good news is that we have a lot of them for you.

Consumables are non-durable or soft commodities that are the polar opposite of durable goods.

Although this is not a strict definition, it makes it simpler to categorize products.

Automobiles, houses, household appliances, furniture, and so on are examples of consumer durables, whereas clothing, medication, food goods, cosmetics, and drinks are examples of consumer non-durables.

What are Consumer Goods?

Consumer products are consumable commodities for the general public’s consumption. They produce consumer products that are market-ready and are for customers to meet their present demands or requirements.

A consumer good, sometimes known as a ‘final good,’ is the final product that a company makes and sells to customers. Microwaves, refrigerators, t-shirts, and washing machines, for example, are all instances of consumer products.

There are two types of consumer goods:

  • Durable consumer goods
  • Non-durable consumer goods

Here are the 15 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables | 2023

What are Consumer Durable Goods (CDGs)?

These are products and commodities that are designed to be used repeatedly by customers. The term “durable” refers to the fact that the major goal is to make them reusable for a long time.

Automobiles, cookware, digging tools, exercise equipment, Home Appliances, electronics, furniture, and automobiles are just a few examples.

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What is Consumer Nondurable Goods?

Non-durable products, on the other hand, are those you cannot use for an extended period of time. They make them in such a way that customers will buy them, use them, and then buy them again if the necessity arises.

Foods, paper products, medications, and other non-durable consumer goods are examples. Non-durable products include those items that need replacement frequently because of their high frequency of use most of the time.

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15 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables

The consumer non-durable business has risen exponentially through time, mirroring the industrial sector’s diametrical shifts.

Because of these developments, a growing number of businesses, both small and large, are venturing into consumer non-durables production.

Those firms who took the risk of venturing into the industry have made and continue to make a profit.

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1. Pharmaceutical Production

Medication and other pharmaceutical items are essential for both people and animals. Humans and animals, whether sick, hale, or healthy, require pharmaceuticals and supplements, making pharmaceutical production one of the best paying consumer non-durable occupation.

According to Salary.com, the median hourly wage for drug-producing workers is $25 per hour, $168 per week, and $3,360 per month.

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2. Cosmetics Manufacturing

When it comes to best paying consumer non-durables, the cosmetics business offers more job prospects. All you have to do is comprehend the essence of the tasks.

Assume you meet all of the prerequisites, research the rewards you will receive while working for this firm, and the rest will fall into place.

Unilever Group, an international cosmetics corporation, is one of the fastest-growing and largest consumer non-durables in this market, with job vacancies in a variety of professions and locations.

Their salary is good, and you have a good possibility of climbing the company’s success ladder by taking promotion after promotion in the quickest time possible.

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3. Manufacturing of Food

No one can compete with the food sector. Man, and animals need to eat to keep well and, of course, alive, thus there is always a need in the market.

As a result, work opportunities in a variety of high-paying positions are always available. You’ll need to know your way around the sector — a degree may put you towards the top of the pay scale in professions like food scientists, product designers, and food value chain and logistics specialists.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for employees in all food production jobs is roughly $23.50.

When only production laborers and those who do not work in administrative positions join in, the average hourly wage is more than $20.

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4. Shoes and Clothing

According to studies, Christian Dior is one of the most well-known shoe and apparel brands in the world. Around 163,000 workers are working for the corporation alone as of 2019.

The firm will require a large number of designers to create great and attractive shoes, as well as experienced cobblers, tailors, machine operators, and other employees.

Can you imagine how many staff every other shoe and apparel manufacturing firm will require?

As large as this number is, one thing is certain: the corporation is paying them well enough that they are unlikely to leave very soon.

Working with consumer non-durable goods firms will allow you to move across the ocean.

5. Companies that Manufacture Farm Implements or Agricultural Equipment

Working in agricultural tool manufacturing uses human resources (physical strength). Therefore, consider the requirements and duties that come with this line of work.

It’s a lucrative and one of the best-paying consumer non-durable industries, and all the perks it provides employees are easily enticing.

Companies pay their employees anything from $25 to $35 per hour, depending on the occupation and level of responsibility.

Workers in the consumer non-durable business who work in farming equipment manufacturers earn an average of $68,000 per year.

6. Manufacturing of Paper

Although it is non-durable, paper is a commodity that is always in circulation. The need for paper-related end goods such as paper towels, tissues, napkins, lavatory tissue, printer paper, journal paper, writing books, textbooks, newspapers, and other paper items ensures that the sector remains active and employs more people. These things deplete quickly, necessitating their replacement frequently.

In industrialized nations, particularly in the United States, it is one of the best paying consumer non-durable employment. According to the BLS, the average hourly wage in paper manufacture is roughly $29, according to the research.

The average hourly wage for production and non-supervisory employees is slightly under $24, making it one of the best-paying occupations in the sector. However, according to ZipRecruiter, the average annual compensation for paper employees in the non-durable paper manufacturing business is $56,535 per year.

7. Gas and Oil

Is it necessary for me to remind you that no industry in the non-durable sector compensates its employees better than oil and gas?

The oil and gas sector, like any non-durable company, produces and sells gasoline for immediate use and consumption by its target audience.

This industry is enormous, and several divisions must be filled. Engineers, IT, marketing, sales, branding, and manufacturing are all involved.

Engineer is a broad word that incorporates a variety of occupations, all of which are required in varying degrees for the smooth operation of a business.

Several people are needed in the IT department alone to ensure that the company’s telecommunications work well. The marketing section is as well. The sales crew is generally large, and they are in charge of distributing gasoline to the audience.

Looking at the departments listed above, it is clear that there will be opportunities for high-paying positions in the oil and gas business.

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8. Firms that make leather

One of the products we use daily is leather. Everyone desires to work for a company like this. In this form of company, there are several departments and areas.

9. Plastics 

Are employed in almost every product we use. It’s used to make phone covers, electronic devices, and chairs, among other things.

The company is always on the lookout for new employees, and the remuneration is extremely good. Working in the production department might be tiresome, but the payoff is well worth the effort.

10. Teller at a bank

Bank tellers assist customers with financial transactions at banks and credit unions. Customers are greeted, and they help with deposits, withdrawals, transfers, money orders, and check to cash.

They must also operate ATMs, count the cash, submit deposit slips, and keep track of account balances. They are paid $12.90 an hour.

11. Concierge

A concierge’s primary responsibilities include working at the front desk of a hotel or resort. They greet visitors, confirm reservations, tour them around the property, and make sure they have all they need for a pleasant stay.

A concierge also assists guests with queries, eating and entertainment recommendations, activity, transportation, and restaurant bookings. They are paid $14.37 an hour.

12. Representative of Technical Assistance

Technical support personnel works for cable and internet providers, as well as consumer electronics businesses, and sometimes operate remotely or in contact centers. They’re in charge of dealing with client technical issues by phone, email, or chat.

These experts are in charge of evaluating, debugging, and resolving technical problems as well as selecting future measures. Customers’ transactions, such as purchases and refunds, may be handled by them as well. They are paid $14.48 an hour.

13. Attendant on a Plane

Both private and commercial airlines use flight attendants. They are to greet passengers, assist in the seating of passengers, stow carry-on bags, enforce safety compliance with safety gear demonstrations, serve food and refreshments throughout the flight, and offer emergency instruction.

Also, they assist with the testing of emergency devices and cleaning of the cabin in between flights. They are paid $29,053 a year.

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14. Coordinator for Patients

Hospitals and long-term care organizations often employ patient coordinators. They visit patients and their families to discuss treatment plans and give educational information about drugs, surgeries, and therapies.

Patient care coordinators communicate with patients and their families throughout their treatment and evaluate and report on their progress. They are paid $15.39 an hour.

15. Coordinator of Accounts

Account coordinators are commonly employed by marketing agencies and provide administrative support to top client service personnel such as account executives and account managers.

They’re in charge of things like contract preparation and filing, maintaining internal databases, arranging meetings, and creating account performance reports. They have a yearly salary of $40,438.


Working for any of the aforementioned companies does not guarantee that you will be successful. Before you can be who you want to be, you must make certain sacrifices and efforts.

Other high-paying consumer non-durables jobs aren’t covered here. As a result, it is up to you to continue your investigation.


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